BMW 420i Gran Coupé High Executive (2014) review

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420i Gran Coupé High Executive
8, Sequential Machines
22000 km
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The first weeks

  • 2500 km
  • August 12, 2014 21:22

J. L on July 19 was the day. After riding nearly two years a lot of fun in my 115.000 km BMW 520d. The main reason for the purchase of the 4 series gran coupe was the financial aspect. The road tax and insurance was the more than 180 euros per month and the 520d was asking for major maintenance.

I April, I was about to sign a new five series. But as a real car enthusiast I found it also fun to go for something else. A week later I have decided to still go for the four series gc. Never seen in real life but the picture I found it incredibly beautiful.
I have the car as follows:
A 420i with a sport automatic transmission
- high executive
- comfort acces
- Slide / tilt sunroof
- Sportline
The color is silver glacier with leather upholstery i Ivory White.
Yes it is bright inside and out. And yes ... they asked me if I know for sure. And I did.

July 19 it was finally time to pick him up. What a winning combination! Beautiful light and airy. The first kilometers are always fun in a brand new car. The car I experienced as very stiff although that is what catches the at the time. The power in this basic version does not disappoint. I think the car definitely high speed pretty fast. The difference with the 428i is therefore minimal. All I keep the single tailpipe on the 420 very soft eyes.
Compared to the 5 Series I miss the beautiful and fine dashboard. It remains within the 3 Series. I knew beforehand and it was a choice, but in retrospect I wish to go back to that fine in the cockpit 5. Hopefully it went even further because I'm very satisfied with the car.

This is my first experience with the 4 Series Gran Coupe. I drive now not much more but I will provide an update at 10,000 km.

Slightly more experience

  • 7500 km
  • October 2, 2014 16:08

Meanwhile there is 7500 km and I have pictures posted in the review. I also leave the car at ZIP tuning "chiptuning". Great result! The car itself is getting better labor. The start was used to but now it is completely private. The car is good agile, sporty, yet comfortable. The suspension was the first time very stiff but it has since improved. Problems I have obviously not had it. Consumption is that which is against the car. If I do my very best and quiet ride I can 750 kilometer ride on a tank. Perhaps to get used because the 5 Series easily took first at 20 but I can forget this. I see the 4 series gc still very little in the way but I can definitely recommend it.

- Design and looks
- boot
- Quiet engine noise
- Great 8-speed (sport) machine
- Keyless opening the trunk with a shovel movement

- Consumption
- The exhaust of the 420 looks very soft (I leave now adjust to PM performance)
- 'Simple' interior
- Space in the rear (although fine for children or those less than 1.75)


  • 11000 km
  • November 19, 2014 15:33

Meanwhile, the odometer has reached its 11,000. Has also been in Germany by car and feel that this is nothing short. However, consumption falls suddenly or very much against. But you know in advance.

The car is now starting to come up with some glitches. There's a rumble in the trunk if the (mini) shelf is loose. When activating the cruise you hear a rattle which absolutely should not. Soon make an appointment to look at that. As far the most ideal option is the keyless entry and especially opening the trunk by means a kick motion under the bumper. I never thought I'd mention it in the review, but what is useful!

First minor problems nearly resolved

  • 15000 km
  • December 30, 2014 09:26

In my previous update, I signaled to activate cruise control an alien 'ratchet' was present. I therefore went to the dealer and found that the dial in the instrument panel Start Up. For that small wheel they have to replace the whole instrument panel. However, it appears to be, however, that they have not yet available for the 4-series as a separate component. Now I find it no disaster yet I find it strange that they have not yet made available as a separate component. Anyway, here I can be here with life and if it is available, they will replace it immediately.

The car suits also excellent. I'm still little in the way but that makes him still a bit special. The line of cars I still find simply brilliant!

resolved glitches

  • 18300 km
  • February 18, 2015 10:14

In my last update I wrote about some minor issues. These are all addressed by the dealer. A new instrument panel was the solution.
Also recently went by car to the airport. No vacation by car, but it's just not different. Here come to the conclusion that it folds down without the bank is not possible to put two suitcases in the trunk. That struck me a bit disappointing. Space is deep but quite low and therefore the trunk in a suitcase is no longer closed. Also, it is equally measuring in a parking garage or the valve may be open. Unfortunately I got there too late ..... But it is restored. Which is otherwise set in the system how far the tailgate opens.

new disturbances

  • 19200 km
  • February 28, 2015 11:35

After an evening trip to the sunroof tilted open / we have concluded that this roof will not shut. Upon actuation of the button, the car with the roof responded fully to open. Now it's getting close to no chance. After the small issues of the last time, this is confirmation for me that it is a copy of the so-called growing pains.
I wonder how this will end and how it will be resolved I am confident with my dealer.
Still, I'm going to look around me to another car. If this continues, the future is not something to be happy.


  • 22000 km
  • March 11, 2015 13:36

Today I decided to finally say goodbye to the fourth series. The reason is that does not fully meet my expectations the car despite his good looks. After the car still feels awkward to half a year. The seats I do not sit and the car has a failure regularly.

Naturally, the cost involved. The addition is very high and I can not make it fun and comfort out what I have previously had with my 5 series. A new 5 Series was financially not so I decided to ride the smaller aggregation is still to do. My choice therefore fell on a Mercedes A. Of course I also look at an Audi A3 and BMW 1 Mercedes but gave by far the highest resale value and I personally think the A the most.

All in all I'm happy with my choice and I will of A that is also writing a review about 1.5 weeks for the door.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
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