Renault Mégane Estate dCi 110 ECO2 GT-Line (2012) review

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Mégane Estate dCi 110 ECO2 GT-Line
6, Manual
177 800 km
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The first kilometers

  • 4500 km
  • October 28, 2012 13:16

In April 2012 I ordered the next car at Renault Dealer Terwolde Roden. This car was delivered early October. The car is used as a lease (private and business).

For a review of the dealer:

The specification of the GT Line, in addition to the standard equipment:
- Blanc Nacre
- Bose stereo
- Xenon Lighting
- High-beam assistant / lane departure warning
- cargo
- Combination sunroof tinted windows
- Electronic brake combination with hill assist
- Tire pressure monitoring system (both for summer and for winter tires)

As accessories:
- OZ, model Versilia matte black, 18 inches
- Heater (brand Eberspercher)
- DVD-screens, independently operating from each other but also in combination (brand PLUS2 of opti-njoy)
- TOMTOM conversion to DVD (front), so that can be viewed in the front DVD / listened
- Roof Racks
- Detachable towbar (Westfalia)
- Leather in two colors
- Heated front seats
- Windows additional tinted (because of reflection DVD)
- Winter tires, 17 inch and are mounted on the original alloy wheels
- TOMTOM live services (for 3 years)
- WAXOYL-treatment of the lacquer
- car cover

First impressions:
Like many others, I can report that the car is very quiet, even in combination with roof rack and roof box. The seats are a little on the short side in terms of hearing, but definitely not affected. My posture is normal with a length of 1.90.
I therefore have no trouble panaromadak got the chair or stand in the lowest position.
The car drives very nice, the BOSE stereo pleases. The 6th gear is called a "saving" acceleration. Even when gas and catch up means soon downshifting. Which incidentally is excellent.
The heater is, moreover, very pleasant. As this weekend proved, (pre-) heats the engine and the interior which is very nice.
An accessory that is definitely recommendable (even after 3 weeks).

leather interior
The front seats are nicely (afterwards) coated leather with two colors. Unfortunately, however, is what should be white, blackened leather and vice versa. This will soon be restored.

towbar Westfalia
At the beginning of this year (2012) has been detected in the purchase process that there were problems with the height of the hook. The middle of the ball of the towing hook namely has to be between 35 and 42 cm with a fully loaded car.
I have this remeasured at my car and unfortunately must note that the car under load (but nowhere near fully loaded) in combination with a 1300kg Caravan (including load) already on 35cm. The car will thus at full travel pack pass through the lower limit. Together with the dealer is now searching for a solution.

For the first 4500 km consumption is between 5.5 and 6.0 liters per 100 km. Here, made very much highway mileage.

Guest dated 28-10-2012:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: satisfactory
Reliability: good
Usage: adequate, but that is still feeling
These scores will be updated during the lease term.

On the first turn (scheduled for February 2013).

Update hitch / other things

  • 21000 km
  • January 11, 2013 07:59

Update towbar:
It is currently unclear how the situation around the height of the tow (or actually "lack of height") Will be solved. The dealer is very cooperative, but Renault Netherlands is proactively engaged in further solution of the problem.

Today sent an email to Renault Netherlands requesting very speedy settlement.

Other developments:
In general, it is still enjoying the car. Especially the rest in the car itself is delicious. The average consumption of the car is about 1 in 17, but I'm driving very much highway and above average by.

Recently was the knob of a seat adjustment pin broken in the interior, probably happened during the recovery of the leather (from white to black and vice versa). But no further problems. I expect to get a large month for the first turn. Then a more comprehensive update. Also about the services provided by the dealer during a turn.

Guest dated 10-01-2013:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: good
Usage: adequate, but that is still feeling
These scores will be updated during the lease term.

Solution towbar Westfailia

  • 27500 km
  • February 11, 2013 07:32

The solution is close to the problems surrounding the detachable towbar Westfalia, but let me thereby directly mention that this is definitely not dankbij Renault Netherlands. Renault Netherlands hides behind "The hitch is approved and thus point out, except that they offer for free to place a rigid drawbar (which is not an option before me).

But now the solution:
There are springs under the car Carsupport (as already reported a reader of my review) because I do not, however, wanted the car "increased" was we opted for a customized solution, the replacement springs (type 3208PRO) approximately 1.5cm be shortened, but the effect is guaranteed. The costs are approximately € 250 excl. Fitting. Incidentally, a thick plume for the dealer (Renault Terwolde and leasing company or for joining in solutions).

They will soon be installed, after some driving experience will follow a review.

