Subaru Forester 2.0D Premium (2011) review

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Forester 2.0D Premium
6, Manual
24 km
105000 km
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2011 Subaru Forester 2.0 diesel premium

  • 5600 km
  • May 16, 2011 20:48

Also thanks to my work I was driving dozens of cars from 14 brands. I can tell you that this Subaru Forester in 2.0 diesel XS Premium version is a fantastic all-rounder ... (Purchase price approx € 44,000)

(- badly -. Less than average -. + + Average better than average ++ excellent..)

-- The interior has a nice design and build quality is fine but there is used a lot of hard plastic that is also another very susceptible to scratching. It made by me "matt plastic protection" the more expensive brand gives plastic fortunately a softer glow.

- Transmission. The clutch pedal is just slightly overweight and has a very long battle. Is the seat relative to the brake and accelerator properly, then your left leg too short to fall into the clutch. Put your seat forward then you are again too close to the brake and accelerator (I solved this problem by increasing the clutch 3.5cm).
As long as the engine is still cold going to the switch (6 speed) is very stiff. Warmed goes smoothly but sporty and quick upshift is also not easy for the long shots. Are you not too dynamic rider? Then get used to it quickly.

- When you get there is no warning that you leave the roof open. Windows and roof are not remotely close.

- The rearview camera is useful for reverse parking, but to see with sunlight the screen is bad and sometimes the camera lens is dirty by splashing water. Personally, I prefer but such sensors rearview screen is quite different.

-+ Cost. The car has 15,000 km each in turn. This is often because many new diesels have a service interval of 30,000 km. However, the purchase price with respect to other (permanently) driven 4WD SUV's is very advantageous. In addition, the Subaru announced that their cars flawlessly very long life. Be careful with the insurance because especially in an Suv counting the one insurer much more premium than the other (I myself am at

-+ The operation of the Bluetooth audio / telephone system is very simple. Class!
The sound is a bit sharp and a bit pushy. Male voices sometimes have too much bass. Overall the sound is average from what I'm used to cars.

+ The exterior I find it tough without being overdone. Others find it neat or not bad but some might find it exciting enough. As an extra I re-install the roof spoiler.
Partly because of its exclusivity regularly looked at the car.

+ HD lights of cars sometimes strongly marked. Then you will see for a strong separation between light and dark. It is exhausting but the Subaru is very gradual. Without others to dazzle you look so far.

+ Instrumentation and control. This Subaru no automatic things that can or do not do much whatever you want. No automatic lighting and therefore no automatic wipers but nine (!) Interval positions. The indicator continues to flash three times after not touching only the driver's window with one touch down. There is also no separate climate control. However, there is an electrical device for defrosting the windscreen and the car remains briefly on the brakes if you drive off (handy on hills). Everything is very easy and intuitive to operate, and the clocks are clearly legible. The speedometer differs approximately 10km / h, depending on the actual speed (130 = 120).

+ The performance of this twin engine, a boxer diesel, are fine. The wonderful sound a bit like a six cylinder. From 1800 rpm there is plenty of pulling power. A quick catch is with the greatest of ease.

+ The front seats are reasonable to me. For tall people, the seat is somewhat short, but the seat back and head support are well adjustable. I myself it's put into a chair custom (of Ass) waadoor your course is much better. The passenger's seat is not adjustable in height, and is quite low (approximately an extra charge height adjustment € 550.00). Sitting distinguished especially in the excellent (high) seating position and excellent view outside. The window surface and the large exterior mirrors contribute to this. The mirror on the windshield is also adjustable in height so that it does not impede the view to the front. Rear seats are comfortable, adjustable handrails are independent and in several positions.

+ The car has an E tag. However, the consumption of an increased vehicle with permanent four-wheel drive favorable. Indeed, it is the most economical diesel Suv which is for sale at this time. Please note that nowhere on math than 1:14. I personally drive an average of 1:16 it but I really do my best then even 1:18 feasible.

+ In the tests, the Forester to be very safe from the bus. It only has Subaru "symmetrical all-wheel drive" allowing the car in bad weather is safer than the rest.

+ The build quality is of a high level. Unfortunately the doors sound when opening very tinny. That does not say anything about the quality and safety yet.

+ The handling (directional stability, crosswind) is low compared to cars a little better than average. Compared with other Suv's belongs to the top. The leather steering wheel has a nice thick but feels a tad dusty on. Ratification is quite strong and the feeling with the road is well maintained but the control, especially on the highway in the middle position, annoyingly rude. Small course deviations are therefore less easy to correct. The short wheelbase and turning radius is also riding in the mountains a pleasant pastime. It should however, you are not doing so as quickly as possible to take hairpin because the body leans quite over. The handling is more comfortable than sporty.

++ The car is compact outside but inside very roomy, both front and back, but the right front passenger must not exceed 1.85 cm as above is limited foot space. A fifth person has center back less space. This is because of the thick bulge on the floor, required for the four-wheel drive. Very spacious so for four. The trunk is calculated at four and has a nice flat floor. Among these trucks can optionally store the luggage cover. Handy!

++ Suspension and damping. When the car came were on the market in 2008, complaints about a curled and swaying behavior. Modifications that past. What remains is a very well balanced chassis is tuned for comfort.
At the rear is an automatic level control which ensures that the car load does not hang back. So the body is always at the correct height. Smart and safe.

++ Driving noises are substantially absent. The car is so quiet that you quickly too hard. The cruise control provides this solution. Above the 130 km / h, the wind noise will be clearly audible.

++ A delicious moving car. Not only on but also off the tarmac. Again and again I am amazed at how far you have come along. Driving in the snow is as if there is no snow! Look for it out the many videos on

In dozens of cars if I drive but I was never so excited. A smooth driving, spacious, very comfortable, safe and practical four seasons car. Few know the qualities of this car, which is just as well because it holds the exclusive. of this car will get the maximum number of stars (5). Do I want nothing at all? Yes. An interior nicer materials and a fine machine please thank you ...

If necessary, see my report on my previous car, the Subaru Outback 2.5i Executive in 2010. Click on the item right on this page.

First 15,000 km turn

  • 14200 km
  • December 11, 2011 12:07

No specialties. Cost: € 322.19

second turn

  • 30085 km
  • August 21 2012 11:20

No specialties. Cost: € 395.82

Third, 45000 km.

  • 46601 km
  • August 5, 2013 17:38

No specialties. Cost: € 379.14

105000 kilometers

  • 105000 km
  • May 30, 2016 16:03

My Subaru has now passed the 100,000 km and as expected without any problems. Outside the regular maintenance just replace the brake pads and tires. The costs of maintenance can I say little because most I do myself, and sometimes I go to an enthusiastic wheel specialist: Service Houtkamp in Bunschoten. The car suits me is still very good. In this new version does not get more natural but still the occasion. A recommended according to the AA. Look at their website:

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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