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Clio Estate Energy TCe 90 Dynamique
5, Manual
10500 km
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first impressions

  • 300 km
  • May 4 2016 17:13

Why this car?
With a little there, our Fiesta turned out a bit on the small side, especially the boot. Considering the car was in 2010, while the Picanto my wife came out in 2005, still decided to exchange the Fiesta in connection with the (much) higher resale value.

The decision
Of course I explored the field first expanded and a top three came out of popular cars. Anyhow it was clear in advance that there should be a drive or estate, in connection with the space. The Kia Cee'd SW, Ford Focus SW and Renault Clio Estate were the cars of choice. The Kia was quickly associated with the big engine that would give consumption too high. Then driven test drives in both the Focus and Clio.
Ultimately, the decision fell for the Clio. A B-segmentation is sufficient for our family and when all the options are selected, the amount under the line was interesting enough. In addition to the Clio design had once step ahead of the Focus. The focus, though sublime in both behavior and in space was actually too expensive to compete with the Renault.

The sale
After a conversation with the dealer is signed for Renault Clio Estate TCe Dynamique 90, with selected packs and options:
- Comfort Extra (climate control, rain and light sensor, electric folding mirrors)
- City Extra (parking sensors, reversing camera and center armrest)
- R-Link (luxurious and expanded multimedia / navigation)
- chrome window strip
- metal rims type: passion noir
- privacy glass

During the negotiations we have still managed to catch up:
- full spare
- Waxoyl lacquering
- License plates with applied letters.

Delivery time: 3-4 months.

First impressions
Although there is not too much to tell, of course, later, yet already having driven the first impressions after the first hundred kilometers.

Driving comfort and space
When you sit behind the wheel, we see that the car in front is very spacious. Although the car is a B-segmentation, you could almost say that you may be dealing with a C-segmentation have? Well, in any case, a B 1/2. So really neat. In the last quarter of 2015, there are some (minor) changes were made to the interior of the Dynamique version, which I was very happy. First, worse highest point during the test drive, the plastic inserts on the steering wheel is gone! It is now a full leather-wrapped steering wheel (GT-version). The door handles are provided with plastic mat in place of the highly contagious high gloss plastic. Only the frame of the dash tablet is still high gloss, a few small accents in the interior post. Tribute, Renault. The car looks quite a lot more mature out. Furthermore, the clocks feature red pointers and tape measures (instead of yellow).
In addition, the seats also feature a new design upholstery. The gray accents of the coating are moved from the center of the seat and back to the edges of the seats. As for comfort. The seats are very nice, but showing the back, especially in the lumbar region, very little support. The cheeks are very soft. All in all you will be in sharper cornering a bit rocked back and forth in your chair. So far I feel that if disturbing.
Rear: Well, I think that at this moment one of the bigger downsides. On the back you do not want to three adults for a ride that lasts longer than, say, an hour. When I'm myself, I still sit with my knees against the seat (I 1.7. Compared with the Fiesta is the distance between the rear and front seats significantly reduced. Given our family situation is, however, a problem the first few years.
Trunk: Of course we have bought Estate: Well in the B segment. There is a lot in. Too bad that our folded buggy (which is quite long) unfortunately lengthwise or crosswise goes into it. Huge plust point. Nearly the entire back opens. There is absolutely no question of a sill. Very practical and nice!

Ride and handling
Before anything at all about going to buy this car, I've read a lot about where some negative things about the motorization and consumption. Over the last little later. Regarding handling: Very comfortable. Lighter than cushioned the Fiesta causing bumps and thresholds with more flexibility be eliminated. Something I really love. I'm not a sporty chassis which I am in my heaven launched. The steering is direct and light, something I prefer to do. Switching is something rubbery in my opinion but the poker switch or accurate. Online read a lot about the poor visibility around the coach, but I can not really relate to that. Yes, the mirror is a little on the low side, which can cause problems at a traffic light, but I experience it as a nuisance. The rear view is good, the windows between the C- and D style gives the estate a lot more visibility than the hatchback. What I really need to get used to the operation of the navi that needs to happen behind the handlebars as a unit. I had rather have the buttons on the steering wheel than behind. The noise in the coach's something else I've read many complaints about. I am very positively surprised, in the sense that you hear very little engine noise is. At higher speed means the block is very quiet. Thick fine so. However, the faster I go, the more wind noise along the A-pillars. It seems to be a known shortcoming of this car. I look at it as it is something I want to look through the dealer to. Under the guarantee would be easy to adapt.