30,000 km turn

  • 30000 km
  • March 6, 2013 12:31

In late February, the car for the first time was for service.

From my side, I said the only concern that the lever for the lumbar support adjustment "fast" falls back into the position "little support". When retrieving this matter was not yet clear, but it is further investigated. Further washed the car was nicely ready to take again. What I find positive self is that they give an assessment map to assess their services.

Guest dated 06-03-2013:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: satisfactory
Reliability: good
Usage: sufficient, it is difficult to compare; 30k-turn will cost around EUR 280.

Overall impression: the car suits very well especially the silence is very pleasant (with winter tires, Vredestein brand). Everything still feels solid to so confidently on the 60.000km for the next turn (expected at the end of June).

Holiday / caravan tow / technical issues

  • 56000 km
  • July 30, 2013 15:37

In July I went on holiday by car to the Czech Republic. Heaped, for wife, three children, top case, and a full trunk bike carrier went along.
The trip went well, consumption accounted me bad. Approximately 1 in 12.5 at a cruising speed on the highway of about 145 km / h (in Germany).
The car behaved well. Why is that uphill 6th gear is not always save, so switch back in time!

caravan Tractor
I was wondering whether the vehicle is a tractor trailer. Based on the values ​​that specifies the factory is a YES, but always practice the evidence.
After the holidays in the Czech Republic we are still a week went camping with the caravan in the Netherlands.
The weighs caravan (fully loaded, thus including load) 1300 KG.
The conclusion is in any case that the retrofitted springs keep the car well at a height.
The car also pulled the caravan very good (even taking into account the length of the trailer (over 7 meters). I was certainly pleasantly surprised that the combination of car and caravan is stable on the road. Where I average against 100 km / h have driven on the highway. There was definitely enough power available. So next year a big test if we go abroad with the caravan.
In any case, everyone recommended to install this custom springs under the car, especially if you have a larger / heavier caravan (or bike carrier with two or three adult bikes on it).

technical points
In the past two months had a couple of points, namely:
1. rear license plate light was corroded (apparently a phenomenon known as Dealer Terwolde)
2. Parking sensors to display an error message (to be picked up at the 60,000-turn, be switched off)
3. CD player does not always read well the CDs (original CDs)

Not all exciting things. But pity natural to experience it. The drive is otherwise still a pleasure!

will soon be the car for 60 000-turn, then next update follows.

Overhaul (60,000 km)

  • 60000 km
  • August 8, 2013 12:38

In early August, the car was a major overhaul. There were no details except the following points.

1. There is a sensor of the park distance control for broken. It will be replaced in the short term
2. The sound of one of the DVD screen does not (this is not attributable to Renault, but the provider of DVD screens)
3. CDs (original and roasted) lately were not always read correctly. For this purpose, a software update has been made. If that does not work, you will possibly have to be replaced, the radio unit.

As in previous times stood the car again washed neatly finished (from the inside and even vacuumed). Top.

Guest dated 08-08-2013:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: good
Usage: sufficient, it is difficult to compare;
No change compared to March 2013.

General impression:
Technically more considering the car is a very pleasant companion. By now had a few software updates from the radio (I do not disturbing), the parkeersensoor piece is gone (can happen) and the corroded plate light (sorry this is known as a common phenomenon, but no adjustment is apparently done this) .

On to the next turn at 90,000 (end of 2013). Should the interim what to report, this review will be adjusted.

Air Sensor piece

  • 82000 km
  • November 27, 2013 16:08

Unfortunately, first discovered a fault that unfortunately affects driving. Because the air sensor is broken (seems to be an ailment of this type of engine, 1.5DCI, 110 hp) engine was in its recovery mode. This was it-gritty limited maintenance light came on and worked the cruise control / limiter not.

On Monday the car is made again and again given back neatly washed.

But a small blemish on a very fine functioning car.

90,000 km turn

  • 90000 km
  • January 15, 2014 12:12

Today has been the vehicle for 90,000 km-turn at the Renault Dealer.

This time a short report. There have been no details.
Everything works as it should.

Guest dated 15-01-2014:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: good
Usage: sufficient, it remains difficult to compare;
No change compared to August 2013.

120.000 km turn

  • 120000 km
  • June 22, 2014 08:34

Meanwhile, the mileage has passed 120,000. Time for an overhaul.
As for the turn have to mention any details. Besides the regular issues are also replaced the rear brake pads included. Nothing special.

