Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 (2016) review

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Countryman Cooper SD ALL4
6, Manual
7000 km
7500 km
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replacement car, bmw in service

  • 7500 km
  • July 18, 2016 19:17

Here is a brief impression of the replacement car I've driven a few days waiting for the service to my BMW.

A real review you can not call it, considering that I only some 100s km in this car I drove around. But because you do not often see this car back in myreview I thought it was ok some brief impressions of dropping.

From the outside this is immediately recognizable as a mini, although these in a strange way out of the lumps has been washed. It looks very funny in itself.

From inside you see those things back that I know of photos of the new mini. A huge panel with a speedometer around. Nice gimmick. And in the middle the information that can be seen in particular about BMW's. Navigation, radio etc.

Right in front of you a small tachometer, happy with the speed digitally displayed (because the speedometer in the middle is M.i nvrijwel useless) and further information from the onboard computer.

the rest are everywhere switches that are scattered in odd places in the car. You have to get used to, but the most important functions are easily found. The operation of the navigation is much like BMW's iDrive, but the mini-joystick (instead iDrive controller) is so clogged that I serve not have ventured this while driving. Still, I think it's got something. It gives the car character.

I see an option that is so practical that I wonder why that is not built into all cars and that is the sun visor. You have a clear side. And that prevents you should always turn the sun visor on the front as the sun does not come forward.

The seat is fine, but high. Seats are pretty well set.

It is a mini wider and the rear seems adequate space, but it looks like it's no wonder space.

From inside everything seems fine quality. Leather seats and lots of options. The exact version I do not know, but many must have been extra. There were eg parking sensors, a sunroof and a sport button that makes everything feel a bit sharper.

Then driving. The gearbox does not really creamy. I know better, but there is work with. The controls are really super directly kart like I say, and the suspension is very hard. So hard that you feel the blows throughout the car. Your sport mode than everything seems STILL Day to be sharper.

The motor invites racing. Feeling nervous and invites make revolutions. Although the torque is present at about 1500 rpm. When accelerating, you hear a compressor like screeching. I think this is done intentionally because the Cooper S had (has?) A compressor. This adds to the racy feel of the engine. I find myself sitting at 80 km / h still in 4th gear and did not shift up to 6th. Could easily of course but did not feel fine in any way. Also in terms of engine mapping everything feels like to actually.

You can take a turn with a lot of gas and the car will eagerly around the corner. In terms of performance you could nothing short but really I was expecting for the Mini Cooper SD would fit the 170hp version. That would make the car really fast. Maybe something for the SD Works Edition?

Consumption then. This Mini love a sip, but also due to the opdwepende character. 8 l / 100 km I came out.

I think this is more a car for short and medium distance. Long-distance car too nervous. The car has a lot of character and apparently you have to pay dearly for. It seems to me something for people who want a small but still want some more space. Performance is okay, but the SD badge deserves that 170 hp diesel is spooned it.

And maybe that's removable control zWhen Mr. Bean that had something for this car. His driving style I had acquired in that car

All in all, those few kilometers I was funny but I personally would not choose your car.

  • comfort 2.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? maybe

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