Opel Corsa 1.2-16V Easytronic Comfort (2001) review

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Corsa 1.2-16V Easytronic Comfort
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the purchase

  • January 13, 2011 12:33

Last year (2010) this car purchased as a first car. This is because I have been reason in a machine and that is now saying that you or your life or automatic driving lessons take a turn and it does again exam at the CBR. It is not true that you can drive automatically switch after one year.

My preference was for a Toyota, especially the Yaris because it shows so little would stand in the garage, or German reliability with the names of Volkswagen, Opel and Seat. On the internet some searching with the requirements machine, low monthly costs (insurance and taxes), a three-door and a budget of 4,000 euros approximately. Then went on the road. First to Opel Corsa B nearby, but did not want to know which car sales (pale cousin to my mother). Then to a Toyota Starlet around here but it was a day earlier and was still sold on their website. After that went to a Toyota Starlet in Nijmegen, but which had a sunroof and never more experience of parents. Then went home. After a few weeks with my dad was on the road, I'm with him went to different dealers. A car (Volkswagen Polo if I'm not mistaken) view of thick 8000 Euros and a Volkswagen Lupo within my budget. Only you lose a Lupo is a small car that you back no small box. It also was not known garage / dealer and what was the craziest thing was that he had a flower pot on the roof of each car.

Eventually ended up with car below.
A test drive made in this Corsa alone, even though there were four different machines. However, those were almost all a bit expensive so revolted. Only a Micra, but it was locked and the key was not found so easily.
Then direction gone home we have not seen one car had around here. Which had a sunroof and as can be seen above, there are not the best of experiences.
Home just yet deliberated and then decide to go back to Garage of Uden in Den Dungen to buy this Corsa without Bovag guarantee that would cost 1,000 euros extra. An advantage of this dealer is that they are open on weekdays until 18.30!

The options are on the 2nd hand car are:

- 3rd brake light
- Abs
- driver airbag
- passenger airbag
- Body-color bumpers
- Remote central locking
- Split rear seat (uneven parts)
- Electric windows (behind they can not open to me)
- Tinted glass
- Radio CD player
- rear wiper
- Immobilizer
- Power steering
- Handlebar height adjustable
- Side airbags.

Summing Seat absolutely had nothing to my requirements at that time, two Volkswagen cars, above which is why it did not become. We have even thought about going to Occasion Direct Venray where we had a VW Polo in the budget, but at the time we were in Den Dungen all wrong compared Venray and it was later in the afternoon.
Toyota's you can read above except the Yaris but were unable to get inside my machine requirements. The Opel was ended.


  • January 16, 2011 13:07

At the gathering, which is quite exciting with a first car I can arrange that with three men went so one could drive back with me because you drive it right independent 45 kilometers. They were neatly done what was said, there was a new MOT on and that had an episode turn when I got him. And two new tires which we agreed that when less as 3.5 mm. they would be would be replaced. For the rest, there were in accordance with the Opel service book little detail. Battery remote control, the brake fluid, the spark plugs, the air filter (element), the fuel filter, Micro Filter and Timing belt + tensioning rollers, and V / poly-V belt (17 DTi, 17TD) is no to all filled in.
The stabilizer is written right under the printed things in the book, so I'm assuming that when replacing seen therefore no box Yes / No to state.

When I had my driver's license (post office closes early so he was 1 week stayed there for transfer), the vehicle documents received and the final questions were asked of the car was taken and when the big moment came for a 20-year-old with his first car the keys as I but just call it now !! There was still impressed upon the so-called new car is leaving the door automatically locked if nothing is done, and you absolutely do not have to start first and then scratching or the like After this manner tip it was time to get the camera there and shoot some nice pictures. Then the drive home first common direction with the knowledge that there can be no intervention. The test was immediately in the form of a file, but we bypassed by driving indoors.

The first wear problems

  • 121 101 km
  • February 12, 2011 23:46

Time for an update on the real performance of the car.
There are a small 3,000 kilometers on wonderful. Not all ridden by myself but also by parents who find a great car.

I use the car especially as daily work at 9 km. Located just away from home and that's just more beautiful cycling. Unless it rains, which is too bad. The snow and ice I have not driven it, this has partly to the fact that there are no winter tires under. That was in late October / early November already gone everywhere unfortunately.

Actually, I only last month (January) encountered the first small dots on the car to wear. Very winter (even stop after a week) which without problems started as after 3 weeks when we ourselves were on Corsica in the summer.
The first things I have now run into the rubber of the wiper being on the go and hang loose at. Unfortunately, some damage to the left wing mirror which probably gone a cyclist langsop's when parked. This has been updated with a paint pen, supplied by fetching Garage van Uden. Finally he gives while Inspiron at the start but that's because the previous owner has him in September (to) let approve and when he inspected was March before I went to pick him up was the message will not and therefore not gone I go to pick from. The inspections in March last year which reported directly removed so that now shows correctly again.