However ....
In the week prior to the week 120.000km turn the car was stuck, that is, accelerate the car stopped briefly in accelerated a few kilometers, stopped again and again accelerated. That went on until the desired speed is reached. Garage called "row but due to the large turn ". Unfortunately still stranded Monday, June 16. The STOP light went on, together with the report "risk of engine damage". Breakdown service came and erased the error message and search for the cause. They could not find anything, hence the reset error. However: by resetting the dealer can then nothing with this message. CONCLUSION: let the breakdown cover does not clear the error, the dealer may mean nothing to you if it is cleared.
Then called the leasing company stating that the car is still not finished his fault, but the dealer can do nothing. And that in view of the holiday about two weeks. The leasing company melded happy "you can feel confident on holiday, whether this car or another". Continued, but reliability I'm still good to moderate turn. 2x stranded in four months, while the cause can not fix is ​​not reliable in my opinion.

Separately, the car is a good car.
Guest dated 15-01-2014:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: moderate (was: good)
Usage: sufficient, it remains difficult to compare;

After the holidays in July following an update on caravan going abroad (Spain is the destination).

caravan Tractor

  • 128000 km
  • July 29, 2014 10:46

This year for the first time "really" with the car on vacation. For my family means:
5 people, roof box, almost max laden car and a caravan out of 1,300 KG (including load). The destination is Spain this year, the route passes over Antwerp - Paris - Cl. Ferrant - Beziers - Salou

The main findings:
- 6 the gears is to use only;
- on the flat (er) weighed is between 100 and 110 km / h driving, varying in 4th or 5th gear;
- the combination was heavy on solid climb on the stretch between Beziers and Millau and the climb to the border between Spain and France. Sometimes driven in 2nd gear;
- average consumption was around 1 7/8;
- good stable combination.

Prior to the trip I was quite skeptical how this would go. But knowing that this autogenous "HP / NM sample" is, this is quite mijgevallen for me. So I'm quite pleasantly surprised by the 1.5DCI.

Overall conclusion terms caravan draw: fine caravan tractor flat land, mountainous heavier, but you will get there! It is after all also a holiday, so easy going fine.

again stranded

  • 135000 km
  • September 3, 2014 11:31

Despite the end of June the then jam is cleared, I am once again stranded. Like previous (2x) the light went "Stop" combination "risk of engine damage" to burn. I then towed to Bochane Boxmeer. There appear to be two sensors each, including the turbo sensor.

This reduces, unfortunately for Renault, but my confidence in the car because of its reliability. This is for me a reason to keep these cars not be Renault.

Separately, the car is a good car.
Guest dated 03-09-2014:
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: moderate
Usage: sufficient, it remains difficult to compare;

150,000 turn

  • 150000 km
  • December 8, 2014 11:42

Last week the car was the 150.000km-turn. In turn this is also replace the timing belt / tensioners and water pump and also the brake pads replaced at the front, making the final turn has increased to approximately € 1,050.

In addition, the car has a small oil leak in a turbo hose. It is replaced on December 10th.

There are no details to report in terms of maintenance. The winter tires are fitted again.

Unfortunately, by retrofitting leather apparently also the possibility arose that the detection mat "girdle" shifted from the passenger seat. Also this will be rectified in the coming week.

This is the last turn before the car is delivered to 180,000 km weather.
By this time (expected in April 2015) I will make a summary.

The valuation dated 26-11-2014
Comfort: excellent
Performance: good
Reliability: moderate
Usage: adequate;

end lease

  • 177 800 km
  • April 29, 2015 13:31

Saying goodbye to the Renault Megane.

That involves mixed emotions. In the past 2.5 years I have driven much pleasure in this car, but unfortunately he raises me too let down a few times. It does have undermined the confidence, but on the other side. A few times still stand on such mileage is incalculable.

The next car is also known. Volkswagen GOLF GTE.

To summarize the pluses and minuses of the Renault Megane:
+ low is
+ sporty handling
+ large trunk
+ room decor
+ One of the few cars in the C segment where three children can sit on chair (the middle than on booster seat)
+ pretty good trailer truck (also heavy caravan of about 1300 kg)
+ no special maintenance, except replacement of catalyst
+ equipment is complete (GT Line version, with various options / accessories)
+ Solidly built (no beatings or the like)
+ TOMTOM navigation and TomTom LIVE Services really works great!

- driving there a lot of it around, so no unique car.
- paint quality is adequate, but sensitive (kept clean)
- unfortunately had some time unlucky (turbo pressure)
- springs back are substituted for better support when driving with a caravan and preservation of appropriate height when driving with a trailer

Summarizing an enjoyable car that offers for his money. A car where you're sure to four adults can sit in full and also can take the necessary baggage. The (detachable) tow bar is often used. A reasonable good tractor trailer.


  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
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