Ford Focus Wagon 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 125HP (2015) review

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Focus Wagon 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 125HP
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Focus comes after three ... Focus 3.5

  • 12000 km
  • September 9 2016 12:24

A week after the donuts there was another party. In the Ford dealer this time, where we welcome the keys to a brand new Focus three Phase 2 (3.5) with badge in December 2015 took receipt. A logical successor to our Focus 3 from 2011 in which we four-and-a-half years sent with pleasure. About which car I already wrote an extensive review.

Even though the counter has not yet make far along the 10,000 kilometers, 70,000 kilometers thick the experience with the pre-facelift model I now quite a few things to say about the Focus 3.

I verklap already now that the Focus 3.5 is a desirable car, which is above average driving yet comfortable family car, the gray crowd (what's in a name) slightly surpasses. As a total package, he falls through the ice anywhere. The list of positives is infinitely longer than negatives. Yet he leaves here and there, some scratches on the frozen water. By the quality of the base all the more noticeable. How did I come to this conclusion? , Slide cozy let you stand toys and read only briefly.

Stay focussed!
A new chapter in the book Focus. What has become? The very green employer policies slammed the door to the 'dirty' 1.5 hard close. The (business) choice this time therefore fell 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 125 hp. Although the "old" Focus was already good at things, the option list this time just a little more carefully: gone through (read eagerly). The list of toys is therefore extended with things like adaptive Xenon (Light Upgrade Pack) and the Driver Assistance Pack (including blind spot lights in the mirrors and alert vibrating steering wheel between the clocks cups handing out if the driver has a wegtrekkertje) .
In addition: the Advanced Technology Pack (include large screen navi with Sync 2 and automatic parking). To top it all nice topping garnish consists of a Seat Pack (thick must have, only because of the possibility of the right front seat than to run at least too low enough) off, heated front seats and (oh, the useless decadence) a heated steering wheel, unexpectedly secretly been used more often than necessary ...

How about a Focus?
Compared Focus 3 phase 1, the driver's seat of the facelift model seems to be a fraction less to be able into the depths. It is remarkable, as it is solid but good sitting furniture itself is identical. I can imagine that this has to do with the structure of the seat. I sure do not. For best riders feeling things would just yet may drop a few centimeters lower. Even so, you would just be able to choose a nice rear-wheel drive two-seater for the best riders feel. The combined class are the buyer priorities in the rule, however, in practicality. It is attributable to the manufacturer therefore hardly he particularly responsive in this segment on the wishes of the majority.

Up front is no more sitting regally. The wide adjustable center armrest, and offers a comfortable support. In the back is space enough, but nothing more than that. Moreover Ford owners of Maxi-Cosi five years after launch still struggling with a short rear belt makes you little one has to keep it secure skewed respectively to secure him or her. My future customers I would approach differently preferably, but Ford savings belt costs the user has finally put on the tie.

More than ever, Ford is aiming the tuning of the chassis for comfort. Additionally, the sound insulation is significantly better than before. I have been told that even the windows are thicker than before for better noise reduction. Judging by the dark thud of the doors (now back) could well even be true. Closing a door today brings a slight feeling of premium baked air with it.

Briefly remarkable improvements
First: immediately noticeable that Ford's nod in the base just before the bestuurdersmat has invested more than before. The carpet in my Focus 3 Phase 1 was due to excessive wear on the place because all replaced under warranty within one year. In Phase 2, Ford under both the pedals and on the support location for the left foot a neatly integrated piece of wear-resistant plastic. That's the way it should be!

Then: finally there is a USB port at your fingertips. Previously only in the glove compartment, are both just for poker as well as the (become significantly smaller) storage space in the center armrest.

Finally, the central 8" infotainment screen can in its entirety! Quietly in the dark. What was life once so simple ..

To drive
A Focus 3.5 runs as you would expect on the basis of his pedigree again as a Focus. Sharp, sleek, confident and with a wider margin than you dare to use. As nimbly as a Focus but one he's long gone. Before you buy now a Fiesta. The Focus has become apparent over a heavier car over the years while everyone's friend happily sharpness is lost. The minute differences with the Focus 3 are in the adjustment of the steering mechanism in the home, garden and kitchen use hardly noticeable.

One point ZERO ??
The big difference, however, is under the pointed nose. The three-cylinder 1.0 turbotor you know surprisingly smart to win over. As critical consumers should I after 10,000 kilometers - with slight regret but also admiration - admit that my nails more than once I kicked for nothing during the ordering process. The flexibility of the little bear is amazing in a positive way. Of course he is not a threat to the asphalt, but as standard driver of a C-segmentation he is more than good dividends. A former user reviewde the block and wrote hardly able to keep up with traffic. I recommend checking him warmly on his shoe gum. Who namely the (quite amusing) overboost function of the couple knows how to use continuous considerably faster than the average traffic. Its activation requires some getting used to, but then gives a lot of fun. Including well-pubertal audible whistle sounds and dump valve.