For the rest, he has pretty well filled books (not all turns are in it to me), and the chairs are also fun. And I'm also pleased that he has a quiet motor. Only missing a cupholder. You can use some lost between the two front seats, but a really safe place, I do not think. Should I ever going to make long journeys by car, we see it then again.

All in all a great car that we (as stated use multiple him) did not show still standing and in use value. That gasoline is expensive do nothing but road tax is only 25 euros a month and that is not expensive. Insurance paid for the reduction of the damage by driving my parents. According to the insurance agent is the only cost-effective to build from your own 23 as I understood.

Bit of past and future piece.

  • February 13, 2011 18:15

Wear remained persist here. One of the registration plate lamps had to be replaced last month. Damage € 14.29 for a box H7 bulbs that to give you it all. Unfortunately 3x vain since sold out, but last week they had him anyway eventually.
Those were the "problems" / abrasions so far.
On the 1st day of February for the first time drove with my car through the ice. I am New Year's Eve crashed the necessary times with the bike so I do not dare to drive.
Last week made an appointment for the MOT and a small turn for next week (22 February). Right on time, as he had before March 1st.
This weekend look for the wipers but because the three (!!!) different sizes are decided after consultation it home to make the MOT and turn. You pay them each and otherwise buy three sets.

As some of you have already seen this weekend added a picture of my car and the review proofread and update this weekend.

MOT and small turn.

  • 121 376 km
  • March 17, 2011 15:14

The wiper blades are ultimately still "hot" become his own work. You could she buy a piece and the damage it had now yielded € 9.68. Since a car does not. The weekend before the APK they put it.

On February 22, the Corsa for the first time was at his own expense for the MOT, combined with a small turn at Autobedrijf A.v.d. Berg (universal) Niftrik (Nijmegen). No loan car because as you can read under the heading 'purchase' I'm a machine mowed and I therefore only machine can drive. The garage on where he was going did not, like many garages in the Netherlands did not I think. Fortunately it was cycling 20 minutes to retrieve the car. When bringing I picked up, but we got to pick out before closing time (17:30) for one another.

The things that have been done are the MOT and turn (freely adapted from invoice)
- Oil
- Carter Plug Ring
- Washer fluid
- Engine oil per liter
- APK Inspection
- Afmeldtarief MOT approval notification
- small material
- environmental Contribution
- Work small turn
Total damage € 143.76.

When I went to collect the car was said that there were no details on the MOT.
The health report is a cup 'Coming soon flaws (advice points) and / or repair advice center where things stand under.

Those are the following, which are standard.

- There is a tire provided with a tread depth of 1.6 t / m 2.5 mm (for MOT 2)
- There is provided a shock absorber that exhibits leakage
- There is a present rust damage (size of 1.5 t / m E: 2.0 or more than 15% thickness reduction.
- There is a control or ball joint provided with a wear clearance less than or equal to 1.0 mm
- Visible mechanical parts of the braking system exhibit excessive wear

And repair advice center which alone (released in late 2009) to the new state inspection report.

- The airbag and / or belt tensioning system is not functioning properly.

Only the seatbelt airbag system is new in this test report, compared to the last MOT of the previous owner, but that is only because the standard since the end of 2009 on the inspection report states. In 2010 was the MOT at delivery and I have never seen a test report. For now we can continue with it again.

And the first failure case is a fact

  • 123150 km
  • September 8, 2011 10:05

And the first time the car has let us stand is a fact.

I had him earlier this week on loan for a few rides on the same day, incidentally. The first ride there was nothing wrong and those who had lent him another 14 km. return driven. In the afternoon the next ride was a fact which still started well. The car is then to an assembly as a 1.5 km. driven away those who had lent him. When the car stopped 10 minutes and got the family not start him. The starter was not even around even. The only "said" the car was rap from what I understand.
It is a Easytronic as can be seen, and he was in the 'N', even a return to the 'A' and back to 'N' but he refused service. The one who had lent him when rides are often so familiar with the system. The car also did not lock the central locking when leaving the gathering was with another car. After 2 to 2.5 hours they came back to the car and started in again and were the reinforcements without anything having to do back home. I was myself at least not (help gang that is) because I was working / traveling from work to home.

