Daihatsu Charade GTTI (1989) review

1PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Charade GTTI
5, Manual
138 400 km
148000 km
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  • 148000 km
  • August 10, 2007 00:00

Walked long search for this model, and was now an attractive offer to (cheaply priced so). Decision was taken quickly or to buy a few km on the clock, reasonable cosmetic condition (no heavy rust, no dents). In the past I have driven this model, and maintained good memories. Although the car is not large, it is good to do the entry, no odd bends the back, head does not need to be folded flat etc. Also this one is a smooth starter, key to running and engine.
Fortunately maintenance booklet is included, making maintenance history can be traced to some extent. Only after 90 000 km or everything is unknown, but good bestijkt still a period of 12 years, which is less than 50000km traveled.
The car is quite original, but different rims and mounted behind his drum brakes. There is lack of maintenance and lack details. An ideal car hobby. During the test run the following shortcomings arrived to the front; leaky exhaust, engine not issuing the power that he should have, vibration control over the 90km / h, loss of speed when the accelerator pedal is deeply depressed, for bands of different profile, tinted rear windows.
One of the first things was an oil painter turn: the bottom when I was looking at it, and made me more pessimistic: bumps in places you did not expect, there is nonetheless rally drove the cart, and therefore some rust.
The uitlaar middle pipe cooked: who replaced immediately, was in stock !. Then the car drove straight much better: no loss of speed more civilized and engine noise. Diamond film of the rear window is gone, front wheels including rims replaced by 2nd hand items (state or Volvo, but who's counting on watch), also of the car coverings shall met, including type designation.
After replacing the front wheels was also the vibration of the steering wheel. Do so now a lot of fun to the car, pull he still does as he should have done, but it will come. First, regarding the preventive maintenance distribute belt, then look no further motor. Because he has too little early retirement in the low revs, I do not immediately think of a turbo worn above the 4,000 he'll want to drive.
The first fill-up gave a consumption of around 8 lt / 100km.

Update: During a long ride, a high-rising engine temperature at standstill,
that slumped happy again while driving to a normal value. Verification has not yielded much, but the radiator was very full and expansion tank almost empty: consider replacing the radiator knob (spring might not count Jofel)
Control of air was not exactly a positive picture: quite close, so that will be replaced. Spark plugs have not looked at, but that will not be new.

update. had a bit of bad luck with a broken timing belt, but after buying a replacement engine again a moving one. Unfortunately still with a pinched power. That seems not to be the engine but a separate sensor. search continues to be the cause. Oil consumption is minimal, current fuel consumption, around 1:13 1:14 a. but with quiet ride. Appearance should still happen, driving pleasure is good, despite beatings and non optimal driving performance.

The condition of the car is unfortunately overrated by me. I should have foreseen the need for rust in the rear fenders were serious.
When MOT turned out to be the rejection point that could not be easily remedied. so the car had no MOT and more as a donor car for sale.
Many comments have been it: many were built as interested in the engine project for a mini BLMC etc. Eventually ended up the car at another possessor of GTTI. The stock of spare parts that I had built up over time is largely done by hand. The fact that the engine power was not the waste gate still known opened smoothly at 0.3 bar instead of the default 0.7 bar. Unfortunately, this has never been corrected. I keep having fun thinking back to this car, another exempleer I probably will not buy, the reason is that the car pulls much sporty types further push up the performance. But fortunately there are also other cars that are fun to own and ride for pleasure.


  • 148000 km
  • August 10, 2007 00:00

a sporty sound: mid-pipe to replace the outlet.
vibration control: Replace tires
disappearance of revolutions: "spontaneously" dissolved, in combination with exhaust.
pet odor: not yet resolved,
buttons off parts back: not yet replaced
broken timing belt: Replacing engine old is still held as donor
battery pack worn on the wrong time, replace it.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 2.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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Ford Focus 1.6i 16V Trend (2000) review

2PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Focus 1.6i 16V Trend
5, Manual
123000 km
140000 km
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First experiences Focus

  • 128000 km
  • December 28, 2009 08:05

Now, the counter 128 000 km is the first experience.

The car runs great and although there surely have been what cost it has been a good choice to replace the Seat Arosa. There is plenty of room in the trunk for the stroller, is luxurious and the interior looks modern. Downside I just think that the car has a rigid suspension, but compared to the Arosa is that so bad again.
This car is used as a second car and before he gets a thick enough.
After six months had the following problems:

Crankshaft sensor malfunction, afterwards misdiagnosis garage
Fuel pump failure, of course, just after the warranty
Short circuit reversing lights
* Total 600 euros repairs within six months after purchase, ownership therefore just enough *

Wonderful car, but a lot of maintenance in the honor

  • 133000 km
  • February 8, 2010 19:01

It remains a great car, all problems (see previous report) have been resolved and to date, no problems have been more.

After purchasing my new Focus Wagon on Michelin Energy tires we have for these cars but Michelin Energy tires purchased. Come really benefit the handling.

Just a big turn had with MOT, without further details, so overall maintenance costs are coming (including four Michelin tires over the market) to 895 euros in one year. More than I expected when purchased.

Timing belt replacement

  • 136000 km
  • October 6, 2010 16:59

Err on the caution and taken as the opinion of Ford states, replace the distribution to 160,000 km or 10 years, but replace it. Price is not too bad, including tensioners 285 euros.

Brake pads

  • 139000 km
  • September 17, 2011 08:06

We still drive without any problem with the Focus.
A Focus (Ford) disease, the discs are crooked, mounting discs other brand is the solution. Costs 249 euros.

Dynamo almost APK

  • 140000 km
  • March 12, 2012 23:14

Car would not start, first I thought the battery. Turned out not the battery but the alternator to be the culprit. Problem solved.

Soon the yearly MOT including turn the car do not expect problems driving still outstanding.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
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Mercedes-Benz A 140 Elegance (2000) review

PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
A 140 Elegance
5, Manual
12000 km
62000 km
Average reader rating: 7.1 Disclaimer MyReview

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  • April 29, 2003 00:00

Nice car with a calm handling.