Among the critical speed of about 1500 r / min, sets the block especially in gasoline to hum. Moreover, there is up to about 3500 rpm immediately there is a strong linear acceleration. Although the car on paper almost as rapidly as my previous 1.6 Ti-VCT, you can achieve easier and more comfortable at the same speed in practice. Because the maximum torque is now rather well over there, you in comfort relative to the gear changing 1.0 in the most common rev (2-3k).

Were you previously used to a small turbo engine? Know that you are a gear drive to continuously high in the beginning. Fifty-four in the 1.0 pruimt not. His comfort zone is in three. Take the shift indicator also quiet with Baaltje salt. The advice at 50 to turn in five goes against any sense of technique and supplies except your pain in your heart a car murmuring hum and a stuttering engine.

Oh, how I slept badly at first. Bathed in sweat, I woke to the sound of hundreds of coffee grinders. But just one small cylinder over the Twin Air Fiat, which now just not exactly sold for its warm sound. Three legs, for a medium combo. But of course. What Ford's technical staff had smoked in hell before the light changed? The test drive took - at least in terms of sound to the inner side - already a lot of turmoil away.

And it must be said, though I prefer some more seeds, it does not even really crazy. Except just after a cold start. For a moment I imagined myself back in a Golf D in '81. The sound insulation of the interior, however, is more a problem for the outside world. The deal relatively quickly warms up, and the tray rattling loose nails makes way for ... yes .. for what? An enthusiastic user of the first hour once wrote that the 1.0 does his best to sound like half a V6. And the best man made a serious point. Let you in two separate gas above 5000 rpm (really, try it), then he pulls it sure enough to pump out a V6 sound, whether in V6-light.

Start-stop? Check, is over. For me, a visit maligned system. It works for you or just feeling too late or too restless, with glitches and unwanted oscillations due. Luckily the power button within reach ... The battery will thank me.

The old 1.6 I wrote earlier that he (especially in the mountains), the self-locking ability of an oil tanker. Downshifting was exactly that; it seemed even remotely not brake. After two mountain holidays with the 1.0 I can state with certainty that this milk carton altogether no vacuum. Finally it appears a necessity to sign already at the dealership on a spare set of pads. A convenient feature of the lack of delay that the car in the flat polder treats in a pleasant sail function. Unrolling takes endless, and because of the good isolation in absolute silence. Each downside ...

The sixth gear on the highway at least as useful as the five in the old 1.6, but provides more comfort with significantly less touring. Although I've never driven the 1.0 I can imagine with 100 hp that linked five-speed does the character of the block right in Focus basically what deficit.

Remarkably, in the current combination of motor and gears: switching at higher engine speeds back from 3 to 2 and there is a short shudder through the driveline. Not disturbing, but felt.

The reliability of the block is not much to say. So far the beetle does it perfectly. Given that it is heavily taxed in proportion to the hefty car I doubt whether the current generation of small turbo blocks smoothly three tons or more runs. Time will tell.

playing time
It may be somewhat disrespectful to label the adaptive bi-xenon as a gadget. The eyes of the Focus throw this option because really new light on the environment. The beams run noticeably well into the bend. In addition, the length of the beam is greater as speed increases. On the highway more light at a distance, in the city's more light in front of you. That's the way it should be. Automatic high beam still get the benefit of the doubt. For the driver a great system, though I feel that when approaching oncoming traffic sometimes just a fraction too late switch to low beam.

Automatic parking: it was already on our previous Focus. Fun to show off at parties. Although it works really well during a demonstration to your friends, I have not used once in practice in over five years. He even now is perpendicular to the direction of travel? Whatever. I try sometimes on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The advantage of this system is that it comes with parking sensors front. In tight parking garages that offer occasionally sometimes result. When the car reverse leaving parking spaces sniffing around. There is traffic approaching from the side, he is sounding the alarm. While the system is working fine, its adjustment to my taste is slightly panicky.

The same applies to the rest of the sensors. In phase 1, the Focus 3 for standard pagers stood out. With a push of a button puts them as needed. A fine system. The new Focus is the system around continuously, and you can no longer operate independently for pagers. From now means everything. In practice, this allows you to stand the system. The sensors are adjusted so sensitive that they save regularly on hol in traffic queues by passing motorcyclists, a "problem" that the previous focus had not. In addition, the parking sensors of the pre-facelift model gifts at standstill and gear directly beeps if there was anything within range. The new you must first put in motion the car before starting the parking signs; not convenient if you are very tight set aside.

Reading back I realize only too well that the most points right category for futility spoiled people fall. The focus in this embodiment is simply a good ride, but still ..

Rozegeur vodka and lime?
No definitely not. And the strange thing is that is mainly because I compare him with the Phase 1 I have driven so much fun. You know, the model with the dashboard that parrots called a disaster, but the users from the very beginning because of the - yes, really - flawless ergonomics and intuitive operability managed to appreciate.
That car was just so very thoughtfully together, his new facelift brother - and I think sincerely sorry - there can not match. Many (but not too much) to absolute lack of buttons. Ford has - unfortunately - listened to the unjustified comments.

Buyers of used Focus 3 I therefore definitely recommend the 2011 model. Tip: Find one with both left and right flippers on the steering wheel. As early 2012. Ford knew the perfect ergonomics soap to "improve" the control depriving a pinball machine and change the function layout.

