Tesla Model S 85D (2015) review

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Model S 85D
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50048 km
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20,000 kilometers with the Tesla Model S

  • 20000 km
  • April 3 2016 21:10

After 50,000 kilometers an update from my review of the Tesla Model S and electric vehicles in general.

Review at 20,000 km.
Following the introduction of the Tesla Model 3 I have been amazed at the comments on articles about Tesla. Both positive and negative. There are a lot of unsubstantiated opinions, so I decided it was time for a review of all the advantages and disadvantages of the Model S. It may help future buyers S, 3 or X. My Tesla now has 20,000 km on the clock, including a holiday in Austria.

Why Tesla
My previous car was a Volvo V70 2.5T. Great car: sitting up for three little kids, representative and fast enough. However, with 2 tons on the counter I was ready for something new. This new car was at least large enough for the family, and preferably tax advantage. I am an entrepreneur in the field of marketing software and therefore prone to innovation and of course for all the tax benefits. The choice was between Tesla and the Volvo XC90, my test drive in the Tesla. After that ride I was sold. I think it's great model, innovative and this car is certainly less harmful to the environment than the plug-in hybrids.

I chose the 85D, the version with the greatest range at that time: 500 kilometers. According to the website at least. Further options are the autopilot package, next-gen seats and sunroof.

The purchase of the Tesla struck me initially disappointing. The concept is great, you take a test drive, order online and a specialist is assigned you coached in the period before your car is delivered. Probably unlucky but both of the initial seller and the delivery of specialist I expected more service. For example, they are the packages that I have chosen to inform the delivery. Meanwhile, my experience with the people of Tesla has improved a lot, they are all on his American friendly.

First impression
What can I say. The first period with Tesla is one big party. Be prepared for your neighbors to the car, everyone would ride, and you wegsprint at every stoplight. I have or are unenforceable the p85d sitting on the 100 in 2,8s, but with 4.5 seconds, the car still huge rap. My son was five when we had the car just, stopping four of five boys and one boy of 37 in a Tesla Model S and you have a successful children's party. The children sprinting now renamed the Tesla currents.

Range and charging
I still weekly accosted by strangers on the car. First question: how far you can drive it? In this honest answer:
500 kilometers theory. according Tesla, moreover, also. The car itself admits that the 'typical' range is about 420 kilometers.
Daily completely packed battery is not recommended, so in practice you load the car full to about 340 km
Which gives you 340 km in ideal conditions, little city driving and not too high speeds on the highway. Almost never so. In daily practice is the range between 250 and 300km if you charge up to 80%. Key factors here are cold, precipitation and weight of your right foot. Drive faster than 130km / h, killing the range.

The other important question is: how long will it take to load. Now it's like this:
To household power load your 16km / h
At a public point or three-phase socket around 50km / h
In a free Tesla Supercharger about 500 km / h

So that's a shock at first, but is it really? Well, that is very happy with it. The secret of an electric car is that you should not load as it should, but load if possible. Just regular at the outlet in the street or parking lot. If you start the day with a full charge, there is nothing to worry about. Tenmninste, if like me you live in Utrecht where you stumble over the charging stations and can almost reach every Dutchman within 150km. If you live in an area with less charging points and ride daily over 200km? Then I would have to rethink. Either you have an electric car more planning and thought than a regular (or ICE) vehicles.

other experiences
Besides the looks and performance Tesla has a number of distinct advantages. There is a free data plan, you can redeem maintenance for four years and get free access to the Tesla superchargers. So you can virtually free ride if you uitkient. By far the most distinctive of the Tesla Model S I find software updates via WiFi. Since August I have been there the following software features:
Autopilot (hands-free driving)
Summon (car show unpark via phone or Apple Watch)
map updates
30km extra range

My car is better and more complete than when I bought it. I know the battery capacity decreases with use, so far, the range only become bigger but the software updates.

The nextgen chairs are otherwise highly recommended, especially on long journeys they sit comfortably. Driving away without sound is an experience in itself. I feel the car is fast, comfortable and got out the car still in the briefs without using the 'slip off'. disadvantage is that the interior is so minimal that there are almost no available trays or boxes.

