Opel Corsa 1.0 Turbo 115hp Cosmo (2015) review

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Corsa 1.0 Turbo 115hp Cosmo
6, Manual
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2928 km
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first experiences

  • 583 km
  • June 24, 2015 12:02

Hello all! First of all, thanks for reading.
I drive the Corsa only 12 days and have only ridden 600 kilometers, but given the small number of reviews of the new Corsa (actually only one useful), it seemed a good idea to advance my findings to post here. It does you know from reading my other reviews that there are regular updates.

First, purchase and why the hell a Corsa? Very simple. The Polo was a total loss, so there had to be another. Requirements: not less than b-segment, sliding roof, the seat heater and if it can use navigation. Second was it not really be if I did not deteriorate in terms of year and mileage, so I decided to settle money. Now they were used thicker sown, but the difference was a whole new small. Actually, there remained the only contender latest Seat Ibiza three-door and on or in Fr Connect version with options such as panoramic sunroof, 17 inch, drive upgrade etc. Nice car and got about 1750 euros off because no trade, but delivery late September. New Polo and Fabia were fewer options more expensive (work itself at a VAG dealer). Then have a look at the garage which is where we and my grandparents s customers are (were) beside it. Three of the four brands they have since revolted by the inability to provide a sunroof. Opel were at this time what actions registration advantage. There was a nice dressed Corsa in the showroom with a retractable roof, but the price tag gave more than 22 500 euros. I wanted to go up to 18500. But was that 22.5 negotiate no discount and after a bit, he came in at 18 500 euros. Given the more powerful engine than the Ibiza, a little more luxury, better market landscape in trade (5-door in anonymous color does better than 3-door in bright blue), a catalog value of 3000 euros more for the same purchase price and last but not least to within a week, have made me decide to choose the Corsa over Ibiza.

This has been him:
Opel Corsa 5 doors 1.0 Turbo 115 hp Cosmo
Options: Cosmo + package (electric sliding / tilting, chair + heated steering wheel, tinted glass rear)
Advanced IntelliLink Package (include 7 inch touch screen with Bluetooth and navigate through app on your phone, DAB radio, parking sensors front and rear, rear view camera, blind spot warning system and automatic parking)
Spare wheel,
I myself still added a double bottom to boot (88 euros).

This is really a must, you have a small storage space for stuff you do not want to see and not at the expense of your shelf space, the other is the high sill road.
All Shiny Rock in color with beige interior.

As said, I got a big discount, so for 18 500 euros I was ready for him (incl. Plates and luxury Waxoil which the latter was not necessary for me).

All in all a very chic appearance, thanks to the chic color, light interior and chrome accents throughout. The wheels (16 inches) are more chic than sporty kind.

About taste is not debatable. I personally found the exterior of the Polo nicer. Many people I have heard, however, that they are the Corsa, at least as it is, find better. I like the design in any case have gone well ahead compared to the old model. He smoelt pretty fun and aggressive and I think back just a little less boring than the Polo. But again, this is all personal, of course. It is certain in any case that you look good can come along for the day.

This strikes me really everything. I am almost 1.95 m and 1.80 m people to be still sitting right behind me. The passenger seat is a little further forward, so the people behind it, can anything better place to be. The three sitting there is not so pleasant. At the central bank can not sit, is no headrest and the car is really something too narrow. Now is a b-segmentation of course also designed to transport five people very long. It is certain in any case that it is much more practical than the Polo. This of course is due to the five doors and is in my opinion a little longer. The legroom is also just. The main area I do not so great. I get back even a bit stuffy because I entitled to a ledge with reading lights than look at you (without sunroof is less). For I can not put too high my chair, because my hair or along the roof barns. The trunk is partly due to the double bottom, sufficient practical and spacious. Here I'll not want for anything, not even with respect to the Polo. The seating position I really pieces, but really much less than the Polo. My late Highline had fine sport seats that had me firmly and I had a center armrest. The chairs were was long for me. The Corsa is worse I really pieces. The seats are flat, the seat is too short for me, I feel something weird in my back and should make every effort in sharper turns not to hang too much out of the chair. People who make a lot of mileage, better choose a different version with different chairs. These are namely be available, but unfortunately not at the Cosmo.

The driving:
Since all natural concerns. Reviewers were anyway praised the new Opel engines and they often cause also the 90 PS version. Can you imagine if you have 25 more. I can be brief: he drives pieces better than the Polo. He is very fast and you can drive it very economically. In his fourth 40 driving and then accelerate a little raft is really no problem. Do you like it in low gear, then the real fun with this engine and will that really you away tears while giving a nice roffeltje. This course I almost did not do this inrijdperiode. The car is linked to a 6-speed and that is really very fine. So you can despite the three cylinders still ensure smooth running at higher speeds. He then turns really like a knife through butter. Truly a container where you want to be nice ride it. I would have preferred a highway mode. The 90-hp variant is of course the same technique, which will have the same pleasant day as this version, but if you really love drive the 115 hp will truly not disappoint. Furthermore, it is really a wonderful car to drive is the Corsa. Everything goes quickly and smoothly and the clutch has a clear excuse. A topper and one of the nicest cars I've ever driven! But one drawback I find very light steering that you definitely are suffering the freeway. Ben also continued a bit of adjusting. And to think that there is also a ratification of Fiat copied city mode is to send extra light.

