Renault Grand Scénic 2.0 16V Privilege Luxury (2004) review

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Grand Scénic 2.0 16V Privilege Luxury
6, Manual
145000 km
171000 km
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First year

  • 157500 km
  • December 2, 2010 22:24

After four years driven to full satisfaction to have a Peugeot 406, we bought a Renault Grand Scenic in December 2009.

The successor to the Peugeot had to have at least one LPG plant as many kilometers on gasoline dropped out yet expensive. The choice was made for a model with at least a 2 liter engine as we like to go with the caravan set off.

Ultimately, it thus became a Grand Scenic LPG and a 2.0 16V engine. The entire service history from 30,000 km (all at the same Renault dealership) was there and he was privately driven and therefore no ex-lease.

I was aware of the reputation of the Renaults of those model years, but much as I can myself, assisted where necessary by my father (who was a mechanic Renault), I have dared to gamble. A big advantage of that reputation was certainly the purchase price, which was lower than comparable pieces Touran or Zafira.

We are now a year has passed and I am very happy with my Scenic. It is a very large car and he drives really well. Only thresholds he does not like, but it is also partly due to the additional placed auxiliary springs (there were already in the purchase, I found out later).
The additional seats which are folded in the soil are not often used, but when used it is a real attraction for the kids. When folded rest a whopper of a luggage compartment. The only drawback is the fact that the Grand Scenic often than what weighs heavier ordinary Scenic and this so it counts in the road tax.

This year obviously been on holiday with the caravan (1200 kg) to Normandy. The car could be this good and a cruising speed of 100 km / h in sixth gear is no problem. The LPG tank is empty then after about 150 km, is a little less, but overall LPG available in France were good. Please note in which row you stand at the pump, especially on the busy toll sections, because usually there is only one LPG pump available (and also remember the special LPG adapters for Belgium and France).

Since it is a utopia that has an autogenous niggles of 6 years and 150,000 km on the clock, below is a list of the niggles that I have:

-After purchasing a (forgotten) factory modification carried out to the engine crankcase ventilation (only 2.0 16V 2004) i.v.m. an annoying beeping sound at idle. After placing another vent hose / valve of about 30 euros was fixed.

-During the trip to Normandy loved the LPG plant with it on. Had a week before that all problems with it, but that seemed resolved. tried on the holiday site of everything, but I can not get over the leak. That was so the whole holiday and the trip therefore expensive gasoline driving. Fortunately the petrol in France was cheaper than in the Netherlands and LPG more expensive, so it was about to see the difference in price. And fairness also requires me to say that the car + caravan petrol just what went smoothly. This still has the low power loss when driving on LPG. Also we could therefore longer continue on the journey, the greater capacity of the fuel tank. Because we got the Scenic anyway taken to a specialist LPG unresolved problems after returning. The cause turned out to be a broken wire in the LPG system. The cost turned out to be 163 euros, added to the own installed new LPG filter and spark plugs so 200 euros total expenses. But this was so not really attributable to the Scenic because the cause was so evident in the LPG system.

-Three doors lock buttons worked into the door handle and then not. A typical Renault ailment, it does not hurt, you can just close the key card doors, but if you're a pietlut, you want it to work. So bought for 56 euros three new buttons / sensors and positioned himself.

-I suffered from a typical Scenic ailment, a slight popping noise when turning the steering wheel. Caused by the strut bearings. Again, you do not immediately have to drive to the dealer, you can drive it just fine, but the best thing is that it is still dissolved. So all told 37 euro bought two new strut bearings and installed itself.

-There is a left mirror in order because the heating does not work anymore. The cost will be about 15 euros here.

This means that, including a self-executed turn 4 new Michelin tires, have spent about 900 euros a year. Of course I bought the items at a discount and I can do a lot.
But even if I should have the car serviced by the dealer / garage, then so bad it strikes me as regards the problems in a car six years with this mileage.
The car has never let me stand this year, even during the harsh last winter, and most of the niggles were what most annoying, but not problematic or MOT.

Below some + and - points:

+ Very large car
+ Good caravan tractor
+ Keyless Entry and drive is actually quite handy
+ good seats
+ Many tricks such as sliding storage compartment between the front seats, a separate children's mirror and solar curtains in the rear doors

- Does not like barriers
- 2.0 16V motor is not super-efficient (1 to 9 on LPG, 1 in 10 petrol)
- Side seat driver's seat of synthetic leather, tears come in here.
- Renault Standard Radio has operated awkward buttons.

second update

  • 161 500 km
  • March 30, 2011 10:31

This second update on our Scenic. The second winter there is now and there really is no telling lots of news. Since the last update it by starting all winter and has been run. No problems, so I can safely say that we have done with a good purchase after nearly eighteen months. Unlike my (lease) Golf VI in 2009. Here is noted yesterday that after less than 50,000 km is already deceased, the air conditioning pump (also made MyReview update). That is what is called German thoroughness .....

For over a week the summer tires are put back adress below, so let the summer begin.
There is still a slightly irritating, but which in turn is located on the LPG installation, and that is the fact that the on-board computer measures the consumption and thereby also the number of consumed liters. This also adjusts the display tank, and of course the fuel tank does not really running low. Result: squeaky dashboard and empty tank display, while still really petrol in the tank. I want to try this spring to install a so-called tankfopper. This Gotcha reset at each start the tank display. Let's see if what works better now.

Latest update

  • 171000 km
  • March 26, 2012 15:59

Well, you will have something new to why I have been swapping Scenic ended in December 2011 on a Scenic II Phase II 2.0 16V in November 2006, again on LPG G3.
Have no problems with it until the end, he was even approved for another year. Should this have replaced the MAD auxiliary springs (via MP scored a 2nd hand set), because they were rusty and broken one.
T.z.t. will be creating a review for the new Scenic. This fact drives already 4000 km around any
The fact that I again bought a Scenic, is actually an answer to the question of whether I was satisfied with this Scenic

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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