Peugeot 206 GTI 2.0-16V (2003) review

PerformanceSpeedsConstruction yearYear of purchaseKM-mode, when purchasingMileage last
206 GTI 2.0-16V
5, Manual
275500 km
276200 km
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  • 276200 km
  • July 3, 2017 03:06

The Peugeot 106 was almost a year in my possession, so was as to finding a suitable successor. Soon I still came out at Peugeot, because many offer (so good prices), cheap parts, relatively reliable, and looks (imo) good. Know that there are many Polo and Clio fans, but those of the same construction as the 206 years have in my opinion anyway less attractive. Preference was for a Phase II copy (bright headlights, body color bumpers, trip computer) is since 2002 with at least the 1.6 16v engine. Actually I wanted to even up the engine (often less decrepit anyway and economical, plus in performance enough profit compared to the 106), but it is 80 percent gray (Quiksilver) and I simply did not distinctive enough. Then a beautiful red 2.0 16v, so a GTi along. Decided to take the car had some flaws (mainly exterior and mileage) but drove well and was technically just very interesting price. The advantage of buying to do before the holiday is that I starting off slow because I now have a complete maintenance history and a working air conditioner. So it's nice to travel.

Thus, a burgundy 206 GTi from '03. 275k on the clock, maintenance history in the book runs to 250, so wrong. In addition, the d-belt stickered and need only to 320k again, which is nice. Moreover, new MOT being arranged at delivery. The original RD3 system and climate control (air conditioning was a must). Very well then, actually missing only full approach upholstery (standard GTi has half leather Alcantara +) and a sunroof. Electr. windows, mirrors, rain light sensor +, it's all at. Lovely for longer distances. As mentioned, the car looks as far as I hitherto brand motor in good condition. The outlet provides faster acceleration at which sound and the trackball has some slack. On the outside there are problems in several places with peelable varnish, here and there and some parking dents. The paint I can deal well itself in a number of places, the dents I'll still consider me (probably show the most visible treated by a specialist).

My mother once had a 206, so was familiar with the feeling on board. However, my copy plenty luxurious (it was an XR), faster (mother had 1.4 8v from 9 to tightly sprung, and better braking (discs around). What do you have to get used to a 206 in that you are quite high. Personal not necessarily a fan of so seat is as low as possible, advantage is much better all-round visibility than in the 106. Directness of control comparable to that car, but you had a lot more hooping. the 2.0 16v engine performance 136pk are obviously good, but it is again not a super horny block. Especially at low revs happens not so much, and feel the car throughout much faster than the 106 1.4 8v (which drew just significant at lower speeds). If you But by pulling up after the 4000 rpm, you are treated to strong acceleration and plenty of fine motor noise. Even at full throttle the traffic light you win it usually, 8.2 seconds for the 100 is finally nothing to be ashamed for the year 2017. But born athlete is the 206 GTi not there you too high g for the control is still a little numb, poker some "loose" and "hakerig ', and the engine sound boring at low rpm. The 206 GTi is what you now more a GT or 'not' would call model. Now that kind of cars delivered with a three-cylinder turbo block, the 206 is more a light car with big engine. The performances are similar, although the character obviously differs.

So far had no problems with the car, but the bolts of the LM-rims are replaced because the wrong inzaten (resulting backlash and banging on the rim). I'm working on doing some regular minor maintenance, such as the preventive replacement of the oil, spark plugs, spray some smaller exterior parts, checking filters, lights, etcetera.

Larger and more expensive interventions are still put on a list. I find it fun to drive, and as long as the budget does not allow it to have simply means often change this several time many cars. Hence it economically not justified to go full retard and thousands of euros to save the GTi piece back you do not see investments enough in the selling price (plus I like him in looks much original, because so many are there no more ).

Next car?
I watch occasionally been very much in love to a 306 Cabriolet, so who knows

Moreover, the consumption of 2 liters is not really to write home about. The motto is driving economically where possible (boring 80 and 100 km / h zones) otherwise leave you surprisingly often see board computer more than 10 liters per 100 km (!). What is reasonably achievable with mixed city / highway traffic? I would say 7.5 / 100km. That is 1: 13.5. More highway, 1: 15-1: 16 to do so.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
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