The family that had lent him there then drove home and still had to quickly go somewhere. Only the family dared not put more on the engine, afraid that he would not start. I then just drove fast, and while I was waiting, I saw that there was burning a yellow light on the dashboard. A car with a key was through it. The booklet packed with it and that gave an engine electronics malfunction. Yet even been here to the garage, A.v.d. Berg (universal) Niftrik (Nijmegen). They wanted to keep him directly because there would still be something wrong. And there was also saved something in reading. The car is then stayed one night there. They could find nothing in the car than the car (possibly) not (properly) has "seen" that he was in the 'N'. It was not known problem at Opel Netherlands, where there has been contact with. Given the garage at that time could not help my only choice to get it back and try it again the next time. But they said the car if there is an 'F' would be where normally the 'A' or 'N', the odometer would therefore not start the car anyway. The family that lent him at that time, however, says he 'just' the 'N' indicated on the display when it would start.
Going back to the yellow light on the dashboard. When the engine has been out and was at least twice after short intervals again gave the tick is no longer in the dashboard, so it could not see the car unfortunately.
This was the first time that he refused as said service, so the problem is unprecedented. What I've had some time that he was thinking about two seconds when the key turned in the 'N' went around the starter. Hope it was a one time thing.

This unfortunate event with the car in conjunction with a nice discount (the rest of 2011 for free if I am not mistaken) made me decide to become a member of the AA roadside after 19 months to have the car in my possession (March 2010). I also have the right to benefit young people, considering I'm under 24.
Whether there is financial damage to the car I do not know. When I pick up the owner and the technician who has not spoken looked at it, it would be discussed and may be sent by post if financial damage.

And winter slippers lying underneath

  • 123407 km
  • October 16, 2011 20:43

Since I picked up the car after the first misfortune it never happened that the starter did not want to go around. Whether the driver at that time has done something wrong, we will never know, but for now he does it. Although it's on rainy days as always squeeze here today is doing that or doing that does not it. The last time was the fact that it was raining and there may be too much water has somewhere to somehow .. These are just ideas and often beat them nowhere but it was by chance that one day with abundant rainfall (October 12 I think from memory) the car in the morning and still did afternoons anymore. I do remember that when it has been raining all day but it will be a coincidence.
Financial damage to the car was not there. 1.5 months later I still have not taken inside and normally we have of the business it within one week. They also can not do much more than the car via the computer. My parents have been there for years regular customer so that will also play a role because not every dealer will not charge readout.

And now on to the part where the title is about. I see you think how does this reviewer still winter in December ?? Which are also already under a month, but I have still not had time to update the review earlier. Of course I like starting driver first shopped a little to see where you could get them the cheapest. My father always goes to bond trading Mill in Reek (in Grave) and that was what he was concerned the only good. He even refused but talk about others. As you could see I had just joined the ANWB and giving at Kwik-Fit again discounts. There were only gone all good brands, and it was not good enough (the chain itself). It later transpired that bond trading Mill in Reek also part of Kwik-Fit.
Eventually some searching and early October is here opened near points of Noort. To cut a long story short, eventually I was here in our village to Profile Tire where 4 new Bridgestone winter tires on the car are placed on 2 November. The summer tires would go home first time actually, but for 14 euros they are now stored for six months and then they still come home to go under the car and keep the winter also likely here. My father thinks he can do it yourself and so to save money for the change in Tyrecenter or another tire dealer or garage.
Finally still just a little side note. Until December 31, 2011 we make a monthly chance of moneyback. Every month, two winners from the entries will be drawn and will be returned to the invoice amount. The chances are not very big, but it's always worth trying for a bill of € 564.00 (4 new tires, storage per season, waste management fee and matching rims).

It was time for a new battery

  • 123 870 km
  • December 1, 2011 11:04

On the edge of 2011 still time for an update of this review.
Unfortunately, the problem starts in October was (123 150 km) in mid-December return. I was at work, and the car did virtually nothing. The starter was first 3x around before it completely quit and then nothing more to do. The dealer called and talked about certain brushes in the starter. Their advice for what followed fumbling the starter and again tried to start. The 2nd time to start the engine or to hit so we could hit the road again. I see now you think, but you just said that you have become a member of the ANWB. That was still getting used to me making that option was not yet ingrained. In addition, there are not 10 minutes, and given the car the last time I had lent him after a while it started I did not want to put me mad as ANWB'er was there and the car did do it casually .

Closed Christmas Eve I had promised to get some of that family who were drinking, and at night there again to turn home. Personally, I do not drink.
Five minutes before the appointed time I wanted to leave, but the car did nothing and there was also the first time an 'F' in the display. The trick with the starter the last time did not. Eventually someone else drove to pick up the family because it is a link. Later tried again at night and when the weather was so that the first starter went around 3 times and then nothing more to do. Sunday morning started my car with jumper cables, and there are 2x can ride without problems.

