Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TSI 280 (2015) review

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Leon 2.0 TSI Cupra 280
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  • 400 km
  • January 3, 2015 09:51

After four months of waiting I finally my Seat Leon Cupra 280 may receive. In mid-November the car was already at the dealership on the sidewalk, but I wanted the car in January until registration. The wait was long.

Why I chose the Cupra? After the Renault Megane RS 265 Cup, I was back to an all-rounder. A car that I can be comfortable going on holiday, but also a car that I can good angles on a winding road. I had two cars on my list. First I looked at BMW Amsterdam are a BMW Z4 35is used. BMW fell off. Motor was a tyrant, also the state of the car was excellent and what a beautiful car! Only I found disappointing the car when I was going to ride. In particular, the support frame and controls were show charts for me. The car felt heavy, the control not of the BMW and the undercarriage was not balanced. Up to 80% of the limit a fine car, above a dragon.

I Come back in a hothatch out. Not surprisingly, I have a BMW 130i, Golf VI GTI and Renault Megane RS driven. I have a weakness for hothatches. Ordinary family cars racing down the street vowels with some modifications. The choice of the Seat Leon has been easy for me. The Cupra is similar hp / price ratio is most favorable. A Golf GTI has a slightly nicer decor, but you must check the option list firm and he misses 50 hp (Performance Version). The Golf R and Audi S1 ​​I find great cars, but unfortunately a bit too expensive. A Focus ST was never an option, and I did not wait for the cool Honda Civic Type-R or Focus RS (end of 2015).

Obviously I made a test drive in the Cupra, I was hooked. Cool looks, a fine suspension (really an all-rounder), nice balance, good grip (with differential lock). For lovers at I have written about a review. I knew Leon otherwise all right, my leased car is a Seat Leon 2.0 TDI FR. Also a car I am very pleased about. So I have two Leon Neat doorstep now stand. I chose the color Alorblauw, it has recently become available on the Cupra.

I also chose the DSG gearbox. I've always driven manual transmission cars, but now once again 'cheating' with the DSG. A very nice gear, especially with the paddles behind the steering wheel you can have fun. I also have checked a number of options that make life easier such as a sunroof, navi, PDC, Sound upgrade, DAB +, Safety Pack, heated seats and some little frills. By default, the car is already equipped with full LED lighting, adaptive dampers, 19-inch wheels, limited slip differential and other useful stuff.

Yesterday I had the car received and immediately drove the first 400 kilometers. I will later fill the valuations, which I now put in 4 star average. But unfortunately I found the first problem. The car vibrates. Next week, so back to the garage to re balance the car.

Further plans? I want to leave the car at the end of March chipping JD Engineering and replace the exhaust for a more enjoyable one. The Cupra does not sound very inspiring. Something has to be done. I fill this review further progress of the mileage and / or when to report details are.

made small improvements

  • 7000 km
  • April 27, 2015 10:16

The first 7,000 kilometers are already on the clock. In 5000 I mileage car at JD Engineering also provided with extra peppers. Some fall things:

First of comfort. What an improvement over my previous Megane RS. With dampers in comfort mode is really a great touring car. Which favors the comfort is that the car is fairly quiet and the seats are very fine. Most impressive is the driving at high speed on the Autobahn. The directional stability is really exquisite. Speeds of 250 kilometers per hour or faster are no problem for the Cupra. Also fast motorway bends can tackle with confidence.

Vs DSG gearbox
The DSG gearbox is highly recommended. The speed of the gear changes is really impressive. Especially downshifting with flippers remains addictive fun. The sport mode is very nice when you ride sporty. On the motorway / autobahn is the normal D position more pleasant. Only downside, I miss a seventh gear to get some fuel economy. In a quiet driving is one of 12 maximum attainable. I drive an average of 1 to 9. I miss the manual transmission? No, not now.

Handling / handling
I obviously sporty taken the necessary turns. What strikes me is that the engagement ESP frequently at times when the (still) is not necessary. You can, incidentally, also turn off the ESP. Despite the limited slip differential, I have just too much wheel spin anything. My previous Megane RS had more grip on the front axle. Once the car grip, then you have to take full advantage of the blocking and just full on the gas standing in the corner. Great technique.

The control of the Cupra is fine. Not the best system ever, but you can put the car quite right and he gives reasonable steering precision. Cupra position I find the controls too heavy and numb. If you drive an Audi. The dampers are I never stand in the Cupra, I often she simply leaves in solid curves are in comfort mode. Why harder suspension if it is not needed, right? Main selling point of the seat in a sporty driving style is that you feel that you are driving a light car (less than 1300 kg). At every turn you take advantage of it. The Cupra puts it nevertheless down slightly in terms of spectacle at my previous Megane RS, but it remains a fun car to drive hard. Precisely because it is so easy you can quite easily drive on the limit. The brake feel of the Cupra is fine. Tasty much bite and when the anchors casting the delay impressive. I do have to mention that I have not really used the brakes firmly prolonged (eg track use or alpine pass), so I can not judge the fading.