Due to the adjustability of the removable rear seat, the luggage compartment into two parts may vary and there may be up to a length of 2.60 to be considered material.
The engine is never evident and is an economical type. (Although I can imagine the 1.6 performs slightly better me. On average we drive 1 liter to 15 km measured over the time of purchase to date.
It also gives the car a safe impression (thanks to the high seating and good dosable brakes).
Vestel Severability of the driver's seat is so good that both my wife and myself 1,56mtr 1.85 to find a good position.
Negatives are there. The interior is not rattle-free. In addition, with the power controls for the windows under the armrest and are therefore difficult to operate.
Also, the German thoroughness feel lost when I look back at the number of times the vehicle has been returned for various repairs.
However, the problems were always solved charge (outside the warranty period), and that makes a lot of good.

Complement 08/13/03
German degelijkheids level has now gone to a new dent. Meanwhile, the car has already invested many hours (free though) in detecting a problem with the fuel gauge.
If `s still 12 liters in the tank gives the meter to empty long. A solution has not been found although in the last garage visit the problem does not come back (although they found nothing?)
But the biggest mistake is that behind while aligning the car came to a broken rear suspension This was in a state of 45000 KM! and an age of 2.5 years.
MAW the Mercedes does not even his first MOT.
Oddly wast not reimbursed by Mercedes.
Well if I count this in all the above cases it is the high purchase price can not be justified.

And yet ... it just goes well.
But do more cars these days and remain intact.
So Mercedes dozing but not tackle all these problems.

replenishment 25-07-2004
Meanwhile, there already been a year and I must say that the car still pleases.
This year there have been no failures crazy and the car has just a ondehoud turn behind.
Also, nothing came out weird.
In September the new A comes from. Whether this is for us a reason to trade him we do not know. Having to wait for the previous experiences of the current model, I think another year until all the teething problems are out there. Let them when Mercedes first have to prove that they can indeed small cars put together.

6-09-2005 supplement. (70000KM)
This will be the latest addition to the A140.
Since last letter again had no failures.
Private drive the car just fine
It was time to trade it in for a new one.
And it has become a new A150 model.
Reason? My wife and I have a big difference in length;
(185cm -156 cm) We have driven in many models and discovered that we could not find any better than sitting in the new A.
We also discovered that we were spoiled with the old A.
Given the compact size in combination with the space provided inside were discarded many others.
On top of that the driving characteristics of some new models were worse than what our old A had.
Fortunately, Mercedes have listened to after the many criticisms of the old model.
As misaligned operation of windows, materials chosen for the interior.
Am exchange dealer. The car has always been maintained by van Kooy in Zeist.
In maintenance, we have always been satisfied.
Only by repeatedly shown desintresse sales switched to the same dealer but in Amersfoort. A big step in a positive sense What service and attention we received there and get it.
The old A was a well thought out design with unfortunately too many ailments. Ailments always resolved and often free.
Given the thoughtful design and remember the safety of the new model (the best in its class at this time), we dared to t to buy the new model.
As soon as this has run 10.000km we will about messages in this category.


  • April 29, 2003 00:00

Faulty stuurbekrachteging.
Malfunction of the anti-roll bars for.
Four times fuel measurement is not correct (flotter replaced twice)
Replacing engine managment.
Replace master cylinder (call Benz M).
Rear springs broken and replaced

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Ford B-MAX Titanium 1.0 EcoBoost 100hp (2017) review

2PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
B-MAX EcoBoost 100hp 1.0 Titanium
5, Manual
10 km
485 km
Disclaimer MyReview

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New car, first report

  • 485 km
  • June 27, 2017 11:38

Yes, the car again traded Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI to present the Ford B-Max.
With this car works the lock v / d trunk not to enter by hand on the windscreen wiper and wash behind either, but now made an appointment with the dealer. Well just a bigger car, it works very well, nice and quiet to drive.
The sliding doors are really easy to call.
The ball pressure on the tow bar is 50 kg, which is actually too light for a bicycle carrier 2 with Ebikes without a battery, s. Might !!
This is m, n first positive report and now ride again.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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Daihatsu Mira 1.0 12V Osaka (2005) review

45PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Cuore 1.0 12V Osaka
5, Manual
21 km
108000 km
Average reader rating: 7.9 Disclaimer MyReview

The descriptions and comments in the section Myreview car based on personal opinions and experiences of users. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV ( 'Sanoma') can not be held responsible for the contents or possible consequences. In Myreview car will be placed both good and bad experiences. The editors may expressions that do not meet the rules of conduct or unlawful modify or delete at all times.

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  • 21 km
  • January 25, 2005 00:00

Because I usually do alone in the car, I went looking for a small, clean car. Fuel consumption was one of the main criteria for the new car. The Cuore then came quickly into view as it is considerably more efficient than its direct competitors. Some competitors were also presented with a more polluting EURO3 engine, unlike Cuore which meets the EURO4 standard.

Since the time of purchase, I have never regretted my choice. Inner Space is fine for me (1.87m). Comfort is also OK, he's surprisingly quiet even on the highway. The small wheelbase does make the car what is jumpy bumps in the road.

I chose the Osaka version because it comes without power steering. The car will send good directly and through its low weight also steering is not heavy at low speed. I was looking for a basic car, electric windows so I was not important. Another benefit of the low weight is that the car is still quite tough. You can keep up well with the 43kW motor.

The road holding is sufficient in normal use, but it is not a sports car. In fast cornering the Cuore is pretty understeer and front wheels lose grip quite quickly. But again, when driving normally you will not reach this limit. I had read in a number of test reports that the crosswind is one less point of the Cuore. It is huge with me for such a relatively high light car. Even when driving in the storm to keep the car on track. Of course you feel something, but I really do not think I will be blown off the road.


  • 108000 km
  • January 25, 2005 00:00

3.000 km (10 Mar 2005)
Meanwhile I drove 3000 km. Fuel consumption is against me some; Although I try to drive economically, the average consumption so far 18.2 km / l. I did not expect to get the manufacturer Daihatsu (21.6 km / l), only 20 km / l, I should have expected.

5,100 km (May 2, 2005):
In the last update I complained a little too fast. After 3000km, consumption dropped because quickly. The last four tankjes was consumption over the first 21, the last one tank even at 22! There is thus a clear entry securities, and that higher temperatures will also have an impact. The engine is now also clearly runs more smoothly at low speeds.

7,300 km (29 Jul 2005)
Average consumption over the last five tankjes (2900 km) is 22.2 km per liter. Very neat seem. Even with today's gas prices I keep laughing at the pump!

