CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.


CarBase arkisto sisältää hinnat ja tekniset 84 971 myytävien autojen Alankomaissa 1980 tähän päivään.
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CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton. CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.
CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.CarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.
* Huom: Valitse merkkiCarBase. Etsi tiedot auton.
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Vuosi: mahdollisesti valita. vuoden
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Arvo auto – arvostus auton


Perustuen vuosi, mittarilukema ja vuodevaatteet tarvikkeet voidaan hakea ilmaisevan arvon auton.

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Arvo auto - arvostus auton Arvo auto - arvostus auton
Arvo auto - arvostus autonArvo auto - arvostus autonArvo auto - arvostus auton
* Huom: Valitse merkkiArvo auto - arvostus auton
* Malli Series:
* Malli Variant:
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Vuosi: mahdollisesti valita. vuoden
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BPM laskin voi laskea, kuinka monta BPM (ja alv) ostohinnan auton verotetaan. Kätevä laskea, kuinka paljon sinun tulisi maksaa BPM tuoda auton ulkomailta. Tätä varten sinun täytyy mennä ulos Alankomaiden brutto ostohinta mukaan luettuna mahdollisesti kyseisen vuoden.

Laskin laskee BPM niin ottamista vuonna ja 2017. Jos tuot auton voit käyttää BPM laskelma, joka tarjoaa parhaan vastineen.Täällä näet automaattisen BPM laskeminen autoweek. Laskenta on yksi kuudesta sallitun BPM laskentamenetelmiä ja se voi olla manuaalinen jälkilaskelmin saadaan pienempi BPM päälle.

Laskenta perustuu sovellettavista säännöistä 1 päivästä tammikuuta 2017. Ei oikeuksia voidaan johtaa. Käyttäen tuloksia omalla vastuulla.

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laskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojen laskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojen
laskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojenlaskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojenlaskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojen
* Huom: Valitse merkkilaskea BPM? Laske BPM lisävero tuontiautojen
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Vuosi: mahdollisesti valita. vuoden
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CO2 uitstoot3 g / km

Eräänä päivänä auto on laittaa merkki2 alennus päättyy 1. heinäkuuta 20103, jos ei tiedetä: 360 g / km bensiinin ja nestekaasun, 302 g / km diesel- ja maakaasun

Opel Crossland X 1.2 Turbo Innovation (2017)

68De first PSA co Opel put in the showroom, is a compact crossover and therefore has everything to be a success.

The Crossland X shares its genes with the package Peugeot 2008 but really has a unique appearance that is immediately recognizable as a Vauxhall. In the interior Opel has well preserved its own brand values. The dashboard is clean and businesslike. Ergonomics is fine: all controls are where you expect them. Thanks to their simplicity, the clocks are easy to read, the infotainment screen is nicely hidden in the dashboard.

On the back let the Cross Country X is at its strongest. The legroom is surprisingly generous and there is also the main room is spacious enough for an adult. Also at the back of the Crossland X is surprisingly spacious, the boot measures 410 liters. But if you Innovation + package order, the bank into two unequal parts to slide forward, which transmits your legroom in the trunk.

Our Cross Country X has a three-cylinder turbo engine. Here Opel reaping the first fruits of its merger with PSA, because the 1.2 Turbo comes from the stable and is a very nice machine. The three-cylinder rumble is audible but muted good enough not to irritate and performance increased vierpitter would not hurt. The gearbox is also Peugeot and turns less tight and precise than we are used many Opels. The Crossland X mainly tends towards comfort. This segment interior space and daily use critical and in particular those areas scored Crossland X actually very good.

4.0 stars

The Opel Crossland X mainly offers a lot of space, and it is these cars an important feature. The design is both inside and outside not very exciting, but especially the interior feels like quality.

Opel Crossland X

31Inmiddels is PSA, the parent company of Peugeot, Opel completely taken over. The Crossland X dates from the time that Opel only worked with the French. Yet this is the first Opel with French influences. Crucial question: how does it work in practice?

A few years ago decided Opel, then GM and PSA, the parent company of Peugeot and Citroën, to jointly develop products. This Opel Crossland X is its first tangible result and should equal as a harbinger of what we can expect in the coming years of the German mark. Meanwhile PSA Opel fact taken entirely so in the future there will only be more French technology in Opel models. Actually Crossland X is therefore the beginning of a new era for the brand. Well what a typical early anyway, because the newcomer is in the same waters as the current Opel Mokka X. Well, that is a few inches longer and higher, but the Crossland gaining in width and height. Price-wise, there is even no big difference between the two. A somewhat odd choice so Opel has mainly built a rival for himself. The marketing department wants us to believe that the Mokka SUV has more genes, while the Cross Country X really is in the corner of the crossovers. Hence, the first indeed can be ordered with all-wheel drive and the newcomer is not.