In this most expensive Cosmo is standard much fuss. I call climate control, cruise control, rain sensor with automatic dimming mirror, Xenon with cornering lights, 16-inch aluminum wheels, chrome accents on the outside, half leather (or rather leatherette), Ambient Lighting interior, trip computer, leather (incidentally fantastic in obvious) steering wheel and shift knob, etc. Add to this the options in that I have mentioned in the above and you're really an amazing luxury car in which nothing remains to be desired. What I find ridiculous is that both electric windows and a center armrest are not standard and are stronger, do not order again. Shame on you, Opel! The cornering light I feel really add anything. At the Polo were the fog lights much larger, so the brightness of it was a lot better, because a corner was lit over a much wider and larger area. With the Corsa is as if you have a spot in a shed on. Totally useless, I find. A disadvantage also I think that there is no coming home function is on the lamps. They're going to do if I unlock car in the dark, but when I turn the car in the dark, they immediately go out. Then something you really will not believe. The Corsa has no makeup mirror for the passenger and for the driver! How do you come say it! It is most vain spouts to ride with me not appreciated I took this car. The parking sensors work properly, your car will be displayed between the bells when they are turned on and the rear camera has a pretty decent image. Automatic parking you should not do if you are in a hurry, but if you absolutely can not parallel parking. Then this system is really a solution and put it into him string taut. But again with the control right way, so that's something difficult to leave the parking lot. The on-board computer I do not work comfortably, you have two menus and given information that I find interesting or not or vague. But I like the fact that the consumer monitor is less turbulent than the Polo. This keeps the average consumption a bit longer instead of the 20 times changes per ride. In contrast, I found the Polo climate control weather pleasant, always 19 degrees and car and you did not hear him, here you are almost blown off your chair in car mode. Especially at temperatures below 21 degrees.
Finally, the seat heating. On the Polo were two positions, but this one so I was initially a little skeptical about how much heat it comes off. However, the opposite is true. The chairs are real blood and hot blood and after five minutes you really vastgeschroeid to your seat. I will appreciate it more in the winter, as well as the heated steering wheel I've had a few times, but of course is extra fine after scratching your windows in the winter.

In itself a nice idea and looks fine, but give me the RNS back from my Polo. The idea is nice, but it all does not excel in ease. You're losing your CD player, all have your smartphone (some as young course is not a problem for me, but for the elderly it), the navigation is very bad, the radio reception is only mediocre and there is between each channel volume difference . What at one station nearly inaudible (especially in DA, thereby jumping to another station just out the windows out. Very annoying that I'm fiddling least 5x a ride with the volume control. Besides, I think all the buttons but slow work. however, the Corsa find my phone faster, but pairing, it works significantly less. I can not voice commands to enter and one letter to enter the name of a contact is not anymore. Now you have it in a group of people with the same Find initial letter. However, the sound quality of the phone well. Another advantage is that there are plenty of external connections. the navigation is really quite 3x nothing. the system works through an app on your smartphone, if you download all the maps and the app itself costs just there !!! 4GB of your memory, without the possibility to put it on sd card. I did not even stand alone on my current phone, so I bought the trial of the app (Bringo) and on put my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy s2. As well it works at all, but hugely cumbersome and slow. You can adjust all settings and display a nice 3D view with a Corsa or Adam (really do not know what it is), but you're just never get along on their destination. The voice instructions and on the map even contradictory. Really, they can better my mother without reading glasses map Poland read aloud in Swahili for, then I'll come earlier rather than destination. And believe me: you rather listen to the stories your mother on the neighbor then you have to listen to this terrible voice. And to think that the app costs 70 euros. I'll buy a nice TomTom for navigation or an app on my phone. is also inconvenient that the sound of the radio is like that terrible voice through it comes up with a message that I am a roundabout which is about 5 kilometers to leave at the first exit. The first corsa's had this IntelliLink package free and it is in itself worth the parking assistance, etc., but maybe the standard radio with parking sensors front and rear (395 euros) or the more comfortable option, you have 600 euros for a little reasonable navigation.

The first tank 1 is made to be 13.1. Fortunately refueled in Germany, so that saves a good few euros. It will he run in is still to be slightly better, it also had some city driving with frequent use of air conditioning. I'm not going to be much more elaborate on the review, because I'm just an actual consumption monitor, so for more information about that, I refer you there.

pros and cons:
+ excellent handling
+ looks best from kek
+ no lack of luxury

- lousy sound quality i.c.m. irritating IntelliLink
- seating position not optimal
- some barriers chassis rattling a bit and after using seat some creaks in the chair
- heavy vehicles, high road tax

That was it for now, thanks for reading and until the next update.

irritating kraakje

  • 2928 km
  • August 27 2015 15:30

Today for the first time with the Corsa been back to the garage. In the driver's seat because there was a huge hard and annoying cracking when accelerating, braking and cornering. They smeared the lot and set and it should be solved now. Usually comes back after a while again saying my experience, but in this case the dealer would put a new seat in.

I also get a look at the slope assistant. He would like to sit, but the effect of it I never noticed anything, even though I should really every day on a steep slope with a traffic light go home. According to the dealer works fine and they have tested it on the slope down to the cellar. Those things are also extremely steep, so bad Opel that the system not less steep slopes than it takes effect. Not that it is a disaster, because previously we had systems which do not, but all slopes, but was with my Polo surely something better for each other. I also find cover car very fast and consumption is one of 13 average not really economical to call. Last piss point is that the windows cover very quickly for me. In addition, the Corsa like excellent, but the next will there be another one of VAG, since I do not really have a click (this) Opel.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 3.0
  • cost 3.0
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