11 500 km (19 Jan 2006):
I have the car now owns just over one year. Last week, the Cuore has had its first turn, without special actually. Slightly increased consumption in the winter months, but in the last three months I drove still averaged 21.3 kilometers per liter. The Hankook bands (12") That are original equipment wear out reasonably quickly; if this continues, I do it with up to 25000km. And while I have a quiet driving.

24 000 km (20 Feb 2007)
The mileage is 24000 km. Last week the car has had its second annual service without incident. Have 2 years now run completely smoothly, there is even no light passed piece. Average consumption from Jan. 2005 to present is 21.1 km / liter, this is including the running.

51 300 km (29 Aug 2009)
By changing job some time ago I actually do less mileage on the car, commuting I mainly do on the bike. It is 15 km one way, and with the bike I am often faster.

74,500 km (3 Jan 2012)
Summary 2011:
12 091 km driven with 548.19 liters. Average consumption for 2011 so one at 22.1.
Total maintenance spent € 124.80. For this purpose, replace the timing belt tensioner, the multi belt, coolant, brake fluid, oil and koplampje line (guarantee). I perform maintenance yourself, so this is just the cost of the parts!

87 859 km (8 Jan 2013)
Summary 2012:
13 178 km driven with 594.62 liters. Average consumption for 2012 so one at 22.2.
Total € 180.80 spent on maintenance. For this purpose, the engine oil (0W-20), oil filters, gear oil (75W-80), windscreen wipers and rear portion of the outlet and is replaced preventive added a van injection cleaner.

100 240 km (18 Jan 2014):
Summary 2013:
12 988 km driven with 578.32 liters. Average consumption in 2013 so one at 22.46.
In 2013 I spend € 430.90 on maintenance. For that money I bought 4 new winter tires with new wheels (again, in the size 155/65/14), and the car inspected two times MOT (first time in early January, the second time in December). Nothing broke down in 2013! Reliability is still top!

Maintenance and repairs

  • 87 859 km
  • June 27, 2010 09:43

46 850 km (30 Dec 200:
The car was tested for the first time MOT. This is one of the first cars under the new rule, so he only needs to be tested again in 2 years. There are now for the first time replacing two tires and be the last piece of exhaust pipe turned rotten, it is replaced.

48,000 km (1 Mar 2009)
The diagnosis engine light came on. By means blink codes I have the computer read out, the problem turned out to be the heating of lambda probe. This cost at more than 200 Daihatsu amout! Started looking on the internet and now have a universal sensor for 43 euros incl. Shipping. Removing the old sensor was not easy, it was quite stuck. I could have set a big wrench, but the cramped space did not have to put up sufficient strength. After removing the bumper and grill as I could from the front in, and when it did work. New probe fitted and the car runs again like a charm.

51 300 km (29 Aug 2009)
With mileage 51300 I also replaced the front part of the exhaust, it was torn at the weld of the second damper; The complete pipe has now been so refreshed.

56 500 km (21 Apr 2010)
You hear more stories of universal oxygen sensors do not work properly, and I can now confirm that. The universal lambda probe has done any good, but consumption has increased again after a few months and is the engine light might light up again. The probe mounted I had was an unknown brand, perhaps a universal probe eg Bosch is working well, but I had no desire to continue experimenting; I still only an original probe obtained by Daihatsu for, wait for it, 292 euros. Mounting it done again itself, remove the front bumper an hour of work. I think the price Daihatsu charges or outrageous, especially for a part that apparently broken by a design fault, because a lambda probe just should not go as often piece. (Also read the forums on www.daihatsu-forum.de only once after). Some leniency with regard to the part price had been in place.

60 415 km (10 Dec 2010)
The Cuore has again a fresh MOT valid until Jan 2013. Everything was fine, no comments or suggestions!

64,600 km (1 Feb 2011)
I wanted the external olieleidinkje to replace the front of the engine. This was very corroded and I had on the German Daihatsu forum already read a few stories of cars where this pipe had rotted. The engine oil spray then appears which can lead to large result damage.
This afternoon I was in the Daihatsu dealer to get a new line. Here I was told that they had recently received a letter from the importer on the line, and that it could be replaced under warranty. It was a particular series Cuore's my type L251 and L701 also the pastor. They had immediately time to replace the pipe, so after waiting half an hour I drove away again fitted with the new leadership! I think this is still very decent for a car of six years, which has long no longer in service at the dealership! This makes my bad experience with the lambda probe yet again a little good.
Furthermore, last weekend the first light broke down since I got the car; it was the right headlight. After six years and nearly 65.000km still not bad!

70 122 km (12 Jul 2011)
I replaced the timing belt tensioner with the belt and the coolant. It was the first time I've done this with this car; there must be some kind developed to recover the timing belt (bumper, headlight and engine mount), but all in all it was not against.

71 190 km (4 Aug 2011)
Today I changed the brake fluid. Last time this happened was during the last turn at the dealer when the car was two years old. So it was high time, although I did not see the pollution of the old brake fluid. The discs and pads (never replaced) still looked fine.
I immediately changed the wheels from front to back.

85,800 km (6 Sep 2012)
Today I did some maintenance performed on the Cuore. It had been some time since the oil was changed, so once again installed a new oil filter and filled with 2 liters of fresh 0W-20 oil (level is already almost up!)
I also immediately changed the gearbox oil, Daihatsu wrote this for six years after 90.000km.
And now that we enter the autumn weather, but also mounted immediately new wipers.
This past year I have for my doing a lot of mileage, the Charade remains very reliable!

87 800 km (10 Dec 2012)
The end piece of the exhaust replaced for the second time, it was again rotted just behind the flange after 4 years. Thankfully, this piece of pipe just 34 euro ... Exhaust I have a whole must withdraw because one bolt flange vastgerot was and I have not woke up under the car. The two bolts were stuck terrible the front exhaust pipe, and were after loosening crooked. This I had also some small equipment required at the dealership, two screws and a gasket, which cost me 31 euros.

87 859 km (8 Jan 2013)
The Cuore is again gloriously passed the MOT (RDW sample). No comments or suggestions.


  • 57500 km
  • June 27, 2010 09:51

51 300 km (29 Aug 2009)
In my previous car was a board computer, which I surely liked and convenient. The Cuore I missed this, I have solved that for several weeks with a Scan Gauge II board computer. This is easy to connect to the EOBD port and displays all information about temperatures, pressures, fuel consumption and the like. Also fault codes them to read and reset.