In practice, however, the Crossland distinguishes itself with its enormous practical interior of his more experienced compatriot group. For he follows the Meriva in the small monocab. The Crossland also has some typical MPV characteristics. Many informed example, which adults in the rear have plenty of space above their heads. There is also a luggage space of at least 410 liters, which the Crossland X outclasses all direct competitors. For added versatility, you can reorder a sliding rear seat and adjustable height of the load floor. The couch in the rear position, the rear passengers have plenty of legroom striking.

Up front, the designers have made the necessary effort to hide any possible links with Peugeot. That's really quite successful. Trained eyes can recognize the buttons for the window and mirror controls, but otherwise the interior exudes solidity we expect from Opel. Well, the materials are hard, but that should in this segment. The finish is on par with that of the best in its class. Optionally there are AGR certified seats for more support, although a typical Opel thing. A pity that of all the optional navigation system comes with Peugeot again. That sometimes works too slowly and the buttons on the touch screen are too small to operate flawlessly while driving. Fortunately, you can also use Android Auto and Apple Carplay stream your smartphone navigation. furthermore saves costs.

The engine list, the link with Peugeot is obvious, because all engines from France
come. Gasoline Riders have a choice of a 1.2-liter three-cylinder with or without a turbocharger, while diesel drivers can order the four-cylinder 1.6 to 99 or 120 horsepower. The majority, however, will cover petrol and fortunately we have the 1.2 as a fine power. Well, the 81 hp version without turbo does not have enough power for a fairly large car like the Crossland, but the 110 hp version has it indeed. Thanks to 205 Nm from 1,500 rpm do the three cylinder not hard to work for adequate performance and thus you rarely hear him. Really force majeure the engine, but it is certainly not necessary to save the version with 130 hp. Which you can also get out of a vending machine and the lighter version though. It concerns in this case, a six-speed fully automatic torque converter matches the Crossland X. Really fast not turn the bucket, but thanks to the torquey nature of the engine does not have to. Moreover, we tried the manual transmission in various PSA products, which is not exactly easy switch. Thus the link roads Poker are very long and provides the link not much feeling. Investing in the machine is definitely worth considering. Which together with the 110 HP 1.2 Turbo smooth, torquey drive with sufficient potency.

Less good news
The chassis also is easy to recognize as French and that's unfortunately bad news. The Crossland X has the same incoherent driving experience, as the platform mate Peugeot 2008. In the first instance, it seems the chassis by the springs tightly, but the shock absorbers then give again very little resistance. This results in the cross-over bumps which passes too emphatically. Especially in deep holes there is quite a shock through the body which should actually be absorbed by the suspension. Since the comfort on bumpy roads suffers considerably. At the same time Crossland X in turns depends quite strongly on the outer wheels. As a result, the grip limit is reached sooner than with other cars in its class.

Altogether, the Opel neither dynamic nor comfortable. A car like the Mazda CX-3 dynamic driving, while a Renault Captur offers more comfort. Due to the relatively light control allows the Crossland will be readily sheds through city traffic, and the blind spots are for a cross-over small. If you still want more certainty, it is a blind spot system on the options list, as well as an array of other modern (safety) systems. Lane Departure Warning is eg standard, while the options list a (little elegant) Head-Up Display, full-LED headlights with High Beam Assist and a rear camera with an extreme angle shine. That camera has a range of 180 degrees and when reversing the system remembers what it receives. As a result, there is almost 360 degree view of the display, without the cameras in the front bumper and mirrors are required. The lovers of luxury respite: electric heating seat, steering wheel and windscreen there are an additional charge.

showroom Lokker
When selecting options, it is important to keep an eye on the amount below the line as it rises quickly. The base price for the Crossland X is just under € 20,000, but that is a version with 81 hp without air conditioning. A showroom molester so. For a version with a manual five-speed, 110 hp and a realistic equipment with air conditioning, 16-inch wheels, four electric windows and Carplay / Android Auto supporting the counter runs quickly up to € 25,000. Really luxury versions with automatic transmission are further around € 3,000 more expensive. Want the sliding rear, then you're going for the most expensive version. Solid amounts, especially as the Cross Country X is not really able to distinguish the existing offer.

