Volvo V90 D3 Momentum (2017) review

7PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
V90 D3 Momentum
6, Sequential Machines
7 km
19600 km
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D3 does not disappoint

  • 1029 km
  • February 27, 2017 01:44

Even before the Dutch Volvo dealers premiere of the V90 had I ordered based on the S90, the V90.
Long doubted I mainly on the motor (D3 or D4) but based on the specifications still chose the D3 Geartronic. For my previous V60 I ​​had a Honda CRV 2.2 diesel with approximately the same tension / horsepower, and weight, so I dared to do after Volvo had announced that the car might have 1800 kg on the hook.

The D3 comes with a six-speed automatic transmission which, I think, a very thoughtful choice of Volvo. The ratio in the gear is in fact good enough without a lot of back and forth geschakel get ahead of the car smoothly.
(Note: Also at AutoWeek says that this car has an 8-speed automatic, but that does not apply to D3).

Of course it's not a racing monster, but he is more than well along in traffic and even overtaking or accelerating is not a problem. In addition, the gearbox responds very quickly and smoothly.
The car is spacious, uncluttered (perhaps more clearly than my previous V60 with privacy glass).

The intro line, power driver seat, 360-park camera and some small options is a very complete comfortable car.
The control center display is getting used. Certainly calling from your contacts without your Favorites less are regarded in the car.

The steering is very nice and despite its length, the car is very agile. Many possibilities in the vehicle are generally of a driver profile adjustable.

Color remains a matter of taste, but this version in Maple Brown with Amber interior suits me fine.

Finally, of course, tried all the Pilot assist. On motorways, the system works well. N-roads, the system occasionally struggled to keep a job and he is on the center line.

short update

  • 5524 km
  • March 28, 2017 23:25

Meanwhile, just kilometers away.
It remains a great car. What points where you have to get used to.

The IntelliSafe systems respond well, but what sometimes abruptly. In situations where you would release only gas itself, the car has brakes and alarm.
No experienced situations that went wrong without the systems, especially so logical situations where the system responds. As a spaced suddenly crossing runner on a dike. As a driver you see it coming, the system is suddenly within the limit of response.

An experience ls as a rate of over 170 in our neighboring country the Rear Collision Warning system alerts with alarm. A Bayerische came to be extremely high speed on my bumper. I was catching up and could not be as quick to the right.
These alarms can not expect immediate ...

has also been introduced to the tire pressure system. State obviously very sensitive, as pointed out already more than two bands with a somewhat lower voltage.

Updates audio and media system better

  • 9830 km
  • May 12, 2017 22:42

Now had some time updates from apps in the audio and media system.
It already once phone favorites and now twice the radio favorites lost.
It is all set up again, but you do not expect it.

Further car like still fine.

First experience with 1500 kg on the hook

  • 19600 km
  • August 12, 2017 00:03

The first holiday with 1500 kg on the hook is over.

The camera and the helpline for the tow sure coupling is a breeze. The automatic light control is a convenient option.

On long stretches you travel very comfortable. Adaptive cruise control and even whole pieces with pilot assist adequate distance and keep the car in the middle of the track that the caravan also fine stays in the lane.

The machine turns sufficient time. Slope in no time having to manually convert. The car remains in excellent speed and switches back in time (and again if possible).
Only slope once two gears manually switched back to allow brake the car engine.

When overtaking the caravan is to accelerate or even need the kick-down to make the car respond quickly enough.
I expect that if you are going to use the maximum towing weight of 1,800 kg the car here as it is for anything.

In spite of the length of the car (and the total combination to nearly 12 meters), the bend working is not a problem.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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Ford Ka 1.2 Titanium (2010) review

PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Ka 1.2 Titanium
5, Manual
33000 km
108000 km
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Review Ford Ka 1.2 Titanium 33 000 to 108 000 k

  • 108000 km
  • April 3, 2017 21:18

Hi all, first of all thank you for reading this review on my Ford Ka 1.2 Titanium built in 2010, it will not be a very comprehensive review because I can still be fairly brief about the qualities and downsides of this car.

First, I will just explain matter what car I come and why I chose the successor.
I always drove fast cars, Peugeot 205 GTI, to Vectra 2000 Golf VR6 etc.
The car I drove before I bought my current car, the Ford Ka was a VW Golf V GTI Edition 30.
These cars are obviously not comparable and this so I will not do.
The reason that I'm gone for a much smaller and slower car was purely because I just wanted to spend less on a car will spend in all respects.

Then I put on sale my GTI began the search for another vehicle, the requirements: low weight and therefore pay less road tax, lighter engine for lower fuel consumption, low base price for a low insurance premium but overall still a raft model can still move with the times.
In terms of model I wanted a 3 door and had to sit up anyway air conditioning, heating and power steering.
I quickly found the Ford Ka, 840kg, 1.2 16V, all the options I wanted and more, Titanium implementation in Titanium Gray with 15 inch sports wheels.
My GTI was quickly sold and the deal for the Ka was quickly made and from 30-01-2013 So I'm the owner of the Ford Ka 1.2 16V Titanium.

I first changed a few things on the car and his Plastic bumper grill it sprayed in the color of the car with the open grate sections color gloss were black, the black casing of the mirrors in high gloss paint job black, the rest the mirror simply left in Titanium gray, Iridium spark plugs installed as Magnecor handmade spark plug wires, Ford logo front + rear replace gray DMB Graphics UK, Ka logo on the back removed, BMC air filter installed, Bosch Aero Twin wipers and placed behind, wind / rain deflectors placed on both doors and the standard replacement H4 lamps OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited.
Further adjustments are a center armrest with storage compartment specially for this model Ka through eBay, a true learning poker case with white stitching and the installation of a JVC USB Receiver with Remote and Bluetooth car kit, the separate DIN box and the plug and play connectors that you need for that I have purchased on ebay.

So, that was why, purchase and what I've changed the car in recent times.
Now about the car itself, I'll start driving.
I compare the car a little bit with the previous model Ka who was known for were his tight hold because the wheels at the extreme corners, it was like a kart!
I did a time in the old model Ka, my mother had a car, so I make the comparison.
My Ka, the new model, drive too tight but not as tight as the previous model, the car is higher and the weight is slightly higher, at a fast corner you notice the car something lean though not much.
He sends delicious, not too light and not too heavy, roundabouts are delicious quickly run through all his agility slide you something of your seat because the seat bolsters are quite low.
Switching is very smooth, like the proverbial knife through butter and poker is quite high for comfort.
The driving position is excellent, I'm 1.90 meters and have plenty of space, the seat is set only he had me still slightly lower liked, I have him in the lowest position and you sometimes feel a little on the box to sit.
I should just add that I have a car to leave when the chairs are not well or not adjustable so that says something, I can worry hours without any pain.
The suspension is comfortable is something less and stoteriger vowels, thresholds are easy to take without any pain or strange noises.
Driving, the driving position and seats are fine.

Now to talk about the engine performance.
For this model, the 1.2 16V engine sufficiently smooth acceleration, fast roundabout and again by overtaking provided sufficient speed, 170+ 1.5 hours drive on the Autobahn, all no problem.
The only thing is that when you really need any power, for example if you oprijd a freeway or highway and to insert at the right speed, you or even should extend well but are you up to speed and get rpm then goes also catch up quickly .
The engine is pleasantly quiet inside and outside urban areas and on the highway, but you get on the highway 120/130 which allowed the engine makes more revolutions, around 3500 and have some more noise in the interior but disturbing not.
A 6th gear might offer a solution, but this will be in production too expensive for this model.
The engine runs quietly and smoothly at Euro 95 and E10 I sometimes German tank currently € 1.30 per liter and the 1.2 engine consumes no oil.
The average consumption of 75 000 km is 4.5 liters per 100 km with a full tank of 30 liters I come in practice between 600 and 650 km away, this naturally differs per user.

