BMW 218d Active Tourer High Executive (2014) review

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Active Tourer 218d High Executive
8, Sequential Machines
24 km
152000 km
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first experiences

  • 5050 km
  • November 21, 2014 19:59

On 24 October has come, the supply of 2 Active Tourer. Original delivery date was October 6, delayed by the absence of the wiring harness for the towbar delivery 3 weeks.

The AT 2 looks smaller than expected, but the interior is surprisingly large. With my height of 1.96 is sitting behind the wheel head and the children have plenty of space behind the front seats.

The car is equipped with the following accessories:

Park Assistant (5DP)
Additional 12V-connection in the foot space of the passenger (575)
Interior frames Aluminum Längsschliff + accent tables Pearl chromium combination Sportsline (4LS)
Reclining (4FD)
Roof railing, aluminum satin gloss (two longitudinal members) (3AT)
Partition between the boot and rear (413)
Park Distance Control front / rear (PDC) (incl. Optical display in the Control Display) (50
Extra tinted glass achterpottierruiten and rear (420)
17 inch alloy wheels V-spoke (styling 479) in combination with Sport / Luxury Line (2FY)
Panoramic glass roof including electrical control (front part, sliding tilt) (402)
Delivery without line logos on the sides (3DZ)
Delivery without type designation (320)
Metallic paint (with)
Electrically adjustable seats including the driver's seat with memory for two mirror positions and with parking function (459)
Enlarged fuel tank (1AG)
Trailer coupling with removable ball (235)
HiFi System (676)
Electrically opening and closing tailgate (316)
Sports Line (7A-C)

The first driving experience:
The car handles wonderfully tight, hardly inclines and has a pretty predictable behavior in fast corners. It is certainly not a sports car, but in terms of handling, the car can easily join the top in the middle. The engine is delightfully smooth and packed in all speed ranges quickly and makes the 2 AT faster than the average midsize and GTI. The car is on long journeys lovely lazy ride on the cruise control and fully controlled via the control (brake / gas). By adjusting the speed of 10km / h brakes the car so well on the electronics to the brake pedal is practically unnecessary. The visibility is good, large mirrors, lots of glass and the style could have been a little less wide.

The seats are similar to the chairs of the three series, sit comfortably and are highly configurable to the needs of me and my partner. The is in the 2AT is a lot higher than in the third series, great for getting in and out and the view on the way. The amenities of the high executive performance are excellent and make a wonderful trip car with functioning navigation (nice big bright screen) and telephone. The car offers ample space for rear passengers (really stands out when driving for sports of the children) and is perceived as comfortable by the rear passengers. The optional sunroof and light package are recommended, they make the car very light inside during the day and evening.

On assembling the towbar is not reflected by BMW, it can only be installed if you lie down on your knees under the car. The roll sound is not what I'm used to from a BMW, perhaps this is the winter? Passengers are enthusiastic about the noise of the 2AT and find it a nice quiet car. The high executive package 2 AT lacks the hard drive for storing music, there can be happy simply stick a connection in the center console.
The consumption of the car is far from. The average stay in the first 5000 KM stabbing at 6.4 L / 100 km, and this is even worse than my walking 316I automatic and does not come close to the promised 4,2L.

Conclusion so far; lovely car trip and practical family car.

Run-flat winter tires Euro 1200

Update to 15,000 KM

  • 15000 km
  • January 11, 2015 13:17

In recent months a number of long trips made by Germany, among others. The 2AT is wonderfully stable at high speeds and the comfortable sports seats ensure you arrive rested on location. Also on B-roads the 2AT sends wonderful sport and you have to properly limit driving before the car starts to slide on the front tires. On roads with a lot of barriers and imperfections the 2AT is just too hard suspension and therefore less comfortable than previous cars. The children are very happy with the adjustable rear seats, the legroom, the large panoramic roof and iPad holders (original BMW and highly recommended!). the luggage space cramped but adequate for normal use during the weekends. For the holidays is by plane, caravan or roof box.

In recent weeks, trying to influence consumption positively by using the ECO PRO mode. In the ECO PRO mode is also adapted to the climate control and this is not recommended (fogging is quickly stuffy and the windows). Via the menu to turn it off, thus avoiding 50% of the savings potential. The PRO ECO mode is to be selected after the start time and time again, and in practice it is frequently forgotten by the undersigned. Conclusion after a test of 2,500 KM; it delivers 0.7L / 100KM savings provided you observe the limit of 130 km / h. For people with high discipline this is realized, the undersigned keep it in this test.

Finally, a correction; The 2AT is not as fast as a GTI, but can certainly keep up well in the current traffic.