The versatile interior to find a plus, but there are also at all levels as good or better competitors. Even at home, for a Mocha X runs considerably more pleasant. The first collaboration between Opel and Peugeot result not immediately convincing package. Opel has however proved in the past that it can build good bases, while the French downsize engines are very pleasant. There is certainly potential in cooperation. It's like pancakes: the first is always the least.

  • +versatile interior
  • +fine petrol
  • -Price may rise
  • -unbalanced chassis

This is the new Nissan Leaf!

234Na a lengthy teaser campaign of Nissan's marketing machine is allowed to subside. Because this is the all-new Nissan Leaf!

The first generation of Japanese electro pioneers knew to find buyers. Since its introduction in 2010, sold over 280,000 copies and Nissan has over the years trying to hold back the attention by upgrading the model regularly. Thus revised include the ventilation system and was a large 30 kWh battery pack available next to the smaller 24 kWh pack. All rack come to an end, and similarly to the original Leaf career. Barça Leaf repays him!

Earlier teasers we were able to conclude that Nissan throws the technical design of a quite different approach. The second generation Leaf has a 4.49 m long and 1.79 m wide carriage which, with its influences of the IDS Concept is quite in line with the rest of the Nissan-gamma. The electric hatchback runs less to buy the fact that he is "different" and looks pretty tight at. As a child of his time, the Leaf also features a floating roof become immensely popular. The C-pillar is in fact carried black. Although the roof is black in the pictures, there are also other colors possible. The wheelbase is 2.7 meters as big as the previous leaf. However, this newcomer with a weight of 1,535 kilograms slightly heavier than its predecessor.

In the interior, Nissan assembles a 7-inch color display measuring; the seat and steering wheel blue coating is characterized by stitching. The boot now measures 435 liters. Nissan also puts into sharper steering by reviewing shipments in the wheelhouse.


Then perhaps the most interesting question: how big is the battery pack of the new leaf? Now: 40 kWh. This capacity is 10 kWh higher than the most powerful package of 30 kWh which Nissan currently offers. The battery pack is in terms of size exactly the same size as the 30 kWh supplying copy in the previous leaf. Nissan claims to have improved to achieve a higher energy density, the individual cells of the laminated lithium-ion battery.

According to the NEDC cycle, the new Leaf have 378 kilometers to go far on a charge. In comparison, the 30 kWh version of the first Leaf kicked the measuring cycle according to 250 kilometers. The electric Nissan Leaf hangs in the new, 150 hp and 320 Nm strong. Previously layers values ​​at 109 hp and 254 Nm. The speed changes by 144 km / h is not. For whoever this new set of muscles is not enough, Nissan holds a more powerful version, a move that is getting a larger range. This appears after the market launch of the Leaf.


Inside, the so-called e-Pedal get a place, an accelerator that gets another operation by pressing a button. Who activates the so-called e-pedal mode, the Leaf can slow down by letting the accelerator pedal. The full release of the throttle the Leaf should eventually make a complete stop. However, the regular brake pedal to be used for heavy braking.

Nissan displays the Leaf propilot same technique as the Qashqai. With propilot the Leaf able to drive independently within a single lane on the highway. The car decide whether inhibited in autonomous mode or throttle and adjusted. The system operates at speeds between 30 and 144 km / h. The Leaf maintains its position on the lane, even when cornering. More autonomic functions we find under the heading ProPilotPark. The Leaf is in fact able to put themselves into a parking space. The car is here so himself front and / or back. The list continues with business as Lane Departure Prevention, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam, Forward Emergency Braking, Pedestrian FEB, traffic sign recognition, warning for crossing traffic and Nissan's Around View Monitor.


The energy in the battery pack of the Leaf is not necessarily intended for the car. The Leaf can be hung on the electricity network thanks to so-called V2G technology (vehicle-to-grid). Nissan does this to provide support "[...] processing of the irregular renewable energy flows, so that green energy is more readily available and cheaper." Leaf owners who hang their cars to the power network can make money with this.

Nissan saves the order books for the new Leaf in October open. In January, the first copies will be delivered next year. A starting price will follow soon. Nissan manufactures the new Leaf in Oppama not only located in the homeland, just as formerly in Smyrna (United States) and in Sunderland.