Last Tuesday (December 27) called the garage, and they said come in an hour but then it's quieter. They put a battery tester to the battery, and immediately indicated that the battery was broken. But runs straight to the workshop, we immediately put a new one because if it is cold once you shake it. Within half an hour the new battery was in it and for only € 70.20 which I alone was all right.
Incidentally, it was the original battery of 10.5 years old, so then it may be ended once.

Also Wednesday, the car passed through the car wash. This is not common, rather do it by hand but could save at the local Shell for a free wash until December 31, but at that time the full card had to be used.

I wish you all a damage in 2012 and next year!

Time for a new MOT and a large turn

  • 124 733 km
  • December 30, 2011 12:29

On 28 February, a little later as last year but still right on time is the car for MOT and this time a big turn away for at Autobedrijf A. v.d. Berg (universal) Niftrik (Nijmegen).
When MOT nothing special going on. For the 2nd year had not sampled in a row though. We can at least a year against it again.
The garage has topped the washer fluid, which is definitely not been necessary. This is a day before leaving for the MOT done by myself. Perhaps the move using a minimal bit but a bit bland to spend € 1.60 charge.
Last year was not completed maintenance booklet, which is no problem for 2x completed this year on the basis of report of last year and the company's PC itself.
I understand now why they alternate small and large turn because I was € 110.00 more expensive while like last year, nothing special was going on.
The things that are done in the MOT and overhaul are below:

- Oil at € 7.25
- Cabin air filter at € 18.10
- Oildrainplug Ring at € 0.90
- Washer fluid at € 1.60
- Motor oil 5w40 3.50 liters per liter at € 8.95 is total € 31,33
- Small material at € 3.25
- Environmental contribution € 2,50
- Afmeldtarief MOT approval notification at € 4.20
- Labor Large turn 3 hours at € 48.00 per hour is € 144.00 in total
And with VAT (€ 40.49) there were a financial loss of € 253.62

The real winter days the Corsa had nevertheless occasionally some difficulty. About 1 month ago we had a day with lots of snow. That day the car on demand stayed home. After three days he was first used again. The Corsa had that day to 2x starting problems. It had indeed been -15 and that was evident, despite a new battery. The starter was 2 to 3 times around and then just strike. Then you tried a 2nd time and (if necessary he went around and often) he hit on. This happened to me a total of 1x.
Just one small addition why I do not keep track usage. I work as elsewhere in this review is only 9 kilometers from home. That's good for cycling and I do than too much. Therefore, I choose not to fill more than 25 to 30 euros. Then simply keep no good use. I'm also still living at home which also plays a role.

And when the next case was unlucky!

  • 125 136 km
  • March 8, 2012 10:22

The mileage on this cup is not right. This is because on the same bill as the MOT and the car is not returned unexpectedly after departure. When retrieving I have not given it also. The Mileage is April 10th.
A few hours after the last update I had basically already start a new update. However, it came up recently not.

The car has not returned because he unexpectedly unlucky stranded on Thursday, March 8th as I had lent him. There was even asked me if I wanted to go, but I did not. The one who did venture ultimately had no choice because the other car was not at home. I did not feel was partly because we have four weeks earlier had been with the relevant Swedish store. The particular store has 'only' 12 branches in the Netherlands. The car is about 20 kilometers towed the car because he did nothing more. The roadside there also went in; see below.
The beginning of the roadside story is that I got a call that the car stopped on the highway and burned some fault indicator. It is then stopped to search for the fault in the book, but when they wanted to leave the car did not cry anymore. Whether here on my cost € 170.00 could be spent to be helped on the road because the driver of that time it was a member of the AA, but not from the roadside they came back in the emergency room.
Seemed that I am, I said to the person who borrowed the car I am a member of the roadside, "why do not you try it? I only have the card at home. That has been tried and then a patrolman. This has reset the car, the advice given was allowed to fall another 30 minutes to wait before trying to restart and after mentioning that it was wiser to go directly to the garage instead to the goal left.
Then, again went on the road for up to 3x increase again fall silent after 9 kilometers. After waiting half an hour and tried again prompt 2x he did it again. The 3rd time, unfortunately not, then there is again a need for a patrolman to reset the car. The patrolman has distracted driver from the highway to the center of the village. Here, the inevitable question came're Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Hendriks (both fictitious names in this story). I'm married to both seen. When it appeared that the roadside helps by name and not by car. Because it was a different surname came that question. Anyway, if they want me to help in the office than we do. There is 340 euros saving since there 2x someone had to come. Since women naturally have their charms also !! The roadside is then left.
The driver of that time has moved on, but after 9 kilometers was again hit that did nothing more. The car is then called and what they have done next to rescue you can read now.