55 500 km (12 Feb 2010)
I mounted instrument panel with tachometer from a Nagano-performance, looks better and I am nevertheless pleased to have a tachometer. For a bargain price scored the demolition, and I was lucky that the mileage is substantially the same as the original unit (400 km difference).

56,250 km (May 14, 2010):
Via marketplace four brand new wheels (155/65/14) bought a Peugeot 107 and mounted on the Cuore. Tire circumference is about 4% larger than the standard tire. The speedometer displays normally always something too much, with the new tires he knocks exactly (checked via GPS). The handling is also significantly improved by 14" wheels.

Latest update

  • 108000 km
  • 3 January 2012 20:09

108 000 km (22 Jan 2015):
Summary 2014:
7.760 km driven. The Cuore is used as a second car since early 2014 and is mainly used by my wife. It shall keep the consumption does not, but the scan gauge gives a consumption of approximately 1 to 20 at.
In 2014 I spend € 140 on maintenance. There was received a new battery (after 10 years!), New wipers and oil and filter are changed. The car is also back trouble came by MOT.
As head car we have at the Honda Civic Hybrid in 2011. In terms of practical usage, the Cuore clearly more economical, although they should do the same on paper.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 5.0
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Subaru Forester 2.0D Premium (2011) review

14PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Forester 2.0D Premium
6, Manual
24 km
105000 km
Average reader rating: 9.1 Disclaimer MyReview

The descriptions and comments in the section Myreview car based on personal opinions and experiences of users. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV ( 'Sanoma') can not be held responsible for the contents or possible consequences. In Myreview car will be placed both good and bad experiences. The editors may expressions that do not meet the rules of conduct or unlawful modify or delete at all times.

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2011 Subaru Forester 2.0 diesel premium

  • 5600 km
  • May 16, 2011 20:48

Also thanks to my work I was driving dozens of cars from 14 brands. I can tell you that this Subaru Forester in 2.0 diesel XS Premium version is a fantastic all-rounder ... (Purchase price approx € 44,000)

(- badly -. Less than average -. + + Average better than average ++ excellent..)

-- The interior has a nice design and build quality is fine but there is used a lot of hard plastic that is also another very susceptible to scratching. It made by me "matt plastic protection" the more expensive brand Swissvax.nl gives plastic fortunately a softer glow.

- Transmission. The clutch pedal is just slightly overweight and has a very long battle. Is the seat relative to the brake and accelerator properly, then your left leg too short to fall into the clutch. Put your seat forward then you are again too close to the brake and accelerator (I solved this problem by increasing the clutch 3.5cm).
As long as the engine is still cold going to the switch (6 speed) is very stiff. Warmed goes smoothly but sporty and quick upshift is also not easy for the long shots. Are you not too dynamic rider? Then get used to it quickly.

- When you get there is no warning that you leave the roof open. Windows and roof are not remotely close.

- The rearview camera is useful for reverse parking, but to see with sunlight the screen is bad and sometimes the camera lens is dirty by splashing water. Personally, I prefer but such sensors rearview screen is quite different.

-+ Cost. The car has 15,000 km each in turn. This is often because many new diesels have a service interval of 30,000 km. However, the purchase price with respect to other (permanently) driven 4WD SUV's is very advantageous. In addition, the Subaru announced that their cars flawlessly very long life. Be careful with the insurance because especially in an Suv counting the one insurer much more premium than the other (I myself am at verzeker-je-auto.nl).

-+ The operation of the Bluetooth audio / telephone system is very simple. Class!
The sound is a bit sharp and a bit pushy. Male voices sometimes have too much bass. Overall the sound is average from what I'm used to cars.

+ The exterior I find it tough without being overdone. Others find it neat or not bad but some might find it exciting enough. As an extra I re-install the roof spoiler.
Partly because of its exclusivity regularly looked at the car.

+ HD lights of cars sometimes strongly marked. Then you will see for a strong separation between light and dark. It is exhausting but the Subaru is very gradual. Without others to dazzle you look so far.

+ Instrumentation and control. This Subaru no automatic things that can or do not do much whatever you want. No automatic lighting and therefore no automatic wipers but nine (!) Interval positions. The indicator continues to flash three times after not touching only the driver's window with one touch down. There is also no separate climate control. However, there is an electrical device for defrosting the windscreen and the car remains briefly on the brakes if you drive off (handy on hills). Everything is very easy and intuitive to operate, and the clocks are clearly legible. The speedometer differs approximately 10km / h, depending on the actual speed (130 = 120).

+ The performance of this twin engine, a boxer diesel, are fine. The wonderful sound a bit like a six cylinder. From 1800 rpm there is plenty of pulling power. A quick catch is with the greatest of ease.

+ The front seats are reasonable to me. For tall people, the seat is somewhat short, but the seat back and head support are well adjustable. I myself it's put into a chair custom (of Ass) waadoor your course is much better. The passenger's seat is not adjustable in height, and is quite low (approximately an extra charge height adjustment € 550.00). Sitting distinguished especially in the excellent (high) seating position and excellent view outside. The window surface and the large exterior mirrors contribute to this. The mirror on the windshield is also adjustable in height so that it does not impede the view to the front. Rear seats are comfortable, adjustable handrails are independent and in several positions.

+ The car has an E tag. However, the consumption of an increased vehicle with permanent four-wheel drive favorable. Indeed, it is the most economical diesel Suv which is for sale at this time. Please note that nowhere on math than 1:14. I personally drive an average of 1:16 it but I really do my best then even 1:18 feasible.

+ In the tests, the Forester to be very safe from the bus. It only has Subaru "symmetrical all-wheel drive" allowing the car in bad weather is safer than the rest.

+ The build quality is of a high level. Unfortunately the doors sound when opening very tinny. That does not say anything about the quality and safety yet.

+ The handling (directional stability, crosswind) is low compared to cars a little better than average. Compared with other Suv's belongs to the top. The leather steering wheel has a nice thick but feels a tad dusty on. Ratification is quite strong and the feeling with the road is well maintained but the control, especially on the highway in the middle position, annoyingly rude. Small course deviations are therefore less easy to correct. The short wheelbase and turning radius is also riding in the mountains a pleasant pastime. It should however, you are not doing so as quickly as possible to take hairpin because the body leans quite over. The handling is more comfortable than sporty.

