Daihatsu Cuore 1.0 Trend (2008) review

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Cuore 1.0 Trend
5, Manual
203 387 km
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  • 15300 km
  • November 4, 2008 14:32

After a month or two in the Cuore driven to have the time to give my opinion on this car to. I chose Trend in white and no options other than a frame to build my own radio. The latter is otherwise free dealer done for me. There are only the standard speakers but it gives my car radio so far the best sound. standard 13 well \" wheels leave there under, which is very convenient turning circle, horseshoe almost never stabbing.

The car works very well. I had to buy a moment my doubts whether I still had to do power steering, but miss it totally. Car a little bit and let it roll forward is not a problem (even better for the tires). Obviously he is not spacious, but compared to the rest in this segment is still so bad. A crate of beer is no problem that you forget in a aygo. Seats are excellent, even after a journey of 2.5 hours with a lot of traffic. Better than my example the xsara or polo I've had.

Road location is sufficient, somewhat sensitive to wind but not distracting for me. But'm used to drive higher car \ 's (Gran Move and Kangoo), another will perhaps irritate anymore. Braking is excellent, as are control and switching. Just \"to the point \". Finishing I find neat, especially in relation to the price. Operation is clear. Main beam is attracting messaging you push off standard beam. Why all the car \ 's have not is beyond me. Often been in another car \ 's not about this and if you want signals that beam by ondeluk to remain. What I find very useful is the dual tripmeter.

Other positive points are the road tax of 76 euros per year, low insurance costs, expected low maintenance (so there is no expensive distribution belt), but consumption makes a huge difference. Now, after 5,500 kilometers I am an average of 4.64 liters per 100 kilometers. I also do my best for that. 4.4 is doable, if I'm in a hurry, the consumption still remains below 5 liters. There is not a conventional gas meter but as in other reviews describe, there are eight LEDs that indicate this. For me to love the eertse light from the latter after the 70-80 kilometers just last longer in contrast to the experience of others. The spare bulb fire after 27.5 liters, is very little, but I've usually already 600 kilometers sit on, so too is sufficient.

One drawback so far is poor visibility left shoulder, but the money for enormous car \ 's, and can be much worse. Another drawback is that the Clackson which is very sensitive, it happened to me a few times that I accidentally honked. Overtaking in his fifth does not really care must be teruggeschakeled here, but this usage I have that there is over. The top I have not really tried, but, in any event above the 160, more than enough in the Netherlands.

Appreciation is provisionally experiences with other Daihatsu \ 's. I expect no problems, comfort and performance are good, excellent for this segment.

update 19-01-2009
Car had its first turn. No problems, or 126 euros. My overall average has dropped to 4,5l / 100km, but I usually stay well below it. Only if the harder blows consumption increases sharply.


  • 65000 km
  • November 4, 2008 14:32

Not a very big problem, but the 65K were both headlights simultaneously piece. So this caused some confusion. But proved so easy to solve. This often seems to occur at the Cuore.

  • 31000 km
  • April 27, 2009 19:36

Meanwhile, the car has had his 2nd turn. Not fancy, just like oil Straps should still mimi times 15K to me. Wear it harder than I'm used to. But they are smaller, so more revolutions per kilometer and will sit there initially lower profile than a 15"+ Band. Cost of this service: 126 euros.
The best part is that he keeps are economical. After 15K I was in 4,48l / 100km, now is 4,29l / 100km. That love so that I 2nd 15,000 kilometers have driven average 4,10l / 100km, so 1: 24.4.
Furthermore, the car remains liked. Now drive 1.5-2 hours a day to work (one way) and that (apart from the lost time) to do well. Recently I had a colleague with, who found the chairs Cuore Saturdays better than its BMW 1 Series. That while that car at least 3 times as expensive.

3rd turn

  • 48130 km
  • August 23, 2009 17:14

Meanwhile, the car has already had his third turn. No details while only maintenance standard and I have the front and rear tires spin. Then can I put it next in a time of 4 new. The tires will be slightly harder than expected, but 60K is still reasonable. Next are likely Michelin Energy Saver, which should drive a little more economical and longer go.
He pleases still good. However, a drawback found. The winds blow in comparison to my Gran Move not very hard. With the weather lately surely become something on the warm side. But for those few lovely weeks we have every year I buy no air conditioning.
Consumption of the summer all plummeted, and overall decreased to 4.13 l / 100km. Thick at the 1:24 so. now pay about 5 euros fuel per 100 km. Nice if you make 50k / year.
So far more than very satisfied with this car. And he remains just good driving'll never broken out, even at very long distances. Hope that more people drop their shyness and even make a test drive before they call, I'm really not 50k / y do a Cuore. It's really not the cake tin from the past. My parents have had a time also so, but who took the 140 out. This last went to Duistland but struggled my cruising speed of 150km / h to hold each time I was already on the 160. So it will be, not a sports car of course, but this is me was hard.