Conclusion until now, a happy driver and family.

First turn and tire change

  • 35000 km
  • May 12, 2015 22:03

For the first time been on holiday with 2AT, a big windfall is enormous luggage compartment under the luggage compartment floor. Herein fit fourth pair of mountain boots, sneakers 4 pair, 4 pair of flip flops, the volleyball, the Beachball set and a pair of bigshoppers present in addition to the standard extinguisher, jack and associated case. This with a suitcase / bag p.p. therefore the maximum that fits in the trunk, enough for a week vakantie.

From the turn of the dealer over to summer tires, this happiness largely disappeared and the road noise consumption dropped to 6.0 / 100km. On summer tires also the first fast trip made by Germany, the summer tires provide better driving stability at high cruise speeds.

In terms of comfort; M. N. on unpaved roads, you notice that the 2AT hard suspension. During normal use you notice this little (great sporty driving) until the car is fully loaded with four people, luggage and bicycle holidays. Then the 2AT on secondary roads not always comfortable driving in heavy traffic thresholds.

27,741 KM in the first turn, conducted at the BMW dealership |:

Oil service 183.06
BMW standard size 18.68
Change to summer tires 124.03
Windshield washer fluid 6.66
Cabin air filter 133.22
Total € 458.99

second turn

  • 63750 km
  • October 2, 2015 21:03

In the past month, many long journeys made by Germany. The seats, road holding and comfort are top. The road noise from the front axle M. N. doing a little compromising comfort at higher speeds.

The engine automatic cruise control combination is really designed for long motorway journeys, the resume button switch combination after the sport mode allows for quick comfortable acceleration to the set speed.

Until now only discovered a beating in the right door and it was resolved in the second turn. In the winter and winter changeover.

One of the best options is the extra large fuel tank (10L), this is the acceradius between 800 and 1,000 km.

Financial update:
Time for the second turn, no details, and for a total amount of 850 Euro Car is back with fuel, air, cabin air filter, the necessary oil and new brake pads.
The consumption remain constant at 6.1L / 100km.

Winter tires

  • 78089 km
  • December 19, 2015 19:34

With 61 623 replaced the front brake pads and replace the rear brake pads at 77 091.
At 11-11 switched the summer tires to winter tires. The tires were worn out and are replaced by a fresh set of winter jobs. With winter tires is tire noise for increased again. Run flat tires remains a significant investment (506 Euro for a set).
Besides the noise band had a problem with the demisting, this has been resolved in the last turn.
In terms of driving pleasure and nothing to add to the previous updates; remains a great car to drive.

Still going strong

  • 120000 km
  • July 31, 2016 16:39

120.000 KM
At the end of April the winter tires exchanged again for the summer tires (original set) and once again detected a decrease in the band noise and fuel consumption. striking; Since the last turn, consumption decreased on average and I've made the next turn even ask whether the garage adjustments.
Since a few days suffering from a 'singing' sound and it looks like the rear tires are going to cupping or something else with the bearings. To be continued at the next dealer visit. Last point of criticism remains the defroster / air conditioning. On hot days (+25 degrees), the air conditioner has trouble creating a pleasant climate and a cold / damp morning take a long time all the windows are clean. The one thing and another is facilitated by previous servicing, but not nearly as good as the heating / air conditioning from previous cars.
Overall - see earlier reviews; wonderful trip car tops chairs, automatic, high seating and ample space for a family with teenagers.
When carried 111,000 maintenance; costs 651.37 Euros and no details.

figuring out new car

  • 145 640 km
  • December 18, 2016 12:47

Just use the updated, it will remain around 6L / 100km and was substituted early November after the winter. The winter takes comfort somewhat because M. N. front tires cause more tire noise.
Just back from a long trip through Germany, the 2AT is a great touring car in the Netherlands. For long, fast comfortable rides on the German autobahn makes 2AT just too much noise. The comfort of the sports seats, making the motor and machine much good, but main reason to choose a different model, the overall noise level during the regular long journeys by Germany (and late in NL).
About four months terminates the lease and it's time to visit the showroom. Just made a first round, it is a new 2AT, X1 or 3 Touring? Or a different brand? During the Christmas holidays we will make a tour along the dealers.

handed car

  • 152000 km
  • March 10, 2017 14:53

End of contract after two years and handed the 2AT to the leasing company. No details had since the last review in late January and got a BMW 3 touring from the group as a replacement car. First striking cases;
- What is the 3 Touring a low car;
- I miss the sports seats with memory;
- The Touring 3 (320D) is more than 1L / 100KM more economical than the 2AT;
- The ventilation system; no problem fogged windows;

Shopping again soon for a new set of wheels.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
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