++ The car is compact outside but inside very roomy, both front and back, but the right front passenger must not exceed 1.85 cm as above is limited foot space. A fifth person has center back less space. This is because of the thick bulge on the floor, required for the four-wheel drive. Very spacious so for four. The trunk is calculated at four and has a nice flat floor. Among these trucks can optionally store the luggage cover. Handy!

++ Suspension and damping. When the car came were on the market in 2008, complaints about a curled and swaying behavior. Modifications that past. What remains is a very well balanced chassis is tuned for comfort.
At the rear is an automatic level control which ensures that the car load does not hang back. So the body is always at the correct height. Smart and safe.

++ Driving noises are substantially absent. The car is so quiet that you quickly too hard. The cruise control provides this solution. Above the 130 km / h, the wind noise will be clearly audible.

++ A delicious moving car. Not only on but also off the tarmac. Again and again I am amazed at how far you have come along. Driving in the snow is as if there is no snow! Look for it out the many videos on Youtube.nl.

In dozens of cars if I drive but I was never so excited. A smooth driving, spacious, very comfortable, safe and practical four seasons car. Few know the qualities of this car, which is just as well because it holds the exclusive. Caravantrekker.nl of this car will get the maximum number of stars (5). Do I want nothing at all? Yes. An interior nicer materials and a fine machine please thank you ...

If necessary, see my report on my previous car, the Subaru Outback 2.5i Executive in 2010. Click on the item right on this page.

First 15,000 km turn

  • 14200 km
  • December 11, 2011 12:07

No specialties. Cost: € 322.19

second turn

  • 30085 km
  • August 21 2012 11:20

No specialties. Cost: € 395.82

Third, 45000 km.

  • 46601 km
  • August 5, 2013 17:38

No specialties. Cost: € 379.14

105000 kilometers

  • 105000 km
  • May 30, 2016 16:03

My Subaru has now passed the 100,000 km and as expected without any problems. Outside the regular maintenance just replace the brake pads and tires. The costs of maintenance can I say little because most I do myself, and sometimes I go to an enthusiastic wheel specialist: Service Houtkamp in Bunschoten. The car suits me is still very good. In this new version does not get more natural but still the occasion. A recommended according to the AA. Look at their website: http://www.anwb.nl/auto/tests/autotests/occasion/SUBARU/FORESTER/2008-04-01/2011-03-01/2066

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes

Give your opinion about writing style and usability. At least five received ratings, the average rating will be displayed.

  • bad
  • inadequate
  • Enough
  • good
  • excellent

Ford Puma 1.7 (2000)

1in the new thick of Dale stands: 'festival (it; s) (1254, Old Fr feste.) (...) 5 rise to joy, something very pleasurable, syn. pleasure: it is a treat to watch her (...) '. Now look at the Ford Puma. Feast!

Owning a car like the Ford Puma is a party. He's challenging forms, a lot of horsepower"s under the hood, a big outlet, simply just fun stuff. So"n coupé / sports car is more than a means of transport in order to get from A to B. It is almost a mirror image of what you yourself are / want to be. "n Smooth boy / girl: independent (car without rear doors, so no kids), really dull (modern, fast lines) and fast (attract attention). With a coupe / sports car you do not join the crowd with their station wagons, mini-MPV"s suffering and sedans. What you buy then? With a budget of as"n 45 grand is not that much. Yes, you can buy some hatchback derivatives as the Citroen Xsara Coupe or the Renault Megane Coupe. But a real coupe ... No.
Yes! Ford Puma. A different from other cars. You can best get to ride on a party. Or not?
With this, you are invited to get together with us "n big party to celebrate. You are our guest and we will entertain you until the wee hours.
The Ford Puma is an old acquaintance in the festival world. A car that attracts considerable attention. We can hardly our eyes off of her New Edge dressing. Especially the mysterious nose, with so"n dark sunglasses on it. Very separately.
The Puma is a brutal typje. A rowdy. Likes to hear that he d"r is. Sing loud along with the music. The tone that this strike is flawless. Shrill, willing, cheerful, hard. That is the sound of the Puma. Keep the engine at great speed for best results. This sound is created by a 1.7-liter engine "only" 125 hp and 157 Nm of pulling power. With Variable Cam Timing is enlarged or reduced, the inlet, just what is needed to deliver the required performance.
What about the performance of this partygoer, who are just as impressive as the sound suggests? he needs 9.5 adding zero to hundred sprint. Is that all? But that is a number for the straight. Because when it comes to pure driving pleasure, the Puma bites back. Few car"s in this class so great to get through the corner. For the bend even with the aluminum poker downshift one gear, then send to the nice thick steering wheel and that is "ie. Puma precisely follows the line that you specify. Small chance that something unpredictable happens. Understeer he knows almost. The back of the front perfectly. Are you out of the turn, ten to one you can not wait for the next. And tight turns are just as fun as long. Go on a roundabout once an extra round. "It's just like in the little Ford. And never mind the surprised faces of others. Let them. They have no idea how much fun you have. The Puma is a real party animal.


The instrument panel is largely identical to that of the Fiesta. But it was enlivened with some aluminum. Poker is really aluminum, and has a terrible disadvantage. "In the morning, after a night light frost, you should address him very carefully. You'd think your hand differently from freezing, so cold "ie. The temptation to turn but your sleeve of your jacket is very large. Further, the interior compared to the outside tidy, but very bland.
The driving position is excellent, but the seating is not what caused primarily by the short session. That session can indeed adjust the height, but we experienced not as pleasant. Once you're no longer in the highest position him standing at the bottom of the handrail press boring into your back all the nasty consequences.
For tall people, the Puma is indeed inappropriate. They're immediately caught between handlebar, seat and roof. With difficulty they can look out through the windshield.
Standard equipment is quite extensive, but lacks air conditioning. Traction control is standard contrast again.
The party is ending. The band plays the last song. The Puma roars still as common and emits its price: 45 grand.
And that is certainly not wrong. The Puma 1.7 is truly a party car, a fun car.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Megane R 2.0
5-door, hatchback
5 gears, Manual
In front of
€ 16 041 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1998 cc
maximum power85 kW / 115 hp at 5400 rpm
Maximum torque168 Nm at 4,250 rpm
Length Width Height4129 mm / 1699 mm / 1420 mm
wheelbase2580 mm
mass empty1.060 kg
capacity595 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked1.000 kg / 580 kg
Ties185 / 60R14 Prices
Top speed197 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured9,5s (9,7s)
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 4/59,5s / 11,9s
measured fuel9.5 l / 100 km
(The manufacturer: 8.9 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions198 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +formidable handling
  • +Encouraging exhaust sound
  • +Standard traction control
  • -Chairs very small
  • -Interior bit ordinary
  • -Not for tall people

Hyundai Atos 1.1i Dynamic Version (2007)

A traditional, but clear dashboard, comprising a frivolous through dome in the Mitsubishi Galant.

