Ford Mondeo 3.0 V6 24V ST 220 (2003) review

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Mondeo 3.0 V6 24V ST 220
6, Manual
82502 km
177000 km
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Ford Mondeo ST220

  • 83500 km
  • January 9, 2010 22:36

A fairly anonymous, but fast middle class. If alpha fanatic was difficult to leave my preference for the 156 GTA sail for a more practical, decent luxury car. Less wow- factor, but (from experience) less nervous driving. A car that is hard to describe, as well as a very comfortable rijsauto a gun if you want to do as crazy. Both rolls will be filled with glaze.

As mentioned, very luxury: leather standard, futuristic electric heated seats, xenon, 18 inches, fine audio system. Previous owner has also opted for an electric sliding sunroof (yes!) And electrically adjustable seats (useless option, give me a hand, but good)

I've only driven 1000 km, so I can only my first impressions with you:

Nice finish, quality materials and great driving characteristics. Powertrain ab-so-lute-ly top! what a lovely delicate gearbox and clutch.

Consumption is now also interresting, that I will keep. My first tank 1 to 8.75 (also even drove Vmax not representative), second one in seven (only urban). I expect an average of 1 to 9 to 10 in normal use.

Appreciation therefore difficult to give, put high reliability (hope he is)

  • 84500 km
  • February 15, 2010 21:11

The car is now 2.5 months in succession. No complaints, but found rust on the rear doors, this should be a Mondeo problem and will be fixed up under warranty.
I also begin to appreciate the car increasing its versatility. Nice practical, luxurious and still very fast! The 156 GTA friend kept to 220, then there is still going to that Alfa still a box power on.
The Mondeo comes as more mature and robust reisauto about where a GTA Alfa is a real athlete: more power, sound, sensation, etc. But Ford does with a consumption of 1 to 9.5 yet again also own virtue, there GTA where one runs on six!

No problems!

goes like a train

  • 93500 km
  • July 20 2010 11:17

Meanwhile, driven more than 10 000 km with this car.
Not to mention specifics, only a few nasty scratches cashed always bales! also the rim has been on an unsympathetic way in contact with a curb. all this will soon be restored.
Fuel consumption is on average about all these km's about 1/10 point a bit.
we become more and more wedded to the car. Despite the inconspicuous appearance still regularly compliments caught. Often in terms of: nice car, what is it exactly? diesel? or, where it says that 220? 2.2 liter? Thus it remains an unknown vehicle.
Oja, to get the promised speed is fairly straightforward; to 2 times to the German highway 250 had on the clock, which I did not dare to look at the menu. I believe the rate though, because the counter is reasonably accurate. This rate is for Ford really cruising and I look forward to a long highway drive to Italy or another vacation resort, which I expect 160 is a great pace to relax travel.

almost a year in succession

  • 102000 km
  • November 21, 2010 21:42

APK course smoothly.
Although: straps for sparse. Not strange, because natuulijk 20K km in driven and although driven neatly by my wife (rarely above 4000rpm I think) the couple will still lashing straps.
Anyway, winter straps underneath yet another year inspection.
For the rest remains as it was. The car is a delight. Perfection and comfortable. Where necessary, very quickly. But the count of years: now is the bar already higher again in performance. My brother recently bought a '06 Passat TFSI. all standard and sprint revealed a half-car length of your stay for 0-120.
The pleasure lies not in the pure raw performance, but the smooth V6, which is always ready but not aggressive, driving creamy, does not take too much fuel (yet still better than 1 in 10 over 20 000 km) and great drumming.

May have a few years to stay with us!

had great turn

  • 121000 km
  • July 21, 2011 11:35

The ST has after the test in car week (number 28, 2011) had a great turn.
Not very much, but the car is particularly so even they were surprised by the dealer that the intake manifold off need to replace the spark plugs. No DIY job so
Also, a multi-belt worn, no further details.
Cost: 740 euros. What more expensive than I thought, I was expecting a bill of about 500 euros, but considering the things that are all done fairly.
Consumption is still better than 1:10. The trip computer provides 9.8 to 9.7 l / 100 km.

We drive a lot more than expected, some 30,000 km per year.

One up and down at the IAA Frankfurt

  • 126000 km
  • September 19, 2011 20:58

He is fun, this car.
A visit made to the Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt as 640 KM on a day trip. Especially autobahn, so it might just top speed read on the speedometer: 250. The TOMTOM 240. I have no doubt that the original 220 HP still present. With long stretches of 170+ and 220+ outliers on the autobahn, is one of nine wrong.
At top speed the car is very stable, it feels like he could handle higher speeds. 220 is really still cruising, which does charge higher rates to an attentive driver. But this laughter.

The question: Would you buy a car from this brand? I adjusted "maybe" to "Yes". In frankfurt was a Focus ST station ... hmmmmmm ....

2 years with us.