- Fault readout first time at € 20.00
- 1 new crankshaft sensor at € 32.30
- Labor 1 hour at € 48.00
And with VAT (€ 19.06) there we came to a financial loss of € 119.36.

After two days I could pick up the car after the mechanic advised by ourselves there more than nine kilometers has driven to make sure he would not immediately quit again.
Incidentally, those who had lent him came March 8 at home with a Peugeot 306 switch, a borrowed car so I did nothing because I can drive only automatic, but that aside.

From winter to summer slippers and shuffle back

  • 126923 km
  • December 16, 2012 12:16

So, I think it's high time for an update! If you fit winter tires to summer tires, and you went back, I dare say so. Because the car is new work (instead of 9 kilometers only 6 kilometers only since a year) even less mileage if I pick him comes an even greater time to sit between updates. Also, I now work four days a week (3x in business 6 kilometers, 1x in business 9 kilometers) what until only ever been three days ago for a year, so less time for updates. That will change again in March because my temporary contract expires at 9 kilometers and is not renewed, but now it is equally true that there is a longer time between updates is. Incidentally, we move the company at 6 km away in the course of 2013, but that is no more than 11 kilometers one way. Now let's just go and have the experience of the car, and maintenance.

On Thursday, May 10th are the Profile Tire Nijmegen (industrial Bijsterhuizen) winter tires swapped again for summer tires. This was done in half an hour and the amount of money I make to pay amounted to € 42.00. The storage for the winter to the summer was already at. Tire is the 'only' € 3.50, giving a total of € 14.00 meant for all four. That is no money. Changing the tires cost per tape € 7.00 which I also very becoming difficult, so this was € 28.00 per four.
VAT was € 6.70 which was already included in the total amount of € 42.00.

Then on Thursday, November 15th summer tires have gone off again to make room for the winter. Unfortunately, a little later than planned but the company was on Thursday (my only day off) next weekend for several weeks in a row full so there was no place for me anymore. This all happened in the same place as above. Unfortunately have to wait a little longer in the car because he was ready, but it was busy with another customer for new tires / rims or the like but after a little more than 30 minutes I was gone. This time I had to pay € 42.00 despite the VAT increase on 1 October. For € 6.75 per tire this time they have changed the tires, which therefore means a total of € 27.00 for 4 and € 3.75 per tire (25 cents more expensive than last time) they are stored there another season . That means a total of € 15.00 per four tires. VAT amounted to € 7.29 times what is already in the total amount of € 42.00 processed again drunk. little worth mentioning has happened in the meantime (between May and November).

What I have finally just want to report that it strikes me that this car holds (in winter) quite a lot of moisture. Or a known disease of this type Opel Corsa I do not know. What I do know is that it is not special if I 9 out of 10 times in the winter after scratching the outside of the windshield can further by scratching the inside of the windshield. At the rear side windows and I find that less!

MOT expiration date in sight, direct a small

  • 127687 km
  • March 21, 2013 09:26

And then plopped the RDW letter back in the mail around January 16 (date of the letter) to report that it was time for MOT.
On February 21 the car back to the permanent address was for maintenance (the name is often enough in the review, I think), combined this year with a little turn because it was my turn.

One is encountered in the APK details? This year, unfortunately, yes making it slightly more expensive and lunged for 'test results' in the inspection report approved after repair see repair points' was colored. And in addition, there was also a change in the legislation occurred since the last MOT.
The garage has the MOT because as I have done for myself two years ago for the MOT (as you see 6,000 kilometers) 2 wiper blades replaced almost € 25.00 because they are not working properly. There is something out of the ordinary is a Lamp 5W replace € 1.25.
And the change in the law which I talked about earlier is of course the VAT increase from 19 to 21% that companies should pass on to the customer. Ultimately, along with some other higher this 50 euro prizes me extra cost compared to the same APK and small turn (only when no faults) back for two years. However, you know when you buy a car, because driving is expensive.

Below I'll just drop exactly what has been done during the MOT and turn (freely adapted from invoice)

- 1 Oil at € 7.95
- 1 wiper at € 14.20
- 1 wiper at € 10.40
- 1 Lamp 5W at € 1.25 (forgot to ask what kind of lamp, so I can not tell you whether the turn signal, parking light or the like is)
- 3.50 liters of engine oil 5w40 at € 9.95 making a total of € 34.83
- 1 Oildrainplug Ring at € 0.90
- 1 Washer fluid at € 1.60
- 1x small equipment at € 2.75
- 1x Environmental contribution € 2,50
- 1x MOT at € 32.50
- 1x afmeldtarief MOT approval notification at € 4.20
- 1 hour Labor (hourly rate) for € 48.00
This makes a total of € 161.08. 21% VAT on this amount (€ 33.83) will be a total of € 194.91 to be on the bill.