A traditional, but clear dashboard, comprising a frivolous through dome in the Mitsubishi Galant.

He is high on z'n wieltjes, de Atos; dat komt de stabiliteit niet ten goede.

He is high on its wheels, the Atos; that's not good stability.

The 1.1-liter engine can not conceal the fact that the Atos does not like highways.

The 1.1-liter engine can not conceal the fact that the Atos does not like highways.

1The Hyundai Atos is narrow, small and reasonably priced. So you have to adjust some expectations, but if you do, and you do not venture too much on the highways, you can do fine shopping with the little Korean.

Gray is the main color in the interior of the Hyundai Atos. The round shapes of the dashboard's still cuddly and nice to see. We drive Dynamic Version, the best-dressed version. The audio system is later mounted and that is a bit low. The thing is, moreover, absolutely not user friendly, is another story.
On trays, cup holders, boxes, and is not a defect but lacking a lockable glove compartment. Atos Dynamic Version is more properly in his stuff. He has Electric front, central locking and power steering. Mirrors must manually adjusted wor-den and the steering wheel is absolutely nothing to adjust. The steering column punctured just too low from the bulkhead, leaving the big wheel is almost on your knees.
The entry-level both front and rear is easy because of the high-gemon performed chairs, but the seating furniture is rather ielig. The seats are short, narrow and give little support. Moreover, one of 1.80 meters or longer can seat far enough backwards. The interior is small and it shows when you play side by side with two grown men. You sit shoulder to shoulder in the Hyundai. Legroom front Atos has sufficient; the back is a little tight and a driver of about 1.75 meters soon feel the knees of the rear passenger in the back. The trunk is certainly not to strike back, a volume of 220 liters in this class still great. Back and seat can be folded forward together. Maximum measuring the boot 889 liters and with the Atos and beating his competition.

Atos looks absolutely great. But the Atos gives a somewhat shaky impression. That is partly an optical illusion. Because the end of such a relatively Hyundai protrudes in height, it seems to be even narrower. Instability is not mere suggestion because the Atos leans strongly in the bend over. In extreme cases, it moves in line with expectations understeer on the front wheels. The chassis is quite soft, so that he wants so inclined in a curve. Poor road surfaces able to filter it properly on the other side.

Compared to the competition, Atos has a generously sized engine. The 1.1-liter power source can not conceal the fact that Hyundai does not like highways, if you do not shun A-roads. adopt an active attitude and good Antici pear is a requirement because the Atos is not rapste. The opposing top two he knows tricky to accelerate; you must turn much to keep it going. Atos may well not be the allerrapste, he is silent. Hyundai knows fend adequately noises coming from the engine compartment from the passenger and coming onboard comfort obviously benefit. The 1.1-liter four-cylinder feels the tastiest in town. In the first three gears, the Atos can easily keep track of the traffic. Hyundai appears extraordinarily manoeuvrable here. Only the controller is characterized by an indirect character. The body is due to its angularity lot about themselves spatially and in urban traffic pretty easy.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Atos 1.1i Dynamic Version
5-door, hatchback
5 gears, Manual
In front of
€ 9,845 FINANCE?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1086 cc
maximum power46 kW / 63 horsepower at 5500 rpm
Maximum torque97 Nm at 3000 rpm
Length Width Height3.565 mm / 1.525 mm / 1.570 mm
wheelbase2380 mm
mass empty859 kg
capacity477 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked700 kg / 400 kg
Ties175 / 70R13 Prices
Top speed148 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured14,8s (15,2s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h 3/48,0s / 11,1s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 4/519,1s / 26,6s
measured fuel7.0 l / 100 km
(The manufacturer: 5.5 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions131 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +Quiet
  • +Complete
  • +agile
  • -unstable
  • -Narrow and cramped
  • -Ielig furniture

Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Powershift (2014)

26Al the technical ingenuity of Ford in powertrains you can now get the second smallest model. The Fiesta has 100 bhp three cylinder turbo and dual-clutch gearbox.

In Ford language you speak of a powershift transmission. That is an automatic transmission with six speeds, in which two shafts are each serve their own gears. It ensures quick switching times. Yet immediately apparent that the silky smooth gear change which we are used to this kind of transmission is not always in the Fiesta. Certainly at lower speeds seem electronics not quite sure of himself. And when switching will follow as a hupje. However, you notice that the power shift based on the power of the engine and that means he will not turn back too soon decide. Let that torque of 170 Nm from 1,400 rpm ziin work do'm impressed by the factory. In a hurry or want to fully appreciate the delicious nimble character of the Fiesta on a winding mountain road? Put the container than in S, it allows the engine then even further by the catch in its gears. Then you hear it's a three-cylinder. Although he walks very nicely, he runs three seeds you hear in a Fiesta better than the Focus. gears can be changed also. Contrary to what you see at other manufacturers, you do not move the poker but a button on its side.

You're even in the lowest position still quite high in the Fiesta. The steering is nice and close to you, the steering is very direct and you feel that the car in all its fiber is light and dynamic. For the 16-inch wheels are fairly flat tires and it shows you on transverse ridges. Anyhow the importer completely packed this test car, the Titanium equipment is complemented by 16-inch aluminum wheels, keyless entry and the Advanced Technology Navigation Pack sits on. Then there include Active City Stop at which collisions in city traffic should avoid and of course you have a built-in navigation system, with a not too big screen though. Ford has at that time inspired by the design of the dashboard by mobile phones at that time (the Fiesta came in 2009 on the market), with a nice mash buttons as a result. The operation is somewhat cumbersome, but they had now deployed on the smartphone ...