People are satisfied or there, or find anything. I definitely fall under the first category. It is a versatile system with many options. At time of writing I have only begun to journey through this system but navigating through without problems. Navigation commands can be given via voice recognition, but there you have it you need time. The system that responds very slow. I wonder how the paid LIVE Services from tomtom to work in conjunction with the standard navigation. I wonder if this is worth the money. I've already read that purchase map updates can be a costly business because Renault has not agreed with tomtom simple updates to provide. Bit unfortunate, but here I have so I have no experience lets not judge further on that.
The Bluetooth connection with my iPhone was made in no time and works well. I do not have conversations conducted so that no such judgment. The audio quality of streamed music is better than expected. Very bad stories about reading but in my case I'm impressed. The system will connect to i-Tunes and take full directory structure of albums and playlists even completely. Also simply connect the iPod can be combined with a USB cable to R-Link which also preserves the folder structure herein. Something I was hoping but not expecting. Class so!
Downside has to be the confusing menu structure of the system. Something I first pressing one or two buttons could do anything, seems to link R surely go some cumbersome. Might be used to.
The sound quality of digital radio via Arkamys 3D sound speakers is good. Expect no miracles but for native audio equipment which meets fine.
Nice is that the system supports considerably in the 'eco-driving'. You even get a ride a score of how your driving is environmentally conscious (or not).

Motorization and performance
Important, but not the most important for me (these were the two categories above me). Deliberately chose the TCe 90 because I want the lowest possible fuel consumption. Diesel is not an option because we are less than 15k a year clocks. In the test drive was already in this turbo-blown block quite give a push to the car. This comes about 2000 rpm and it makes the car pretty good comes along in traffic. 1.25, was atmospheric from the Fiesta here considerably more difficulty. Something I really have to get used to the low engine rumble. Before you know it you're already high in the revs. This block therefore invites make revolutions, which leads to a much higher consumption. Fast Forwarding and moderate right foot keeps consumption within the limits. Once up to speed, it will take some time before making your speed, but there was definitely something. By anticipatory driving this need not be a problem. Start on time with speed and then beyond. No point.
The start / stop system is something I have to get used to. I think it's a fine system, but as yet it is not always available. Of course, the system will not work if there is an air conditioner is working hard blow or when the engine is cold, but in normal driving I get too often the message that the system is unavailable. This wait I just wondering before I possibly just to watch shows. Are you a quiet rider that provides controlled gas and understands the art of the quick upshift, then you will be pleasantly surprised. Are you more accustomed to by tendons to 4000 rpm before upshifts, then this block is quite a bit to drink. I would go for diesel.

300 on the counter as I have not much to tell. The trip computer provides an average of of between 5.9-6.1 per 100 km, or 1: 16.4 to 16.9 I find a car that can assume further to be, quite nicely. Few notes while: There have been many city mileage and I have not been to the eco button. So I have all the confidence that it can still down.

More coming soon...

