BMW 216d Gran Tourer Lease Corporate Edition (2015) review

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216d Gran Tourer Lease Corporate Edition
6, Manual
21 km
12500 km
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First impression BMW 216d Gran Tourer Executive Sport

  • 270 km
  • August 15, 2015 21:27

Because of the expiration of the lease at 180k km of my Peugeot 508 1.6 eHDI I need to find an alternative. The choice is limited to the brands Volvo, BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford.

In recent years I have driven a Mazda 6, Ford S-Max and 2x Peugeot 508. I also let my "suffering" by the aggregation sample. It is, after all, the last chance to take advantage of even a low addition category. There remain three cars on the shortlist. The Passat 2.0 diesel variant, the Ford Mondeo 2.0 diesel station and after the positive experience with the 7-seater S-Max in the past, the two BMW Gran Tourer. Unfortunately, 20% addition only possible with a three-cylinder 1.5. And I also have to tow a caravan !?

The test runs clarify. The Passat drives just fine with its spacious interior and powerful engine but in the back double with a huge tunnel in the middle. The Mondeo is, despite its good looks, at (looks small on the inside, outdated and limited navigation panel). Remains the BMW. We were only 15km away because there was no demo was available with the three-cylinder engine. It does not disappoint. A couple of times to catch up on a 80km road shows that switching is required (third gear is long and pulls easily from well above 100 and fourth picks it well). I do not believe this is part of the consumption test laboratory but that aside. It definitely is with me. The kids (13 11And seven years) are already out, BMW should be it! A real family car. And he looks inside nice.

Well, and now?

Anyway count again. The Passat is my final 50 to 75 euros more expensive per month than the BMW. This is partly because of the attractive introductory discount offered by the leasing company. But then a concession on capital. Given that my contract expires I quickly choose the showroom model that matches my needs.

It became:

- BMW 216d Grand Tourer (7p)
- Corporate Lease Executive Sport
- Introduction Package (sunroof, premium roofing etc)
- Mediterranean Blue

270 km
After the holiday time has come. The 180k km by Peug achieved. I can pick up the car. After a fine transfer of Martini in Groningen (it's the first episode of a GT) we can make the first kilometers. My first impressions are:

- What a nice interior
- A high seating makes any search is the correct position of the seat
- sensitive control
- Stiff barriers to large but fairly comfortable on rough roads
- Many turn to speed
- quietly at higher speeds (180 km / h A31 Germany)
- Delicious Multi Media Information IVG with Peugeot
- Some disapproving looks from BMW adepts

In short, the first impression is good. But the car will now have to prove in practice. If desired, I will expand the review in the coming months. Let me know when there is a need.

It's started

  • 12500 km
  • November 9, 2015 20:55

2300 km
Will you always see, new car (1300 km), and yes, a child's bicycle with the basket along the fender. It's only paint damage shall we say. It is neatly repaired simultaneously with damage to the right rear bumper I have caused myself. Let's just say it when reversing is a large blind spot. Not seen in the mirrors and over your shoulder when you also ignores the parking sensor ....

The search is still in the sport seats. The numerous settings (high / low / tilt / seat height) in combination with the control that you can get close to you makes me not my ideal is've found.

Other observations:

- Very quiet motor with a gearbox with wide range. It is good to have a shift indicator in the dashboard is because the lack of engine noise I forget to turn it regularly (on).
- relatively large band sound
- accelerating from 120 km in his six takes a while, went to the 508 faster. Perhaps the engine must still loose
- The consumption is around 5.9 liters with great highway mileage of more than 130 km / h
- Navigation excellent, lots of settings
- train springs deep in long uneven (prolapse Emmeloord A6)
- Excellent in long motorway bends
- Very good for a steering wheel actuator
- very good lighting, LED automatic mode
- Gorgeous interior mood lighting
- Use cruise control is used to. I press any button on the CC instead Resume
- Rain sensor does work well here

The appearance is debatable, the fact is that one morning I twice got compliments about the exterior.

12,500 km
What a nice car. Every day I move there with pleasure in part because I have found the ideal is. The band sound seems strangely greatly reduced what makes it even quieter. The LED proves itself on the dark autumn days. The handling like excellent and sometimes invites a sportier feel than you would expect from a family car. The other family members are satisfied with the children regularly to the third row sit in place of the means of spot on the second row.
What was previously the biggest doubt point seems to work fine in practice. The three-cylinder diesel does its job perfectly. It takes getting used to but as long as you switch back in time is in third gear is sufficient capacity to catch up on 60 and 80 km of roads. Higher speeds are thereby no problem because you hear the engine barely. Above 120km / h it goes slower. The result is that consumption is pretty. With an average of 5.89 liters per 100 km I sit well above the standard of 4.1 liters, but that story we know that by now. In a few weeks the winter beneath and to the winter.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 3.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 3.0
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