Rap: Koenigsegg Agera R ‘world’s fastest’

51In hypercarland participants fight apart the tent when it comes to being awarded the title of fastest car in the world. " Koenigsegg hinted that soon the title in his pocket.

Recently, the Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R rapper did with the Bugatti Chiron to sprint from a standstill to a speed of 400 km / h and then again to stop. Koenigsegg now has his sights on the speed of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a car that reached a top speed of 431 km / h in the Guinness Book of World Records has been the fastest production car in the world.

Koenigsegg shows via social media that has made it a dropped piece of highway in the US state of Nevada with the Agera RS an average top speed of 447 km / h. The Agera R was each way driving to take into account things like the wind. According to Koenigsegg is any information measured by Racelogic modules. The speed is not classified as a record, but according to Koenigsegg's only a matter of time.

Koenigsegg might actually hold the record, it is still questionable how long the brand in hands. Veyron successor Chiron has so far reached a top speed of 420 km / h, although the car has reportedly reaching speeds of 463 km / h. To protect the tires and thus to ensure safety is not tried. It is still the American Hennessey. The Venom GT tuner which claimed three years ago have reached a speed of 435 km / h, all that speed was measured only in one direction. The recently presented Venom F5 should be able to reach a top speed of 483 km / h according to its creators. However, this potential record breaker has not made any official record.

Bugatti Chiron: from 0-400-0 km / h in 42 seconds

48Bugatti has drawn a strong sprint with Chiron and brought him back very rapidly to a halt. The stunt has the model produced a world record.

The 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of who knows how to generate the 8.0-liter W16 with four turbos in the Bugatti Chiron, are enough to help the Veyron successor in 2.2 count from a standstill to a speed of 100 km / h . More impressive are the figures that Bugatti has now established a new world record.

Chiron has been found able to sprint to 400 km / h from standstill in 41.96 seconds and then again to stop. For the sprint-and-remsessie required a distance of 3.11 kilometers. After counting 32.6 pointed the needle of the speedometer all the 400 km / h. The g-force that was released during braking, is set at 2g.

Bugatti will build a total of 500 Chiron. The starting price is set at no less than 2.4 million.

Lamborghini unveils concept car Monday

26Lamborghini announced that Monday will show his vision of "the supercar of the future." We have already seen a teaser.

For the development of its new concept car Lamborghini has beaten join hands with MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Of course, the Italians keep all information still under wraps, but the fact that Lamborghini talks about a future creates the expectation that at least there will be some form of electrification.

Lamborghini shows the new concept car already gazing in a garage beneath the world. If the manufacturer wants to just know that it works on elektfificatie whether it actually shows all the first lines of the Aventador successor, we will know until Monday.

The fact that the MIT has interfered with the development, might indicate the presence of innovative technology. MIT has been involved for some time engaged in the development of new lithium-oxygen batteries with lithium as an addition. Batteries with this configuration should be able to save as much energy to three times as regular lithium-ionexemplaren.

Volvo XC40 prices announced

128Volvo let us know what amounts will receive at least the brand new XC40. The new compact SUV remains just under € 40,000

About € 39,975 leaving the local Volvo dealer, the keys of the XC40 gets 156 horsepower T3 petrol engine delivered under the hood, a three-cylinder. Who is this T3 Momentum, Inscription or R-Design will is € 42 375, € 45 375 and € 45 375 again lost respectively. The R-Design and Inscription-cost embodiments, in all cases the same. Switching is at T3 in all cases with a six-speed manual.

Rather, the 190 bhp T4 petrol engine linked at all times to an eight-speed automatic transmission? Then book a minimum of € 44 475. Momentum and Inscription / R-Design costs respectively € 46 875 and € 49 875. Who wants the standard front-wheel drive AWD with T4 must pay extra € 4,000.

The provisional top version is the 247 hp T5 wheel. This is only if and when Momentum incription / get R-Design, and will cost € 44 375 and € 58 375 respectively.

Diesels can from the 150 hp D3 standard is linked to a six-speed manual. Its price is set at € 43 975. As Momentum and the Inscription / R-Design takes Dies boot € 46 375 and € 49 375. Higher up the ladder, the diesel 190 hp D4, which is always equipped with four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic. As Momentum and the Inscription / R-Design it costs € 54 875 and € 57 875. The extra cost for the machine is set at € 2,000, while the combination dispenser / AWD € 6,000 extra is required.

