Volkswagen Polo 1.4 (1999) review

PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
Polo 1.4
5, Manual
161000 km
206000 km
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  • 206000 km
  • March 24 2016 11:18

Since my 12th I had two standard wishes for my birthday: a dog and a car. Both awfully unattainable, and even when I was 18 was allowed to take the highest a deal with my parents that I return for one night a weekend at home sleeping one of their cars, if available. Until I started working two years ago. I worked far beyond the Randstad with brackish train and finally had money (and a reason, as far as I needed) to buy a car. Because my job kept me 60 hours a week on the road my parents have chosen a car with me in the background. I saw a Peugeot 206/7, or if necessary a Golfje Punto much for me, but my parents came home with a Polo. In 1999. I was not amused, but he was not expensive, had a decent service history and there was still some at the 161,000 km. Time for my first review.

Well, the 90s, the interior will you meet outside. I still like to look nice to him with the flat back and I appreciate the look. The front seats are excellent and offer remarkable comfort during a long drive. All buttons are where you expect them. The only thing was that one of my first big journeys in Germany terribly missed and I had to look for the fog lights; you regular button to illuminate twice to pull out without instructions on the instrument panel is not convenient if you see less than 20 meters in a dark Autobahn. The handling is in the city beyond good, beware the highway you will notice that it is roemoeriger with speeding and he leans into turns. The radio system is very poor (not to invest) and the electric window on driver broke down several times; This is a known issue with this polo. A definite plus is the space; Passengers do not have much to complain back (for such a city car) and because the luggage compartment is deep you can lose a lot in. Not to mention his height: I easily turn it to the last place or time I press the most uncomfortable ways.

Incidentally especially concerned in the beginning I was on course for 40 000 km per year, now that a new job came out to around 25,000 which almost everything on the highway and the private half kilometers. Further driving the car (with my friend) often in Germany and I am myself an avid motorist, nothing more relaxing than a kilometer away or 100-200.

For the city it performs well and surprised me not you see them much away. On the highway he can on the right track more than keep up, but to get in you have him well on his tail stairs. Not great, but he can so I always managed to avoid the ups and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, he makes too much noise to ride comfortably at 120 km / h, but he keeps it full well. Tilting the bend is irritating, but unfortunately a problem with the model. Even after more than 40 000 km in 1.5 years remains the top engine and switches delicious. It is an economical car, usually I drive 100-110 km / h and I measure at the pump an average of 1: 16.5.

Before I bought the timing belt was replaced, so it was close. I have done him some maintenance in the meantime, with the main issues:

+- 170000: water pump must be replaced, happened at the dealership, but so poorly done that with 195000 if again.
+- 180000: The patrolman let out because he did not start anymore, appeared to be based on an improperly aligned battery (?). So resolved and I could drive again.
195000 what replacement bulbs, replacement filters, disapproved summer tires and so he is in winter (with consumption above)

He should really be aligned and it's time for a little turn. Motor and clutch terms it is still a good car, there is only some rust cases in the side. Not yet on supporting parts, so he again passed the MOT.

Are absolutely low, in total I sit (including depreciation and starting my car insurance) between 200 and 250 euros per month. Maintenance or running, but I think it is difficult to prevent my mileage.

All in all, I'm not unhappy with this car, especially for his age. He always brings me everywhere, even though I love long drives. It remains a cheap, decent option for a city car. As he begins to rust and I prefer driving a car that better suits my driving style I am now looking for a sporty car with more comfort and safety. But what I will miss my Polo.

  • comfort 3.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 5.0
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