Daihatsu Young RV 1.3 16V Turbo (2005) review

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Young RV 1.3 16V Turbo
4, dispenser
40000 km
80000 km
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Lovely car (small)

  • 80000 km
  • November 20, 2010 10:49

What a treat this car. After a long time the most stable and sporty but also have (relatively) heavy Impreza driven was a conscious decision to drive less.

The YRV weighs just 900kg and has a thick 130 hp aboard so the transition from a sporty Impreza into a small car gave some performances not concerned too great transition .. indeed, the YRV is a lot faster!

What I like about the car;
- lively yet economical, you drive at legal speeds below 3000rpm and that's just cruising. Put switch the car on automatically and turns nice and early and sporty as it should. In this way, 1:14 to 1:17 fine feasible. Do you use more often than the accelerator 1:14 comes around, if you really take it easy 1:17 is no problem. You switch to manual transmission then you do that are likely to be really fast and then it goes like a rocket but also go towards the 1:11 to 1:12.
- everything fits in it, as dad with two children car big enough to carry all the gear for a summer vacation. The YRV is nice and compact, we all fit well into holidays and is doing fine.
- reliable, there was no need major repairs already multi strap coming. Only the tail keeps cures and even fall by as much as one thousand kilometers. I guess in short circuit or something but can not find the cause and make sure that I have lights on stock.

What pleases me less;
- Although the car is stable but does not compare with the Impreza (of course you should not do). Full throttle straight dry road is fine but really accelerating in a little corner or under humid conditions then you slip quickly through. It is primarily a traffic light sprinter
- noise in bad weather, while traveling long noticed that it is really noisy when it rains and you 130km / h. Under dry conditions, I do not suffer from wind noise.
- bumpy! You know between Bratislava and Prague highway .. not really Dutch circumstances and in that case you feel all the bumps. Like sitting which is especially striking in a fairground attraction when eg Citroën catches .. that car does not flinch when I almost hit the roof! A particular problem in countries with less grip.
- `Lag ', when in automatic mode gives full throttle does it really noticeable as the car picks. It is mentioned in all the tests and also really true, it seems that the effect is less if you just gradually depress the accelerator but I have not tried because if I really want to quickly switch over to manual control

Then I might say that almost everyone can find a grandpa car. I am not sensitive because it may be the best grandpa car I know and anyone who drives a time immediately convinced that it is absolutely no performance front grandfather. I see an advantage in that you are driving species wolf in sheep's clothing that regularly leads to great scenes in sprints.

Some more words about the use of the car;
- effort
60% long distances (around the 1000 km) with or without (2) children (1.45m and 1.55m)
20% sometimes living working with many files
20% shopping, and the like
- I myself am 1.94m and I'm fine in this car

Replace outlet (05-2010) cost € 450
Replacing tires (06-2010) cost € 200 (odd size so few cheap alternatives and offers you really do not have to deal with this size!)
average consumption, 1: 15.5

This car is not currently clear. Although I eg Impreza (WRX) still a beautiful and interesting car look, the benefits of the YRV (consumption, road tax, environmental) in my opinion much more heavily than the more performance and comfort of a WRX.

Maybe I still let the turbo chip which should provide additional horsepower and less fuel consumption. Cost € 500 but first I want certainty whether it really works out.

UPDATE 80.000km

Still very happy. The last service cost me € 180 and there was nothing special going on. It is notable, however, that the consumption decreases considerably as the outside gets warmer. In winter I get an average of 1:12 to 1:14 from in the summer 1:15 to 1:17 and on average I drive no different in winter than in summer.

It keeps smiling while standing at the traffic light in front of the car and an expensive four wheeler next to you will be a sprint. You do not win anything but the average car is quickly in your rear mirror. Not something I bought the car but still fun

We consider it to sell the car. I am one adult with two children went to two adults and three children (so cozy. Time to trade in two cars for one but of course much larger than the YRV. Very sorry but I have so much fun with this car polite and recommend it to everyone.

Ideal for a family with one child or two adults just fine, fast and cheap car to drive.

The new car we're looking at a Honda FR-V because of the nice layout and the space that the vehicle offers while it's not such a colossus. Probably read a review of that car you next year

I will report the trade-in price for this car as soon as I know. Always interesting for a review!

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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