Ford Fiesta Titanium 1:25 82pk (2009) review

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Fiesta Titanium 1:25 82pk
5, Manual
55400 km
66400 km
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slight setback

  • 58000 km
  • April 28, 2011 21:11

I got this Fiesta as short leaser. Much longer than six months, I will not ride him. But still I want to dedicate a review it because I think you have useful information based on my initial experience.

The potential cars that I could get, I was initially particularly liked the Fiesta. Because of the looks, I find the most fresh-looking car of the trio - Polo, Corsa and Fiesta - as well as Ford still has a reputation for building the best drivers of cars. After more than 2000 kilometers, I'm still not exactly sure.

The Fiesta is definitely a good handling. It rides smoothly and you can throw, and throw good. But in my version the amazing chassis is severely shortchanged by the engine. The 1.2S is ok for city driving and 80 roads. But you get on the highway and get quite a lot of kilometers it is a beetle with too little force. 120 kilometers from the jab is just out. With difficulty he gets 140.

At that time, the noise in the car just bad. Above 120 is too much noise. Better insulation had done wonders here. The finish could be better in many areas and I think also a letdown. The car has not run a lot of kilometers and just over two years old and still has several beatings in the interior. Very annoying and unnecessary, in 2011 I think.

The biggest letdown is really what the dealer as a design fault. The center console is in fact often sweltering at calf height. What is quite annoying if you have a few hours with your leg is against it. Nothing seems to be doing to be because there seems to be at heat just below the surface of the tunnel. For me, that alone not order a Fiesta reason itself.

Other smaller failures, the mirrors and the Blue Tooth kit does only when the radio is turned on. Why I do not understand. Immediately transfer the contact was much easier. The sound quality of this kit also leaves much to be desired and often the connection is lost.

The mirrors suffer from the virus levels are especially great to look. They also have a nice shape, but that miss just a corner at the bottom of the glass. This makes it very difficult as they tune you see everything. The dead angle is unnecessarily large, there through. A disease which, incidentally, my 147 also suffered, so it allow mistakes in committee.

Positives I still like the looks and the performance that I have; Titanium. He's completely fine. But further; I would look to lease still further because this car in this embodiment, for me just too disturbing points a few years every day to live with.

A bit better

  • 61000 km
  • May 23, 2011 22:29

The Fiesta has already had its turn at Ford Amsterdam. Excellent service there and they have made serious efforts to the problem with the warm center console. It's not 100 percent clear, but a lot better. More than bearable for the time that I ride in the car.

Incidentally, as I car only a few months will drive I already looked around and driving test. Among other things, in the Polo. That puts it in perspective yet. As driving characteristics the Polo can not be in the shadow of the Fiesta. The Ford handling is much finer. You can really nice throw a curve at him while the Polo then not as sturdy feel on the road. Also, much more pleasant is the bin. Fiesta switches with good mechanical feeling in poker while the Polo has a short gear stick which turns numb.

However, an eye-opener at the expense of the Fiesta was the 1.2 TSI engine in Polo. What a great beetle compared to the noisy but fairly lifeless block Ford. Much better on the side of Wolfsburg is the finish. The Polo no beep heard on beating and much less noise in the interior. Actually therefore the better car to live with extended time.

Meanwhile I therefore view the ideal car in the class. Take the chassis looks and bake in a Fiesta and hang a turbotorretje VW in plus take over VW finish. Anyway, am afraid I can not specify anything: _)

to hand in

  • 66400 km
  • July 8, 2011 12:35

The Fiesta is in his last days with me. Next week I'll change it for a new Polo BlueMotion Slow ehh ... No choice, but forced trade from our fleet. In itself, I have peace with it because I have the past month have discovered that the Fiesta for my use is not ideal.

A real big disappointment was a long drive - 750 km - to France. The noise level is then really disturbing. Especially the rolling noise of the rear tires is disturbing. Even worse were the chairs. Both my passenger and I came up with pain in the butt and back out of the car at the end of the day. It can not be for a car in this deluxe version.

In addition, the standard kit starts also have more courses of the day. Conversations he not arrested or he throws it halfway down. No idea why. Indicative of the level of finish, I think finally the shelf. The "hinges" where hanging out in both cases and are no way to turn back. As a result, rattling and flaps it now. Really not acceptable for a German I think.

In summary, I'm not really fallen for Ford. Comfort is definitely longer rides just below par. Grip is great as the gearbox. But if cars every day and longer pieces, the little Ford me fallen by the wayside.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 2.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
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