Lexus IS300; Is300 Sport Cross Machines (2002) review

4PerformanceSpeedsYear BuiltYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
is300; Is300 Cross Sports Automatic
-1, automatic transmission
168 718 km
236 421 km
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And Lexus, what is that ???

  • 215000 km
  • October 31, 2016 07:49

In December 2013 I got a good offer for our BMW 323i coupe.

The 323i came in 2007 in our household as the successor to a BMW 525 TDs. In the years when we climbed the mileage of 160,000 to 250.000km.

My wife thought she could best without a car ....

After a few weeks my wife liked it so desirable that a car would come for her. With a budget of € 1000, - she bought to Lancia Lybra, 2 liter 5 cylinder. My god what a car. The 5 cylinder had his last interview in 2004 121.000km. On the counter was already 255.000km with a toothed belt camshaft which changed every 70.000km to be a ticking time bomb. But the thing went wonderfully. The 5 cylinder sounded so cool if you stepped on the accelerator. Paffarottie when you kicked him in the nuts. But a risk by lack of maintenance ...

I had put my sense of what else. The requirements were simple. 6 cylinder,
at least 200 hp,
optionally a station,
provable mileage with NAP.
Budget € 7,500

There is not much choice, BMW 330, Mercedes C and E Audi A6. After watching a few of the German baking I was careful. Too many import cars with uncertain mileage, fully loaded with accessories or bought in the Netherlands, barren lice with high mileages.

A buddy said. "Look at a Lexus IS 300" A Lexus? is asked. Okay. He had done his homework and a car on the eye. IS300 sedan with a sunroof, leather, automatic. A neat car. The trader spoke briefly on Friday afternoon. Yes, the car is still available, though two months, almost no interest.

That Saturday we went to the north. When the dealer turned the car "just" sold. Half an hour after my bell had walked one and had offered a ride after money and taken the car ... Why the man did not call us here?

In the car through Autoscout looked for other IS and the environment. A black station 2002 in Hoogeveen. Approximately one hour drive from the hole in Friesland where we were then.

An hour later we were face to face with a neglected Sport Cross. Spacious 1 ½ ago traded in a VITO so told the seller. He had never been interested for Lexus. It showed. Grass grew through the alloy wheels, the moss was all over the car. The battery was dead, the battery is too light. Customize with rigid cables went around the block. After 5 seconds, turned the cylinder 6 a clear round. After some squabbling over the price and trade of the Lancia we came to € 4,500. With fresh MOT.

½ Since January 2014, the car in our stable. What a gift bucket! Unknown to many, so often interested ask for the car. The driving experience is high. The car is not only fast also very comfortable. Equipped with a brilliant sound system ex factory. While ... Lexus radio died and accompanying CD changer is deceased and replaced with a Pioneer double din car kit with the phone. This is all described what broke since purchase.

Okay, 4 new Michelin tires and brake discs 2 and blocks. The fuel to be used is 1 to 9.7. Maintenance at the local car maintainer. Meanwhile we have buried 45,000 km and the counter at 215.000km.

MOT and go

  • 217 520 km
  • January 21, 2017 05:38

MOT and go (217 520 km)

The IS is actually too quiet, so we pulled our leasbak the addition. So next year the IS again should the bin. Together with the MG and the Jag we make against the 20.000km private.

The last two, of course, only with appropriate weather. The overhaul was last October at 214.500km. New oil / oil filter, air filter and a cargo inspections. So this time without an MOT service.

€ 39.95 for the MOT and a gallon of washer fluid later I was standing outside. "Such a Jap is earning nothing" complained mechanic.

This is the 2nd MOT since I ride the IS and even the 2nd time for less than € 40, - at cost. Consumption by the cold and many short pieces slightly but 1 in 9 for 3LTR machine is really not bad.


  • 226319 km
  • August 18, 2017 16:33

In recent weeks vibrates, creaks and squeaks Lexus front. He is often still a long time since we have 3 cars. A quick check shows that the discs at the front at their end.
So local hero boodt new discs and pads with mounting for € 350, - for the front. The Lexus dealer asked almost every wheel.

After a few weeks began to sound a beating. It appears that the guided pins of the brake calipers are worn and should be replaced. The dealer wants to replace the pins and the saddles have over € 700. The pins with saddles on Internet charges a € 120, - so we'll do it ourselves.

Furthermore, Lexus shows a wonderful journey mobile. Fast and comfortable. Consumption roams short rides around 1 to 9.5 at long distances, Brussels and Nubirgring return as around 1 in 10.4

New tires and beating solved

  • 231264 km
  • September 13, 2017 14:24

In recent weeks rattled some on the right front. After searching through a local garage that Lexus dealer could find nothing visited. It was found that the guided pins of the brake calipers were worn out. They came up with an estimate of € 750, -

Through the Lexus forum I got the information that replacing the pins in most cases would be sufficient and the answering of the question put there an address on eBay.

The pins order and within four days from England. Costs € 31, -

Because voorbandan after more than 45.000km replacement toewaren I prompted the local band farmer to replace the tires and mounting pins.

He counted to replace pins € 35, - and YES the noise is gone.

I chose Goodyear tires. My first conclusion is that these more noise riggels and the like than the previously installed Michelins.

The remreparatie now cost € 66 to € 750 at the Lexus dealer. Okay, they reviceren the calipers and replace the pins and the brake calipers. But considering the result I am satisfied.

Time 2 move on

  • 236 421 km
  • October 1, 2017 16:25

After more than 3 1/2 years and nearly 70.000km itching became too much ....
There must be something else ...

So I put my by a local merchant as "obsolete loft" completed cases Lexus marketplace. With a price just above the two other Lexuses 2001 and 2002. Within four minutes after placing a Pole on the phone, "Is your IS still for sale" ... "What is your lowest price" "I want the price that i ask. "A Beep, Beep, Beep, follows. Then do not!

An hour later a appje, "Hello I'm from Poland Andrei ..." Together we flaps back and forth over the car. He would like to have him come and pick up next week. If he wants to deposit € 500 transfer via Western Union. No thank you, and I put him saying "the nail" off. "I'll be in touch" he says.

Less than an hour later, an email with nine questions about the condition of the car, someone who seems to know this type of car. COOL. After my answer follow three emails with questions or an appointment.

Saturday morning just about nine o'clock, three men at the door, George, with his mother and father. The car is viewed from all sides and tapped. During the test drive shows that Dad has an IS 200 manual, "Kohlere what drives it quieter, faster and finer than mine." He says one time or what. I turn back to my house the men in the coffee and there is geplust and gemind. I sink a little in price and then it sounds "We had to do it."

Fifteen minutes later we are at the post office. Home exchange money and the owner George and his father in the IS300 Sport Cross drives off I swallow a tear.

Twas quite a brilliant cool car!

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 4.0
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