Toyota C-HR 1.8 Hybrid Bi-Tone (2016) review

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C-HR 1.8 Hybrid Bi-Tone
1, automatic transmission
50 km
15000 km
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My newest addition!

  • 2000 km
  • January 16, 2017 09:35

Back in 2014 I was impressed by the concept model of Toyota called C-HR. I then had honestly can not think that this concept model a few years later when I was standing on the pavement, but it's true! Obviously Toyota has the car changed on a number of points from the concept model, but the similarities are huge! I was really in love with from day one!

My lease budget was lucky enough to choose this striking C-HR in the Bi-Tone - works. I chose the 1.8 Hybrid because I can use a vending machine in the traffic and let the well are just standard. The color combination I like him the first time I saw really talked to and so I have chosen to 'Metal Stream Gray with black roof.

Why a C-HR? The striking design really appeals to me and many others with me, because I understood the dealer that there are already more than 2,000 have been sold in a very short time. The reactions I get from my surroundings but also from strangers at the gas pump are super! The car drives very 'tight' and has a comfortable seating position. The Giulietta, my previous car was slightly stiffer and sportier but maybe the differences are minimal. Incidentally, the Giulietta was a diesel that surely drives very differently than a hybrid.

I do not have high seating position'nodig', but you get used will not be more different. The interior is decorated colorful and playful, but everything is in the right place. At first I was worried that the big screen of the navigation would impede my vision but have fortunately not affected, on the contrary, he is in the right place! Also operates the controls for the air conditioning as you would expect and feel the quality of materials used.

The multimedia system works well and hands-free calling with my Huawei P9 (Android) goes flawlessly. However, the navigation bit slow and I find the versions with LED lights front and rear slightly better, but unfortunately there was no budget for more.

The 1.8 Hybrid is no streaks trigger but will do just fine. He is quiet, economical (I get one for 20) and is mainly bottom much torque. The best toys remains the Adaptive Cruise Control that even works well in slow-moving traffic and can slow down to 0 km / h.

In short, I am so far very pleased with my choice! About 5.000km first update.

Great car!

  • 6500 km
  • March 8, 2017 14:38

You are waiting for the traffic light and you see the drivers of other cars next to you with great interest to look at your car. Or other drivers honking and raise a thumb, even with a Toyota C-HR, do not be shy because (positive) attention you really get anywhere. I think it is typical of the car and also a big plus, everyone really likes it (and me too). Meanwhile I see the C-HR regularly ride, very nice!

Meanwhile we have more than 6.500km on the counter and I get every day with pleasure in my C-HR. The car is hugely comfortable, has a fine driving position and you can drive both relaxed and sporty note. Fuel consumption is very slowly getting better and now amounts to about 1 to 18 (much highway mileage). When it is warmer and the summer tires are mounted brandstofvebruik it will undoubtedly be even better again.

In the press written about the blind spot to the car due to the rising window line. I must admit that some people will get used to it but I have no problems in everyday use, you need to look carefully at the insert and at roundabouts where cyclists have priority not drive too far. With foresight and anticipate you will not be hampered by this beautiful piece of design.

The Adaptive Cruise Control is a fun gadget that allows for both higher speed and lower speed (also in the file) to drive semi-autonomous.

Are there any disadvantages? The car is due to the different design and large spoiler little wind noise, but that's not to mention instantly disturbing. The car lends itself to more power, the 1.8 Hybrid meets but no stripes tractor.

The next update is at 10.000km!

had first maintenance

  • 15000 km
  • June 19, 2017 14:56

Already more than 15.000km on the counter and without a doubt I am very satisfied with this car. He steers well, is extremely quiet, efficient (one in 20) and it remains a beautiful sight. You can see the C-HR are increasingly driving and that is just fun!

The trunk is now a flexible cargo floor protector whereby eg. Sand or soil (from flower pots or the like after a visit Intratuin) very easy to remove, perfect!

Also performed the first overhaul last week, so on to the 30.000km!

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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