Volvo V40 Cross Country Nordic T3 + (2016) review

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V40 Cross Country Nordic T3 +
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My first impressions

  • 110 km
  • July 24 2016 00:03

Today after a delivery time of two months retrieved V40CC at ATR in Raalte.
I had chosen the private leasing arrangement where by Volvo lately much advertising was made.
It has become the V40 Cross Country Nordic + T3 engine and automatic transmission. (152 hp).
The color was blue mussel. Tires of the standard 16 inches.
Coming from a VW EOS 200 hp machine, I compare therewith course. Today we drove the first 100 km.
The lower output is to notice something significant acceleration but not really disturbing.
The automatic switching is less smooth. Switching gears now I notice ...
The steering is direct. In the corners which is along well with me.
The rear view is just like the EOS: not optimal.
The leather upholstery I miss anyway.
Sound system is standard and good enough.
The infotainment system is the browser against me. Must delve further into it. Now nags an update vd browser and then stops it.
Further good operation of lights, cruise control, wipers, heating and AC.
Curious that the start / stop does not work because the battery would not be charged.

To be continued. ..

Continuation of the first impressions V40CC

  • 3500 km
  • August 5 2016 13:47

Past two weeks driving with the V40CC to the Alps. Total driving over 3500 km: highways, towns, mountain passes. Fuel consumption according to the trip computer 6.3 liters / 100 km (1: 15.9).
The car runs great. Draws well, and like me that something is going to slow, switching to the S-Class is a good option. Especially when you are driving in the mountains!
The seats are fine. For me certainly no lack of space (1m76).
Ideally, the cruise control also limit state heeft.Gaat care how certain fines
Hand the VOC option (Volvo On Call) to steer the route from your mobile to the car.
When opening the car going to the blowers, ff to quickly refresh the air.

The audio media system.
I have the standard audio system. Regarding sound like me which was fine.
Pairing with mobile goes smoothly and quickly. For other countries, I had installed a internationalSIM. But many did not I had to. Everything is actually via your mobile. Using audio and phone works excellent.
Internet via the media system (when stationary) is working slowly. Prefer my mobile here again.

Navigation is quick. Enter addresses going smoothly. Also do well by speaking.
Less obvious I find the map on the screen. Automatically zoom into a turn or so, comes a little late.

In the mountains to make the necessary hairpins. The turning circle of the V40 is somewhat larger than in my previous EOS. Steering is smooth enough, especially with the smaller wheel.
Grip fine. The suspension is stiff, but I prefer.

Start / Stop
Before I went to the Alps stopped by the dealer as the start / stop system does not seem to work.
It could be the result of the temperature (too high), and are turned on and air-media system.
During my ride as much as possible let out the air conditioning in the mountains (just windows open). Outside temperature ranged from 15 to 35 degrees. The start / stop system is not once in force. Attention bald yet.

The excellent V40CC like me. Also, given the private leases.

Until next update ...

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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