My Car Coach and CarGarantie join forces

My Car Coach and CarGarantie will cooperate. Customers My Car Coach enable to find a good used cars at a competitive price, now at CarGarantie can take out repair cost insurance against mechanical and electrical repairs.

After a successful pilot, former athlete Ernst Zijlstra founded in 2013. My Car Coach. Consumers who are looking for a technically good occasion may all call upon the assistance of My Car Coach. My Car Coach can make a selection, go to a tour, performs a technical examination and can for the customer negotiate the price.

Recent research CarGarantie, among more than a million cars, showed that the average repair of a recently purchased cars amounts to 498 euros.
Earlier this year went My Car Coach already a partnership with ABS Auto Repair. Not only for repairing car damage, but also for window repairs and summer and winter tires.


In the wild: Artega GT (2010)

33Vandaag a real exotic in The Wild! Fellow Michiel Willebrands namely Artega GT was a bump, reportedly the only copy that our country is rich.

What is it? The GT of 2012 on the bottle transferred German Artega. The GT is a 1,116-kilogram coupe was put first in the world in 2009 and was blessed with a line pattern that was put on paper by none other than Henrik Fisker. Under the hood, a 3.6-liter measuring V6 taken from the Volkswagen Passat R36. Thanks to a fast DSG was 100 km / h in 4.8 already count on the clock. Hurtling through doing this German daredevil to 270 km / h. This copy was put together in 2010, came in 2012 for the first time in our country.

How special is-ie? It would appear that this is the only copy in the country. Nice detail: Spyker has or had - we will never know for sure - plans to market the B6 Venator, a car that was very likely based on the Artega GT.

The state-ie there? Cool tip. A real eye-catcher.

Rating: Very exclusive and something different than the Porsche Cayman sold in this segment in droves. 

Prices Audi S4 and S4 Avant known

61Bovenaan A4 ladder is still the lack of a less extreme RS4 his brother the S4. Today we know what this league table will cost.

Anyone who has ears to a 354 hp Audi A4 can opt for the S4 and S4 Avant. is written, respectively, 75,900, and 78,200 Euros on the price tags of the pair.

For that money you get delivered a 354 hp and 500 Nm A4 whose power comes from a 3.0-liter TFSI V6 .. The sedan is thus able to sprint at a speed of 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds . The S4 Avant needs as 0.2 tel longer. The top speed of the two copies is limited to 250 km / h. Switching is via an 8-stage tiptronic transmission.

Maserati Ghibli has a price

41Het little brother of the Maserati Quattroporte, the Ghibli has received a Dutch price tag.

The list starts at 80 376 euros and for that amount you get as the most talked about version: the V6 diesel. This is the 275 horsepower sedan slightly more expensive than a BMW 535d, but you get the exclusive look of the Italian brand in return. Gasoline Drive can of course also just also with a V6. That block produces either 330 or 410 hp. For 87 831 euro is the entry-level version in the driveway, the top can be taken for 109 476 euros. Four-wheel drive is only a possibility, then the total to 114 705 the strongest version. In all cases, an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF ensures that the power gets to the wheels, paddle shifters are optional.

As usual in this class are many amenities just standard. Matters such as leather coating, an electrically adjustable driver's seat, xenon headlights and a high-beam assist are self-evident, and this also applies to - wait for it - a start-stop system on the diesel fuel. Yet there is still plenty to be desired: dozens of leather and wood, infotainment upgrades and wheels are on the loose option list. In addition there is a choice of eight different "packs" which allows you to continue rigging Ghibli.

In the Wild: Citroën HY (1980)

29Vandaag we thank AutoWeek reader Bruno Vijverman for his entry. On the shelves of The Wild is in fact an original Netherlands delivered Citroën HY!

The Citroën HY, also called Type H or H Van, we mainly know as the typical angular bestellertje Citroen that great distance already recognize is apparently constructed from corrugated iron carriage. The ridges carrying the character van, filed purely for reinforcement of the large faces of sheet metal.

The HY was created after World War II as cheap power company which various logistics networks could be cranked up again. His basic nature did not mean that the HY was old fashioned in design. The Frenchman possessed contrary to what was then customary front wheel drive. The big advantage was noticeable in the box: the lack of a shaft made a low and flat floor possible. He also had independent suspension and a self-supporting carriage, just like big brother Traction Avant.

Over the years, the basic design has hardly changed at all. Mid sixties windshield disappeared 'with spijltje' and it was replaced by a single large one. His whole life HY retained his 'suicide doors', except copies sold in the Netherlands after the end of the sixties. From 1968 were the Dutch market because no cars are sold with these special door suspension.

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Sono Sion presented

18in September 2016 we had the first air Sono Motors. The start-up has now presented its first production car, the Sion.

