Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150PS Titanium (2015) review

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Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150PS Titanium
6, Manual
5 km
178000 km
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The new Mondeo, not entirely without problems

  • 19250 km
  • August 19, 2015 14:48

On May 8 this year was the day after having three years with three different Insignia's one large through miserable drama there he was finally finished ... The Salvation! The "new ones" Ford Mondeo in color Magnetic Metallic. Immediately I have to eliminate misunderstanding, when entering the details I could not show that it is an SUV, but it ultimately did.
During the orientation for a new car was weighing as always: what I get for a reasonable lease amount up to car back, taking into account aggregation, traction because of the caravan and equipment level. It fell many cars as were all down, and until the last day was the assessment: either the Mazda6 GT diesel (with all the trimmings), either the Ford Mondeo Titanium First Edition Pack. yet eventually chose the latter. Why? Just feel.

As said on May 8 he was laughing at me shiny, but during the restricted interpretation (much is pretty obvious) I was told that there was to solve one small problem; the tow yield some problems with tes. Hmmmmm ... As the thunder starts again, was my first thought. Anyway, in the end that problem was solved in the third instance, and now it works without problems.

During the first week a huge annoying rattle was heard in the B-pillar (right next to the head, at the height of the seat belt). Since the car has now been 5x return, because one does not get resolved. It rattles not always, but with a particular wind direction and speed, vehicle speed, direction, I do not know when and when not. However irritating it is. I then had problems with the parking sensors, which bandied started beeping when nothing was happening. Turned out a few sensors are not installed properly right. This problem has also been solved. The note of the key recognition: Key not recognized. That problem is as yet unsolved, and I do not even talking about all sorts of different error messages (include engine control, hill start assist a failing on a flat road before the traffic light). There is always introduced a new update, and slowly but surely the car is getting better. But for a car, as I understand, two years "is located on the shelf" had these problems still need to be avoided or be dissolved at delivery. After all, it is a car of thick 40,000 euros.

What is the seating position? I can now say that I find the front seats a disaster. They are much too short, and my stature, as is also too narrow in Opel. The cheeks pushing against the outside of the upper legs. If you weigh 70 kg may best be pleasant, but above 100 kg is not really comfortable. And the seat is too tilted back, thus the lower legs tingle sometimes by poor circulation. The chair also show up helps put, but makes the seat any longer. The next time I will choose a better seat.

The infotainment system: the most important thing for the business user, I think. To come straight to the point: nothing still beats a "ordinary" TomTom when it comes to navigation. The map data is delivered naturally already somewhat dated, and TMC (traffic information) is far too late. Therefore, yet again placed the window sticker. Is much better and more reliable! Which in my case works fine, the phone and play music from the phone. Shame change occasionally the settings (shuffle, etc.). The sound from the speakers on the other hand, as very acceptable. On the dashboard, I can still have some notice: the digital meter differs by myself when compared with the current speed of the cruise. Or: the CC is like 125 when the meter indicates 120 at that time. Strange! Furthermore, there evoke all kinds of information, but I must admit that I love peace, and so off I what I do not need. The same goes for the Lane Departure Warning: may be useful for when you're not on course, or want flaps while driving (which I never do, of course), but otherwise ... I'm not in favor. The same applies to the warning that I would be too tired. As a professional road users would I myself well be able to estimate that does not do the car. Also a nice gadget, but should not have.

There are many options to adjust everything, which I wonder how often you do, take eg. The establishment of the interior (I think seven colors). Nice, but had then paid attention to other matters. What I, for example, the ability to mass again to close out the doors automatically as you drive off. Something a Mondeo years ago it had been standard.

Then the car itself: the silence in the car is very pleasant, and the operation is the easy call (certainly compared again with the Opel drama). Everything is in place. Minus: the glasses holder in the roof: if you do keep glasses in places you stay two spots on the glass. These are caused by two rubber pads that protect the glasses from scratches. Irritating! Switching the car does so excellent, and it also automatically increasing speed at the rise of the clutch is useful, especially when a person less frequently rides in the car (in order to prevent stalling of the engine).

As mentioned, the car itself: what is it? The trunk, of course, and the area in general. And appearance. You will immediately establish a link with the Aston Martin, when you see him from the front. Nice! The styling is anyway in order, and works very well. Again a disadvantage where you increasingly affected by going to encounter in the course of time, the car actually had to be delivered on 17-inch wheels. The standard 16-inch wheels are beautiful, yes, but too bandied about, and then you do not have much luggage to carry with you, you hit the ground, despite quiet ride. Especially with short but steep bumps even really touch the ground bumper. Both front and back. He is extremely close to the ground. Is logical, given the emissions, but practical value. The automatic parking is fantastic, I tried it once, but never again. Nice for a city car like the Fiesta and Ka, and in an extreme case for me, but it should not have. The automatic tailgate is handy. But if you have your hands full again you have to drop your stuff to operate the handle in the door, or to get the key. Hmmmm.

And then filling the tank: Ford writes in big letters: Easy Fuel. I do not know where it will end, but it's not Easy !!! Well, you should read the instructions to insert the hose properly, but still goes often after the first turn of the hose more than 5 liters in the tank ... This is much better, and does not need to be more 2015.

I understand that there will be people who will say, what an asshole. Maarrrrrr, it is a review that is based on reality. Cars are becoming more expensive, and you expect that everything works as it should for that money. If you have more than 75,000 km a year on the road is you want to be able to sit in a pleasant working environment. If there are sound alarms every turn generates no confidence, and some things will soon get bored, like a rattle that has not been resolved after 5x garage visit. Nothing detriment of the garage, it is very helpful, but it belongs not just.