The autopilot I put always immediately when I drive the highway. I love my hands still on the steering wheel but the drive itself is very relaxed, especially in heavy traffic. In addition, it saves a lot of penalties.

Automatic parking I never use again. Generally it takes me too long in streets with heavy traffic creates congestion or there is always a car close by.

winter sports
We go once a year on holiday by car with winter sports. So this year to Austria with the Tesla. That means to drive supercharger supercharger. This also requires more planning. In advance, we booked an overnight hotel overlooking a supercharger. Car calculated during the ride exactly where you need to stop and for how long, but the range is quite dependent on speed, cold, hills and precipitation. In two paths we have still worried whether it would go well, then ultimately turns out better than expected. Nice that you may get to know the car on such a journey is unfortunate that you can not ride as good by the autobahn is empty. Compared to our family who left once we have done a half hour longer. The ride is free again because the Tesla Superchargers.

For other holidays money I think that if you have a roof box, bike carrier or caravan, the Tesla is not an option. I know there are people who settle more stops charging, but it would take too long for me. The alternative is to rent a car or car loan, you can probably find someone with ICE who wishes to exchange a few weeks.

In buying the Tesla is obviously a lot more expensive than a Volvo. To calculate the cost, I assume one of the sheets that you can download on the internet for calculating car costs. Here I refer to the total costs over five years, including depreciation, maintenance, fuel, insurance and road tax. Variable costs such as maintenance and fuel are considerably lower than in the (gasoline) Volvo. The big question is how big is the depreciation. In normal depreciation I, after five years, comparable costs in my previous car was half cheaper. If the depreciation disappointing, I stay just in driving. For there is eight-year warranty on the battery and drivetrain, and given the limited number of moving parts, the car remains then also do.

Questions about electric vehicles
There are a few things that always are covered if you're talking about electric cars. So here are some responses to common questions:

Is it environmentally friendly? Power still comes mainly from coal-fired plants?
Check this link for it
Even with gray surge electric car around the circuit less co2. My experience is that public charging points using green power. In addition, if the entire electricity production greener than all electric cars greener immediately.

But hydrogen is still the future? Then you can fill it in 10 minutes
I am definitely not an expert but I do not know. The problem with hydrogen is that it takes a lot of energy to make it ready for use as fuel. Check this link for that: http://cleantechnica.com/2014/06/04/hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicles-about-not-clean/. In addition, the infrastructure is not there. A hydrogen automobile is an electric vehicle with a different type of battery, and much more technique. If I had to choose now for a more expensive car, more complex technique (and therefore more maintenance) and less cargo space with the only advantage I can refuel quickly, I would probably not do. But who knows, the leading hydrogen fuel as in 2020, I just step over again.

But it is still very busy at the charging stations
I do sometimes worry me, myself because I have no driveway. Fortunately, there are placed many poles in Utrecht. I do think, however, that it is better if more come purely electric vehicles with large batteries. I see plugin hybrids that need to recharge after every ride and then another day standing on a pole while the battery is already full hose. Personally, I only have a couple of times a week to the charging station and then allow loading much of the night. The larger the battery the more efficient the use of charging stations is.

What makes Tesla so special that people standing in line for a new model? Most importantly, I believe that Tesla will make you as a driver feel special. They do this through their marketing and excellent service. But also because the car that you use every day on the news comes when there is again a new update. Or because you always tell something cool. Despite the disappointing range so I now make the same choice again.

About 50,000 km by Tesla

  • 50048 km
  • March 9, 2017 22:29

After 18 months I have driven over 50,000 km with my Tesla. Slightly higher mileage per year than I had originally thought. In this update of my experiences:

Experience with electric vehicles and range
Sometimes I drive the gasoline car (Kia Sportage) my wife and that's to get used to. Electric driving is quiet, fast and cheap. The least mentioned advantage is perhaps the drive with one pedal (brake is almost not needed). Especially in heavy traffic or situations where you'll need acceleration and braking is this huge fine.

