Audi S6 Avant 5.2 FSI quattro (2006) review

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S6 Avant 5.2 FSI quattro
6, Sequential Machines
178000 km
184500 km
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Audi S6 Avant Quattro 5.2 V10

  • 184500 km
  • September 1, 2015 17:51

After I've read lots of car reviews, but once I put on paper my experiences with the Audi S6. The first to share this with others, and secondly to compare him with the BMW 535d Touring with which I drove three years (140 dkm).

To come straight to the door at home - I was sold after the test drive this car! He drives so smooth and comfortable and you always feel that there is enough power is available, what speed you drive. The dashboard is modern and all the switches feel good.
The S6 was equipped with a carbon interior which is very sleek and beautiful.

I could make a pretty good deal with trade-in my previous car (Porsche 911) and the first ride home was an experience in itself .. even though I drive for 30 years car - it was a party! The highway and you hear a muffled heavy ruffle front of the 5.2L V10 engine, and then move you in peace and quiet ... while the trees along the road flashed by as if you chose the Starship Enterprise just warp speed . Unbelievable how quiet the car at higher speeds - and as incredible amount of fuel he consumes ... I will come back!

I bought the S6 in May 2015 and have since driven 6,500 km. Here is my experience over that period:
It is the ultimate long distance cruiser; motor beresterk, reliable and comfortable for everyone in the car. During mountain stages in Italy I was unfortunately 2x stating that the oil level was low. Immediately stopped and allowed to cool - half a liter of oil over it, and the level was again OK (on a flat p-position), but a few days later, the same. Probably is the sensor for the oil level in an unfavorable position in the crankcase, because on a flat road, everything was OK. But a shock because you want no engine damage, of course.
There are two things that I find less convenient to the interior; operating the windows is really too far back on the armrest; you have your left elbow between the seat and door up to it. And navigation just does not run smoothly in cities; sometimes he himself suddenly zooms out and you see no more details, and sometimes he can not keep up and freezes the image when you're two blocks beyond. Not really nice if you eg. A busy Milan you want to find out.
The armrest on the center console is a little short (compared to my 535d) which is a shame but not really annoying.
I have (large) original steering replaced by a slightly smaller Audi TT-S steering wheel with flat bottom; it is thicker and made of perforated leather which has a nice sporty look. This I can highly recommend it. My Audi dealer has executed the order - there was another type of airbag cable required (the RS6) and work perfectly.

What everyone wants to know - how much power the car now? That is not so bad at normal highway use; I drive around 1 in 10 when driving normally and 100-120 km / h. not bad for a car of 2000 kg and a 5.2L V10 under the hood. If I sportier driving, the use goes to 1 in 7 to 1 to 5. And the most extreme thing I've had is a winding road full of hairpin style up to a mountaintop in Italy; I was around 1 in 3. Not to dwell too long - I myself have chosen.

Behavior; it is still a heavy car 2 tons and so it is not a monster slalom, but sends very light and easy. Here's the trick - quietly in the corner and gas it out, then eats the quattro themselves to the road. In long fast corners, the S6 is a block down the road - really like on rails.

The gearbox; it is a smart machine - depending on throttle position, he turns very gently and smoothly or fairly hard and fast. The first gear is very short and it is sometimes an art to make the transition from first to second run smoothly because the S6 will really pop into place and then turns not so gently. The BMW 535d I had previously always rode in state D in 2nd gear away, the Audi can not do that; Still, you can not switch to second in the S6. This sometimes means that the first steps to green light did not go very smoothly, you should really look at it. Especially when the bucket S in position because then the engine reacts on every tenth millimeter of the accelerator pedal! I often drive in manual and turn the steering wheel paddles - responding very directly.

Brakes; excellent. I've driven so far with basic disks and blocks and are very powerful. This week the S6 gets a turn and replace the brakes. I have therefore ordered myself a set Até drives online and Hawk Performance brake pads - I read that good experiences about the Audi forums. Audi also installs itself Até discs but charge a much higher price. Last week, the package came from Germany, which was very heavy; 2 ventilated discs 385 mm diameter ... I treasure them more than 10 kg each. I wonder how that will give birth to the Hawk blocks.

I am also very pleased with the S6, the engine noise after a fast road race is really mega-beautiful ... the combination of the heavy rumble of a V10 and a soft whistling sound (no turbo) is really cool; the neighbor always says that it seems that there comes a plane when he hears me coming home!

Compared with the BMW 535d Touring;
At the 535d liked very good on long trips, especially the adjustability of the seats (High Exec.) Is perfect. But I also have some bad experiences with the electronics on board the BMW, so I am even started looking for similar cars.
The behavior is similar to the Audi in terms of comfort. The BMW had some 170 bhp less but a great low-end torque, which also drove very fine. But Audi is sharper, which is more eager than the BMW. In terms of internal space in the front of the BMW was a bit larger in both width and the dashboard, I see a noticeable difference for the driver and front passenger. And were the buds of the power window on a much more pleasant place on the armrest of the door. I like to control the navigation of the BMW better and easier - especially since the large button in the BMW can move a mouse, while adhering to the Audi and you must work with buttons around the large button. Perhaps the system setup but it was for me to get used too few intuitive (finding file info - request an alternative route - etc.)
The space on the back is the same, the space in the trunk is similar, perhaps slightly wider in the BMW but both spacious enough for a holiday for 4 people.
The Audi has a much more modern interior than the BMW in my eyes / taste. I miss it again the Head-Up Display in the BMW, which was a great option that is really delicious in everyday use.

If I had to choose again between BMW and Audi then I go for the Audi - especially because of the fantastic engine and the wonderful sound it makes. Every day I start with a smile S6 and that feeling is priceless!

After installation of the new brakes I will write an update.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
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