Performance tuning
The first 5,000 kilometers the car was stock and you'll actually nothing short. At most miss Slightly torque at 3,000 rpm, my predecessors performed there (thanks tuning) better. Above 4,000 rpm, the Cupra is really significant steps, and continues up to the rev limiter. Tours run pays off in this car and that makes it fun!

Performance after tuning
I'm still sitting here wondering if I still wanted to tune the car, because he has been running so good. But I'm still caved. More is better. When JD Engineering I chose to stage 2. In addition to software tuning a full Milltek exhaust and Pipercross air. The Cupra spits now 393 hp / 512 nm on the asphalt. The performances are phenomenal. Without checking the Cupra runs to 280 kilometers per hour on the clock. More is definitely in. Especially the mid-range is an experience. A sprint from 80 to 120 in 3rd gear raffel you in 2.3 seconds off (for tuning in 3.0). Really weird. The chip is of the conventional JD quality. The wealth and delivery is really exquisite. Hardly a turbo lag and he walks very nicely to the rev limiter. Even better if the original software. It pays the chip continues to run high-speed, only you find yourself naturally at low revs have more power at your disposal. Only minus is that I do not get perfect on the asphalt's ability in 2nd gear. Has partly to do with the Continentals because with the new Michelin Supersports I have more traction. Nevertheless, I consider it to power in 1st and 2nd gear to screw anything back.

engine sound
Here's the stock Cupra a bit wrong. He does not sound inspiring. Especially when you're in sports or Cupra position also even more engine noise gets out of the speakers 'gift'. Sounds very artificial. After the tuning, the car is provided with a full Milltek outlet and that is a huge improvement. The set is just right. Clearly more exhaust noise, but it is never disruptive or banging. And if the exhaust is warm fired hear also some nice thud coming from the exhaust. Really fun!

I have no mechanical problems are encountered, but I suffered from excessive tire wear fitted Continental Sport Contacts 3. They were already worn after 5,000 kilometers in the middle! I probably drove Overinflation with something (I drove by 2.5 bar on the front axle). The Conti's are known that they wear out quickly, but this is really crazy. Especially since I have used the car not even quite firmly. No stoplight sprints, no circuit work. Most kilometers were relatively easy highway and Autobahn. I have this tire replaced now by Michelin Super Sports. A good relationship with a lot of grip. These tire wears faster than average, but I hope this persisting longer.

Hunting for the 300 km / h limit

  • 13000 km
  • July 7, 2015 22:17

The last time I more often dwelt on the Autobahn. Take time to enjoy the capital. The car has been pretty losgereden. The acceleration continues with the second stage tuning insane. Particularly in the area 80-200 is the car incredibly quickly. But over 200 car continues rams. I've already seen 294 on the counter, unfortunately I had to brake because further away just what drove a lot of traffic. The 300 kilometer per hour limit should be feasible. To give you an indication of how the car is running, check here

More good news from the front tire. The mounted Michelin Super Sports wear down much less quickly. They also offer lots of grip, as I noted in Switzerland when I was some mountain roads to explore. I want it to come back to my earlier observation that the Cupra position was unnecessary. I changed my mind. The Cupra position I think eventually be finer in the solid curves. The controls are not the pinnacle of feeling, but the additional back pressure is quite nice if you are firmly on the throw. The DSG is in S-mode, brilliant in those circumstances. I let the flippers are usually left. I also noticed that the exhaust makes more noise in S mode (sports perks than tasty) for some extra experience. On the highway I drive always in D mode. Incidentally, it is to me that the direction of the vehicle top speed in the S-position in the end extends a little longer. Something I'm going to keep an eye on.

Minus the car. The undersized tank in combination with the average consumption. Especially on Autobahn Tempo de Leon is a huge bunch of drunks. For the rest I am very happy with the car, it is still a great allrounder.

sold Cupra

  • 27500 km
  • March 20, 2016 13:34

I - sold Cupra - with a heavy heart. I drive many kilometers yet to justify expensive gasoline car. I traded the Cupra at a Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD.

I will miss the Cupra? Hell yes. It's a great car. The seat is very fast (301 km / h on counter seen!), The car has a great grip and is comfortable again. It is the perfect all-rounder. The beauty is that the tuning not ruin the car. He can power just fine even lost. You're just a lot quicker.

In terms of reliability to complain about. The car runs like the sun. Only real flaw is the solid fuel consumption (1 to 8.5 on average). For the rest it's a great car. I hope the next owner will experience a lot of fun with it.

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