What I finally still want to say that I've noticed is that (my / the) test report has changed. Where there last year, and two years ago "Coming soon flaws (advice points) '5 or 6 different codes were, this is in the test report of the year not (anymore).

In the garage for leakage

  • 130768 km
  • January 10, 2014 20:32

To say (to me by default) to start off the title.
On 25 October 2013 I spend at Profile Tire for a tire change (it will also try to keep better track ......). Until today is the shame of the (winter) tires given the extra wear and tear because it is more spring than winter, but you beforehand not know. If this winter is snow / it is smooth as it takes weeks to go for you because the Netherlands the winter there would have acutely.
In a record time of just over 10 minutes I was already on the way. established itself not press or the like They were just by themselves quickly finished the four bands (2.5 minutes per band so). I had only sipped some of the free coffee you can tackle because it was too hot. After paying this just as quickly thrown back again before we went on the road.
The award was also changed nothing. Still € 42.00. For € 6.75 per tire four tires are changed again, so what again represents a total of € 27.00 for the exchange. The summer tires stayed there for the reasonable price of € 3.75 per bond making a total of € 15.00 for four tires. VAT was € 7.28 which once again was already calculated in the total.

But then quickly to the title. The fact that I went to the garage outside the APK to the car. I like the forum (Engineering / Maintenance section) have reported the end of November there was water in the car in through the driver's side. To be precise on down (near the gas / brake pedal). This also ensured that my car is incredibly moist been a while from the inside. So much so that the (last winter) has happened that I had to scratch the inside of the windscreen as it had frozen. So first off, and then continue inside where it should not be in a normal car.
The fluid leakage I do something on December 16 at my regular car. It has been replaced here with a relay box cover (out of the relay box in the prior Corsa, in addition to the brake fluid) in connection with presumably worn rubbers. To this day I feel this has helped given the moisture seems to be away from the car. The baptism of fire, I hope to do next week when it starts freezing again. Let's see if there is (still) to be scratched on the inside.
expenses accounted attacked me too. The relay box cover cost € 22.17 and it is, according to the bill have been doing half an hour which cost me € 24.00. Hourly rate of € 48.00 also nicely done half the hourly ...... The 21% VAT is currently on top of € 9.70, I came to a total of € 55.87.
Soon (before March 1st) back to the garage for the MOT, but I expect no details. In late February / early March about an update.

And finally I'd like to mention a number of small things.
For 14 days (Dec 28-29 weekend.) I pulled the car through the car wash at the local Shell. I was there (like last year) saving again for a free wash, and had the card for a while now full. Condition was that washed before 31 December. Rather I had done after the fireworks junk, but that did not ... The day after I've vacuumed the car.
The last one I took last Tuesday (07 January 2014) tapped the 131,000 kilometers, also worth mentioning, I think!

MOT and large, oh no correction Small turn

  • 131468 km
  • April 4, 2014 19:52

On February 28, 2014 the car to the fixed universal garage again (Autobedrijf A. van den Berg to Niftrik) was for an MOT and overhaul (this was planned).
When picking showed that there had not been implemented more than a little turn because there was no longer needed. Since the last MOT and overhaul the car has 'only' 6,735 kilometers driven in two years (in 2013 there was anyway already done a little turn because I afwissel). Thinking along with the client's called!

One is encountered in the APK details? Yes, this year something (icecream) was unfortunately again the hand so the car was not "Approved" but "Approved after repair see repair points. Fortunately it concerned only the turn signal light where the orange blistered as he was making would not pass the test if it would not be replaced. For € 1.78 fortunately again was a new one.

Below describes exactly what has been done during the MOT and turn (freely adapted from invoice)

- 1 Oil at € 7.80
- 1 Cabin air filter at € 18.20
- 1 Lamp 21 watt orange at € 1.78
- 1 Oildrainplug Ring at € 0.90
- 1 Washer fluid at € 1.60
- 3.50 liters of engine oil 5w40 at € 9.95 making a total of € 34.83
- 1 MOT Testing at € 32.50 (it had been 'free' in a Great turn)
- 1 Afmeldtarief MOT approval notification at € 4.20
- 1 Small material at € 2.75
- 1 Environmental contribution € 2,50
- 1 Labor small turn and MOT at € 48.00
This makes a total of € 155.06. 21% VAT on this amount (€ 32.56) there will be a total of € 187.62 to be on the bill which had to be settled.

Meanwhile the winter (we had not) also over. Time to make an appointment for the tire change. Currently it is on the busy side at the garage who always does for me (first is Mon April 14, but since I ma t / m do the work at the earliest Friday 18th or Saturday 19th). This will follow an updated review of weather.

