Seat Ateca 1.4 EcoTSI Xcellence (2016) review

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Ateca 1.4 EcoTSI Xcellence
7, Automatic dual-clutch
1900 km
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1.4 Excellence DSG

  • 1900 km
  • January 2, 2017 13:28

The Picasso gave too many failures in recent years, particularly electrical problems. So now once again no more French car, and for the first time a machine. Further requirements: what is higher (if you're accustomed is really nicer than the traditional lower seating position), plenty of room for kids & baggage, but not too big / heavy and it completely. After several machines having driven the DSG shows really the finest. However, Q3 is too expensive and has too little space, the Leon ST is too low and the Tiguan I find out just not pretty.

And when Ateca came out. Turned out exactly what we were looking for. He is something less than complete and the Picasso, even in the Excellence execution. But this he does well by the combination of a very fine engine with DSG. We drive almost always in the Eco Mode, for this he remains low revs but still pulls nicely. The start / stop function is getting used to but works flawlessly and almost imperceptibly (you can disable if desired). Inside the car is largely the same as in the Leon. However, the dashboard is not boring anymore because the screen is large and the interior has a bronze color. This combined with the brown Alcantara on the seats and soft lighting gives a warm atmosphere. And, the car weighs only 1270 kg.

Are therefore minpuntes? Yes a couple, but that's partly personal taste. Our car was a stock model so we've been riding him for a few months. What is striking is that even a standard parking sensors to sit on Excellence. Also digital radio is not standard. The most eye-catching (literally) is the heated windscreen. This works in the morning on a frozen window perfect: within 30 seconds if you push all the ice on the wiper side. However, the wires of the heating are visible. Daytime at bright sky as the evening with lights of oncoming traffic whenever you're watching against those wires. You would think that this quickly gets used and you then not pay attention, but that is not (yet) the case. We would have preferred sensors and DAB + radio had instead of the retractable towbar and the windshield heating ........

Else what? Yes two things: the keyless entry sitting alone on the front doors. If you like this were used on all doors and you always install your children in the back, this is annoying. Moreover, the ambient lighting is also just in the front doors. Finally I found it striking that the top model with 18-inch wheels come with cheap B-option bonds (Falken or so) instead of Continentals. I did so but immediately let put Michelins Primacys. I'm used to and are much better and safer the tests.

But further we are very satisfied with the Ateca. He drives more rigid than its French predecessor, especially on the 18" summer tires. This gives a very good balance between comfort and sporty. It is tight on the road and less deinerig than C4. On the winter tires (cheek 55 instead of 50), it is even more comfortable.

The engine is very smooth and was powerful, delicious! The DSG switches exactly as you would like it. Even traffic jams goes very pleasant. The consumption of the first few fill ups is between 1:12 and 1:13. This is something to me, especially with quiet driving in Eco Mode, start / stop and without air conditioning. Perhaps it still improves with time .... The space inside is very nice: the sport seats fit like a glove and the back there is plenty of room. Even headroom despite the generous glass sunroof. The trunk is deep so there may also be above average because it (why the CHR Toyota soon fell off). At all speeds it stays nice and quiet inside.

The display features finally are extensive and rapidly. Navi, like phone running smoothly and naturally, something that was clearly less at the previous car. The color combination of silver metallic exterior with brown inside makes it chic and sporty. And reasonably good resale value in conjunction with the 4-year full warranty (max. 100,000 km, but we did not get) the deciding factor was to choose the Ateca. We have so far no regrets, very nice car!

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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