AMC Pacer (1976) review

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  • 30200 km
  • April 14, 2009 00:00

Well what can I say about an AMC Pacer? My AMC Pacer. Ten years ago, at least a long cherished wish came true when I met with one that was still in good condition.

The car in question comes from the first Swiss owner who Pacer twenty years has let stand in a garage. As a result, no rust, and therefore only refresh the usual hassle with braking particles and oil. I got my Pacer on the track at Groningen car dealer and have him blink twice after purchase with my eyes.

Why? Because I wanted to do so for a very long one. The Pacer is in fact a beautiful symbol for everything that is wrong with the US auto industry and that alone makes him a great lust object. Over the years I had also a lot of views, but they were all too poor to tackle. Had actually been accepted to distance love can be beautiful and that no more would come. But no, sometimes dreams can come true.

Did my Pacer spoiled dinitrolbehandeling and further I drive only sparsely in there. Also, because the fuel that is around one in five. But the times I drive it, the smile not to burn my face. Be firm plan my hopjesvla-brown pastry to pamper many years to come.

Perhaps the best: working 8-track player for which I now have a tape of Queen ... in fact: Bohemian Rhapsody ... is this the real life? Is it just fantasy? It is certainly a real Pacer and he's all mine!

A few years ago we organized Europ Acer. This first European AMC Pacer came nearly 30 owners Pacers together, from home and abroad. Was very successful. Check


  • 30200 km
  • April 14, 2009 00:00

Negligible, apart from a steering gear which is due for revision.

Am also planning to mount t.z.t. new shocks and springs, think this is better road holding. The Pacer is nice, but it is to me a bit too much a mop ...

Still going strong

  • 33800 km
  • September 10 2016 23:54

Meanwhile I have my Pacer just over 10 years. He is 1976, so now really tax.

Last year for the first time made some reasonable cost. Revision of the steering, about brake repairs, new shock absorbers and one new coil spring because the old was broken. It took some effort to find the right part, why the car has been five months in the garage. But wins persistence. And € 1200 (not too bad) ready for the coming years. The car is a lot better and more stable. New shock absorbers do wonders.

Furthermore I drive later this month in the Tour of the Century Athlon. The jury found that the Pacer earned a spot in 100 years of automobile history. Tribute to this highly qualified jury ...; o)

I'm still happy with my Pacer. It seems that he is appreciated by fans more per year. In my view rightly, though I'm not entirely unbiased.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 3.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 3.0
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