Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC Executive (2008) review

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CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC Executive
5, Automatic
12 km
49000 km
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  • 25656 km
  • August 20 2010 23:10

After nine years of loyal service goodbye to my Mazda Premacy (112.000km) as my next car should be geared primarily to comfort.Na some test runs with different SUVs and review / test reports have read in both Dutch and Belgian magazines car is the Honda CR V became the choice (competitors were the Toyota RAV4, Suzuki Vitara Nissan ,, Quashquai, indeed the Japanese are concerned their preference known betrouwbaarheid.De had attended a diesel engine but not many considering the annual km.ters was petrol still appropriate. Here then my experiences.
The proerit had already made it clear that this Honda SUV was a very comfortable car, and confirm the first thousand kilometers it.
-Very quiet and smooth engine.
-Good machine, especially when one does not require athletic performance.
-A suspension or difficult short uneven
road digested but still happens comfortable.
-Good posture, good ergonomics, very good AC, good audio
but certainly not exceptional, reliable GPS.
-Interior / upholstery of fine leather but feel the plastics
or hard and are susceptible to scratching.
-Panoramic roof is a gadget seen it can not be opened
be if the protective screen is opened gives the interior
or a spacious feeling.
-Fuel consumption varying from 8 liters to 11.5 liters / 100 km to
Depending on highway or city driving.
-By noise are well damped, only when driving on
rough asphalt, the Dunlop tires or audible.
-Road holding very well, surely an SUV, not many inclines
cornering and straight line stability, good control.

-Upon delivery minor paint damage achterdeur.Hersteld-
new lower plate achterdeur- (guarantee).
-Sometimes crackling sound (you) in l.voordeur, very difficult to
locate, to date unresolved.
-14.000km. Sometimes screaming sound when remmen.Opgelost by
mount between plates in the remblokken- (guarantee)
-22.000km. Cracks in the leather fixed in the side of
the seat of both the Conductor and passagierszetel.Hersteld both
Replace liners and well executed. (guarantee)
25.122km. Protector L.voordeur has come loose, is currently
in order and will be replaced under warranty.
-Relax driving.
-Nevertheless, reasonable performance if desired, albeit at
disadvantages of the comfort (switching dispenser, more engine noise
etc ...)
-Equipment very complete (Xenonlichten-,
cruise control, heated seats, etc ...)
-Oil nil.
-Fuel consumption (8 to 11.5 l./100km)voor an SUV (+/- 1600kg)
is acceptable.
-Guarantee (Problems to be solved without discusie, see zetel-
-Low maintenance: 234euro 11.867km-yearly review,
294euro-22.454km.jaarlijks review.
Solid solid feel to the car a pleasure to drive
and is a great service! (Honda Antwerp)

Find a Honda Dealer?

  • 49000 km
  • July 23, 2013 00:42

Even phoned my dealer (Honda Antwerp) for the appointment of the annual maintenance, they say to me casually that no agreements can be made as the Honda representative for Antwerp no longer exists, and for further maintenance or repairs should be contacted with either the Honda dealer in Lier or St.Niklaas, Mawin all the province of Antwerp, there are only two dealers (Lier & Turnhout, St.Niklaas is O.Vlaanderen) that means +/- 60km verplaatsingskosten.Als we know that its a 20 min. Drive from my hometown there three Kia dealerships, then my next choice for a new vehicle will be made soon .Samengevat Honda makes good and reliable cars but takes its customers seriously and does not prove that their sales whatsoever. Regrettable !

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 5.0
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