Then I come to the part cost and reliability.
I expected to have a low cost of this car and those expectations are fulfilled, it is to date the most reliable and cheap to maintain car I had in my possession, I am very satisfied!
There is nothing much gone, the car does not make strange noises and says weird, it's always starting and running.
The car was the last MOT effortlessly without attention and the underside of the car looked like new.
I commit myself to the regular maintenance of the vehicle and the greater maintenance let me do my regular car.
I have to replace the 100,000 km oil + oil filter, air filter, air filter and spark plugs and have cleaned the air conditioning.
The maintenance is done by the garage about 75 000 km that I've now ridden his new Brembo brake discs + blocks and replace rear brake shoes + brake fluid.
With the purchase km stand 33000 were practically new tires from Continental, i would add to replace 55,000 km for Dunlop SP Sport Blue response and these are soon again to be replaced and then the same Dunlop tires underneath again, she gave birth to very good and be quiet, economical and reach all the tests.

I will briefly enumerate a moment the plus and minus points and it will then have just about ailments / annoyances. Do not panic, this is not much and is outweighed by the fun it offers this car, I just want to be honest.

Pros: low consumption, comfort, equipment, good seating, standard very good sound out of the speakers, especially with another radio, smooth appearance, low costs in terms of maintenance and road tax.

Negatives: no stripes tractor rpm so make when merging or overtaking highway, lateral support chairs in corners, blind spot-a style, small trunk.

Ok, I want to talk a little about the ailments that are known to me and what I've done there and little annoyances there.
- The front struts are uncovered, visible in the engine space, and there can remain water in the strut, with the result that the upper edge may become rusty, and as a result, it will crack the struts.
I knew this in advance and bought at fordkashop sealing caps that are specially made for this purpose so that more water can not.
- The coating become quite patchy when wet become especially on the cheeks of the seats, it usually happens when you open the door as water the door seals is at your seat, what happened this snow as you joyfully door.
I solved this problem by cleaning the seats, it would be even better with a stain cleaner to buy seat covers so you can spot quite like the original seats.
- Water can remain in the room behind the dashboard and leaking in through the passenger side when making a left turn in the car, which then leaks through the foot space inside and makes the mat too wet.
This is because the water is not clear what could become caught in the tray under the windshield wipers because there are probably two plastic drains clogged with sand and leaves, it was in my case.
I removed the wiper arms when the black grille and all leaves and debris removed that were in that room and left and right off the black plastic drains, they cleaned and replaced.
No problems with moisture and a wet mat had again since then, especially if you've been through the car wash you can suffer from the water because it can not leave.
- The standard lamps Ford Ka has been insufficient, you in the dark barely sight, I replaced the standard lamps OSRAM Night Breaker H4 lamps and now I have a great view where everything shine better, you want to replace the lamps you should otherwise completely disassemble the headlight unit on the driver's side.

Ok, those were the ailments that are known to me and I've had to deal with, I mention this so that people who have the same problems to know what they can do here.

Now I will talk a little about some minor annoyances:
- if you want to snap your belt, this is difficult because the container a little clogged beside the chair and you can hardly find by touch he is, sometimes you put the clicker between the holder and the handbrake console so you think it is tight, happy you'll be notified by a shrill beep that it is not so ..
- Small rattles behind the dashboard as the kilometers pass, it may also be due to the additional wiring harness that I had to install plug and play for another car or that my little profile tires have more but I mention it here.
- If you want to turn at a roundabout and give direction then there is something with the flashing mechanism at the wheel causing it to send the slightest left again stalling so you do not specify the direction to the right. I press him there then right again seems to be a kind of resistance.
I solved it by now just when it stops to give a little to the right, it automatically flashes three times.
- The A-pillar of the car is quite thick and it takes some sight path which is especially inconvenient and dangerous at roundabouts, sometimes falling complete cars, motorcycles and bicycles behind road that you just saw, keep looking good is the only for further advice you can not do much about it.

So, those were the little annoyances, these are all things that you get used to, but what I wanted to mention as to completeness of the review.

My overall impression of this car is very good and so I honestly did not initially expect from such a small, relatively inexpensive car!
There is obviously a bit of a stigma attached to this car as being a woman's car but I have no problem with that, I think it's a smooth model and he has to B from A cheap comfort me and he does.
Now they are a little older and more affordable to see them do more and more away, but I think they still look better than the Aygo's Up and C1 / 107's all the models allernieuwste it very nice.

Most likely these also become another Ka, not new because it is horrible, what a monstrosity.
No, just the model that I have now and then a little younger with less mileage with climate control, 16-inch sports wheels and a panorama roof, then I really have everything I want and I hope to continue the same way and thousands more carefree , low-mileage driving.

I hope you, the reader, and perhaps future Ka driver what this review and if you have any comments or questions please let me know please!

greeting Remon

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 16v LX (1998) review

8PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Ypsilon 1.2 16v LX
5, Manual
89600 km
110000 km
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  • June 17, 2006 00:00

My first car was a not too heavy, quite luxurious and great looking car that also can be nice with the traffic. Most stringent requirements in the "city car class.

Lancia has always been a brand that I have a warm heart toedraag, and the Ypsilon I have always found a nice car. After a long search I came upon this Y standing at a Lancia specialist in Duiven. in February 1998, with 89000 on the clock, history known. Incredibly luxurious; air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, heated mirrors, central locking, power steering, fog lights .. it's all there (and more!)

The car drives fantastic! Nice quiet inside, and a nice 'whistling' sound, like a turbo on the highway. The 1.2 16V engine can get along fine with the big boys on the highway. Also at stoplight sprints you may be surprised many larger cars like you faster than them get away.

Switching is fine, just sometimes do not insert nice reverse. But otherwise no problem. The driving position is set properly (height adjustable steering wheel and seat plus lumbar adjustment) so myself I can sit well with my 1.94. Keep your back then of course little legroom.

The car is fine suspension. It comes a little close to a French car. Fairly soft suspension. The engine you hear as I said barely inside, but you can hear the road pretty well. Not particularly disturbing until now. Seats are fine.

In conclusion, a really lovely small car which operates really a class higher than its competitors. It just all feels like a mature middle car. One of the few disadvantages is that the lower part of the instrument panel (bell + Mileage) to be read is less well. But also a real pleasure to drive!

Update 10-03-06: Almost a year since purchase, and still proud of my Y'tje when I'm'm standing. Driving experience is very high for such a small car, and I continue to amaze me how big and strong he feels. Just a very nice car to drive! A few had minor issues (whether or not the car's fault ..) but that could not spoil the fun.

Update 24-12-07: Meanwhile, I make quite a lot of kilometers per week for new work, and the YP really well come along with the other traffic. They are mainly highway mileage, and there is nothing to criticize about the behavior and comfort. Only downside is the consumption, although that has also to do with the weather (air conditioning, etc.) and sometimes my behavior will not help. 1:12 I remain low for some find this little engine without air conditioning I get nipped the 1:14, quite a big difference! Altogether, up to 100,000 km and beyond with ease and have fun!


  • June 17, 2006 00:00

I've met him, of course, not really long, so no problems against themselves. In the episode he has a new MOT and overhaul + new timing belt. The usual things, so I can attend against it!

Update 16-08-06: Recently do not want to open the left window, tricky in a car park! This is repaired under warranty. Furthermore, new oil the creaking 2nd gear when downshifting, also serviced under warranty. In that respect, nothing but praise for my dealership, always fast, reliable and inexpensive solves my problems.

Update 10-03-07: From one moment to the works achterruitewisser no longer be seen in the history of the motor car which it already has been replaced before, so that seems a weak point. In June, the car needs for the MOT and I really expect no further problems. The wiper let me also make handy.