The winter

  • 80000 km
  • March 5, 2010 11:13

Meanwhile, the 80K is berijkt. The car adheres well. At 65K, there are four new tires come under. A lot more than I used to, but good they are but 13"So go vaken per kilometer in the ronte than 15 bands".
Consumption is this pretty harsh winter increased considerably. I still was above average 1:26 during the summer now stken at about 1:22. Over the entire 80K I'm still just above 1:24.
Many people continue to find it anyway but strange to many km with such a small car. Yet there is considerable space. One week away, with two people, two big dogs and the necessary luggage is fine. A little mer finicky than I was used to. But it does fit. I hope that Daihatsu comes down once his biscuit tin image. He really deserved no more. Effectively it back Polo 10 years.
Now on to the first barrel. I intend him just to drive, so I will this car at this rate might be able to lift about 3 tons.
Still pair month and then I buy fully recouped in respect of a lease Fabia, dis otherwise I probably had taken. Well within the two years hence. I do not think many people are throwing so much money over the bar by driving in a midde-class, while they do not need that space.

First around the clock

  • 100378 km
  • December 28, 2010 07:51

After more than two years driven this car have reached the first ton. So far this has gone without problems. had only standard care. No problems. So I took this car instead of a car lease. It was at that point become a Skoda Fabia by the limited choice. Meanwhile I have saved by choosing this solution for 11 345 euros, excluding depreciation. That's about 7,500 euros including afschijving. Even if he were worthless I have saved nearly 3,000 euros.

Price tag so far:
Petrol: 5652 (average consumption 4.21 avg gasoline price 1.34)
Insurance: 1175 (did not so much no-claim)
Maintenance: 1506
Depreciation: 3892 (estimate, thanks to new price increase)

Total: 12226

Cost per km: 12.2 cents. And I am very satisfied with.

first MOT

  • 150004 km
  • August 22 2012 13:11

Today Cuore was ready for its first MOT. Of course, these are there any problems come through. Hassle is also a good description of this car. Where some other already very tevrenden if they venture with expensive German thoroughness without remove the 50K problems, the Cuore has 150K had only routine maintenance. Few times new bands. At 135K replaced the multi belt, I think is a normal mileage for this. He goes on. I have read that this engine is designed to 300K, so if I keep this average is filled me about four years on that. Maybe give up at that time even a clock around or something.

Last winter, I have first winter down under. This was because I had to go to Germany and thus required. The wegliging grip and was sadly a lot less of it. Perhaps they do help with real wintry conditions, including snow. But it is not so common in the Netherlands. A colleague with an Aygo, I heard the same story. Perhaps the soft rubber and grooves is not a good combination with a narrow band. Why were the tests as good tires (Vredestein Snowtrack), the best I could get.

As I worked, consumption or increased significantly prolonged close to home. Overall average is now 4.30 l / 100km. Simply excellent so. Last month I drive 50km one way through which consumption is around 4 liters.

Comfort I still also found excellent in relation to the price. Much better than, say, a C1. I hate therefore firmly that the next car out again can be a Dai because Daitasu pulls back from Europe.

The passed 2 ton

  • 203 387 km
  • November 14, 2013 14:55

Meanwhile, already passed the 2 tons. This I had made almost no problems. From the 190k I must every kilometer 3-4000 add a liter of oil. The garage and bystanders indicate that it is quite normal for a car against two tons of hiccups. Whatever. But look here. Very many expenses not naturally take with him. Driving is still fine. Also strikes me that when it rains (probably from a certain angle) of water is on the shelf. This is because there is no standard. In any case, it really raining hard. The garage could not find it so. Well. Before this really going to give damage in the form of rust will be on the engine.

The kilometer price is increased slightly. Until now I sit overalls at 12.97 cents / km. Still genius, but there is say added 0.80 ct. This is the price per kilometer of the 2nd ct 1.6 tons more. However, this is due to higher gasoline prices +0.34 ct / l and my somewhat less economical driving +0.2 l / 100km. When I correct for that I am so still cheaper than during the first ton.

Furthermore, the car remains really liked me. There's nothing luxurious, so there's nothing really too much. And packing them still fun. Almost every hole is large enough. Remains amusing to see people give up to get their oversised car in a park them. Then it without even putting the stabbing Cuore in the same hole

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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