Further to my previous review, there was some discussion about the range of the Tesla. I loaded the car when up to 80% for daily use, now I do it to 90%. I have last year kept the range in different situations (including photos for someone who does not believe me) and come to the following range at 100% load:

temperature 15-20 degrees, mostly 100km / h motorway: up to 440km (consumption 160Wh / km)

temperature 0-2 degrees, mainly 100km / h Motorway: max 300 (consumption 260 Wh / km)

The range is mainly dependent on cold and speed 80-100km / h is economical, above 130 km / h goes off a lot of range. If someone wants to know the range in other situations, let me know!

After 50,000 km, the battery capacity is diminished appreciably. Indeed, there has been a software update that has caused more range.

Driving experience, long journeys and holidays
Last summer not summer vacation by car, but since the last review I there is a genuine road trip to the WW2 beaches in Normandy and again sit up a winter sport.

Absolutely the most enjoyable on a Tesla drive on winding roads. acceleration often send much easily and quickly reduce speed without using the brakes. And all with a kind of grand, serene tranquility. It is awesome.

On the highway, the car is also fine. I think the sound is not all that much less than comparable cars in this class, but autopilot is fine (I'll be more extensive back) on long journeys.

In summer no charge to France had Range Anxiety, navigation sends you to supercharger supercharger and since the last update you can also see if there is still place. To Austria to watch out better because of the cold. Slightly more load and therefore pay attention to the time of departure.

By day's load because not very. By the time we went to the toilet have disembarked with three kids, and everyone drank the car already full. It is a lot less fun at night with three kids sleeping five minutes to sit in a parking lot next to a closed restaurant in the car.

Fortunately, we have never experienced that there was no place in the Super Chargers. This remains a great service Tesla. Without Superchargers's holiday with the electric car possible.

Using AutoPilot
There is a lot of positive and negative news around autopilot. Videos that accidents are prevented to videos with the correct causes accidents. Opinions are also divided us. I drive myself almost always on autopilot, my wife hates it.

What in any case as one is above water: Autopilot works only if you keep your focus there. At each ride situations arise where you can drive better themselves. I notice that I switch from autopilot to manual as;
- I see that slowly drove away for me
- car swapped for me of course and I give gas at fixed
- in driveways and exits
- if it's not me changing jobs fast enough

In situations where it works well (long pieces on stable speed) it really makes for a much finer and quieter driving experience. Recently I was driving at night in thick fog and it is a very safe feeling is watching the radar. When used properly, I believe that autopilot is safer. If you use AutoPilot to simultaneously watch or do something else a film, you are in my view right in the head.

Maintenance, repairs and quality
Now I have two maintenance behind. By buying the car I purchased the service plan that provides four maintenance. I'm honestly wondering if I should do that. It does not happen very much in a turn and I recently spoke to a Tesla driver who had done 100,000 km without maintenance.

When maintenance is done some minor repairs. The charge port is replaced because of a recall, the center console is better fixed put, there was excitement among the middle bar of the glass roof. Some readers will perhaps this is due to the bad construction quality "of the interior of the Tesla. Maybe they even equal, at least, each individual point solved satisfactorily. In the area of ​​the control system, drives, batteries, etc., no issue.

About the Tesla service I're still more than satisfied. Always a loan car (Tesla) and recently she called after a turn with the offer to the car briefly in Utrecht to get swap.

software updates
The software updates remain unique. Since the last review has improved autopilot, I Spotify got there, the entire user interface changes and recently improved Tesla App.

I'm curious what the software of my autopilot happening now comes in new Tesla's other hardware. In any case, the software updates are a great benefit that the car is still up to date and hopefully stay for a while.

Daily use
I do not want too much sound as a die-hard fan Tesla, for I know well that there are many good reasons to buy a Tesla. For me money that I enjoy my car running every day, cool like that the door handles come out when I'm around. I am happy if the car to heat when it is cold and enjoys to cruise away in silence.

Hmm, maybe a fanboy so ....

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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