Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI XS-line (2005) review

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206 XS-line 1.4 HDI
5, Manual
272 153 km
294 966 km
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October 2012 - Acquisition Peugeot 206 1.4 HDi (2004)

  • 273 822 km
  • October 13, 2012 20:40

Recently I became owner of a Peugeot 206 1.4 HDi. After about 1500 km under the car by sliding it was time for a review.

- History

In 2011 I got my driver's license and immediately bought a car. At the criteria were cheap to buy, affordable and consumption "nice" to see. Thus we have selected a number of cars which AX was preferred to me. And or a recent 1.1i because that would be both tough and economical by the motor with injection. Especially with 695kg.

So indeed a playful touch car felt to drive. But soon proved a lot of things to be wrong. The central locking system did not always close the tailgate (months has been open), windscreen washer fluid that occasionally not working, meanwhile, a leaky gasket (Rough idling) and outlet which broke the motor mount. Almost all of which explained why the previous owner wanted from there.

Some defects were repaired really and ultimately cost about 350 euros on top of the purchase price of 825 euros. Really too much for a car without a future. But he ran it very cheap. With relatively little experience I took 1:19 and later I went hypermilen and I could easily reach á 1:22 1:23. I was very pleased with it. NB efficient in the city than on the highway. Roll out and thus drive from stoplight to stoplight. This hypermilen I did simply by turning off the motor and restart with clutch or starter motor, I also got the impression that cheap fuel the motor was run rougher, thereby retract consumption. However, the car had the disadvantage that the motor with 170.000km was very rough when cold. Especially with negative values ​​did not really warm up properly, let alone could warm me. To the point that I literally froze behind the wheel. Thus my warm feelings were a little lost for the car.

Anyway, the upcoming MOT it was time for another car. Preferably a small recent youngtimer or diesel. That is much more comfortable and I love to hear the engine. Diesel excel therein. At least, still. Apart from the Peugeot 106 1.5 or 1.4 diesel there are no really interesting youngtimers for my budget. So I went looking for a newer car. These are exactly what representative (as a freelancer).

The TDI and SDI's not talking to me because of the terrible noise and tend to be very expensive for their mileage. This Polos rebelled. Japanese diesels are hardly available outside or B segment. Opel I always renounced already Corsa 1.7dti appeals to me. Moreover, these were relatively expensive. Thereby 206'jes came into view. Since there were many. A big advantage is the 1.4HDI that should be able to walk very economical that weighs 949kg, while still conditioning on board.

So I'm going to concentrate on cars between 2500 à 4000 euros. After several test runs with several 206-sen to have been taken over the red 206, a car dealer. In total for 2450 minus 150 euros for the AX. This car was in a good condition, but the air conditioning was not working and the mileage was more than 272 000 km. Nevertheless, the car felt better than models with less mileage.

- Auto experiences at 273 822

Reactions (fine)

The largest difference was immediately apparent in the road test: road users do not respond to the car. Just neutral. With the AX one had even stopped by because it would be slow (or whatever) and that is not at all common in this car. That immediately runs a lot quieter. Just go left drive old cars on the highway and you'll see how many gas bijgeven if you pass ...

Frame (good)

Relative AX this car is much stiffer suspension. Short irregularities are immediately eliminated, but they are slightly larger than the suspension claps less far. This is seen especially in poor road surfaces. However, it is fine that the car is not so far as to lean. This gives confidence in cornering. Where AX could hang on one ear and you really hung over the suspension, this car has no problems. Certainly at higher speed, this is fine.

In comparison, a Golf IV 1.6 (2000) is much more comfortable suspension and unfortunately tends to hang completely in his suspension and damping. Until it stops compressed. Uncomfortable. This is noticeable at high thresholds on 60 roads. This 206 again not happy.

But quite ideal is not. In practice, you should be careful with thresholds and bumps in residential areas (30km / h). Otherwise, this simply glancing and then bounce. The AX was here compared to a flying carpet. Only half a minute later you felt something.

Consumption (excellent)

Around the 1:27 I drove over 1500km. That keep quiet ride, but no hypermilen, let alone ultra fuel-efficient driving. About 100km / h to 90km arrested / h as maximum with gusts to 120km / h.

In hypermilen is important that you know the roads, traffic lights and car very well. The latter I do not yet complete. How far the car can roll, how to dose the best you gas, which speed beautiful walks around on.

The next tank I'm experimenting with this and I will report on it. I expected at least to reach with 1:28 rollout. A discovery I've done: if you let come to turn the motor back link, you can do this best in plus minus 1700 rpm. He shoots of beautiful.