Update 28-05-07: Auto is smoothly passed through the MOT (2 new front tires) had a small turn and achterruiterwisser made. Runs now even more like a charm! Of course from purchase not made a lot of mileage, so big things were also not actually sit on.

Update 13-07-07: Damn, again the electric window left for broke! Less than a year ago replaced, that's bales as firm .. Is now no longer under warranty, but then again, need to be replaced. It looks like rain comes in the mechanism, because after the heavy rains of last worked no more. When the specialist does a new window regulator 75 euros excluding deployment cost ..

Update 04-04-08: Well 100,000 km we have now passed the 10 year old too, and suddenly, the problems fall from the sky! First, replacement of the water pump (can happen) Shortly after the car starts to keep a warm engine, especially at low speeds. Terribly annoying driving! Meanwhile, the spark plug cable + plugs replaced, helped little .. now replaced labdazonde, hope this solves the problem .. these few weeks have now cost me 850 euros together .. lot of money for a car 10 years old!

Update 30-07-08: The 10 years and 100,000 km border car have really not done. The car still means at low rpm and warm engine, and the car can not find it, it can have 1000 reasons. Meanwhile, the valves, the flasher relay also replace tap (corrected with new oil, but obviously not good) and the reservoir for the windscreen fluid leak gone. The car comes with really heavy heart, therefore, be exchanged for an Opel Corsa in 2002. The love for Lancia continues, but this is an expensive joke so. Someday in the garage Lancia there again ..

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 2.0
  • cost 3.0
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Mazda 2 1.3 BiFuel Cool (2012) review

6PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
2 1.3 BiFuel Cool
5, Manual
15000 km
17500 km
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  • 15300 km
  • May 7, 2014 11:14

After 10 years riding a Deawoo Lanos (built in 1997), it was after 335,000 km as well as worn. As we ride thick over 20,000 km per year, we were charmed by a car that runs on LPG. Well, we found the Mazda 2 1.3 BiFuel Cool. We had terrible luck we ran a demo model with built 03-2012 bumped, with only 15,000 km on the clock! Hence the title.

What a relief that! That Lanos started rattling on all sides, spent a lot of oil and got all kinds of other additional ailments. After a few days of commuting I'm talking about the enormous handling and quiet engine of the Mazda. We have encountered no irritation dots. The only downside I find that the indicator of the LPG plant starts flashing at about 250 kilometers traveled. Yesterday at 280km anyway refuel while, it appeared that we had consumed only 18 liters. Since there is an LPG tank with 35 liter occupants, so we still can drive here. 80% of 35 is about 28 liters. At current consumption would imply that we can travel another 140 km. Anyway, that's something to keep in mind for the next refueling.

Because we have the Cool version, we miss some options that do sit on the GT-M version. The cruise I had been happy with, but you need something to be desired hold
The first few hundred kilometers were genotje, we hope to be many.

A more detailed review, I hope to upload later so that more informed information can be reported.


  • 17500 km
  • June 4, 2014 16:07

Quite happy with this cart. My wife always normally runs for her work a Peugeot 106 (old model) and felt fine, but it takes the Mazda2 now evening often experience. I think it's fine, they get 19 cents per kilometer and that is with LPG quite a nice fee!

We had fortunately no negative experiences. The Mazda2 rides fine, we regularly say to each other that it is a relief, compared with the last convulsions of my previous car, a Deawoo Lanos.

The consumption of the Mazda2 varies between 1 in 13 and 1 in 16. In many highway mileage you see rising consumption, but the 80-km road decreases it substantially. The disadvantage is that we are more often at the pump, but if I go checkout I still walk every time with a smile from ear to ear, the price difference of around euro per liter remains fantastic!

Interim conclusion: with great pleasure completed the first 2,000 km without negative experiences.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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Jaguar XE 20d Prestige (2015) review

18PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
XE 20d Prestige
6, Manual
10 km
56000 km
Average reader rating: 6.9 Disclaimer MyReview

The descriptions and comments in the section Myreview car based on personal opinions and experiences of users. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV ( 'Sanoma') can not be held responsible for the contents or possible consequences. In Myreview car will be placed both good and bad experiences. The editors may expressions that do not meet the rules of conduct or unlawful modify or delete at all times.

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First experiences Jaguar XE

  • 500 km
  • July 13, 2015 09:00

After 3 days the Jaguar XE held to have already a little review of my experiences.
I ordered the (lease) car without even making one test drive. (El I can sit in the various versions). A month before I got XE I have allowed to make a test drive of an hour, but now I can already mention a few points after 500 km which are great and which could be improved.

I will again post a review after a few months.

First the positive.
The driving experience and the handling is great. It's really nice to drive.
The comfort has been really super, rarely as good seats, I must say that I feel much difference in different versions (R-sport - pure and prestige). I'm happy with my choice to go for the Prestige, for the comfort of the seats.
I chose the Meridan sound system and oooh what that good. In my previous Audi was a Bose system, but this is really super.
Also, the large display of the navigation, and all the buttons are in tip-top order, and at logical locations.
As an option, the disk I / panorama roof and it is very pleasant.
Some options are very cheap when I compare it with other brands such as the tow and the panorama.

The negatives:
In my first test drive I found the sight somewhat limited. (Large and small interior window). This was also due to my seat was quite far up. Now the chair is able to view fine, but the Audi and Passat I could easily see the front in a better position, it is still getting used ff.
The trunk is not finished on top, looks very messy.
The navigation always gave the wrong plates again at maximum speed (31, 50 where you can, 84 120 where you can). Thanks to a reaction here, this was just in setting Mph to KM / H. I also discovered that I no DAB + radio've been on. I've been going out to 630 auro Meridan Sopund system, but apparently takes dab + another 360 euros extra, something not at all in proportion.
The display behind your steering wheel, you can not really customize and information that are big on state (engine temperature) I do not like (too large and useless in my eyes). You can see it at the bottom of the small to display various settings, such as consumption, distance traveled and some other things, but they were also quite big in the middle to show the display.
Another major drawback I find that there is only one USB port to charge your phone or to stop a media carrier. The lack of an SD card (only available for navigation) so you can just connect your phone. It is I failed to connect my phone and media support via USB, this could only via bluetooth. I charge so now my phone through the cigarette lighter and have a USB stick with music plugged into the USB port. Next few weeks I'll see if it is better to solve.
Furthermore, I regret that I have not chosen to xenon lights front, because now you do not have LED daytime running lights for the option. (Still looks more modern).
I also regret that I did not choose the option to program the seats. The many positions of the seat and the fact that I am 20cm bigger than my wife it is good to save all automatically. Now it also takes ff to put in the right position all again.
Back of the car, the seats cramped compared to for example the Audi A4 and Passat CC, but I knew in advance though, and was not my deal breaker.

Chief of the car's comfort together with the driving experience, and this is totally awesome. I dare say it here better than the Audi A4 and you buy a car! I hope and expect that the car suits still so good in a few months.

Update after a month and nearly 5000km

  • 4800 km
  • August 31, 2015 16:13

All in all still super happy with the car. Saw the review of car week last week and they're right for the most part.

The note on vermogensgat at low speed is right, but in practice you quickly get used to this, by example rather turn back. This is at the expense of the economy of the car. I'm driving after 4800km average 1:15.
and if you ride would be 1:20 to scrimp.

The note on the arm I could not place, possible that this is only the S version, because in prestige version it is ideal to impose arms and in the comfort of sitting better than the Passat CC and Audi A4.

I remain nevertheless irritate the audio system. Via USB 8GB of music in different folders, but within a folder he throws the numbers together and this is not to sort by number or title. Where does this sort on is beyond me. ID3tags been modified, but no result. However Meridan sound is superb.

I am also extra things come to me to be disappointing or even have surprised me. Enjoy yet every time the great handling and power of the 180hp engine.