Standard equipment on the XC40 seems fine. Volvo delivers business as a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, a 9-inch touchscreen coupled with the Sensus system, LED headlights and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Volvo launches an Intro Edition of both the T5 and the D4. The T5 Intro Edition has a starting price of € 58 475, while the R-Design Intro Edition € 60 974 is requested. For D4 lie which amounts to € 57 975 and € 60 475. The Intro Editions comforts like a sunroof and 19-inch wheels. Also a power tailgate, a Park Assist camera at the rear, keyless drive, Sensus navigation, leather upholstery and High Performance Audio by Harman Kardon 13 speakers are part of the package.

Price Toyota Auris TS Freestyle known

24Tijdens IAA Toyota presented a new version of the Auris Touring Sports: Freestyle. Autoweek is now reporting that the new flavor will cost.

Who makes about € 30,995 Toyota, can call himself the owner of a Auris Touring Sports Freestyle. These tougher dressed Auris It is only possible to obtain in combination with the hybrid powertrain.

The Freestyle design is based on the equipment level of the dynamic, but benefits from a whole slew of unique features. For example, the car standard 17-inch alloy wheels, which have a place in black plastic edged fenders. Black side skirts are part of the Freestyle party, the same goes for silver skid plates around, silver mirror and silver roof rails. The Freestyle is available in the colors Pure White, Pearl White, Medium Silver Metallic, Manhatten Gray and Lava Red Pearl.

Price Audi RS4 Avant known

103Tijdens the Frankfurt Motor Show Audi RS4 Avant added to the portfolio of the current A4. We now know what that bright station should cost.

Audi calls € 120 015 for the RS4 Avant, the most powerful A4 that is available. The wagon gets Audi's 450 hp and 600 Nm 2.9-liter biturbo V6 which it does in the RS5 service. Who therefore has extreme haste, can roar to a speed of 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds. The top speed is limited to 250 km / h. Switching takes place in the 1,790 kilo RS4 Avant, by means of an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The RS4 Avant is optically identifiable from its properly buoyant body kit. We see enormous cooling vents, large 19-inch alloy wheels and wheel arches measuring three centimeters wider than the standard ones. Above attached to the rear is a spoiler. At the back we take the typical RS oval tailpipes true, end pieces that are coated on all sides by a huge diffuser. The color Nogaro Blue is otherwise an obvious nod to the RS4 Avant of 1999. Thanks to the sports suspension is the car 0.7 centimeters closer to the asphalt.

You can order from November 15th.

Nissan positive about Europe

10Nissans sales boss is optimistic about the future of its brand in Europe. In 2018, the upward trend will continue, according to him.

The positive predictions that are unleashed across Automotive News Europe, are a result of the launch of three new models. For starters, there is the strong European focus new Micra, there is also a facelifted Qashqai and finally there is a lot expected of the all-new Leaf. The electric car was doing it already exceeded expectations recently well in countries where the model is already on sale. If Nissan is indeed growing in 2018, it means that the upward trend continues. This year, the market share of the brand in Europe by 0.1 percent, while sales volume even 5.4 percent was higher, as distilled Auto News' data from ACEA.

On the Japanese headquarters of Nissan they will be pleased with the news, because in the home there are plenty of headaches for senior management. By inadequate checks that Nissan is working on a massive recall that at least 1.2 million vehicles involved. The mistakes are only of interest to the Japanese market and have no negative effect on the quality of the vehicles, reports the brand.

Priceless EarthRoamer XV-HD super camper

38Op looking for a luxurious place of proper trailer? Take a look at EarthRoamer. They present the new XV-HD super camper. Important to know: there is a price to luxury.

Camping, it means you have the five star hotels a miss and heading out with the family. No bathroom, but just with the (pink) toilet roll on the campsite to the plumbing. If you already have that luxury now do not want to miss it, you can go shopping at the American EarthRoamer. The more than ten meters long XC HD super camper is in fact equipped with every luxury you could want.

Think of a full bathroom, a heated floor, a kitchen counter made of granite and even a washing machine. Can sleep in hotel beds dignified and with a tank of 950 liters of water is provisionally to be alone. Large batteries, a generator and a large solar array ensure that everything always works. The basis of the camper is a Ford F-750 4 × 4. Therein lies a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine delivers 983 Nm of torque. Wilder plans than the South of France? That is because with the 46-inch tires XVL work your way through any kind of nature that you can think of.

Quid pro quo: with an asking price of $ 1.5 million is more pricey than all-inclusive resort on the Mediterranean. However, a filled are credit-card? The first three units are currently produced.