Peugeot 2008 Allure 1.6 VTi (2013) review

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2008 Allure 1.6 VTi
5, Manual
57000 km
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A first impression

  • 754 km
  • September 27, 2013 23:39

In recent years, choosing a new car pretty easy for me. Peugeot made in my nice cars so I switched from the 206 to the 207SW and the last one was 308. This time it was different and certainly not a foregone conclusion.

Shortlisted were a Peugeot 2008, Renault Clio Estate and the Renault Captur. After much deliberation, still chose the 2008 was decisive for me the quality of the materials used which in 2008 actually at a much higher level than the Clio / Captur.

The Allure is in addition to the temporarily available Premiere, normally the most luxurious version. Everything there is to a. Rain and light sensor, programmable cruise control, six speakers, comprehensive trip computer with touch screen, Climatronic into two zones, beautiful chrome rims and lots.

Personally I find the 2008 a chic look. Okay, there are quite a lot of different shapes / lines in the body but is no overkill.

Well here in 2008 really scored a lot of points. I think it is important that the interior is beautiful and well finished. It is still the place where denotes years. No ugly broad seams, no excessive gloss plastic, but beautiful materials that exude quality. The Allure is a nice gimmick. Above your head is in the sky a pattern of stripes which is illuminated in the evening. This results in a separate atmosphere. The placement of instruments has been said. You have to control your chair and set you look diagonally across the handlebars on the counters. As long as you do not have the length or plop the giant of Rotterdam there is no cloud in the sky. It's different, but you get used quickly.

Motor / gear
The engine is an old acquaintance who also serves in the 308 and, I believe Citroën and another brand. It's not the most modern engine (1.6 VTi 120hp) but strangely enough he is now quieter than in the 308. Apparently the insulation better or is there really something to change the engine. You need a 6th done to get more rest on board. A trigger stripes is not, but you do not buy for 2008. Switching is of Peugeots, occasionally a little hakerig. I'm after years of Peugeot are not used and worse to me.

How goes it? I come from a 308 and had expected that 2008 would still drive less. The opposite is true. Okay, the current 308 is on its last legs, but the 2008 runs really well. Steering is from the art, thanks to the small control and despite the 2008 higher on the feet he is driving like you're driving a 208.

I can think of only one downside at this time and which concerns the speakers. Which are less than in my previous 308. Soon, once again looking for replacements. Furthermore, a great car.

Dear reader, this is only an impression of my experience of 2008 in the last three weeks. A more detailed review will certainly follow.

No reason to complain.

  • 1621 km
  • November 2, 2013 10:41

Just a little update. I will always appreciate the car.
The flat floor and the way back goes a lot better than the 308 where I could get a flat load floor with ease. For me it is practical that the car is higher and there is no sill because I lift my dog ​​with ease from the trunk.
The 1.6 VTi engine is the same as the 308. No stripes tractor but he does what he has to do and does it well.
Comfort is really at a high level, and the same applies to the finish. Everything is just very well put together.
To use I do not look. Is no reason for me to buy a car or leave.
Road holding is fine, but you should not take a high speed cloverleaf course. Hill Assist is really helpful when not too steep up or afritjes.
The interior is really a lot quieter than the 308 I had.
Is there anything negative? Yes, the shelf is a dragon of a thing.

Fine car with a single point of criticism

  • 7570 km
  • May 12, 2014 16:48

Meanwhile I drove some more kilometers and I am still very satisfied. What pleases and what not?

+ Control response. Steering is a delight.
+ Prima chairs already had a slightly longer session was enjoyable.
+ Fine finishing of the entire car.
+ Beautiful materials.
+ Pleasant 1.6vti engine
+ Higher seat.
+ More than enough room for passengers.
+ Reasonable trunk.

- Awkward shelf.
- Worthless speakers (JBL always order option package which I did not).
- Switching is not very pleasant.
- Automatic climate control you must set per each zone. A Mono button is not there.
- Fuel cap with key old.

Meanwhile compare well

  • 13500 km
  • September 5, 2014 14:49

A month or two ago I served as a guest editor for AutoWeek. We went a Captur / Duster / Cactus tests. For me great opportunity once to compare the three with my 2008. The Captur was during testing my favorite. The Helly Hansen version is just a bit better than a Dynamique version. Maarrrrrr, for anything I want to swap with my 2008. He may be slightly more expensive and might not have such a sophisticated engine, but I appreciate the quality of materials in 2008 really very sorry.

But how do you like the 2008 to date after 13500km? In one year had the first car malfunction. The temperature was broken causing incorrect values ​​were passed. Interference is neatly resolved within a day. Furthermore, had no problem with the car. And drove down to Strasbourg what was just a wonderful trips. The engine is not really silent, but it is a truism so I should not complain. You actually miss a 6th gear. Perhaps the new three-cylinder comes from the 308 also to 2008.

The seats are great and provide ample lateral support (1.73 I'm medium build). The view on the dashboard is fine. I look over at the wheel of the meters and can see everything.

I advise no one to place a stainless steel strip on the top of the rear bumper. The shape of the strip is not equal to that of the bumper so that the strip never stays long. The only solution is to let the strip provided with blind rivets.

virtually flawless

  • 20000 km
  • March 10, 2015 14:46

In recent months, the Peu has broken down 1x. The temperature sensor broke down giving the impression that the engine was cooking. Incidentally, this proved to be a common problem with some models. That does not make it less annoying because I still had to consult Peugeot Assistence before being able to drive home.

Further, the car drives fine. In recent months it went to France, Germany and Luxembourg, and I liked fine.

Meanwhile, I've replaced all interior lighting with white LED illumination. That's still a lot better and give better light.

All in all an excellent car that works very well.

Wonderful car!

  • 57000 km
  • July 18, 2016 11:56

It's been that I wrote a review a while ago. But since the turn comes to 60,000km, but thought it would be nice to share my experiences.

Well, I can be brief. The car drives like a charm, every journey is a pleasure. Are not there any glitches? Oh, I call the little things:

1) Every now and then the radio playing softly remains though you have turned it off.
2) Wipers shock at low speeds. Could worth due to use Rain-X, the wiper blades are clean and only a few months old.
3) 1 nozzle for windscreen seems little to be hidden.

So what we are talking about? Trifles I call it.

No, comfort is excellent, no rattling, no electronic interference, in short, thick and very satisfied!

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 3.0
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