Volvo V60 D2 Momentum (2013) review

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V60 D2 Momentum
6, Sequential Machines
95000 km
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Newly purchased and sold after 2.5 years

  • 95000 km
  • July 9, 2016 22:33

I drove this car a fat 2.5 years succeeding my V70 2.4. A nice and thick executed version (18", Leather, automatic transmission, xenon) with too lean engine.

The car was purchased at garage Gijsberts in Elst. In my experience a really bad garage in an upscale building on the industrial estate in Elst. I ordered many additional options such as heated windscreen, LCD panel, leather, tow bar and later torque. For really any action that is more difficult than changing tires or oil, the car was on the trailer to a true Volvo dealer, as Harrie Arendsen Zevenaar or Henk Scholten Arnhem. Gijsberts apology for all the fiddling with these cars were never there. Also keeps the 'reception' never the agreements. Mail Communication is so blunt that they should really be ashamed.

On the day I ordered the car with D2 engine finally, Volvo announced the new D4 to. While I could convert him to the improved engine, I did not do this, because it had to stop once the additional options In my opinion D2 is simply not suitable for such a heavy car. A dealer must be advisory herein, and not just foist anything. Then cross off but what other options. Certainly in combination with power shift is not a party. If you drive on small bumps, the machine is completely lost its way. He switches back from 3 to 2 and back to 3, and then yet again to 2. You should put him note in the sports mode to take a hill smoothly (for the experts: Monnikensteeg Arnhem)

The delivery of the car Gijsberts was as gloomy as, say, buying a washing machine: here's the key, there he stands, guide loose in the glove compartment lightened by Gijsberts and greetings. No flowers, bottle of wine or whatever is often common. A very contrast to earlier this year purchased Mitsubishi my wife flowers for the woman, red cloth on the car for the unveiling, really entertaining. But the sloppy 43k V60 which costs could on the farmers not from Elst.

I am therefore quite quickly switched to maintenance to Harrie Arendsen in Zevenaar. The contrast could not be greater. A genuine Volvo dealer where you as a customer is really treated like a king. Nothing is too much, and even the mechanics are very personal and friendly. What struck me is that the prices for maintenance are not more expensive than the Volvo 'specialist' Gijsberts. In terms of maintenance is further hassle-free car that will not let you down. Also, no rattles or beeps. The navigation Volvo has now in order. Bluetooth calling and music streaming works fine.

However, the excessive engine can not be ignored. I have all the time disturbed by the defective motor. Despite the torque to 140 hp / 330 Nm was feeling as a asthma patient that lets you run the marathon. A beautiful car to see, but I can find with a good review I ever read, which described him as "a sheep in wolf's clothing". And really careful he is, average fuel consumption of 6.1 l / 100 km, which took my 2.4 (D5 engine) almost.

I would recommend the car? Yes, but go or not an automatic gearbox in D2, or go for a machine with at least the D4 engine.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 2.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 4.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? maybe