Substitutes band 2x and minor repairs

  • 134370 km
  • January 15, 2015 11:15

To begin, I want to thank you for watching a total of 10 543 time of my review in 2 days after 4 years.

On Friday, April 25th, 2014, the summer tires for winter tires changed in the Profile Tire. When purchasing winter tires, the intention was to make the change in time itself, but ultimately turned out differently.
The exchange is still done for the fixed price of € 42.01 I pay from the beginning. Changing a tire costs € 5.58 representing a total of € 22.32 for four tires. Storage, packing costs € 3.10 which equates to € 12.40 per season. € 22,32 + € 12.40 = € 34.72. With a tax amount of € 7.29 there you come to € 42.01 in total.

On Saturday, May 10th, 2014, I learned that the direction was left broken. Annoying, but as to solve I thought. Unfortunately this was not so, because it was not the light. The fuses still looked good so it was to continue searching with the help of my dad who has two right hands, I myself have two left hands for that.
Eventually the car yet again ended up in the garage since we ourselves could not find the problem. The garage when the headlight unit to remove completely because something was wrong with a cable in terms of flow. The cable itself (I expected the bill is "consumables") cost € 2.00. However, the wages of three quarters work at € 36.00 and VAT of € 7.98 was a bill of € 45.98 but then did everything it again. It seems (learned here on the forum) that it (partially) dismantling the bumper is necessary to disassemble the headlight on the brand and type of car.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 I saw the car standing on the rim as the tire was punctured. The same evening the spare tire still put under in the dark so that the rim was not going to suffer too much. The valve was to somehow not in the recess so that the rim is hit while driving the valve. The entire valve was certainly broken. In the village garage where I'll always brought a new valve on November 1, 2014 for € 10.00 the same day again put under the original band.

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the summer tires for winter weather changed in the Profile Tire. The exchange is still done for the fixed price of € 42.01 I pay from the beginning. Changing a tire costs € 5.58 representing a total of € 22.32 for four tires. Storage, packing costs € 3.10 which equates to € 12.40 per season. € 22,32 + € 12.40 = € 34.72. With a tax amount of € 7.29 there you come to € 42.01 in total.

Soon another update on the MOT and servicing.

APK, little maintenance, tire changes, bandens

  • 135550 km
  • July 16, 2015 14:52

As promised in the previous update would soon get an update on the MOT and servicing. Soon comes rather only slightly longer wait.

On February 20, 2015 (now so already half a year ago) the car has gone back to the garage for the fixed annual MOT and some maintenance this year. The car was immediately approved without and rejection / or repair items so. In addition, they also looked at the leak and there done. Incidentally weather had not sampled. This happened yet whether there standard "no" to the test report?
From mid-May 2015 driving the car 50 km. per day and the last kilometer of the tire change (April 30), so there are a little more mileage on now. But I can (now) do not control.
The work at that time were quite taken by the bill:

- First MOT at € 32.50
- 1 Afmeldtarief MOT approval notification at € 4.20
- 1 Oil at € 7.60
- 1 Oildrainplug Ring at € 0.90
- 1 Washer fluid at € 1.60
- 1 Cabin air filter at € 18.50
- 1 rear wiper at € 13.80
- 1 Small material at € 2.75
- 3.50 liter engine per liter 5w40 at € 9.95, 3.50 x 9.95 = € 34.83 in total
- 1 Environmental contribution € 2,50
- 1.75 Labor performed minor maintenance + Water leakage li.voor contr./verhelpen at € 48.00. 1 hour, 45 minutes, making a total of € 84.00 labor
Everything added up, we arrived at an amount of € 203.18 excl. VAT discount. With VAT (which I have to pay just as an individual) from € 42.67 like the total to € 245.85 which had to be paid.

The water leak is fortunately remedied. According to my dealer universal water came via a cable running from the pedals. The dealership has once again sealed the passage and then again put the water hose on it. There is then no leakage observed. car last month was completely dry still, but now the wet newspapers were still largely under the chair. Fortunately I have a new Corsa ordered now, so it is only just make do until September.

On Thursday, April 30th are then swapped the winter weather for summer tires. Unfortunately Profile Tire has jacked up the price per 1-1-2015 something, but we can not complain about the rest. I never otherwise as € 42.01 paid from 2012 to 2014 (only purchase winter tires Dec. 2011 was quite expensive).
The appointment was scheduled for 10:45 am, and as always, I was once again within 30 minutes outside.

What they have done is the following:
- Storage per tape (per season) 4x á € 3.31 = € 13.24
- Season Tire Exchange On Wheels 4x AA at € 6.20 = € 24.80
This is a total of € 38.04 € 7.99 + VAT = € 46.03 what had to be paid.

