Volvo V50 2.0D (2007) review

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V50 2.0D
6, Manual
182 382 km
261 422 km
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Purchase 1st Car - August 2014

  • 182 382 km
  • August 8, 2015 21:16

Finally bought myself my first car when I drove around for years in the new Volkswagen Polo of my friend, the 2nd car of my parents (lemon xantia) and an old unreliable volkswagen golf I had received from my sister.

During the test drive the V50 took all the time to get to know the car better. What a great car! Comfortable chairs, plenty of room to carry in some job stuff (and future children), tow it to a bike rack, enough power to get others on the highway. Also roof rails that can be useful for winter.

I have deliberately chosen for the 2.0D instead of 1.6D. The smaller version I heard regularly problems with the turbo.

Negatives: When I turn sometimes that comes my hand on the knob of the air conditioning making it jumps to.

A little bit of negotiating and I could'm with 180.000km turn that had to be done (at the dealer) take for 8500 euros. For this money would be made the driver's seat, a tear here was in fact.

I expect to drive the next two years 30,000-40,000 km per year, especially for commuter traffic. The kilometers will consist of 90% highway mileage. I expect some 1,000 euros a year amortization (perhaps somewhat optimistically) and be about 1,000 euros per year spent on maintenance.

Cost: 8500 euros (8000 euros + 250 euros for car turn + 250 euros for seat repair)

But already winter - September 2014

  • 185000 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:04

On the market I found a set of light metallic rims with winter tires on it. The wheels are of the same type as the original rims on it.

The tires are Continental Winter Contact TS830 tires, the front tires have 5.5 mm and the rear tires have 8.5mm. The asking price was 400 euros.

A bid of 350 euros was accepted. Upon arriving at the vendor revealed that the profile was a bit overdone, so I tried the price even negotiate some down. Unfortunately, that was not, but the seller was still lying winter rubber mats that I could take for free.

The next week I happened to Lidl Racks offer. Because I may need it in the winter, I just took them. No money: 12.50.

Cost: 350 euro (+ wheels + winter winter mats)
Cost: 12,50 (carriers)

Time for MOT - January 2015

  • 198 173 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:06

Unfortunately I had to turn on the purchase of the new car MOT. I expected that during the MOT nothing extra had to be paid for the MOT costs; Unfortunately, a few small things: a few scratches on the windshield were making the car felt the need to install new wipers. Also still replace a light (city light). Considering there near my work is a Bosch garage, I did not time the car brought to the Volvo dealer.

Cost: 98,32 euro

The 200.000km turn - March 2015

  • 204 611 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:07

There was already some time on the display that I had to go to the garage for regular maintenance. An appointment made by the official Volvo dealer as the Volvo breakdown service than free.

In making the appointment I was told directly that if they do not know they do a free inspection purchase a car to get back as hidden defects. Great service!

In the afternoon I was called by the Volvo dealer that they had found some faults during the turn / inspection. The clutch pedal should be employed only for the half, probably because the clutch malfunctioned. The advice was to replace, cost 1,250 euros. In addition, the front wishbone bushes were bad to be advice replaced for 550 euros.

Aback I once consulted with a friend and Volco scholar, he is also a regular in my car. He gave me that pairing is something that no further damage can result, you can come to be most quiet. He indicated that the wishbone bushes may not be great, but would be replaced at this stage most provide extra comfort. I have therefore decided two cases but just to look at and probably replace in the near future.

Cost turn: 340 euro

Problems: stuttering / fault indicators - June 2015

  • 213 456 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:11

During a vacation trip to the coast of Zeeland car on the highway began to stutter a lot and went to the car in emergency mode. I was only 90 km / h behind a truck at home. Along called the Volvo dealership, where I arrive that afternoon to read out of the car.

It was said that the oil level was too high, but there is no obvious cause could be found. Excess oil was sucked out and I was advised to keep the oil level but watch.

Cost: 85,62 euro

Again stuttering - July 2015

  • 215000 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:23

Given the car again started stuttering and Bosch garage was close to my work, I decided to bring it back to the car.

Initially, the vehicle is read out and it was found a fault in the sensor of the pressure pump to the injectors. I replaced so.

