Volvo XC90 D5 Summum (2006) review

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XC90 D5 Summum
5, Sequential Machines
110000 km
216000 km
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Not cheap, but very tasty.

  • 135000 km
  • February 9, 2011 00:36

Now I have this XC90 for a year (after one week)
After our V70 with extra 3rd backseat (I have four daughters), we had to find a true 6/7 seater because my youngest (8jr) does not really fit anymore on the 3rd bench. I have something against "vans" So the available models (Espace, Galaxy, Alhambra etc.) actually were discarded. If Volvo enthusiast yet again sought an XC90 through my garage as well as driving in a D5 and 3rd row seats fitted (I also fit with my 178). That drove still very fine, nice and high, the familiar rumble and D5 do not feel that you drive in a PC Hooft tractor. So the plunge and i.v.m. The high prices in GB itself a 185PK XC90 D5 Summum Geartronic six bin (no bin 5 so !!) from 04 in 2006 bought 110.000km in Germany, the whole import process anyway was not so bad. This was surely a few thousand euros. Consider, moreover, however, that a Class 3 alarm in Germany is not required, so I had to settle this themselves (á 750, -) So much for the purchase.

Meanwhile so driven 25.000km, and I must say what a great car it is. The peace and comfort (the premium Dolby sound carries also here with) are simply delicious. And in terms of driving, well it is no knight bends, although it also is easy to drive. The 185pk / 400Nm he is certainly no slouch.
I must say that he even sends better (sharper) my V70 which I found to week. The XC90 is just right; firm but comfortable.

Coverage is short journeys around 1 9 á 10. But long distances like last summer I got to Corsica though you with his six-and sits with luggage trailer and also one in 10. In normal highway use (cruising speed 130km / h) you get the first 12 easy.

And the costs, at 120,000 which he received an overhaul 725 - expense. Furthermore, a new set of tires (800, -) In November I have a set of winter tires 17" wheels when purchased (1400 -)
Real cost of repairs, I had one once, the rear differential was broken + Hydro Pump AOC (Active On Demand) fortunately, the previous owner had signed an extended warranty (up to 5yrs) so those costs were happy bad. Furthermore, the battery gave during the severe frosts, but I think that is not strange after 130.000km / almost 5yrs.

If the warranty period is over, I think to leave him "chipping"That was with the V70 also liked. This is especially to achieve lower consumption and to react the machine biting float.

Yet something about the SUV character, after the winter period in December 2010, I am still very happy with this car, snow, ice does not not matter, this car everywhere drags effortlessly and safely through, reason alone ... Volvo for Life!


  • 137000 km
  • April 5, 2011 23:29

update 137.000km
At APK proved wishbone rubbers worn, so it replaced, it is indeed a real fixer-upper, he sends back as sharp as a new XC90.
Also the bus at the bevel gear (apparently his ailment) replaced by the (additional) guarantee.
Still very happy with the car, it is just to enjoy to a drive, Premium Sound 10 and go. We go to Paris in May, and am already looking forward to once again drive a few hundred km succession (stupid hey, I've never had a car).

Great car, but time for another

  • 216000 km
  • March 31, 2014 13:11

I sold the XC90, following review supplement.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes
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