Nissan Micra 1.2 65pk ELLE (2006) review

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Micra 1.2 65pk ELLE
5, Manual
3 km
41000 km
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Auto crisis?

  • 23500 km
  • December 21, 2008 15:30

I'm crazy about the negative talk about the crisis ... So actually the title I used to ask for trouble. Anyway, humor helps to relativize things right? And it is an appropriate title since I was two years ago, just after purchasing the Nissan Micra for my wife, decided that it had to agree with the recent addition of high my lease.

At that time it was a nice dressed Audi A6 with a catalog value of more than 50K. With a tax rate of 52% (in fact, I'm not sorry) in mind and the fact that I actually twisted little private mileage made I count went suddenly sober. Never done in the 16 years I drive business. For indeed ... it remains relatively little money per month for driving such a first-rate car. But ... if you do have it you as I / we drive 8,000 km but private about a km rate of more than 80 cents! That's a lot. If it then also true that you spend most of it in the city plus a radius of 25 km around the city runs through then you start thinking: what if we those kilometers with our family to ride in the brand new Micra? Indeed ... you have to keep records. Not fun. But I do so very disciplined once every two weeks. I drive my lease really not private. I know the stories cheat. But I do not want a fine. So private is private, business is business. But so clear. If I have a long Private trip and can not Micra then lend me a car if I rent one. We went on holiday this year with a camper. Also great fun.

The idea of ​​the Micra and family cars to use because I came so when I found out (yes ... I finally get to my review) that such a car actually has everything you want in a car. Well ... almost everything. He is comfortable (in the short to medium distance), super maneuverable (parking, no problem sir!), Saving (on average 15 to 16) has all the standard luxury (central locking with remote control, electric windows, air conditioning, radio / CD with tasty sound) and last but not least: you REALLY fun in that thing because it drives so nice and good. So two months after purchase, I thought we would try it. At that time, two daughters of 5 and 8 years old. They can thus still easily back. I thought: I'll never insist course. A luxurious A6 leave for such a car. But now, almost two years later, I find that it has gone well. And I'm going to do it again next year. I save each year around 3,500 Euros. Can you lovely holiday. And we find the bright cozy in the Micra.

Are there any disadvantages? Of course it is. Fair is fair: a return Plopsaland in southern Belgium is best to do, but my 1.96 meters, I'm not really happy in the seats of the Micra (which also are ok best way). But you're driving or just 130km / h. No problem. And you get there. With a free Navi HEMA insurance haha. That's different from an integrated MMI NAVI sent from my A6. Other drawbacks: the room. It's nine times out of 10 fine (also with a third person (small) in the back, the trunk is large enough for the wekelijikse messages (as you can see another man in the class C1 therefore fell away from us). but if you go on vacation then of course the bags do not fit in Schiphol. So for those times I borrow the S-Max from my father and sometime private km can also write (you have 500 per year).

Then driving the Nissan Micra: I've actually been some things said about it in my short intro (!). The thing goes very well with its 1.2 65km block. Motor of anything natural. But he'll be fine move forward, especially in city traffic. The torque of 100Nm is available at a not too high speed for a gasoline engine. So you can because he's pretty smooth smooth upshift. I ride in the village regularly in fifth gear. That says enough I think. Through this character he is in the urban and rural roads also pleasantly quiet. The sound is also nice. That changes when the highway goes. The versnellingesbakje gear ratios are such that he is soon revved. On the highway you go to higher speeds toward 4,000 rpm. And you can hear really. Around 100 km cruising it is nicely quiet. Moreover you well hear the engine without the well again is really annoying. And it's funny, but you see in almost every car, above a certain speed running the engine better. Driving long distances around 130 km and it runs quite nicely. Music there and nothing wrong. The radio also adjusts automatically once the volume to the speed or the rumor. Top! He is economical therefore I told you switch wise I have some criticism. It follows a rather hakerig pattern. You get used to, but it would be better I think.

Furthermore, the drive is pleasant by the slight but precise steering. Truly blessed, especially in the city, but not vague on the highway. And you sit higher so you have great views. Finally, you also have another relatively high visibility through all the glass around. It feels a bit like the old Mini: your car is around you like a coat. He is also very small, but especially if you drive do not find a great car and soon big (like my wife) it really feels good. You feel like you've got it all under control. Whatever is the case.

In terms of looks, tastes vary, I still find great design. So it was (and is in fact) the car of my wife who was in love with. Especially in light baby blue as we ordered it. He has a bit of the spheres look of the Fiat 500. With his funny frog eyes that light up very nice in the dark and the inside can be seen (top then). The least successful, I think perhaps the back. Which looks somewhat anonymous. Inside you will find a nice / nice dashboard that also (for the money) looks relatively high. That is because the coating with a kind of material similar to carbon. The doors are finished but clearly cheaper to by them. A tough dust on the chairs. However: the substance is relatively fragile and therefore not as tough as he looks. You see surely wear him after two years and that is too fast. Anyway, with the children's relatively faster. But it is an improvement. The dashboard is decorated with white "bakelite lookalike" retro buttons (think again on the Fiat 500), including the radio quite handsomely same buttons. The air conditioner does its job perfectly and important issues such as demisting going amazingly well and quickly. The cover in the dashboard is where you handy CDs behind you disappear unfortunately sometimes just too fragile like the lid of the glove compartment.

And maintenance costs? Just laugh. He recently had his first turn. That's 137.50 Euro sir! Furthermore, had nothing. Gasoline in and drive. Tax and insurance is also three times nothing ...

All in all an excellent car. In any case, as the second car. I know I'm a big exception by using it as a private car. But the fact that I've been doing so gives two years how good this "shopping car" it does. My oldest daughter is now 10 years and longer and longer. So we will need to upgrade again. Only my wife does absolutely not great cars. She finds it is actually big enough. But scaling up to size Nissan Note or for example the beautiful new Citroen C3 Picasso is an option. These are more than enough.

and each "disadvantage" has its advantage. I'm looking for a new lease. And there I am so NOT limited by various practical issues such as space. So ... a car as the beautiful Renault Laguna Coupe is possible! Life is wonderful ...

Silent going strong ...

  • 41000 km
  • April 3, 2011 12:27

Never thought we would ride the Nissan so long. Meanwhile, so four and a half years, six years after his first MOT. Total maintenance after two little uplift is less than three hundred Euro. Unbelievable! And car will not budge. Only thing I do is quickly wear out the car's upholstery. But there are cases for at a later stage. Meanwhile a new model. Nice car but I do not typically like him our model with the frog eyes. Unfortunately.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 3.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 5.0
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