And finally, I present some tire troubles with summer tires. The tapes appear to have been 8.5 years and the rear tires are 5.5 years old. Mainly at the right front tire, the air runs out very slowly (every 3 or 4 days, that of 2.3 bar dropped to 2.0 bar). Because there ordered a brand new Opel Corsa is the saving in September comes I try as much as possible (sound) on the current Corsa. According to the person with whom I maintain private car is also possible. It's just a matter of occasional repump the band. This remains in the family and will be ridden by mother / sister be on stage, circles around the church, etc.
I thought yesterday mainly notice (Wednesday, July 15th) that something was not right in the tire / suspension or the like. I read about a carkasbreuk, but that typically there is a kind of excellent 'pimple' is on the band, but I did not see. And now the time has come for me starting off as my thumb against all ties jogger so I would already have noticed. From August I go four days a week driving 50 kilometers per day, which is now 3 days a week. One day there so. I hope the tires hold out a moment until September.
Unfortunately I did notice especially yesterday that the car more 'bounces' on the road and that grip is searching, but can now also sit between the ears if you drive for a week with tires that are not quite right . Perhaps you should also look into stabilizer, broken springs or the like We're going to go through, and I am confident because the person that I private car maintains has more life experience with cars. The profile is still good, they are not slippery tires. appears also in his seat as if one tire is pushed a little further. The valve was replaced in November last year and quite quickly after the tire change I checked who was well into the recess (what me last year probably took a new valve) and that was the case, so it would not so much seek .

Yet new summer tires, and end review

  • 140000 km
  • October 30, 2015 11:20

On August 21, 2015 I still get 2 new summer tires under the car lay because I was done with having to check tire pressure every time (2x per week for sure) and again to inflate the tires. Because I'm a day more self by August 10, 2015 go to work (4 instead of 3 and row now, first it was Mon-Wed-Fri) it was not doing more. Despite my new car I bought already knew that the car would still remain for other family members, so we would cost parts and I had myself still six weeks safely up and down to go to work (55 km. Per day ) so anyway but invest here.
Because the new car as already described in the review had already been ordered, I looked for the cheapest place to two new Michelin Energy Saver + to mount tires (same as that behind already were). This mistake I make in any case never more ...... .. because the tires were not cheap with everything else they found. A little further from home I could get them even cheaper, but the gas money there I was like then save nothing. But in retrospect I could have done better.

The place I came was the Kwik Fit in Nijmegen (which I like to be in the middle) that I had already paid € 95.32 for two tires, € 37.80 for 'Tire, balancing and valves' and € 6.00 for Disposal (€ 3, - per tire so). Total € 139.12, or with ANWB benefit, otherwise it would have been about € 10.00 more expensive. Incidentally, my experience in the fast fitters that they do not watch a rim to sit, but it just 'oprammen. The valves are rarely neatly into the recess. I noticed this not only when the Kwik-fit, but also with the tire change (summer / winter) more often in Profile Tire.
Unfortunately for me were the brake discs and brake pads need replacing. Namely, the thickness of the brake discs had long been the replaceable limit of 8 mm. reached and was 6.5 and 6.6 mm.
Here I take blame them anything because I could myself say the car is sold in a month, choosing to replace I made herself.
What besides the aforementioned amounts entered on the invoice, the following things:

- 1x Disposal brake at € 3.00
- 1x Align in exchange for € 45.95 (€ 7.95 here is removed, so it cost me € 38.00 but eventually because it was a minimal deviation of 0.10 on the uitlijnbrug I thought, so that was neat)
- 2x brake at € 96.00 which was co € 192.00
- 1x Brake (set) for € 132,00
- 1x brakes Check for € 0.00

The tires I had a few days before already paid in the Webshop in making the appointment. But before I was out of there was the idea that I just € 365,00 extra aftikte the brake pads and rotors. Eventually I was therefore € 504.12 spent on the car. As mentioned earlier a lesson .........

Dear readers, now I drive myself since October 2, 2015 around in a brand new Opel Corsa. This implies directly that this is the last update of my first car, and so this Opel Corsa was 2001. The car is currently being ridden by members of me, but they are not writers and will not take me this review. The car has just passed the 140,000 kilometers, but since I do not have exact mileage (somewhere between 139,000 and 140,000 I rounded it up).
I hope you despite the fairly low valuation (38%) still enjoyed my review. Whether the new Corsa will again update is just the question. Currently I have the extra work (which is nice of course) less time to write reviews. Additionally, you can not after 1100 kilometers have been writing a fair review I think. A monitor will use the new car there will appear a few days.
It was a pleasure for you to write and maybe until next review.

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