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost 100hp Titanium
5-door, hatchback
6-speed automatic transmission with double clutch
In front of
€ 21 515 FINANCING?
engine3-cyl. in line
Displacement999 cc
maximum power74 kW / 100 hp at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque170 Nm at 1,400 rpm
Length Width Height3.969 mm / 1.722 mm / 1.495 mm
wheelbase2489 mm
mass empty1.022 kg
capacity553 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked900 kg / 560 kg
Ties195 / 50R15 Prices
Top speed180 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured12,0s (10,8s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h in D4,0s / 5.8s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in D9,5s / 11,3s
measured fuel6.3 l / 100 km
(The manufacturer: 4.9 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions114 g / km
Detailed specifications 3.0 stars

Motor he stands his ground, the handling is sharp but we are not impressed by the sophistication of the Powershift. Nevertheless, the Fiesta facelift in early 2013 and the technical updates is good enough to stay with us for a few years.

Mazda MX-5 RF

54Laat it over to Mazda to come up with a stubborn car. In style, the new Mazda MX-5 roadster with RF not just a hardtop, but a true fastback. That sounds good. It looks good. And it drives well. Like the regular MX-5.

Just now comes back every manufacturer back of the convertible-with-stalenklapdak, Mazda refines the concept and brings the MX -5 RF market. It is a continuation of the MX-5 Roadster Coupe of the previous generation. And where you could not distinguish with open hood of his brother-soft top, the new Retractable Fastback is never to be confused with its soft counterpart. Open or closed, the RF is an intriguing design. From some angles it works beautifully, from the side and front quarters of the design allows the MX-5 a tough look which he never had before. Three quarters behind it all works less and RF looks a tad thin. But he had to be distinctive, and he is.

Mission accomplished and so besides the looks implementing the fastback concept seems done very intelligently. The roof is made up of four parts, which is to hide may behind the passenger in thirteen seconds. Unlike the regular roadster happens fully electric, no craft comes to pass. Moreover, the driving, although you can not stay there too many proposals for the maximum speed at which it can, is 10 km / h. The whole construction will add around 45 kilograms to the overall weight of the MX-5. Not too much, but in a car sharply on his watch weight than the average supermodel, every one kilo. Moreover, the extra weight is relatively high in the car. The steel roof makes this little Mazda stiffer than the soft top.


For this reason, the engineers have power steering, shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer bars very slightly adjusted so that the RF does really drives like an MX-5. This works great because the fastback same playful agility and handling that the Roadster has made himself popular. The differences are so small that you should have a soft top next to them really noticing. Emotionally there is less role in the carriage when sending and operates the steering marginally direct. Therefore, the RF committed less and feels tighter and more direct as a whole, without the comfort suffers. What remains is the great way to communicate the car with his driver. Every movement of wrists or feet sorts immediate effect and because it is still a light car, exploring the boundaries is never intimidating. The subject remains a party to submit the MX-5. Whether you're dusty hairpin to hairpin or driving long distances, the Mazda lets you enjoy every meter.

Motor, nothing changes, the supply consists of a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder with 131 hp and 150 Nm or a 2.0 to 160 hp and 200 Nm. That first must have really revs, the 2.0-liter provides much power reserve improves comfort. Additionally, the latter linked to a six-speed automatic, though we would not know why you would deny yourself the pleasure of one of the finest ever-shifting six-speed transmissions. Also in this area is enjoying the purist. Whenever you end a turn in the right gear, it seems to go faster than the speedometer indicates. For although the 2.0 really has potential, performance modern standards fall very bad. And that's actually a recommendation. The enjoyment suffers not under, while the risk of losing your driver's license is much smaller.


Driving pleasure does not change, but once the move is that the targa-like structure not only offers advantages. With the roof closed, there is more calm on board than the soft top while the radio show just noisier with the roof open. Especially above 100 km / h creates a vortex in the raised roof parts, which makes it impossible to have a conversation without raising your voice. Moreover, the noise is irritating over time. Except that you feel less wind in your hair, the interior is just like that of the soft top. That is, not very practical. In the luggage fit just two holdalls. Still, there is no longer room for drivers. Also still lacking shelf space and depth adjustment of the steering. Little change in this area.

Unfortunately, this does not apply for the prize, RF consumes in equal equipment € 2,600 more than the soft top. That means you € 36,980 have to settle for a 1.5 average level of equipment. The 2.0 is only available as GT-M and costs € 43 180. He is complete, but you can call into question the value, because the filtering is only better with the roof closed. So you have to really fall for the design of driving enjoyment and not dwell on rational considerations. In this sense, the RF down to its fibers have an MX-5. And Mazda has determined to date any harm.

  • +Playful handling
  • +Stiller with roof closed ...
  • -... but noisier with roof open
  • -hefty surcharge

Best Selling cars in the US in a row

124De Dutch car sales of 2015 we have already picked for you. Today we can tell with Automotive News that the thirty most popular cars in the United States.

We wonder if Ford puts even cake on the table. The F-Series is in fact for the 34th consecutive year, the best-selling car in the United States. Ford sold 780 354 copies this year, another 3.5 percent more than it was able to bring to the man last year. The prejudice that Americans do love pickups, is confirmed by the top three. In second and third place, respectively, we find the Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram models significantly less often than the Ford models were sold, but still increasing in numbers. In particular, the Silverado has a great leap forward. If we Silvardo and GMC Sierra (18th place) add up - in fact the same model - is the Ford F-Series indeed overtaken.

We look mainly at number four in the top 30 list extensive. We find namely the Toyota Camry the first real car in this list. Toyota's sedan is also known in the list. For 14 years the passenger who managed to hold on to most customers in the United States. Most preferably, 429,355 copies were sold, and thereby the sales numbers remain substantially stable.

Whoever walks through the list will notice that no MPV find more. Big gainers found in the form of including the Toyota RAV4 (renewed), the Nissan Rogue / X-Trail (new), Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee and the Chrysler 200. Less Honda is cheerful with the Accord, which is almost 9 percent less often managed to hand over his keys. The Chevrolet Cruze is firm plummeted, but there is a new generation of eager to do one thing and another good. Volkswagen is also out of the top 30 disappeared. Last year, the Jetta was still in place 26.


