Mazda 2 SkyActiv G-90 GT-M Line (2016) review

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2 SkyActiv G-90 GT-M Line
5, Manual
43 km
1001 km
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Make selection and first impressions ...

  • 43 km
  • October 11, 2016 23:29

On Saturday 1 October 2016, the time had come. go pick up a new car is always exciting. Simultaneously it still feels weird to leave the old behind.

This is my third car in total, and my 2nd car is completely new. No problems with my previous car, the Renault Twingo 2013, but so slowly came to MOT date approaching and with it the chance that went out to several major publications.

So for a while already a little car scour websites looking for a new one. Here, the requirements were that (at least the most important) issues I had in the Twingo would also here; preferably a 5-door (Is not so easy); a somewhat larger vehicle (this means at a transition from A-to-B segment); and a car that I can keep up easier on the highway and can catch the N-roads. I myself also am a fan of the new version of the Twingo. So it was're looking for something else.

The choice fell on a Mazda 2 with the action model GT-M line. Here are almost all the options that I had in the Twingo (Cruise Control, Air conditioning (climate control in Mazda), privacy glass, Car Bluetooth, etc.) and a few extras that (ESP, Light and rain sensor, seat heater), and still falls within budget.

Compared to the alternatives, the second came at the time as very good option for the GT-M line version. Alternatives I've seen include the Opel Corsa and Renault Clio / Captur.

On September 10 found a good trade offer my Twingo, but it brought a new dilemma with it. What color is the new car? My first preference was for the Dynamic Blue variant, but now the dealer himself had the Soul Red face (which I also test drove it, this was still a discussion point for myself. When offered the dealer the difference (the red is € 150 euro expensive) to share, my choice was made to go for red. this was also ordered and it would take several weeks to order and delivery.

On October 1 it was time to get the car really. Initial state mileage: 43km.

first 1000

  • 1001 km
  • October 12, 2016 00:18

So today the first 1000 km on the odometer.

I had the car when I'm given the same day but immediately refilled to see how efficient the car really be going.

Yesterday the second refueling, and the first results are in use. Until now I come to a nice use of 5.49l / 100km (or 1 in 18.2). This is actually suspiciously close to the consumer whatever I drove the Twingo. Nice that not only the theoretical consumption of both cars are the same, but this seems to have known so far in practice so.

This is partly because I think that this car is actually not so heavy compared to the competition. Twingo weighed 839KG, Mazda weighs 950kg but his 111kg more. This also represents the Mazda with 950kg nice sitting on the edge to come out so only one category higher road tax. So nice bonus, especially as often weighs more competition (Opel Corsa: 1041KG, Renault Clio: 1057KG, i20: 1040KG).

Where I still have to get used the sound produced by the engine. At the Twingo you could hear the sound pretty quickly what speed you were driving at that speed, the Mazda hear you actually completely not the same sound. Also on the highway is good to note that the smaller engine in the Twingo still had to clear more speed for the same speed.

The motor still a lot more powerful, to see how fast I am now at the right speed, even without having had the chance / time to switch. This switch makes the Mazda otherwise quite tasty.

What I find crazy is that although the car a bit longer (~ 40cm), knows ready to play a smaller turning radius (9.9m -> 9.4m).

Will just see if I can add a photo of the car. The red color is really beautiful there.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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