See the usage monitor for more numbers.

Powertrain (good)

In practice, the HDI beetle do much more smoothly than the figures believe. This is probably in him that you are always available torque in the speed with which you want to drive. From 1700 to 2250. A lot of torque at a very low weight. Economical driving or not, it makes little difference there. That I drive in practice much faster with it off, then with the AX.

What especially a big difference with gasoline, is that the motor is about much diaper. When you open the throttle, the car is going to give half to full second later only reaction at a higher speed. In practice, this ensures that you practically driving off the clutch and the increased speed comes in.

This is a piece "pit" away. Another piece of stone that you feel is missing from 2700 rpm. Then you go over the top. Where I had the AX always the opportunity to go to 6000 rpm, has a special scenic 1.4 hdi make little sense.

Another big difference is that the first gear is relatively long and you when accelerating towards its second you at 2250 rpm. With the AX I drove away, and I went straight to his two (annoying for people behind you). Imagine that you do in the HDI, then you are faced with low revs. And to let the clutch back to compenseratie.

The bucket is exactly matched that by 15km / h residential areas driving in first gear by 30km / h residential areas in two or three and at 50km / h in just four at 1500 rpm. If you want 50 and 48 runs but someone for you, then you have to switch back. Moreover, you simply drive faster than 50 in his four from 1500 rpm because you just have even more torque and the engine runs more finely. So downshift speed camera.

Typically, however, that are not going at 75km / h of its fifth to third switch (brake on the motor). At least, not without terrible scraping. Like the protection that you can not put him in his first slide by as you drive harder. Quite annoying, because only under 50km / h, you can switch back. If you want to slow down the motor so you will have to end all speed and good to look ahead.

- General (so far very good)

The 206 suits me very well. It is much more comfortable to drive and I hope to ride around at least three years. Perhaps in the 350.000km. For now the 280.000km. I will also say more about the usage and reliability.

April 2014 - Repairs, economical, starting and running

  • 289295 km
  • April 19, 2014 15:18

It's been eighteen months after purchase and I have for roughly 1400 euros (overdue) maintenance had over 17.000km. Unpalatable. It seems that will show much 206'jes with the mileage and age small and big break. It seems that the owner (s) for my car that have run up. Slowly I work them out, but there are often new items into view at every garage visit. Beware and purchase accounting at some 1,000 euros in additional costs over the first 10,000 km. I hope to ride the coming years to 500-600 euros per year maintenance.

Furthermore 1.4HDI conserves diesel: both on the highway and in the city I get 20 (winter or 130km / h) to 30 km per liter. On one tank you can drive 950 to 1250km. The car is tight on the road and let them feel good, especially compared to other B segmenters like the Opel Corsa C (2002) Skoda Fabia (2004). This gives confidence on twisty provincial highways (in France!) And winter in the snow. In the mountains around 1700-2500 rpm torque than enough to keep up the momentum to about 80km / h. On the Autoroute du soleil you almost all the hills with 135km / h.

By now I'm used to the gearbox and I want to nuance the above writings. The gearbox does not crack as long as you do not turn too quickly. It is thus decreased. Further, in cold or bad the diesel engine runs remarkably after rough start. After two km is usually already sunk again. From 110km / h increases exponentially the moter- and wind noise. Young ears can go rustle after riding 1150km in 12 hours. So rather quieter ride. Until now starting and running.

•• Maintenance of 2012-10 to 2014-04

All appeared soon after buying the car was not in the track, which you kept correct. This while the car was aligned for delivery! There was live with the tires had to be replaced anyway in the next MOT. After six months I drove over a bump and heard since I am deeply in and send out a tap from the forecastle. It was getting harder and after a while I started feeling to lose control. Dangerous. Direct arrangement with the garage and then came many issues to light. I ended this selection i.c.m. make a small turn in order.

Total incl. VAT, the unit prices are excl. VAT.

• Repairs - February 2013-278730 km - € 888.61

€ 44,19 4,25l 5W40 motor oil Total Quartz 9000 renewed
€ 13,13 Air renewed
€ 13.62 Cabin air filter 206 CFX renewed
€ 3,15 1l washer Stuffing
€ 5.00 Dipstick (User). Replace (was broken)
€ 3.47 Environmental
€ 1.69 replace Carter Ring
€ 11.35 Lamp Dimmer renewed
€ 58.79 Replace Ruitenwisserset
€ 50.00 Strut replacing left (users).
€ 50.00 Strut replaced right (users).
€ 36.13 Stabilizer (bar?) Replaced 206
€ 36.13 Stabilizer (bar?) Replaced 206
€ 70.00 2x substitute (for) tires Goodyear 175/65/14 82T (users).
€ 25.00 Mounting & balancing tires renewed
€ 3.00 2x Environmental band
€ 61.98 Alignment
€ 12.51 Small Parts
€ 225.25 3x 3h Workshop Fee