Update after 5 months and 12000KM

  • 12000 km
  • December 8, 2015 12:27

What shall I say it, still every day a lot of attention and people asking what kind of work I do, because I am a Jaguar row.
Still I step having fun in the car every day, the great handling and comfort is and remains top.
Acceleration in this embodiment is super. From its first to its second is less, but overall does not bother me. On the highway ff quickly overtake a car is nice, but you drive fast too hard and less economical.
Consumption remains constant with me around 1:15, but as said before I drive not economical.
Now we have had some winter weather can say that air conditioning and heating summit. In summer fast nice and cool in the winter fast warm and defrost windows.
Sometimes it's the little things that annoy you go, but fortunately not the case with the XE.
Meanwhile, I have the mp3 audio problems (throw songs together) resolved through a folder to a playlist on my PC in the correct order. That I now scroll through the numbers correct it, when I play a playlist choose. I now have 18 GB of music on a USB stickje of 32gb and everything works perfectly.
I also have a day driving a Ford Mondeo station and a few hours in a Volvo V60 in recent weeks. The Mondeo was awful in terms of comfort: seats were uncomfortable, the car did produce a lot of noise and lack of acceleration, but that can vary by implementation. The v60 was lovely a nice car, but he was less quiet and just missed the "wow" factor. Everything looks decent, but a bit boring.
All in all still super happy with this choice.
There is a clear difference in finishing with the XF and XJ, and that explains the price difference, but the base is really super!

10 months in succession and 5000 km in one week driving

  • 33000 km
  • May 9 2016 11:57

We continued and still comfort is superb again a few months (or km's).
For a week's vacation I (only) drove to the south of Spain to enjoy the nice weather. I went to Bilbao in one tug arrived and no problems there. The seats are to me like a glove and am glad I did not choose the sport version or basic version because those chairs I found when sitting less pleasant.
The return of Badajoz home with an overnight stay in Tours (FR) was super. 2100km without problems.

In other words, the handling and comfort is nothing wrong, and tastier than the Audi A4 and Passat cc I had before. Top!

Particularly in Spain lot of attention with the Jaguar which of course is always fun.

The negative than the Jaguar XE: The trunk is too small. Namely not fit two large suitcases into the sloping rear. This is still very disturbing and I just had to take another car to the airport.

as the other negative (which is not very much), I mentioned in my previous reviews.

Further still had no problem. no interference, no oil required to fill in short, great!

Electrical straw rings and final review!

  • 56000 km
  • December 14, 2016 22:20

Because I have a new job on 1 January, I will surrender the lease. I'm going to miss him, yes still the car has a lot of attention and is great comfort. I now own bought a Renault Megane GT line of four years, because of the cheap monthly fees. Dusja compromise on comfort I will definitely, although I now have my own car.
Anyway recent months the car started to get a lot of electrical interference. Right tail was gone and the interior lighting did not do more to open the doors. I also sometimes when I start again he begins to click the car after a short break, but the engine is not running. I have to press the start button without pressing the brake. The electronics then turns on and then I can start an x ​​car so that the engine starts. Unfortunately then the cruise control does not work anymore. When I leave the car a few hours alone then the problem over again. Cause I do not find because it is incidental. Approximately 10x experienced in the last three months. In addition, I sometimes switch problems, even occasionally. So I turn from his 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 and then the circuit picks up not to keep it suddenly high in the revs. Sometimes he stands in neutral but sometimes he remains also in the old gear. Sometimes he solves pushing automatically by linking and sometimes I switch back. Also this about 8x experienced in the last three months. Again, no idea of ​​cause, sometimes I think I might quickly release the clutch flick back and forth, but given that I was 15 years car ride and it never experienced before, I think really it's something in the Jaguar. Time will tell if I have any, might suffer more here.
And then the big question, I would have bought this car private too .... I would say no, although comfort is good, I'm afraid that these electrical interference and switching problems might soon going to be a greater cost. (I would definitely choose a machine) The little trunk space is a real bummer, so I think I rather would opt for the BMW that 2nd hand car has been well proven as regards reliability. Could I get a new lease but again then I think I will choose again for Jaguar (automatic). However, a nicer car to see and comfort and handling is great.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 4.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? maybe

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  • Enough
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  • excellent

Hyundai i30 (2015) review

2PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseMileage last
7, Manual
40000 km
Disclaimer MyReview

The descriptions and comments in the section Myreview car based on personal opinions and experiences of users. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV ( 'Sanoma') can not be held responsible for the contents or possible consequences. In Myreview car will be placed both good and bad experiences. The editors may expressions that do not meet the rules of conduct or unlawful modify or delete at all times.

It is not allowed without permission of Sanoma to use the information for Myreview Auto or to spread through other media.

first review

  • December 29, 2016 17:04

After a little over a year and 40,000 km Hyundai in my first review. I got this car to buy in November 2015 during one of the so-called bigdealdagen.
Hyundai then sells stock cars at exceptional prices. As a result I got a serious discount compared to normal conditions (approx. 5,500 euros discount). The disadvantage is that you have to choose what's in stock. I chose a platinum silver i30 black line 5 door CRDI 1.6 (110 hp), with, inter alia, light-alloy wheel rims, automatic air-conditioning, ledachterlichten, the rear parking sensors, and a DCT-automatic gearbox with seven gears. Because I had read in tests that the gearbox was highly recommended, I chose this ...
My Focus meanwhile had 125,000 km on the clock and it was because of the high maintenance cost of replacement.
Initial experience:
+ good finish
+ more space in the rear in equation with the focus
+ smooth gearbox
+ good seating comfort (both seats adjustable in height)
+ smooth ride on flat roads
+ fine line
+ good garage with personal service (Buttiens in Tienen)
+ price / equipment is fine
+ 6 consumption - 6.5 l / 100 km
+ maintenance every 30,000 km
- comfort on concrete roads (many tire noise)
- gearbox with reverse downhill
- clicking noise engine / drive when the engine is cold

As you can see more positives than negatives. Overall this is an excellent, comfortable car that is well finished.
The band's sound is highly dependent on the surface, but usually this is great, it is stronger than the focus.
The gearbox is great, a few weeks ago (end of November) it has received an update, now it does its job even better and smoother, even in recapturing he reacts more linear than before. The 'to wring' when reversing downhill (I do every week at my parents) he does not.
The service garage Buttiens in Tienen is really top. This is a small dealer (about 5 employees) still offers a real personalized service.
The driver's door inner panel was replaced under warranty because the first signs of wear were visible (my elbow!).
The cold engine problem of the ticking sound is not solved yet, Hyundai is looking for a solution. This could also be related to the gearbox. This is not a big problem, the engine does a good job in silence.
So far certainly satisfied with the purchase, reliability is top notch, comfort is good, in short, it remains a pleasure to drive here daily.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes

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Volvo S40 1.8 Europe (1998) review

14PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
S40 1.8 Europe
5, Manual
165000 km
205 515 km
Average reader rating: 5.7 Disclaimer MyReview

The descriptions and comments in the section Myreview car based on personal opinions and experiences of users. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV ( 'Sanoma') can not be held responsible for the contents or possible consequences. In Myreview car will be placed both good and bad experiences. The editors may expressions that do not meet the rules of conduct or unlawful modify or delete at all times.

It is not allowed without permission of Sanoma to use the information for Myreview Auto or to spread through other media.

What preceded.

  • 167000 km
  • February 23, 2011 22:12

We write July 2006. My sister drove around in her Toyota Starlet satisfied only by the arrival of her first child was greater but mainly a safer car is an absolute must. My sister wanted a Volvo and my brother swears by a sedan. Estate, touring, break, wagon and all the other name for an estate he just do not like it. At that time I had good relations with the local Volvo dealer and soon a suitable car was found. A black Volvo S40 1.8i Europe, 89,000 km on the clock and delivered new by the selling dealer.

In April 2010 my sister again appeared to be pregnant and she wanted another car.
S40 / S60 / V40 / V50, Toyota Avensis, Ford Mondeo and the Saab 9-3. All fine cars and was not just purchased a Ford Mondeo at the last minute. My brother actually swears by Toyota but a Volvo and Saab he was still acceptable. But those were small. What I did notice was when the trade-in price of the Volvo € 1.750, -. Well, I have also over. In December, the minor had been born and was a bold attempt for another car. This time only one Toyota Avensis and Corolla Verso. The exchange rate had been reduced to € 1.250, - and € 1.500, -.
My AX was already very rickety so filed the proposal to my sister that I wanted to take over Volvo for the bare exchange rate. They were financially not backward and I could buy commercial value Volvo. That trading price was € 1.375, - and I got to the Volvo with 165,000 km on the clock, a number of scratches, good tires and faltering direction. Good deal I think. My sister now drives a Toyota Corolla Verso 2005.

First impressions! - February 2011

  • 167000 km
  • February 23, 2011 22:13

We have already the Volvo nearly a month in property so I can have my first experience here legible.
I think the S40 a beautiful model. certainly not all inclined he is really spectacular to more civility but bourgeois stand. I also find him, especially in the black, a timeless look. So the appearance no complaints. Too bad my sister not been economical in the car. Many scratches on the paintwork. Maybe I let him sometimes brushing professional. Will he do well!

Inside I'm on half leather, Volvo seats are again adjusting perfectly well. Clear meters and Europe version also has air conditioning on board. It's not all cheery and cozy. Objectivity asset inside but it is me. Here and there you see that the plastic material to discolor. The control at the top is a bit porous. But I have another steering purchased with wood look and learn. To be mounted only. The space inside is good. It is not a S80 but you can easily four people in it. The trunk is big enough.

Well, and then the motor. Under the hood is housed with a 1.8 16V 115 hp. It is not a powerhouse but I'm good with the traffic along. Certainly between 4,000 and 5,200 rpm it goes off rap. Overtaking therefore fast enough. Among 2000 rpm it out well, and he's nice and smooth ride. So much for the positives.
Negative is the sound that he produces when you get above 4,000 rpm, not really exhilarating sound. A more irritating humming. Even at full throttle at low speeds, it makes no real sense in '' I am sound. Raar chatter from the outlet.
Second point of criticism is the consumption. First refueling he was barely on the 1 to 9.5. The second was better but really joyful I am not there. However, the thermostat was broken and has been replaced today. Hope it will improve fuel consumption. I hope the first 12.
The gearbox with long strokes vague. Also, I can not always good from three to two switch. That bucket is not my best friend. The clutch is light but with the rise of the clutch is a shudder through the car. Engine, clutch and cook to make the S40 not to a driver's car, the chassis does not participating in this.

The handling is good but what a fuzzy controller. I send but a little way I want to go but it's difficult to keep him on track in a long curve. gonna be tight around the bend with the S40 on the other side. No chassis is designed to hold a few nice bochtjes but more comfortable cruising. And so does the S40 more than good. 150 km / h is very easy to maintain and the 80 ways he's really nice. Overall, the S40 is designed for cruising, nice sitting in the seats with a little music. The standard stereo sound reasonable if I'm going to replace the standard Volvo bigfront 'radio (SC700) for my Pioneer radio. Who has more power and therefore I hope to improve the sound.

It all does not sound positive and I can understand why the question I bought this car. Volvo has always gotten neatly turns at the Volvo dealership. On top of that I know the car and could take him to trade price. With that I was able to buy a better car in mind. A number of negatives to be easy to solve. I plan to give the S40 T4 look. Gaspra wheels, rear spoiler and a subtle reduction. This improves the handling anyway. Not by the rear spoiler, a spoiler, I can see the back. Easy reversing.

Photos will follow, I need to make and I would like the other myreviews keep you informed about my experience with the Volvo.

It is a tool! - May 2011

  • 170000 km
  • May 13, 2011 21:39

I have already gained some experience with the Volvo and I do not know whether I'm really happy. It is something that I'm not completely satisfied that the car I was too distant. The detachment is in the control system. What I wrote above that I just a little control where I want to go and that continues. He is not challenging me. I only had to buy a BMW would be a logical reaction. But a Ford Ka 2003 is more fun to drive than the S40. Even sometimes I long back to my old AX. Those two cars sent delicious.

The engine is a friendly device. Nice and smooth driving challenge but he does not. He really abhors high speed. And he hates it has let him also notice an annoying hum. Take my old 850. Also not a car that you link directly to driving pleasure and certainly not with a machine. But those five cylinder roll made everything good. About the sprint qualities of the 1.8 but I'm not. But really exciting has never been.

The 850 was really a comfortable device and that the S40 does little for below. He is very quiet and the seats are fantastic. Long rides are surely a very small party with the S40. Radio, little sit back and just cruising. Ideal. Only I do not drive often a long stretch.

I should do more often. Conveniently for consumption. On the highway at 130 he still runs one at 13.5. Normally I sit with luck on one of 11. Really frugal, he also is not!

I'm a Volvo man. That came when I went to a Volvo dealer internship and there also could continue to work on Saturdays. And every Volvo I've driven, and there are still a lot of gifts that feeling of safety and soundness. Sounds natural deadly boring and not very exciting and challenging, but it is something that Volvo stands for. And that picture S40 complements perfectly. Because you can expect a 1.8i sedan hidden sports car? No, not so. A Vectra and Passat are boring, if not boring.

What I do after to give the S40 that after all these years still very sturdily constructed. I hear little rattles and creaks and the whole interior not see quickly that it's all over. And I may well again. I also installed the other control. Still not in the picture but woodline send grabs fine with a piece of leather.

I think I still here persevering in this car. I may not have my car but it's a useful purpose at all so wrong yet. He shows no stabbing incidents that tie me to do I could have already decided that I no rims, spoilers or other frills to go throw. Save and go to something else. The other must be something with the looks of my first car, Volvo 480, fine motor, roll the roll, comfortable and fun to drive. Most of you know or about which car I'm talking.

So anyway .... The T4 look? - July 2011

  • 172000 km
  • May 13, 2011 21:40

The title says it all the pictures even more. I have under my S40 a set of 16" Gaspra put rims. Why in God's name?

I'm quite fickle. In my last story I was only moderately positive about the S40. Lately I've been my orientating a 480. Just because I find incomparable beautiful car. Unfortunately, the rust-devil is at a very active scale present on the last series. Very sorry but I do not see myself with a grinder to tackle the wheel arches. On top of that I have to do a lot of concessions. 850 and S70 I find great and the C70, which is also on my list, is just too expensive. Recovery, I do not have enough money.

And then you will be contacted via the Volvo S40 forum to adopt a set of Gaspra. And so I saw that it was good. And honestly, it looks a nice bonus.

The main flaw remains the ability or lack thereof. For why am I pushed at 170 km / h on the side by a van and why is Ford KA not keep up with?

Winter, MOT and beurtje - April 2012

  • 182000 km
  • July 12, 2011 22:26

The last update dates back to July 2011 so it's time again for an update. Actually there was no need to write down a story here because really nothing exciting to report there confused. At most, the start was the cold challenge. The battery took only just. I've let him assurance testing by the dealer and it was doubtful. And with doubt gevalletjes I do nothing. I also noticed that the charging current just after start remained something. You saw 10 seconds after the start lights came on stronger. This was also confirmed by the dealer with a meter. It was not worrisome. He starts with a warm engine slightly less smooth. Those are really the salient points.

The key question is whether I am still satisfied with my Swedish friend Netherlands. The answer is not convincing 'yes'. He runs pretty good, is good, plenty of room, plenty of options and I get along with the other traffic. But he does his job and emotionless engine lacks real power to really be something. Also, an average of 1 in 11 is not bad but good I did not mention it again. Neither fish nor fowl loud a proverb, and for the S40 apply.

It looks like I will always have some. Especially with the Gaspra wheels below it, it makes the car. Remarkable thing is that many women my car like it. Strange but true. I winter a few times to date and the Volvo was appreciated. Perhaps the Swedish brand puts an association with nesteldrang, whom I (still) do not have, but which nevertheless had its positive effect on my dates. I do not know.

Two weeks ago I brought the S40 to the friends of Harrie Arendsen for annual coddling. There was little wrong with the Volvo. However, renewed a new battery, switching buses and the alarm light switch is replaced. That's all but took the joke € 660, - together.

The reason I Volvo have brought the real dealer is that I worked there, my father is very satisfied and I believe that proper maintenance is essential for longer life and eventually earned back on somehow. And I must say, the Volvo driving outstanding after coddling +.

This summer he may go as rental car. Moi and new supporters to explore France. I wonder how the like Volvo and persecuted.!

Travel experiences - September 2012

  • 189000 km
  • April 29, 2012 20:06

We have the first autumn storm just ended and that means summer is over. High Time to put here my promised vacation experience. It is not "love diary" story and so I focus on the Volvo S40.

We have all holiday stuff got in the car without a roof box and the plan was to explore France two weeks with a tent. The first day passed Lyon and booked a hotel there. From there, the interior in southwestern.
The first test, of course, was the ascent of Liege. I was quite skeptical about the ability of the 1.8 but it was not me. I was 120 km / h indeed not hold its fifth but to firmly insist to 110 km / h in four. Actually not bad. In the Ardennes was making downhill speed for uphill. Little anticipation but it was doable. The motorway towards Millau was treacherously steep. But here sails make mountain and try to maintain speed uphill, and at 110 km / h back to four and then steps up to the 120/130 km / h. When accelerating from standstill uphill I noticed it the lesser power but above 3000 rpm it was already suffering ago.

We have during the holidays also rode some hearty mountain passes. I was not to speak in my previous story about the steering. This, too, I must adjust something. Volvo continues to not turn knight but I could send the car quickly on the narrow mountain roads. Also on bad roads at higher speeds, the car remains stable and controllable, with and without luggage. The brakes deserve kudos. I've never had to make an emergency stop but with thanks to our French friends was that it needed in the Netherlands. The Volvo inhibits to be firmly, and without loss of control or swabbing. Feel safe!

I had the Volvo for the holidays a summer and air conditioning check given to the Volvo dealer. This was totally not been necessary, everything was fine. The air conditioning did great, even at 35 degrees and a black car is not a best color in summer. He was perfectly cool!

You will also discover during such holidays a few gadgets. When the Volvo Lock has one of the doors do not open it goes to 5 minutes automatically locked. In the beginning you doubt yourself whether you have clicked open the car but I had the Volvo in his sights. What I had not in his sights was that the left rear door sensor is broken. That door opened so I had my keys and thrown in the back seat. Door closed again and you guessed it, car lock and key in the back seat. Luckily I had instructed my friend to do the spare key in her purse and keep the car. That first one was particularly successful, the second part slightly less. Her dusky pink bag in the trunk .... as safe see them smiling! A French Renault mechanic has the car angled open and I'm a lesson pointer again.

The comfort was good. Certainly the way. I was rested and 1,250 kilometers were a piece of cake. Partly thanks to the chairs and the rest in the car. In spite of the (high) rates between 130 and 150 km / h. If the last usage. This also made me happy. 1 to 12.5 during the outward and return and "locatie'1 11.5. Overall, better than the Netherlands.

In short, the Volvo has not fallen by the wayside, in fact, I am beginning to appreciate him. The urge I had previously another car has become a lot less.

What I have not named my car radio. Even though I have to mention but increasingly forgotten for more than a year. I replaced the standard radio by Alpine 'Huppeldepup. A radio with Bluetooth phone connection, USB, 3.5mm auxiliary input and iPod preparation. Telephoning is really super. I hear the other very well I can understand very well the speakers and the other. Pairing the phone to the radio goes very smoothly. I stand about 2 GB of music on the USB. Search is a little cumbersome but it can be done and the iPod connection works very well. The Ipod is in my glove compartment and the operation goes through the radio. A bit cumbersome, but the sound is good. Maybe I'm going to fit better speakers, but the sound is generally good. And, I'm quite critical of it.

Bad luck, happiness & unlucky - March 2013

  • 197000 km
  • September 26 2012 00:14

In the past six months have again slipped through many kilometers below the S40. I must say that sank him well. Okay, once I found him with a nearly flat rear tire but otherwise, few criticisms. Above the engine, handling and so will continue to exist but I do not want to dirty words anymore. However, the title says something else.

My neighbor really left over, I live in a "48 under-one barber," is extremely professional and his company bus drove a hole in my front bumper. Fortunately, he had put a note on the windscreen, which not speak by itself is near where I live. For the imaging; My upstairs neighbor sleeps during the day and party at night, preferably at home. My neighbor has left more marijuana plants than allowed by law and my right neighbor drives a too thick black BMW that was never earned white. Anyway we digress. After filling out the paperwork and the visit to the damage repairman was waiting for the results. I had heard stories that you damage amount, which was valued initially at over € 500, - directly on your bill gets paid, but also stories of a new bumper or a used one selected. To my delight was my account geplust with € 960, - and a day later the confirmatory letter. I thank my neighbor very top left.

The positive flow immediately called friends of Harrie Arendsen a turn and MOT. RDW me again recalled and the burning service light on my dashboard.
That call and make an appointment I could not do better. He turned out to be less well than expected. The clerk spoke of rear tires with 1.4mm profile (aha, that is why hum from behind) and also the brake pads and discs were below the size (bad? Ding inhibits like a rabid). Total € 918, - to turn and MOT. A lot of money for a car with a market value of € 750, -. On the other hand it is regular maintenance and wear and tear, tires and brake pads are just his time to act.

I have even considered going to use the loss to buy another car. With the trade and some of my own money I was around € 4250, - Just not enough to really buy something better to younger, faster and less has occurred.
Saab 9-3 1.8t 2004 S40 2003 in the Sport edition version with the delectable 2.0T or V50 from the first year of a five cylinder not spurned. All around € 6000, - and so expensive!

Also I want and my girlfriend to buy a house has solid needs no explanation, and then you think twice where you put the money towards.
Moral of the story, the S40 slows even more, he is quiet again and again deliciously runs smoothly. We bounce back from a year and we're looking for another bumper.

The drunk ducktape Volvo! May 2012 (202.000 km

  • 202000 km
  • March 30, 2013 12:20

In my last update I wrote that I would be looking for a new front bumper. This proved more difficult than expected. After calling a dozen Volvo demolition I did not really bite. Yes, 200 kilometers away, € 200, - euros for a damaged bumper. Marketplace also offered very little. Definitely not something I was looking for. Out of sheer frustration, I just bought black duck tape at the local DIY shop. And sure enough, almost the same color and you have to really look twice to make them see that the hole is taped. In short, solved!

That car of mine is brilliant, I really mean it! After a successful overtaking the Volvo full automatically went to the left rijstrookje, including the S40 was 'no hands' of itself by slight right turns. The problem is, that is just 1% of the average journey, the remaining 99% was the normal dog irritating. Even so irritating that I got after one hour driving pain in my wrist and back problems. He drove very restless, I really think that many road users thought that I have looked deeply into the glass. In short, action was required!

I brought the car to the tire farmer and it appeared that everything "topsy-turvy" was. And I must say, the Volvo is running on track! It was € 52, - more than worth it!

Another notable factoid I noticed that the S40 after the turn is remarkably efficient riding. Normally I was happy with one in 11 just after the turn on the first 12+ rule more than the exception! I dedicate this to the new tires because he is not riding remarkably efficient after the turn in 2012. I like the consumption in, see the usage monitor, and if the first 12 are really structurally there is a star for the cost there!

Exchanged! July 2013

  • 205 515 km
  • May 22, 2013 20:42

How can it be in life. As I wrote somewhere above I'm quite fickle. Well it's me again pretty well because I bought another car. How did that happen?

As I wrote, we attended the atmosphere is a lot better in a not too bright area, but after the arrival of a neighborhood watch! Little nuisance and foreign practices more on the door. At most, the question to me how it is that my other neighbor a Peugeot 306 diesel trades in a BMW X5 4.4 V8. The 'business' should go well, shall we say.
The real reason is when we buy a house anyway monthly dimes to handle spin and we have no sense at first we want a good life. In the good life also includes a nice car.

I found myself following the above conclusion increasingly blazes on car sales websites looking for a nice car. And suddenly I saw him! Volvo V40 2.0 Sports Edition 2003 with 165,000 km on the clock. And if you look once you've sold, I and the car to me.

I have the S40 but traded for to bring him privately quickly to the man for a good price seemed like a challenge because the supply is significant. And to be honest, there are better and more beautiful for sale. Today I saw that he is for sale for € 950, -.

For the shape just as the advantages and disadvantages of the car in a row.
+ Reliable
+ Comfortable
+ sound

- Slow
- relatively inefficient
- Grip
- Cost

Maintenance problems & cost - July 2013

  • 205 515 km
  • July 24, 2013 20:22

Cost per year:

- Thermostat: € 65 -
- MOT and maintenance: € 180, -
- Woodline control: € 90 -
- Gaspra Rims: € 300 minus € 150, - for the old rims.

Turn and MOT: € 660, -
- Overhaul with all filters and spark plugs
- alarm Light switch
- switching Buses
- Battery

Turn and MOT: € 918.05
- small turn
- Brake pads and brake discs
- Two new rear tires. The new tires have gone backwards preassembled and good tires.
- Alarm Light switch. The new one was installed in 2012 turned out to be good. Warranty case, no cost to me.

Aligning the car: € 52, -

I also like the consumer to monitor!

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 3.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes

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Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 160 PS DSG Highline (2009)

94In Hague see them like we choose efficient cars all together. That is also tax incentives. The Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 160 PS DSG is one of the vehicles covered by the new 20 percent addition. Economical driving is not always make do!

The Volkswagen engine is the perfect example of downsizing. For example, the 1.4 TSI makes us miss the 2.0 FSI for some years a moment ago. A mechanical compressor and delivers turbo together ensure that the engine with a relatively modest engine capacity anyway nice 160 hp and 240 Nm! And when promised by the manufacturer average consumption of 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers. Get your same engine with manual gearbox, the fuel consumption and higher thrust engine is more

140 grams of CO2 per kilometer. You pay as a business user the full amount of addition. The new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is fully trained in economical driving. State-ie in D, the technique does not know how fast the bucket already must be in seven, sometimes at 60 km / h! The small steps and high torque at low revs make the Gulf runs as economically as possible. Often, you drive with a light humming motor around, with the tachometer around 1,500 rpm. Provide a tikkie gas and the tray is so two lower teeth. There are still people who doubt the

capacities of the Golf 1.4 TSI. Wait till they once acquainted with this wave with the TSI letters on the tailgate, with the S and I are red! For the 1.4 TSI 160 is awfully rap, thanks to the DSG gearbox. On a damp pavement Gulf dashed 8,2 counting from zero to one hundred. At the intermediate sprint is the high torque at low revs up well. We came into this test under cold

conditions out on a fuel consumption of 1: 11.5. That should be better under normal circumstances.

Familiar appearance

The scrawny Golf VI looks tougher than its predecessor, but is still recognizable as a Golf. The VW is about as familiar as the five generations that came before the current model in the 34 years. The dashboard has been increased well: fine materials and deep bells in sleeves. The ergonomics of the interior is top notch. For example, the buttons for the power windows and the mirrors sit high on the door, and close to the steering wheel. The controls for the automatic climate control

Gulf feel great and so is the steering wheel buttons for reading the onboard computer and the audio controls. A big step forward has put VW in terms of dynamics. The current generation Golf is more eager the corner. The steering is more communicative and nose move faster in the direction that you want. The previous Golf was something squishy in this area. But while the chassis has become stiffer. Especially with the 18-inch wheels in size 225 / 40R18 feel very good transverse ridges. The test car had the Dynamic package and thereby hangs the Gulf fifteen millimeters closer over the tarmac and the dampers are stiffer. By default, the Highline has to do with 16-inch aluminum wheels. With front-wheel drive Golf you soon likelihood of wheel spin in wet conditions. The indicator of the traction control linked to the ESP lights up regularly.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest Yearprice
Golf 1.4 Tsi Highline 160hp
5-door, hatchback
6 gears, Manual
In front of
€ 30 035 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1390 cc
maximum power118 kW / 160 hp at 5,800 rpm
Maximum torque240 Nm at 2000 rpm
Length Width Height4.199 mm / 1.779 mm / 1.479 mm
wheelbase2578 mm
mass empty1.245 kg
capacity595 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked1.400 kg / 670 kg
Ties205 / 55R16 Prices
Top speed220 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured8,2s (8,0s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h in 32,3s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 45,2s
measured fuel6.0 l / 100km
(The manufacturer: 6.3 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions145 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +Excellent performing 1.4-liter
  • +Superb DSG
  • +well chassis
  • -Complete equipment costs money
  • -No wonder real economy

Nissan Micra C + C 1.4 Tekna (2006)

The Nissan Micra C + C has a nice interior and a simple roof operation. Too bad that a coupe-convertible almost invariably creates some unfortunate conditions in the body.

Ordinary Micra is a car with remarkable traits, the coupé-cabriolet is a most remarkable appearance. Follow with your eyes line from front to back, you just start to think this is a normal car as the windshield stops abruptly. stabbing behind the passenger compartment two-roll bar gently upwards. They will undoubtedly be tough, but you do not look down on. The tailgate is shorter than you might expect at one coupe-convertible, because the roof itself is also very small. The Micra has a glass roof, giving you even if you're driving near a spacious feel. And hot sunny days the roof is even a sunshade.
Getting into the Micra C + C requires some caution, especially if the car is already open. The window frame will stick very far back, so a nasty bump rose quickly. Once you sit, it appears that the interior offers more than its appearance suggests. Up front at least, because the back of the two seats are mainly for decoration. For set with the front seats for an average adult is the legroom already disappeared.
The dashboard is nice and fresh form data. The white dials are successful, but also see the buttons of heating and display them look nice.

The convertible top is surprisingly simple. No brackets or clamps must be removed first, no parking brake to be applied before it works. Just the button between the front seats to you draw and 23 seconds later you have nothing but the open sky above you. The windows do close separately is not necessary. That makes the car in one go with the opening of the roof. By itself useful, but if you want to have the windows down, you will have to open the roof to release the button at exactly the right time. The rolschermpje found in the trunk to the roof and luggage come into conflict, and dakbediening therefore refuse service as long as the screen is not in place.

The Micra C + C is surprisingly smooth and is well along in traffic. The control he does not bad, although the understeer what could have been less, Nissan has played too much on security here. One of the sticking points in convertibles is always the rigidity. The Nissan repels itself quite nicely in this area, thanks to an additional crossmember in the front and a so-called dynamic damper back. For a convertible in this price range makes the Micra C + C is very good.
With a modern convertible is also in the cold and light rain, as long as you keep the momentum going, good to hold out. Important is the degree to which the air flow
the car is headed. That is neatly done. The heating grids distribute the warm air but just not enough on your body. The setting of the seat height adjustment affects only the seat, whereby the backrest is fixed. In its lowest position, there is therefore a substantial gap between backrest and seat. An icy air against your back is due. Too bad!