The problem appeared to be solved this not so I went back a few days. The car was read out again and then it was seen that the pressure over the soot filter was too large. Conclusion: the particle filter was full. The Bosch dealer told me that there are special kits that can clean away the soot filter. A few days later it was done to my car.

After purging the filter drove the car again as he should drive.

Cost: 589.86 euros

A final solution - August 2015

  • 217000 km
  • August 8, 2015 22:40

Some weeks the car has done well after cleaning the soot filter. However, in delivering more power (driving up hills and overtaking) car stuttered and what error messages came on my display.

Enough is enough! After much reading on it was clear to me. A particulate filter is an absurdity for the welfare of your car, but the environment has certainly added value. Because I have a high value on the environment, but also have decided on my own wallet to tune Volvo / Volvo service to the particulate filter "make", To turn down the EGR valve, and to customize the software so that it would accept the hardware improvements.

As yet the software was changed, or I was not asked for a small additional price wanted to tune the car. End I chose this because tuning the car is efficient and if necessary additional power can be supplied. From 136pk I go to around 170hp. Because I am I will rarely need the extra power a quiet rider, but more economical driving me speaks highly.

Because before the oil was too high (and it was too drawn out), the oil was diluted with diesel. Therefore during the procedure but asked if the oil could be changed. The mechanic was shocked to me by saying that 8 liters of oil (diesel) was in the crankcase, while only 5 liters supposed to be. This can be dangerous because when too much oil can hit the turbo and engine running wild with all its consequences. Fortunately so well past and welcome the decision to go for the final solution to tune Volvo / Volvo service.

Still oven on the new ride characteristics: great! Very quiet rolling, with extreme power when needed.

Cost: 582.75 euros (332.75 software + hardware 250)

The 220.000km turn - October 2015

  • 225973 km
  • April 20, 2016 21:56

I decided not to go to a Volvo dealer, but a universal garage near my home address. The garage is within walking distance, again saves that I do not need to ask someone to collect or pay.

Past 2 months I rode great in my V50. The driving characteristics after the intervention of service Volvo / Volvo tune to be noticeably improved. In retrospect, I should have taken the above decision for surgery much earlier. The consumption has also decreased significantly!

Average consumption of purchase: 5.3 l / 100km
Average consumption problems particle filter: 5.8 l / 100km
Average consumption after the above adjustments: 4,8l / 100km
Do the values ​​on the computer (which is slightly better than reality).

The 220.000km turn me to be entirely bad. Upon checking the car were no other items on the agenda than it had to be performed at the standard overhaul. Both the clutch and the arm rubbers (where I have a bit of fear) to happen to were fine and did not need it.

Further details last few kilometers.

Cost: EUR 248.47

Also stopped the APK - December 2015

  • 229 605 km
  • April 20, 2016 22:07

The 220.000km turn came too early to directly to arrange the MOT. Therefore, I am not two months later than the appointment to turn just went back to the garage for MOT appointment. I expected no problems (so soon after the turn) and my confidence was confirmed. Beyond the MOT costs were still in charge for two lights that had to be replaced.

I could postpone the APK have here, but considering I'm coming to skiing in Norway, I let the APK but what place earlier.

I'm still very happy with the car; excellent driveability and fuel consumption.

Cost: EUR 40.13

Just an update - April 2016

  • 239556 km
  • April 20, 2016 22:31

Around New Year I went to Norway for skiing and family visits, with the V50. It can be extremely cold there and precautions are needed. The diesel that you buy in Norway's additional anti-flake agent; that means you will remain liquid enough to extra cold temperatures fuel. Temperatures went to -27 degrees Celsius. Most locals in that region in Norway have a heater for their car. In supermarkets you all saw cars with engines running, so that people would still come home with the groceries. The car my sister (Ford Transit) broke down in the cold, -27C was simply too cold). The Volvo V50 did not flinch, an additional sometime preheating was sufficient to start the car directly.

In March I also went for a weekend in the Alps; happy little less cold. The car kept amends.

End of March I was in a small garage. I was tired and tried to park in too fast, so I hit a pole on the right rear fender. Fortunately, the damage was very small: a few small scratches, in my opinion not worth the trouble to do something.

