Mercedes-Benz A 160 Elegance (2001) review

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A 160 Elegance
5, Manual
5400 km
85000 km
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  • July 15, 2005 00:00

The A was almost new when purchased (5,400 km). A is used as a 2nd car. The first impressions were very positive. Excellent seating position with the tough seats like some downside. Sends very sharp and very easy to park. Fuel consumption, however, was pretty disappointing. 1:11 average is too high for such a small car. (With my Volvo V70 T5 I get an average of one same driving: 10.5). Quite quickly, however, came the first annoyances. The stabilizers should be replaced but started as quickly again to rattle again. The fuses of the battery spontaneously burned through. 28 ° from the air conditioning can not keep up and blowing air into the lukewarm A. After 20,000km begun rear tires (Goodyear) already severely cupping. With already 34,000 km, the noise hardly to hear and I must replace everything. According to the (Mercedes) dealer I had only fitting Michelins. Why tire factory. The tires also wear out faster than I do with any other car ever experienced. (Example: My V70 T5 with 250 hp is still on the 1st set of tires and certainly gets the 70+ after 65,000 km.)

Two months ago the A collapsed while driving spontaneously by his hooves. That was a shock. Showed that the right rear spring was aborted spontaneously. Seems as Mercedes to be a normal risk and there was no question of any compensation. Incidentally, a week long parking at Schiphol not recommended in rainy weather. The discs were after the end heavily rusted and the A inhibited as a wet paper. Shortly afterwards the A must for his 1st big turn and I was told by the dealer that the brake discs and blocks had to be replaced. Very fast for a "Mercedes". Since the replacement of the discs is, however, involve very annoying squeaking noises.

I read in one of the reviews that the tailgate trim spontaneous release. Very recognizable. Tailgate can better be gently pinched else hits the panel the click fasteners. In that respect must Mercedes but even placement to walk in a (cheap) Korean brand. Those cars are finished in each case with more care. Now that we mention it. The interior and especially the front seats, producing lots of annoying squeaking, creaking and rattling noises. Especially the front seats are very annoying. Some moving parts of the chairs I had to "fill" with cardboard and foam to reduce the worst noise. I think the high plastic content in the interior is responsible for this noise. The battery began exhibiting aberrant behavior this year and eventually had to be replaced. In my experience, very smooth.


  • July 15, 2005 00:00

If I up the balance after four years and 29,000 km away in the A I must conclude that technical problems with this car have done I have with previous cars at an average life of six years and about 80 to 100,000 km unprecedented have experienced. In particular, defective matters such as anti-roll bars, degradative spring, ingrained brake discs, cupping of tires, defective battery, faulty air conditioner I consider to be a non-standard image, and not a normal wear pattern. Taking into account the cost of the 1st maintenance and high "risk of breakdown" is the A term maintenance for a vehicle in this class. Star'pech'service is otherwise excellent Mercedes. However, I would have preferred that they A few had made better. The annoyances are in fact not eliminated.

Despite these negative experiences, however, it remains a snoepie a car and it is a nice trolley to drive. The following is probably no more A.


  • 85000 km
  • February 17, 2011 13:26

Meanwhile, the mileage of 85,000 and I have to say that reported after the "complaints" before there are no major problems occurred. The "cuppende" Goodyear tires I finally mileage at 39,000 but replaced by "Michelin Energy" and I must say it was a revelation. As if I was driving a different car. Much more comfortable, not "bouncing" more and very direct steering. Going use I noticed that A was always more economical driving. Or that I now partly necessitated by the Michelin tires was that the engine just a little more mileage do not know but the average consumption is now 1 in 15, which is significantly better than the one on 11 for the first 30,000 km.

The cost of maintenance, I think very highly. The cost for 50.000 km turn (Assyst amounted to € 890 and that of the 70,000 km turn (Assyst A) € 770 including replacing broken chair and telescopes handle of the tailgate.

Since 2008, the "A" first car is used for the periods that we stay in the Netherlands is about four months a year. Given experiences of the last four years, I can only say that the "A" is going to like us getting better, partly due to the fact that no problems have occurred more. Apparently these were early "teething problems". Takes a bit to "adapt" it but it has paid off in driving pleasure. If you're otherwise accustomed to the high step of the "A" then choosing another car is very limited.

The battery is replaced in 2005 still functions excellently. The "A" gestalt regularly four months and it is starting and running. I have not come across many cars. Usually you need in a garage more than three weeks already, disconnect the battery otherwise you can forget it. The "A" surprised me at that point again and again. The first outlet is still down and that's worth a compliment for a car of 10 years. Seats are still perfect and I can not say that the "A" still in excellent condition and while it is not paid much attention to. On time maintenance, three times a year by the car wash and that's it. In short, we are not currently intend to trade in the "A" for something else.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 2.0
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