Lexus NX 300h AWD Business Line Pro (2017) review

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NX 300h AWD Business Line Pro
1, Sequential Machines
1500 km
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Class. What is there to just after the purchase?

  • 1500 km
  • March 19, 2017 18:38

We have the first 1500 km behind us in this new venture. The NX is all mine. So here're very satisfied owner. With what I know now, I would buy exactly doing the same car again for sure.

Let me talk mostly about the little things that still stand me, and might help to prospective buyers. You will notice that most of the negative points I mentioned just fall away once you go for one of the more expensive versions.

Comfort. Most reviews on this review "reasonable". Personally I find this "very good". The NX is what troubled less solid ground, but nothing to excite you about it. On the contrary. I can feel and hear what's going on underneath me, and that's the case here. At long distances this is a great touring car. Crosswind sensitivity is OK. Driving and standard 18inch Yokohama's way.

Maneuverability. Is really top. Even if you drive an SUV, it remains a car with normal sizes (you knew the NX has exactly the same dimensions as the BMW X3, the difference is negligible). No problems in underground parking.

Round visibility is limited, but its advantages. You have to make do with cameras, sensors and side mirrors, and that works against my expectations very well. In return you get really get to sit surrounded feeling between instruments and control, and you sit in a tub. The door styles are quite high, so. All in all, an expected drawback that there in practice it is not.

Silent operation while sufficiently powerful. If you're not a sporty drive you will notice that the coffee effect (see CT200h) barely exists. Even hybrid drivers manage to do a smooth ride without engine howl. Based on the test drives I estimated that I did actually much worse in this. Am so pleasantly surprised.

Consumption. I can keep the consumption at 7.1 l / 100km. Mostly highway mileage. That seems a lot, but one has not been run yet, gasoline powered, automatic, 4WD, almost 2000kg that top marks. That can only improve.

Hybrid operation. Two thoughts until now. At first sight you may conscious NX less economical driving. I mean, you just concentrate on your driving habits to get eg. Around 6l is, according to my not. A CT was your example. Really quite economical driving. On the other hand ... the NX makes himself very happy also to electric drive slightly higher speeds. So maybe there is still plenty of margin for improvement. I'll know to say.

The space in the rear is top notch. The legroom for rear passengers and the general comfort in the rear is just top. I had it a little less estimated'm so pleasantly surprised.

Multimedia System and GPS are basic and a bit outdated. That is consistent with what the reviews say about it. ... but fortunately the sound quality good again. If you navigate with Waze and listening to Spotify so you do not have any issues and you can use the lower-quality built-in GPS for backup.

Driver aids. I have front and rear sensors and a camera. And that's OK. But eg. The sensors have only aural, not visual clue, so they keep beeping from 50cm to object. That means you have not as much as it comes to fine parking.

Keyless entry. I had, and now no more. Was not noticed, but look ... I miss it really.

Body. Back a car that was very well put together, beautiful seams, superb paintwork. But what I do notice that the engine is vibrating in highway driving. Is not due to poor alignment, it is apparently just that.

Quality of the seats. I chose leather seats manual. Are super comfortable. Also back better than I suspected. Only they lack lumbar support, and since you just sit straighter in an SUV, that is quite a loss.

To within 10,000 km'ers ...

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 4.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes

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