Start-up Sono Motors showed its first, yet unnamed prototype last year. This week, pulling the men and the German company ladies cloth Sion, a car to go into production in 2019.

Sono Sion calls are a solar car, every model gets most of its electricity via a cord inside. The car has 330 solar panels on his carriage and thus the car in the sun load during one day be able to win enough free energy to shed his 160 kilometer radius of 30 kilometers.

Sono Motors has won over half a million euros thanks to 1,100 orders placed. This should Zion, which can go into production in 2019 will cost around 12,000 euros.

Lada Vesta to Germany

20Naar a functioning importer lets you search with a magnifying glass in the Netherlands. In Germany Lada indeed active and distributor also has the Vesta to the country of our eastern neighbors.

Lada says to finalize the export version of Vesta, a move that will be something qualitatively high-grade and possibly come to have different tuned engines. Also what driving the sedan will be stabbing each other. The copies destined for the Russian market have a chassis that is designed to lower quality asphalt.

Also at security level, the European versions are underway. Things like ABS and airbags will be standard. Currently Lada Granta offers in Germany Hatchback and Sedan, the Kalina Cross, Kalina Sport and 4x4 (formerly Niva / Urban) on. The Vesta will appear on the German market next year.

In the wild: Geo Metro (1996)

25Vandaag a very peculiar variation on the Suzuki Swift in this section. Thanks to AutoWeek reader of Daniel Koutrik we can today offer a real Geo Metro.

What is it: The Geo Metro was a joint project of Suzuki and General Motors that was active between 1989 and 2001 in the United States. Based on the Swift - on the other side of the pond called Cult - Metro GM's budget brand Geo was built, an appearance different model both as a hatchback, sedan and convertible were as sunny gain. This is a copy of the second generation, a series that, like its predecessor simply made use of Suzuki technology. Whereas the first generation of the outside hardly a Swift was distinguishable, the family was that this specimen belongs to more own design. Like its predecessor had Pontiac Firefly here as a version of the showroom. To complete the confusion Suzuki sold this model again as indeed as Swift (and not as cult as the generation before). we take a breath?

Under the cap having a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder, or a 1.3 with four burners. This copy - a LSi, three-speed automatic transmission and air conditioner - the four-cylinder in his nose. The car is known to be stiffer and safer than its predecessor.

Rating: Our cars oracle alias patron of the rust spot Nic de Boer would call up this trolley as mafklapper. Actually, therefore, a pair of blue that is.

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ANWB Tolbadge: faster along the French toll

40Geen long lines more for French toll. At least that's the idea. This summer you can drive right to a so-called Tolbadge ANWB at the toll. It is then automatically settled.

No longer do you need as Dutch holidaymaker to see with sorrow how one Frenchman after another by driving the toll, while you are waiting in line along with dozens of other vacationers. From today at the ANWB Tolbadge sale. It lets you go through the gates without stopping to pay.

In an ANWB shop you can buy the device and be activated. Then paste the table on your windshield and you can go on your way. In toll in France can now be recognized by the T-gates, on the orange 't'. With at least four meters away on your pastor and a speed of 30 km / h or slower you drive through. The cabinet will beep and the traffic light turns green. The amount is automatically debited from your account.

The Tolbadge hangs on your windshield for € 11 euros, or € 7.50 if you are AA member. The service costs € 1.60 for each month that the badge is used. Besides the ability to automatically pay tolls, you can deal with the service in more than 300 parking lots and garages in France. It is only now possible to settle automatically Dutchman at the French toll roads, thanks to the introduction of IBAN account numbers in Europe.

Breakthrough in battery technology development

64Een American-Portuguese research team claims to have found a way to make batteries cheaper and safer. Important for the automotive industry: the capacity is also significantly improved.

Led by the American engineer John Goodenough working teams from the University of Texas and the University of Porto to a so-called all-solid-state battery. According to the already 94-year-old (!) Goodenough, who also stood at the cradle of lithium-ion batteries, can this technology be stored three times as large amount of power. On that message Bloomberg. The batteries can be made entirely of glass, and to use the common and easy-to-win sodium instead of lithium. Yet generate a great advantage is that with this technology, batteries can be much more compact and less heat.

The key next step of this research is to control serial production. There should be explored major battery producers who can and will bring the concept of Goodenough widely in practice. According to an analyst from Bloomberg may take a while, because there are often teething pains during the first large-scale production of such new technologies.

Here is the Volkswagen T-Roc

156Zojuist was unveiled in Italy, Volkswagen T-Roc. The new crossover VW seems to have in store the necessary surprises and larger than we expected. No high Polo, just a crazy golf.