Update after 10,000

  • 10500 km
  • January 5, 2017 16:05

After driving a few months with Renault to have, we have passed 10,000 this month. Time for an update:

Ride comfort and handling.
Still very satisfied. It's a fine car that sends good and do what you want. The steering wheel is comfortable to hold and can be used easily. Speed ​​is limited at 100 km per hour and it shows the limited noise while driving. Wind noise appears only to be truly present in headwind. In my view, not disturbing enough to acute what to do with it but I will say definitely at the first turn.
Minus the mulish tuned cruise. The system responds too late on a slope so the speed is too high or too late. The fact that the steering wheel buttons are not illuminated I find strange.
During the summer holidays we are being driven to Germany and it works very well. It is a car that is still tasty after a number of hours driven. Chairs are nice comfortable, but the seat was deeper liked. The suspension is tuned nice comfortable making the autobahn was a joy to drive over.
Switching I think perhaps the most delicious of the car. It's what numb and not entirely accurate. You make long strokes that poker that is too long. Due to the lower revs number on speed I miss any 6th gear. As part of the economical driving, I had to have liked to have.

More than enough for my driving style. The blown block provides plenty of pep me by pulling even with eg. Driving into the Van Brienenoordbrug via the ramp IJsselmonde, the car still draws great in fourth gear. In the mountains Sauerland he rides along nicely. Slope he has some trouble, but for me to be able to bring enough power to speed. The car then loops quite a sip of the way.

R-Link and other systems / options
You can bring a lot but it works incredibly cumbersome. Although the menu structure of the system is fine, switching from one to the other radio station is for instance very awkward. It takes too much action! Unfortunately. Very good is the navigation system that, despite its cumbersome nature, is well suited to operate. Voice control is painfully slow, but works always.
The start / stop system and now I get really works only if all conditions are optimal. I know in advance now when he will do it or not. Light sensor works very well but there is switched too early to lighting. I had the drive map colors in the first instance by the low beam but did it quickly abandoned because you're sending in full sunlight with night colors. See if the dealer can do something here.
Less positively, I am on the rain sensor. Doing never really good. Or quickly delete, or too slow. Adjust the knob on the handle not going well. That must be really better, Renault!
Climate control works very well. In the colder months, however, it takes a long time to warm air begins to spread. Unfortunately again scratching absent windshield heater.

Up front, more than fine, I can not say anything else. Rear actually tight. As an adult you is not very spacious. Families with older children are really better served with a C-segmentation. Trunk looks roomy but when loading the holiday turned out actually quite still disappointing. In particular, the fact that, as the height increases from the loading floor, of the car in the width becomes narrower is very noticeable. Fortunately, we will not very often the car so packed. More than sufficient space for the buggy or pushchair, incidentally.

Particulars to 10,000
Once it has happened that the car radio (which normally goes out at the opening of the driver's door) was not made longer. The RLINK system was apparently jammed. Fortunately, the dealer just a couple of kilometers away from us and he told us that you or a quarter your car radio must leave parked (?) Or you have to detach one of the poles of your battery. Should it happen again would offer a software update solace.
The car begins to crack the door side when taking a bump a bit. I suspect something in the rubbers. I let it look at the first turn to.
When refueling turn the gun backward early! If there is 8 liters when can he turn all off. pick up, hold upside down, all does not matter. Only the gun so far that you keep gasoline sees flow into the tank work to really fill up the tank. Very annoying.
The audio sometimes starts in the wrong mode. That is, in a mode other than that you left him. For example, the car abandoned in radio mode while at the start of the next USB mode startup. Weird and certainly because the system operates as simply and quickly (not) is very annoying.
As always this is also true: the first scratch doing the very best. Apart from that I think the paint very susceptible to scratching.

After the last letter, the consumption even dropped a few tenths up to 5.4 L / 100 km, but the winter months have arisen because I'm still half a liter above. At the moment so average around 5.7 L / 100 km. Not bad but I had expected more, especially because I very carefully drive (quick acceleration and long rollout in speed, a lot of mileage in the city). Nevertheless, a lot more efficient than the previous car while it was a bit lower in mass. (6.3 L / 100 km)

Pros and cons
The hitherto most pluses and minuses at randomly

+ still beautiful design and color
+ comfortable seating position, operation and handling
+ economical
+ good navigation RLINK
+ operation climate control
- cumbersome to operate and unstable firmware RLINK
- moderate control of the rain sensor
- heater comes slowly

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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