The new Focus simply requires more attention in the ministry than his pre-facelift brother. Attention you could hold off on that model. As an example, I mention the cruise control. In Focus 3 Phase 1 intuitively operated with a knob and a flipper at the wheel. In Focus 3.5 still from the steering wheel, but through illogical issued and fiddly buttons. With the result that I - as a fervent fan of cruise control - the system is hardly used. And Ford, which is perfectly placed Z-shaped handbrake gone?

A day in the life of Sync 2
The now Ford Sync to 2 doped multimedia system with touch screen seems to be followed by Sync 3. Provided Sync 3 indeed do what you expected it to be a wise decision.

It took me a lot of headaches to understand the operation and the quality of Sync 2 in one word. Finally, a word appears fully cover the charge. This system is jerk!

As a reputable and respected automaker Ford may be ashamed to give it anyway. Hopefully the introduction of Sync 3 will also support fund for frustrated Sync 2 users with it.

Although the system looks neat, and the interface and graphics are quite nice, it is clearly designed from the desire to cram it all functionalities that Ford engineers had at that time in the house. Usability for the user dangling somewhere down the wish list, if it was already on.

The system is slow, mirrors properly and requires especially in the audio mode, too many actions to achieve the desired result. In particular, the menu structure of the MP-3 section when using USB's is so cumbersome that I now again an old skool CD prop. In addition, there except volume, skip function, and telephone recording nothing from the steering wheel to operate. Not exactly an improvement in safety. In Focus 3 Phase 1, the entire system from the steering wheel operated, including setting goals navigation and switching between various functions.

The Sync second menu has too many layers in the ministry, giving at times inaccurate and inconsistent information. Nor is it necessary to be able to control the climate control from the screen, whereas 30 centimeters bearing is mounted an extended operating unit. The same applies to the phone function. Too many buttons on the screen. Too much action to talk.

As icing on the cake virtually all performing these functions even further via Voice Control. If you're in your car, you know it: Voice Control is worthless. Though, it must be said that the 'old' Voice Control in our Fiesta MK 7 works a lot better.

Update Sync Sync 2 to 3 is not yet possible. Sync 2 Ford earns a lot less fat!

And further?
Furthermore, inconvenience is limited to the level of vinegar piss. This concerns in particular the lack of pretty little details that were indeed in Focus 3 Phase 1. The unjustly hated interior of Focus 3 Phase 1 has me spoiled in that respect. Think for example of a small piece of rubber on the inner side of the B-pillar trim, in order for the settlement of the seatbelt buckle, avoid hitting against the upright. Small detail, well thought out, have fun, now gone.
Or the stitched belt loop of the same material as 'stop' for the closure. Replaced by a cheap cap. And the glovebox: formerly large, deep and useful. Now replaced by a cheap tilting valve that not even half of the contents of offers before. Each and changes that are clearly devised by the finance department, you totally would not notice if you've never ridden the pre-facelift model but adjust the quality perception negatively when you make the comparison. No Ford, not every change is an improvement!

About saving spoken fuel. Downsizing has clear physical boundaries. The beetle must (unnoticed, and that's pretty) still actually pretty hard to take. In addition, the character of the engine continuously invites you just kick a little further than necessary, just ... because you can! A lead right foot I have not, but if the situation allows love to give gasje at. In the consumption of which is more than the old 1.6. The manufacturer seems absolutely not written for my car. Combined with relatively high local mileage meter comes with no possibility under 7.0 liters per 100 kilometers, where the 1.6 sometimes would come to a friendly-sounding 6.8. In addition, I use the air conditioner barely. In fairness I must say that I drive the 1.0 slightly stronger than the 1.6. Moreover, the 1.0 drinks at really long distances (especially through the six-speed gearbox) is noticeably (considerably) less. More highway mileage would certainly reduce consumption. Given the many local traffic is a consumption of between 1 in 13 to 14 in a big car but acceptable name. The intake get the 5.0 Ford as specified is (as usual) not realistic.

I would again choose the Focus 3.5? A genuinely difficult question. On the one hand yes! Absolutely; it is a topkar, not in the least because of the relatively brilliant 1.0 and the especially good sound insulation. But then like the interior, detail perception and control capabilities of my previous pre-facelift model.

The negatives are appointed soberly considered no more than trifles. Knowing that we are talking about a car, however, makes this observation more nuanced done in terms of purchase price, an almost round 30K. A full 3.5 Focus unfortunately just feels more like a car 20 grand with 10 grand of options rather than a packet of 30 grand. strengthen small resonances in the dashboard for example - if you tend to disturb it - this feeling.

Objectively complies Focus 3.5 but more than fine with the expectations you in this class may reasonably have a car. In the basic version of around 20K because you have the same space and virtually the same technology on board.

Conclusion: Focus 3.5 is good. Very good indeed! And because of that emotional hear also the last spots to be on the i. As long as that is not the case, I save now (but that's entirely personal, and stands apart from the excellent overall qualities of the Focus) by a Mondeo. Contentment is a virtue ...

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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