Who would expect a high leg-Polo, Volkswagen underestimated and T-Roc. The biggest surprise of the T-Roc is that the subcutaneous Polo is not but a wave. Therefore, it appears to be a competitor for the Toyota C-HR, which also hangs in between the B- and C-segment.

Volkswagen claims to have the dominant appearance of an SUV combined with the dynamism of a compact hatchback. We especially see cousin the Audi Q2, which is the typical roof line mainly comes with the distinctive C-pillars. At the front is the wide, straight line between grille and bonnet which today is the face of Volkswagens. Each new Volkswagen SUV to be drawn to preview the T-Prime Concept GTE, which last April showed up in China, and the T-Roc is there clearly no exception. The coupé-like roofline contrasts with the high sides and black-rimmed wheel arches and make the T-Roc a true crossover.

Also inside the T-Roc is a quirky appearance. For example, the paint color is frequently returned to the instrument panel, center console, and the door trim for. An atmosphere as we know it from the New Beetle. The clocks can be optionally performed digitally. The boot is substantially downright with 445 liters and may agree with the rear seat back surface (40: 60-configuration) to be extended to 1,290 liters.

By default, every T-Roc City Emergency Braking, Post-Collision Braking System, lane assistance, manual air conditioning, color screen, LED lighting behind, LED daytime running lights and 16-inch steel wheels. For more luxury, choose the style with white ambient lighting, different dakkleur, 17 inch wheels, Driver Alert System, better seats and connectivity package. The sporty fellow man must have Sport with dark rear lights, tinted rear glass, aluminum pedals and red ambient lighting, red brake calipers, 17-inch alloy wheels and sports seats.

Like the Tiguan, where it is positioned under, is the T-Roc on the MQB platform. With its 4.23 meter length, the T-Roc 25 cm shorter than the Tiguan. The wheelbase is 2603 mm. As for the engines, there is plenty to choose from. Slip is the 1.0 TSI with 115 hp and 200 Nm, which is only available with six-speed manual and front-wheel drive. The 1.5 TSI with 150 hp and 250 Nm is available with DSG six-speed manual or seven-speed. The strongest gasoline is the 2.0 TSI with 190 hp and 320 Nm, which is standard 7-speed DSG and 4Motion all-wheel drive has. The simplest diesel is the 1.6 TDI with 115 hp and 250 Nm, only manual speed gearbox and front wheel drive. The 2.0 TDI with 150 hp and 340 Nm, the combine freely with front- or all-wheel drive and manual transmission or DSG. The same block, there is finally also with 190 hp, 400 Nm, and which is standard DSG and 4Motion.

Volkswagen T-Roc is produced in Europe Portugal Setúbal. The market launch for November on the agenda.

More on the Volkswagen T-Roc in Autoweek 35, appearing Wednesday, August 30th.

Update for model year Volkswagen Beetle

24The current generation of the Volkswagen Beetle again dates back to 2011 and the Germans believe that the model is still just against it without a facelift. However, the retro-German somewhat refreshed.

In the Volkswagen international press release talks about the arrival of a new set of versions for the Beetle and the Beetle Cabriolet. 

Besides new paint colors and new wheels Volkswagen bumper work for the Basic and Design-prepped versions. Bumpers eyes as the brand itself is now sportier. There is also an R-Line available, a version also modified bumpers. The R-line is identified by an additional opening in the front bumper and to tinted rear light units. The interior is placed better illuminated instrument panel and new materials and colors available to decorate the interior to your liking. As for engines, everything remains the same.

Ferrari 250 GTO: 52 million!

18th prices of classics, notably Ferrari's skyrocketing. There is a new record, another 250 GTO: 52 million dollars.

That's a huge difference from the previous record containing GTO, which the vendor did not produce more than 35 million. This time the transaction was not through a famous and much attention generating auction at a prestigious event location, but just silently between two collectors.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered by collectors around the world as the ultimate crown on a beautiful collection, with all the consequences for the price of that. Rare car also: there are only made 39 cars each carrying their own special story. Although much sought after classic Ferraris are the 250 GTO spans many years the crown. According to some overestimated the car, but the owners of the rare hyper racer will not care. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is one of them, and he also receives bids from 40 to 50 million, Bloomberg reports.

Car Weekend Top 10 cars with boxer engine

88Zaterdag, lijstjesdag. Every weekend we deal with a top-10 of successful models to the most sought after colors. In short, summarized in a list of everything in the car world. This week: ten cars with a boxer!

Last week was Subaru know that it had produced the 15 millionth boxer. Subaru has been with Porsche the only automaker to assemble boxers widely in their models, Subaru even diesels. Now we see the Toyota 86 and Subaru just for convenience. In the past, however, there was more car brands which mounted a boxer engine in their cars. Below, a top 10 in any order.