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Micra C + C 1.4 Tekna
3-door, Cabriolet
5 gears, Manual
In front of
€ 19,635 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1386 cc
maximum power65 kW / 88 hp at 5,600 rpm
Maximum torque128 Nm at 3,200 rpm
Length Width Height3.806 mm / 1.668 mm / 1.441 mm
wheelbase2432 mm
mass empty1.135 kg
capacity405 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked750 kg / 510 kg
Ties175 / 60R15 Prices
Top speed174 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured11,2s (12,8s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h 3/44,8s / 7,7s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 4/510,5s / 14,2s
measured fuel10.0 l / 100km
(The manufacturer: 6.6 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions158 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +smooth engine
  • +steering
  • -cramped
  • -backseat unusable

Peugeot 408 officially unveiled

71Vanochtend we were able to rummage through two photos at a low resolution of the new Peugeot 408. Now, the Chinese sedan then officially presented.

The 407 currently in China's window to find, is the sedan version of the previous generation of Peugeot 308. These C-segmentation has been helped to a new generation, including the sedan earns a new coat.

Of up to three-quarters of the body is the new Peugeot obviously a 308. At the end we see a nice ass sedan, ideal for the Chinese market where it has ears sedan neat. The rear lights are one-to-one transfer of the hatchback, so that the novice very well can be recognized.

Under the cap of the 408 which has the same wheelbase as the SW 308, a blown 1.2-liter gasoline engine with a 130 horsepower or 1.6-liter blown with 163 hp. Also an atmospheric 143 hp 1.8 is just the party. 

Hyundai i20: Prices and specs!

34Hyundai decided to take no further ado us and publishes all the prices and specifications of the new i20.

Hyundai's B-segmentation was unveiled in early September and will appear in December in the showrooms. Time for the associated price tags so. Interestingly, the i20 will indeed only one petrol engine under the hood, but who will get two different power variants. 

The 1.2-liter, four-cylinder engine is available as a 75 hp (LP), and 84 horsepower (HP) strong source of power. In both cases, the engine produces 122 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. Hyundai offers a choice of three trim levels: i-Drive, I-Drive and Cool i-Motion. 

The i20 i-drive three-door is 75 hp from 13,995 euros. The slip, but with five doors, will cost at least 14,495 euros. The i20 i-Drive-Cool has 75 horsepower and gets a price tag of 15 495 euros.   

Those who prefer 84 hp, comes from the i20 i-Motion, the most luxurious trim level. Which cost at least 16,495 euros, but can be extended with two packages: Comfort (additional 1,000 euros) and premium (extra 3,500 euros). 

In early 2015 also find a 1.1-liter diesel engine its way to the i20. It is a three-cylinder turbodiesel which is good for 75 hp and 180 Nm. 

All specifications new Kia Sportage

29Vorige week we got the first pictures of the new Kia Sportage presented today the Koreans delivered their associated specifications. Plus an additional set of photographs of the interior.

The new Sportage is at increased to 4.48 meters with respect to the current model 4 cm in length. The wheelbase has increased by 3 cm over to 2.67 meters, and which results in increased main (+ 5 mm in the front, rear + 16 mm), leg (+ 19 mm in the front, rear + 7 mm) and the luggage compartment, which increased from 465 to 503 liters.

In motor area there is a choice of four options: two petrol units and two diesels. New for the Sportage is the 1.6-liter T-GDI engine, the 177 hp and 265 Nm turbo engine we previously encountered in the Cee'd GT. This engine is also available with a new 7-speed DCT automatic transmission. Who with fewer toucan, must have the familiar 1.6-liter GDI with 132 hp and 161 Nm. Diesel residents can be obtained from the 1.7-liter CRDI with 115 hp or a 2.0-liter CRDI with 184 hp.   

The new Sportage is equipped with eight airbags and an available range of active safety systems, with or without an additional charge. Think of an automatic emergency braking system, lane assist, high-beam assist, blind spot warning, traffic sign recognition (speed) and a system that warns of crossing traffic.

Inside we find a 7- or 8-inch touchscreen, which you control include the Tomtom Connected Services. A 160-watt audio system with six speakers is standard, optional Kia delivers a JBL system of 320 watts with eight speakers. The two USB ports can be added to a wireless charging system for mobile devices. 

New for the Sportage is the trim level GT-Line, which you can see on the pictures. It comprises, inter alia, a double exhaust, aluminum-colored "skid plates", and diffuser, 19-inch light metal and in a square clustered LED fog lights that we know from the Cee'd GT. This equipment package is exclusive to the Sportage 1.6 T-GDI.

The new Kia Sportage abode its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which starts on September 15th. In the first quarter of 2016, the compact crossover in showrooms, prices are not yet known at this time.

In the wild: Honda Accord Type-R

40in the irregular feature 'in the wild' we put special cars in the sun we just encountered on the street. Just because it can and because it is less obvious in 2015 that you still find something fun between all the gray lease can. This time, a white-hot Honda Accord Type-R!

What is it? The sixth generation of the Honda Accord appeared to us as the market developed specifically for Europe (and in the UK Swindon produced) 'Euro-Accord. In 1998 he appeared in both sedan and hatchback form on the market, which was first delivered between 1999 and 2003 (after a facelift in 2001) as well as the Type-R. It is also the last Accord Type-R that would hurt our country.

Under the hood, a 212 hp 2.2-liter, four-cylinder V-TEC-technique, and the distinctive red cylinder head cover. On paper a top speed of 228 km / h and a 0-100 sprint in 7.2-seconds. This one dates back to 2000 and since 2012 at its present owner, we have fun with it for many years to be desired. 

How special is-ie? Such mannered sedan version of a good citizen is always a nice appearance. For lovers of stacks of horsepower and a dash of ostentation this is a topper. Large numbers are never sold.

The state-ie there? We only have a picture of three quarters, but at first glance it there neatly. His original distinctive white wheels are now black, but it must be to live. Incidentally appears in the headlights which sit moisture.

How many are there? According to the database of VWE Trendweb drive there Accords 52 Type-R around the Netherlands. 

What is-he worth? Accords Type-R leave from 6,000 euros. Clever, original versions with a complete maintenance history are undoubtedly stronger priced.

Rating: A rare piece of Japanese technology. Entirely right. 8.5!

Toddler number 3: Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo is the last of the tiny triplets presented. The C1 and the Peugeot 107 preceded him. The cars were developed jointly by PSA and Toyota.

The Toyota Aygo is the last of the tiny triplets presented. The C1 and the Peugeot 107 preceded him. The cars were developed jointly by PSA and Toyota. 

The Toyota Aygo is, like the C1 and the Peugeot 107 is provided with a three-cylinder, 1.0-liter gasoline engine which is derived from its own home at Toyota. Diesel, 4-cylinder with 54 hp at PSA comes from and comes as Toyota early 2006 for the Aygo.
Like his brothers is also available Toyota with a semi-automatic transmission. Toyota called the M-MT. There is no clutch pedal, and can be switched automatically or manually. The Aygo has, depending on the implementation, of a weight between the 790 and the 890 kilo.
For Aygo are four equipment packages available: the first is the Sound Pack, a radio / CD player with six speakers including 2 front and 2 back seat. There are two tweeters. The Sports Pack includes the bumper integrated fog lamps, a tachometer and 14-inch five-spoke alloy wheels. The Travel Pack comes with a bag in the glove compartment, a backpack and a bag with wheels. The package was developed in cooperation with Samsonite. Finally, there is the Mobility Pack which includes a Tom Tom navigation system is incorporated with touch screen operation. Also update the software, to three years after purchase, is standard.
The Aygo comes in three colors: Ice Blue, Anthracite Gray and Fire Red.



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