Citroën GSA (1981) review

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  • 100 700 km
  • May 7, 2008 00:00

In November this GSA reintroduced from Belgium. GSA white with blue trim. it runs
a lot of fun to the 4-cylinder air-cooled horizontally opposed engine. And not such a case as popping in
a beetle. No, here the sound is quite mastered. The switching is done with a
so-called convertisseur. This means no clutch pedal but a real torque converter
and third gears. According to Citroen, you can always drive in the third but that does not seem conducive.
In NL satisfy the second and third, on steep slopes you'll need first.
The suspension is hydropneumatic and so very comfortable. However, the GSA appears to be a clearly shorter
having wheelbase. When a threshold you should not be too hard over it, while the CX (break) the
thresholds barely notice. come to the GSA at the front wheels off.
The seats are low, a little kuipig. The dashboard is unsurpassed separately. A large trunk
lends itself to a LPG tank of 100 liters. The GSA rjjdt excellent LPG despite
air cooling. However, it is to look for a good installer who wants to do this job. Most
appear to hold only mass production and is a GS / A clearly not.
On steep slopes you should go back to the 2nd gear and go no faster than 60 times
up. And requires very steep even back to 1. Furthermore, it is every day grinning
driving around. The twin engine noise, the suspension and those silly semi-automatic. Although mold, which have
the "modern" cars nowadays often? Right.
The GSA in January 08 I have a Mike Sanders waxolie undergo treatment (see photo 4). The car is
now so well in fat. Without something he would fall apart in a few years of misery. This one
car is from the time when all the cars were rusted like crazy. And the factories were doing there
often not much opposition.


  • 100 700 km
  • May 7, 2008 00:00

* Capacitor piece, as the roadside is happy. They can replace at least. Further
145/15 tires are not always available. To be new Michelins 145/15 but behind
I forced to leave places 155-15 Peace Stein. This is shown an excellent band
* A small bolt of a bell crank-shaft is disappeared. The consequence is the loss of oil pressure and
a large oil spill. Luckily it turned out to be only this euveltje. However it appears difficult if such
simple bolt still available. Lemon smile at you more or less.
* Mass problem: well yet again the power. There is somewhere a mass problem. But where?
* 2010: Hose oil cooler gearbox so tore again a nice trail on the way by a relatively small matter. Recently passed the 100.000km.


  • 103000 km
  • September 14, 2011 15:33

In July, the GSA has been sold to a new lover with a mileage of 103 580. He is just broken in.

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  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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