Peugeot 308 SW Blue Lease Executive Pack 1.6 BlueHDi (2015) review

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308 SW Blue Lease Executive Pack 1.6 BlueHDi
6, Manual
89 km
27122 km
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great alternative

  • 1495 km
  • August 26 2015 08:52

Well, I've let myself be guided by the renewed 14% addition. It has become white (blanc nacre) to have been the local dealer for behind the wheel, because that is after the V60 with its fantastic fauteuills) for me by far the most important in a car (I drive 55,000 km per year)
I spent 5 minutes, no meter and was driven overtuigd.Inpakken, bow and take aim. The leasing company works with preferred dealers, so the Peus was brought to the door after 10 weeks (hence the mileage of 89)
Of course I first oriented me through the media, but you see so many completely different opinions and official test data, I just have to wait and see what is wrong with it. My own view is by far the most important.

To drive
Of course that also not only the seat is important. However: in a word, almost as good as V60 and that is saying something. On second place after the BMW 323i that we used, the V60 was a super-steering car.
However, the handling of a firm steering german car, but also the flexibility of a French car. Oh, wait smoothing this is a French car ....... The engine is in one word amazing. The V60 and Focus that I was exactly the same, but have done wonders boys Peugeot. some traction (there is a kind of kick-down on the pedal) and what a rest during the drive.The most noise addition of eco-tires in the wet.

Very depending on the circumstances. Range of from 200 km to go Germany: 4.8 L / km .Back with strong headwind 5.1
The influence of the air conditioning I will also encourage meten.Bron: Link My Peugeot, fun gadget via the Android App.

Amazingly large (greater than 508 SW for example) Read: space back disappointing.
Self-test: sitting behind myself (1.85 m) I have more space than the V60 (and for example the precursor I had a Ford Focus wagon)
A new shower partition of 190 x 80 cm fitted therein with a small adaptation of the position of the front seat to the rear door closed.

Read also, no LED lights, Welles, even full LED achter.Geen and knee airbags, correct how often do you use them? Tests show the side and head airbags for 90% conclusive and let's hope these things never have to go down .
No DAB radio, Welles !!

to be continued

nearly 10,000 km

  • 9476 km
  • October 4, 2015 13:17

Friday drove to our cabin in France (about 1000 km) very relaxing trip, except Paris, what a mess, but the SW can not do anything.
If you drive continuously slightly faster (140 km / h on the cruise, with the occasional catch-uitschietertje)) consumption is still slightly higher (5.4 - 5.8 l / KM) But the shortcuts here at it met in France belonging leisurely pace of 1 x 3.9.

Comments following the first 7 weeks.

1. The cards in the Nav are outdated (I treasure 1 - 1.5 years) Peugeot disgrace, and an update you have to pay € 149, this will have a tail "stutters" occasionally (the last sentence of the last piece of music repeatedly, about 3-5 seconds)

3. I have a "whip antenna" and I also see identical cars with "short-thick antenna" Upon inquiry at the dealer turned to the surprise of the dealer himself at random by the plant to be screwed an antenna on the roof. From the 5308's SW had a second boom and a third little one. Huhhh? start the tailgate itself went up after the first tilletje, now I really have to help him do with a nudge.

5. remains a refreshing break surprise this SW

and he rumbles on

  • 27122 km
  • January 30 2016 11:29

In the first half of the previous Volvo V60 had some bad problems. In this Peugeot nothing that al.Ik drew nearly 25,000 km turn to in advance without AdBlue filling das so really the only complaint (there would be a 2-liter tank in greater need than you are indeed take the first turn with ease)
My colleague has two months younger 308SW and has been back after a recall, (something with the door locks or something) was not necessary to mine. It remains a blissful trip car that brings me in peace from Frankfurt to Paris from Boulogne to Köln.Wat notice is that the average consumption in winter is surely quite a bit more than with summer tires.
On to the next 25,000 km's.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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