And then something important in my case: the tow. I actually wanted the electrically retractable version, but it was after 4 months already discontinued by the dealer (???). So opted for the removable version. The disadvantage is that you are really on your knees have to place him or remove, but he is also equally locked in place. Already driven a number of times with a big fan, and last week even with a (large) caravan Koblenz (D), and I must say that it attracts quite well. Not surprising, because it is a 150 hp diesel, but diesel is the one that more appropriate than the other. The car is well on the road, but must regularly move back one or two, especially if it runs uphill or if you want to catch. He must keep the revs. So nice and relaxed in the 6 is not always possible. Again, it is then a fairly large caravan, with the trailer I have not experienced this yet. The tow bar is connected as previously indicated to the on-board computer. I have (fortunately) no need to use the anti-skid system in the car, so can not judge that. Consumption, however, increase dramatically. On the German Autobahn, caravan, at a speed of between 90 and 100 I took just one 8.9 ... And that is again not really economical.

The car is roomy, quiet, reasonably frugal (1 17.9 average in my opinion, at combined use reasonable), especially beautiful and fresh. Conversely, the car, like many other cars today, many problems with the electronics. And you just notice that saved on the seats, which are poorly on such a car in my opinion.

The end is in sight ...

  • 178000 km
  • October 20, 2017 19:54

After my fairly extensive previous experience, the busy work took a long time, but I want everyone who is interested'd catch my experiences about my experiences with the Mondeo, now the lease is about to end.
After 178,000 km, I found time to look further back in this car. The experiences I have written remain in my previous review on end: the space in the rear of the car is still great, driving is still not a punishment, but there are a few things that have greatly annoyed me, and the most important are terribly bad and too short sessions (okay, I'm, say a driver with a "plus size"), the much too small distance between the vehicle and the road, and several beatings left and right are heard (or have been). Beating in the B-pillar was found after about 8 garage visits end up being a loose clip of the side skirt. But the rumble under the dashboard is really super annoying, and can not be found, so I was just late. The radio but louder.
On the driver's seat, I can only say you are longer or heavier than the in my real horror! Now I have ordered these cars, especially high demands in this area, because if you are in the car all day is the seat should be just fine. Sports seats look great, but with that mileage absolutely no value.
And then the ground clearance: with more than 300 kg in the boot (rear seats up yet) really touch anything that protrudes above the ground. But even with four adults I have a tow bar or even the outlets down at the ground when leaving a residential area! Should just can not ... I even know representatives who lost an outlet thereby.
We ourselves have been behind the car to France with the caravan last year. A terraced camp we could forget, I got the car just did not reversing up because I hit the ground with the pole bracket, so low he is then at the ground, not even heavily loaded 75 kg drawbar load.

Earlier I wrote about the pleasant power of the car. This is true yet, but now I've revised my opinion when there is something behind the car. Then Ford brand choice for the "economical set" gearbox. Either everything is designed to make fuel-efficient consumption are. That means that when you drive at Liege to Tilff (the mountain) with a caravan behind it, and I still have a 150 hp diesel, then you end up in third gear to keep the momentum going. I did that with Insignia easily in the fifth corridor ... and economical it is anything but!

Is it all doom and gloom? No, of course not, but it concerns a car almost 40,000 euros, and for that money I expected better, especially since this is the official car business from Ford. The dashboard still bored for a second, what you do not want to see you off. The sound quality of the audio is still very good, I enjoy every day of it. Overall, the bluetooth connection works properly (very occasionally he breaks to overlook the connection, but it is). The steering wheel feels great in the hand, even though I saw the week learning control really serious wear traces starting to show. A little too early, in my opinion. And delivered Winter Pack (heated seats front, steering wheel and windshield) is good, even if it's just cool. Great for the back!
In the back is also good to stay after a drink is not a punishment to sit back and let drive my other half. And the luggage is usually large enough (for an active agent really important).

Overall the car does what he must do, but after a previous Mondeo (2009 model) I expected more quality. And you just notice that has been saved in some cases. The previous Ford has that respect certainly done much better.
Oh, and another thing: the tough plastic with both the outside of the center console (which sits along your leg when you open the throttle) and the glasses holder in the sky are a disaster! Whenever you want to bend just right to grab something to knock your brains against the plastic, which is a few times led to a scratch.

Finally, the choice of ventilation: that is anything but convenient. If you blow the central grids up late and you're (obviously hands) on the phone then blows the air into the microphone in the sky, so the other can hardly understand. The left grid always blows against you, while you might want to cool the area but not directly on yourself. So that is almost always closed. And the air I do not anyway; To bandied he starts to blow hard, then stop just as abruptly. So that is rarely car, but mostly on the handheld. But it is also true that the ontwasemstand is fantastic, especially when combined with the heated windscreen, of course, especially in winter.

There has been little lucky break in the many kilometers I have driven the car, some small business after.

I recently asked myself the question: the next car early January another Ford Mondeo? I can easily answer: no, certainly not. For that I am finishing just not good enough. If you can stay in the car every day you have to have a good time, and especially the chair just too irritating. After some research I came to a surprising choice, and I chose the VW Passat Highline Business R, mainly because of the good seat and the fact that you're there to get a free DSG gearbox. Therefore he came into the lease and aggregation range.

I will miss this car soon? No, I do not think so. The previous Mondeo I sometimes missed, who drove just great. But I've driven in the Passat, and now I understand why this end eijk still always wins tests Mondeo.

  • comfort 2.0
  • performance 3.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? No
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