1. Subaru SVX
We of course can choose almost any Subaru because Japnners hang just about a boxer engine in each model. We choose the SVX 90s because a) it is a very particular model and b) because Subaru was the largest "flat six" until then. From 3.3 liter 230 horsepower came forth. 

2. 911
Boxer engines are as inseparable as Porsche with Subaru. Since time immemorial there is a flat four or (later) sixes behind in the 911 and the Germans him since 1996 also mount in the Boxster and later in the Cayman. In 914's boxer engines arrived at.  

3. 2CV
Completely on the other end of the automotive spectrum boxer we come to the Duck, who had to only two counter-pounding pots. At first only 375 cc big, good for a very modest 9 hp. Over the years, took over the content of the air-cooled Boxertje towards 652 and spooned-ie 35 hp. Citroen Boxer used in other models like the Ami and GS.

4. Volkswagen Beetle
Like the Duck had another icon, the Beetle, an air-cooled boxer engine. But only one set with four cylinders and back. The contents of the four cylinders increased from 1.1 liters to 1.6 liters and the Beetle did eventually filled until 2003, when the production number was almost 22 million.

5. Alfa Romeo 33
Started as 1.2'tje and finished the 1.7-liter, the boxer engine of Alfa, which we first encountered in the South and last in the 145/146. In between the Italians hanged him in the 33, where he-as in the Sud has been available in several flavors: 1,2-, 1,3-, 1,4-, 1,5- and 1,7-liter . The 33 "m also had as a 1.6-liter, and the boxer is also turned up in the Sprint and infamous Arna.      

6. Chevrolet Corvair
He has not gone into history as the most successful Chevrolet of all time but one of the most particular: the Corvair. That particular sat 'm in the rear-mounted six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine, 2.3-liter size, 81 hp, "strong", air-cooled, and almost entirely constructed of aluminum. Grew the contents slightly and there was even a turbo version with 180 horsepower thick.

7. Daf 33
The traditional Dutch truttenschudder utilized a boxer. A tweepitter of 746 cc, which was attached to the revolutionary Vario Matic automatic Hub van Doorne. The original block mat 590 cc and delivered 22 horsepower, later on, the power raised to 30 hp.

8. Lancia Flavia
Lancia has also used boxers, as in the Flavia, which were available with a four-cylinder engine of 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0-liter size, equipped with single or twin carburettors or injection (for the 1.8 and 2.0). For Lancia Gamma he built one with 2.5 liters (carburettor or injection) and 140 hp.     

9. Tatra 600
The Czech Tatra were also fond of boxer engines and used this include the sleek 600, also known as Tatraplan. It was one with a capacity of two liters, accounting for about 55 hp. Tatra also built flat six-cylinder boxer and the design of Volkswagen and Porsche are also in the Czech Republic their roots. 

10. Toyota Sports 800
Toyota's iconic sports car had a small twin-cylinder front Boxertje lie, at first one of 700 cc and 28 hp, later a 800 cc twin carburetors, which went 45 hp to the rear wheels. Today's spiritual successor is GT86 but that's really just a Subaru BRZ with a different logo.

The price of the Ford Kuga within

27Hij debuted a while back though as Escape in the United States, but now Ford considers the time ripe for the introduction of its European sibling, the Kuga. By now we know what it costs the SUV in our country.

The new Kuga is on sale from 32 465 euros. For that money you get a copy with front wheel drive, the Trend equipment and a 1.6-liter EcoBoost petrol engine with 150 horsepower under the hood. The car has a six-speed manual. The average consumption is 6.6 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions 154 g / km. The Kuga has thus become much more accessible: does the current generation is currently a starting price of 43 670 euros. Otherwise you do have a diesel engine at your disposal.

The front-drive Ecoboostversie with 150 hp is also faced with the Titanium equipment. The starting price is 34 465 euros. Who wants to combine four-wheel drive with a petrol engine, automatically reaches the 1.6-liter EcoBoost with 182 hp and six-speed automatic. The average consumption is 7.7 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions 179 g / km. The price of this version is 43 745 euros.

The cheapest diesel version is the 2.0 TDCi Trend 140 hp front-wheel drive. The average consumption is 5.3 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions 139 g / km. The starting price is 38,500 euros. Those who prefer Titanium equipment, has lost 40,500 euros.

Top version is the Kuga 2.0 TDCi Titanium 163 hp four-wheel drive. With this gearbox costs 46 780 euros. The average consumption is 5.9 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 154 g / km. Who wants an automatic transmission, running in conjunction with this engine and four-wheel drive at a price of 50 405 euros. The average consumption is 6.2 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 162 g / km.