 Make and Model20152014% difference
1Ford F-Series780 354753 8513.5
2Chevrolet Silverado600 544529 75513.4
3Dodge Ram451 116439 7892.6
4Toyota Camry429 355427 6060.2
5Toyota Corolla363 332339 4987.0
6Honda Accord355 557388 374-8.5
7Honda CR-V345 647335 0193.2
8Honda Civic335 384325 9812.9
9Nissan Altima383 398335 644-0.7
10Toyota RAV4315 412267 69817.8
11Ford Escape306 492306 2120.1
12Ford Fusion (Mondeo)300 170306 860-2.2
13Nissan Rogue (X-Trail)287 190199 19944.2
14Chevrolet Equinox277 589242 24214.6
15Ford Explorer249 251209 99418.7
16Hyundai Elantra241 706222 0238.9
17Chevrolet Cruze226 602273 060-17
18GMC Sierra224 139211 8335.8
19Jeep Cherokee220 260178 50823.4
20Hyundai Sonata213 303216 936-1.7
21Nissan Sentra203 509183 26811
22Jeep Wrangler202 702175 32815.6
23Ford Focus202 478219 634-7.8
24Jeep Grand Cherokee195 958183 7866.6
25Chevrolet Malibu194 854188 5193.4
26Toyota Tacoma179 562155 04115.8
27Chrysler 200177 889117 36351.6
28Subaru Forester175 192159 9539.5
29Kia Optima159 414159 0200.2
30Toyota Highlander158 915146 1278.8


Prices Volkswagen Beetle Dune known

44Volkswagen has the Beetle thought historically more or less responsible version: the Dune. We have been able to drive, and now we know what the opgeruigde Beetle will cost. Boarding starts 29 090 euro.

On April 1 Volkswagen announced retrieve the Beetle Dune also Netherlands. The high on the legs placed Beetle Dune comes both as regular as Beetle as Cabriolet to the Netherlands. The slip must 29 090 euros will cost.

For that money you get from the Volkswagen 1.2 TSI 105 hp under the hood of your Beetle Dune. Switching is via a six-speed manual. Who Dune Convertible wishes with this engine must transfer 33,750 euros to Volkswagen. Higher up the ladder is the 150 hp 1.4 TSI, which is linked to a DSG transmission. These costs Beetle Dune and Dune Beetle Cabriolet as respectively 33 050 and 37 890 euro.

Above lilacs are available from mid-September. Also a 220 hp 2.0 TSI on the schedule. This is mid-November to lie in the Beetle Dune. With six-speed manual costs Beetle Dune and Dune Beetle Cabriolet respectively 36,150 and 40,750 euros. Who wants the strongest engine with DSG, needs 38,250 euros for the Beetle and 42,850 euros for the Beetle Cabriolet Dune Knocking.

Driving impression - Volkswagen Beetle Dune

In the late sixties on the Beetle-based buggy and Baja Bugs on the West Coast ...

Scion FR-S is Toyota GT 86

18Zoals we previously reported, the cloth for Toyota's Scion sub-brand cases. Meanwhile, the decision was made what will happen with the lineup of Scion.

In early February, Toyota put a thick line through Scion, which the sub-brand aimed at the United States on the younger buyer. Now Toyota has announced what it will do with Scions heritage.

The triplets Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT 86 and Scion FR-S will be sold worldwide, but in the US are only variants of Subaru and Scion for sale. Hence the Toyota FR-S GT 86 now put in the showroom. Optical differs slightly from the car the GT 86 as originally intended, and not just because of the remnants of Scion. The car in the pictures is in fact also the facelifted version of the GT 86.

The FR-S is not the only scion moving to Toyota. For example, both the iM as the IA, respectively, a hatchback and an Auris Mazda 2 sedan, are sold with Toyota-label. The names have been changed. The iM iM renamed Corolla and Yaris called iA iA. The particular exchange rebadgerij which makes even more complex. In Canada Scion iA was delivered to Toyota label as Yaris Sedan. Briefly: Mazda 2 sedan got a Scion label, there is now removed from again so he can be known as Yaris iA, while he as Yaris Sedan existed. Are we there yet?

Suzuki Ignis new equipment highlights

46Met the new Suzuki Ignis ready a remarkably cheerful entry in the compact segment. Today we can report what flavors the car appears on the market.

The new Ignis will be found in the Dutch showrooms in January next year. Suzuki has created three versions of the compact newcomer: Comfort, Select and Style.

Comfort comes standard with a radio / CD player that supports Bluetooth. Seat heating for is also present, the same is true for electrically operated and heated mirrors. Keyless entry is also present.

Select the above adds to a DAB + radio with Aux and USB connections, a 6-inch touchscreen and a rear view camera. The Select is taking on 16-inch aluminum wheels and rear no fixed rear seat but two sliding seats. The 4WD version, which also comes with Hill Descent Control gets.

Then there is the style, the top version with climate control, cruise control, navigation, four electric windows instead of just two pieces for and a leather steering wheel. The outside can be recognized by the Style LED tail lights, LED daytime running lights and direction indicators present in the side-view mirrors.

Prizes will be presented at a later stage.

Prices Ford Ka + known

53De Ka as we know for years is no more. Ford let the A segment for what it is and move successor Ka + in a sensible offer in the B segment. Today we know what it will cost.

As Ford in early June already knew notify the introduction of the Ka +, the car gets a starting price of under 13,000 euros. The new entry in the B segment - which is positioned below the Fiesta - namely getting starting price of 12,995 euros.

For that amount you get with Ford Trend Essential. Under the hood than a 70 hp 1.2-liter Duratec four-cylinder 105 Nm which is able to generate. The average consumption is at 5.0 liters / 100 km. 

Who wants more equipment is automatically charged to the Ultimate Trend, the only other version available. These features as extras to the Essential Trend on issues such as air conditioning, a radio / CD player with 4.2-inch color screen, SYNC and MyKey. Ford also get a more powerful version of the 1.2 under the hood, a unit that delivers 85 hp and 112 Nm. Consumption is identical to that of the 70 hp version. The price tag of the most expensive version was written 14 295 euro. In October, the Ka + in the Dutch dealers. 

This is the Ka + considerably more expensive than the "traditional" Ka, which is yours from 10,456. However, the new hatchback is much broader than its hipper namesake. The three-door Fiesta allerkaalste costs 13 675 and is crazy enough cheaper than the Ka +. But let you not be fooled thereby: because the coming of the South American Fiesta hatchback is the next higher gepositineerd and therefore more expensive. 

The South-American Ford Ka + we have already made the first kilometers. The driving impression you read here. The European version is otherwise being tackled at various points and should drive some concerns are more like the Fiesta.