Soon the turn 240.000km. This is a very expensive which in turn must also replace the timing belt. I estimate the cost at about $ 1,000. In a few months, my job will be elsewhere for a period of one year. Possibly this is near my house, so I will not need more car for commuting traffic. Then the road tax of such diesel is of course an expensive joke. I'll just wait and see exactly where I'll go from September ..

No extra costs

The 240.000km turn - June 2016

  • 246191 km
  • June 21, 2016 19:44

Last month, had 240.000km turn. This would be an expensive, of which I was aware because this in turn had to replace the timing belt. Moreover, I was also called there on two tires was not a lot of profile. I have therefore only two new Michelin Primacy 3 tires installed option. On the car I do not cut corners, and certainly not when it comes to safety. Fortunately there were no further details to light during the turn. The bill includes turn, new distribution set and two new summer tires me too bad: EUR 805.24. The turn is indeed carried out at my universal garage and not the dealer.

A while ago I bought a voucher via for cleaning and filling the air conditioner. Because I have no documentation of when the air conditioner last a turn, I had it bought for 27 euros. A bargain I think. I was told by the technician during filling the air conditioner liquid was empty about half and really needs to be filled every two years. I can so again here against.

In terms of driveability I remain very happy with the car. Delicious handling, good power and good economical.

By now my work is well known, I will start in September. Unfortunately not within biking distance, but half an hour from my house. The conclusion is that it is definitely worthwhile to continue driving the Volvo.

Cost: 832.24 euros (805.24 for turn / distribution / tires + 27 AC)

The 260.000km turn - January 2017

  • 261 422 km
  • January 2, 2017 20:24

Today I had the 260.000km turn (overhaul) without surprises emerged. A fairly expensive bill (EUR 545.60) because two new winter tires had to be replaced. The garage proposed to impose a set of Continental ts860 beneath it, and so it happened.

Past 20.000km trouble driving around. Currently I am working on a half-hour drive from my home and I also have to make about my work location occasional short trips. I notice this change behavior or to the pump; This means average of 0.5 liters per 100km extra.

Next week I'm going skiing and visiting relatives in Norway. Temperatures are expected to be slightly less cold as last year (-15C instead of -27C), but I have every confidence in my V50.

Cost: 545.60 euros (+ overhaul two new winter tires)


  • 261 422 km
  • January 2, 2017 20:25

After 79 040 km

Purchase car turn: 8500 euro
Used winter with light metallic rim: 350 euro

- MOT: 98.32 euro
- 200.000 km turn: 340 euro
- stuttering diagnosis: 85,62 euro
- Diagnosis and cleaning soot filter: 589.86 euro
- "make" DPF / EGR + Adjustment software / tuning: 582.75 euro
- 220.000km turn: 248.47 euro
- MOT: 40,13 euro
- 240.000km turn + AC: 832.24 euro
- 260.000km turn + MOT + two new winter tires: 545.60 euro

TOTAL CARE: 3362.99 euro
3362.99 EUR / 79040 km = 4.25 cents / km.

4.3 cents / km maintenance, 3.9 cents / km amortization (1,250 euros / year), 2.0 cents / km Insurance, 4,3cent / km road tax, 6.4 cents / km diesel costs. Total 20.9 cents / km!

The period from 220,000 to 240.000km was my average consumption of 4,8l / 100km. Here I was driving on a stretch of highway where many large parts was a limit to 100km / h.
The period from 240,000 to 260.000km was my average consumption of 5,4l / 100km. This process is less freeway, occasionally hilly terrain and occasional short trips. All in all a very nice usage. I am very satisfied.

Positives and negatives TO THE CAR:

- Driveability: perfect handling, excellent power (after tuning) and still fantastic economical.
- I have to feel trapped in a full car and do not have to be ashamed when I put my car in the parking lot of eg. A luxury restaurant.
- Comfortable chairs.

Negative points
- Yet high maintenance.
- Sometimes squeaky rear (at certain speeds).
- Driver's seat showing some wear (typically V50 glitch)
- You think in a big Volvo to drive, and the luggage space is sometimes disappointing, and you will still be reminded again that it is a car in the C segment.

Altogether weigh the pros far outweigh the negatives for me!

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes

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