Note: No more oil, car belt tight

• MOT - April 2013-279936 km - € 97.59

€ 11.32 Left dimmer lamp renewed
€ 40.24 MOT
€ 3.90 APK afmeldkosten
€ 25.19 Diesel Soot measurement

• MOT - April 2014-289211 km - € 346.71

€ 38.70 Ruitenwisserset renewed
€ 109.00 2x Wheel (right and rear left) replaced
€ 89.25 1.5 hours for replacing wheel bearings
€ 28.93 MOT
€ 20,66 Soot measurement diesel

Note: less noise from the rear (for replacing wheel bearing?)

•• Defects present:

- Left Speaker occurs occasionally not; los ContactYour?
- (Standard) radio CD will not eject, continues to work just fine; piece?
- Brake discs are above minimum size; end up at apk
- Many tire noise behind; cupping?
- Air conditioning does not work; replacement (á 450 eur)

•• Conclusion so far

I am satisfied with the cost, though there will at any apk some of his tinkering. The total cost than expected, the mileage rate is very high. This has mainly to do with that I ride less km along than previously thought. Because of my work this varies from year to year. I hope to ride longer than I had previously thought; now about four or five years.

Furthermore, if you're in the market for a Peugeot 206; save yourself unpleasant cost and makes the 206 independent check and book budget (overdue) maintenance.

April 2015 - Whistling through the MOT, little ridden

  • 294 966 km
  • April 9, 2015 23:57

Now I update the review, I see that I have only driven 6000km in a year. And that for diesel. Good news in itself, as a programmer, I me more focused on my websites instead of driving between the lines. Still, the car is fine to drive to get to it. It was a good year.

The car has me apart from one defect, economical (1:24 to put 2 from A to B, especially on vacation nice. No oil in 20.000km (2 years). In the mountains, the torque of the diesel lovely good for cruising, just like the experience - at least if you happen to love the soothing genagel a diesel in the background.

• Repair rear - April 2014-291324 km - € 385.00

Increasingly I hear ticking louder and louder as I drove on slowly threshold, holes and eventually fresh road markings. So hard that even bystanders looked back and wondered what they heard. Time to visit the garage, one day I had the car back. In the rear of the Peugeot 206 are bearings to wear out over time: you invent not.

An expensive repair, it was not that the garage could put just a revised rear underneath. When retrieving the ashes lay in the area of ​​the garage: it was taken apart. The bearing (s) in such a way were rotten / corroded in that these pieces of rust had fallen apart during inspection. Not to overhaul more. The bill: € 385.00 at garage Autobedrijf van Hemmen to Ewijk; it seems that it was a good value, nice helped. If people have other ideas in, let me know!

•• Maintenance of 2014-04 to 2015-04

• MOT - April 2014-294966 km - € 75.00

Again went to the village garage Autobedrijf van Hemmen: MOT. . With clenched buttocks, coffee and an elderly Autoweek 45 minutes waiting for the redeeming word: next year he can probably back it up. At my request they have readjusted the headlights: who would have thought that this could make such a difference in the dark? Perfect service. The light output is very good. Bill: € 75.00 (including service for adjustment) - quickly helped, first trust in my car. Not the cheapest, but nice and fast.

Soon it's time for a small 20,000-km-beurtje.

•• Rectification

- The (standard) radio was on the wrong setting, so he did not eject the CD. Maybe I have the manual of the car once again go through?

•• Defects / Comments currently:

- Left Speaker occurs occasionally not; lately, though.
- Brake discs are above minimum size; end up at apk
- Aircon piece; replacement (á 450 eur)
- Weathered paint (no rust); in case of frost moisture beneath it, off lacquer spots on the trunk ...
- Unfortunately, parking damage; someone gently planed with his / her front of the car. Rear right somewhat dismayed ...

•• Conclusion so far

Cheap car diesel expensive road tax. Last year considered a Prius (2nd gen) or new Up: alone depreciation can I drive this car and maintenance (currently) the money so I just kept still in the bag. I also want to just enjoy the dieseltorretje long as we have not electric vehicles. Enjoying sit him after all the little things?

Over 20 years, will ask my children: So you drove a car with combustion engine? Dad, you know that sitting in the vapors is as bad as smoking! Anyway, as long as the (still) I thoroughly enjoy! Hopefully I drive 2 to 4 years with.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes