Citroën DS5 Hybrid4 Business (2013) review

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DS5 Hybrid4 Business
6, Semi-Automatic
29500 km
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Welcome DS5 Hybrid Business Gris galena (14% chisel

  • December 28, 2013 23:54

Today, the new car took delivery. What a beautiful thing. Especially when just coming out of the showroom. Seating position, very nice, visibility is not so, let me express it properly, the beauty and aerodynamics has been given a high priority.

The first kilometers have been traveled. I must say that driving takes some practice. The biggest fight is start the car, it is best to keep the foot on the brake just want to drive you away. But otherwise I have not there to take the book, linking phone, no problem, institutions, as found, navigation, comprehensive and user-friendly.
Driving the hybrid system is eff yo. Engine stop while driving? than start again? best not to trust the engineers of PSA. They have worked on long enough. had another 200 km highway. Is obviously still in the wear- period, but I already by the car just fast. For a moment the 185 km / h tapped, the car is working quietly and quickly. On board falls upon the background you hear that we work under the hood. Do more cars of various brands, but it should be said, the boys are really PSA toppers as they build a diesel and know what they do.

But there is now one thing I absolutely do not like. The suspension comfort is the name DS not worthy and certainly not to my satisfaction. What a miss of Citroen to the hydro-pneumatic system does not deliver more and DS. Be aware that it takes energy and that then get back 20% aggregation and Mr. Weekers another creamed with an extra charge BPM, but there are abrupt thresholds irregularities in the way you feel, even with steel springs that can comfortably . I will best get used to it, but my name is not Schumacher and all you want to 150km / h through the corner, there is almost always drive a car for going round the bend in a civilized manner. A real shame. Wants to move the remark that I have devoured many Citroens with the famous suspension.

PS, just borrowed the photo of Lemon, the color I was exactly like in this picture (Gris Galena, special DS% color). M good condition. Snap fact why the white color is the most expensive.

'm gonna keep you informed.

Comments on Introduction

  • 1100 km
  • December 30, 2013 14:40

Moment of clarity, I myself have used the reviews when purchasing another Occasion. Should I have known its existence, I would instance. Never bought Espace. Before I share my experiences. But let me say that the negative comments with tinted cliché remarks on lease drivers provide their comments knower bed and a negative review as unwelcome experience.

1 year DS5 Hybrid4

  • 29500 km
  • January 11, 2015 16:29

After one year driving an update.
Summary, really lovely car.
Of daily use for commuter traffic to work journeys of 1,100 km in a day. Summer and winter. the few comments that I may be done off as nitpicking to still be able to record a negative point.
Many praise the rest on board, the ever-present tension, the opulence of facilities where you stay in the relaxed manner in which you the mileage you let slide by. Top so. The stiff suspension meantime I'm used to it. If loan and car often got along one of the People's Products, you are lucky if you can again take place in the DS5. The loss will continue the spring bulbs, but understand that only those who have zapped many kilometers around with this wonderful system. Luggage space was at first, I can only report a concern but after a year of use that it is always cleared by the hidden compartment, where all loose items are stowed. The above conforms perfectly space. If what is more, some of the bank is flat and to date still got everything.
Qualitatively, the car has not yet seen the garage. Wednesday for the first time. Comments from my side of the garage, Cruise is occasionally malfunction, auto on / off and he is working again, but still annoying, and the passenger seat rattling in certain positions.
Consumption in the winter months, an average of 1: 17.5, 1:18 in the other seasons. Really praise, it can not understand. Have never had a car that was driving more economical than 1:14, which was a Citroen CX 2500 D 1982 .... Most kilometers are not called out on the highway with the Hybrid System is obviously premeditated.
Leather Dotted for Citroen ....
1) as any 5 star cars reduce the A and especially B style view. Backward, the camera is obviously a hit.
2) the washing street. The car wash brushes prove unable to clean the rear of the car. Occasionally so with a sponge on the rear window and the license plate.
3) as already reported by many, the reception of the radio. some stations may not be received uninterrupted throughout the country. The most common channels are just following touching between Maastricht and the Wadden islands without one button.
4) Thresholds, the municipal budget cause opslurpende amenities at misjudgment, contact between the ground and the front spoiler. Causes only sound bystanders does turn his head, but no further damage.
5) of outdated navigation system software. From day one, the software date of the navigation system. Just disappointing that you drive through a meadow according to the navigation system with less than 1000 km on the clock, where one year previously constructed a roundabout. Really does affect the new car feel and inquiries show that this complaint is well known and no update was available.
Leerpunt for Lease society.
1) competition in the leasing market is large and there to be a way, it was decided not to allow any tire marks. Understandably, but limit or mention the choice of links at the lower side. My car is equipped with Kleber winter tires which are characterized by Auto Week as insufficient. The tires really do not meet and compare the Michelin tires were mounted on my previous car was great. Lack of grip, look for tracks and unrest in the wheel makes you yearn for summer tires. Let's hope they still wear hard. Sad.

This concludes my update.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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