  • 131000 km
  • December 14, 2011 14:54

A friend of mine is starting to pull all: "if you take away him, I want to buy it from you!"
That could sometimes take a year or five.
After two year which owns the car is still quite perfect. He is from 2003, so eight years old.
Nearly 50,000 km put it and I still drive with a lot of fun in this car.
end of November had the MOT, cost just 0 euro offer from the Ford dealership (free MOT for Ford drivers). It was wrong of course nothing on the car.

I also see no wear, leather interior with Recaro's still pristine, there is or a "rimpeltje" in the driver's seat but that's really all.

Over the past two years, there is also only one thing went really broken, and that is the fuse of the headlamp washers. free replacement.

The fuel consumption is still acceptable (although, with 30,000 km / year) 1 10.

Now there is 131 000 km on the clock, I get curious what will be the next 130,000 km. I just go on to keep the car for about 5 years and to send him to 3 tons.


  • 140000 km
  • October 10, 2012 10:23

I can be brief: the car is so reliable and so perfect, there is nothing wrong with his ninth year.
Just had a turn and MOT.
Omer King: windshield wiper wear, and the jacket of the right-hand main silencer is showing signs of rust.
For € 255 if I go again. Moderate given the suggested retail price of € 275 for just the turn.
Oh, the car was inside and cleaned out. Now that's service of the Ford dealer!
The km's come after the arrival of our Ka much slower. Every time I turn drives the Mondeo, is enjoying the V6 power and handling ....
This remains quite some years.

Luxembourg and Nurburgring

  • 145000 km
  • April 21, 2013 19:10

Ford once again interrogated during a 1100 km long journey to and through Luxembourg and into and over the Nordschliefe.
Recommended! Luxembourg is beautiful, winding roads throughout the country, with a hilly landscape that provides the maximum speed of 100 is also a challenge.

had on the way back 268 on the counter !!! However bump off just 258 tomtom on a deserted highway makes it credible that 250 is certainly needled. Maybe even 260. Went ball really hard!

In spite of the sturdy handling characteristics due to Luxembourg, and racing speed on the ring, is 1: 8.1 a very neat consumption over the route.

Spring also feel in my ST!

  • 153000 km
  • March 21, 2014 10:52

It's spring, summer tires are again under (still delicious the 18 'ST wheels, which fit them nicely in this car!

An update because there should have been no updates have been.
Just want to say that this car adheres SO perfect, in October 'ie 11 years old but still runs totally smoothly.

Each ride is still a pleasure, the engine, although below 2000 rpm relatively little torque is available, is optimized for the transmission (or vice versa).

Space: a hatchback, which it formally, it is surprising how huge is the trunk, but also the interior space I think is class-leading for cars when in this segment. I read in the tests Mondeo still there is the yardstick.

Frame: yes, this is top notch. Not the most-biting in the first send (GTA my comrade in it much happeriger), but much less understeer than the specified alpha.

Usage: I'm nevertheless an asterisk given in, sit me just to think that after more than 70k km there has NEVER been a failure, no light even. Only regular maintenance that is otherwise extremely friendly priced (my Ka was not then a lot cheaper by turns ....).

Fuel consumption is otherwise what on the rise, but that's because the car is used more for short trips. So I'm not at 1:10, where, incidentally, long stretches of 1:11 is certainly attainable.

Quality: just said it all, but the perception of quality is high. The Recaro interior is virtually flawless. The driver's seat may show something leerkreukjes well here compared to the GTA Mondeo really much more durable ...

He will remain, I think we still keep him a year or four. And yes, what comes after that ...?

Weather Luxembourg and Ring!

  • 155000 km
  • April 14, 2014 21:50

Weather popping a fine weekend with dear brother in Luxembourg! Weather really enjoyed the Mondeo. In a brief summary:

Go to Luxembourg that Friday afternoon rush hour in Germany, but as the count had at 255 was easy and the stability is top.
By Luxembourg made a round trip of over 250 km, where all the roads with a maximum speed of 100 "uptempo tour mode" driven.
Luxembourg is a paradise for mates. 90 or 100 km / hr speed limit even with a potent car like this is no real obstacle to enjoyment, technical control is nice and challenging few exceptions, it never really goes hard ball. 150-180 on the roads happen, but is exceptional.

The motorcyclists from just about Easter in large numbers entering the country, often much harder to go (es look on youtube and search vianden ride and you know enough).

had on the way back from the A59 motorway Bittburg was again quite good and I bump-off 270 (! yes two-hundred-seventy!) on the counter, gave TOMTOM 260 to.
It was hearty and bultaf flat road is pretty much on counter 250 and 240-242 Vmax.

The ring is again a real pleasure, I'm still after enjoying two (only) rounds this time, but we have after the second round but wisely decided to cut because we got a little too much " the flow" and if you two BMW M3's curled looks up against the barriers, you think mwah home's wife and child still waiting car quite leave etc etc so but good looks off the track and it was also fun to do.

almost the most remarkable of all is still the fuel consumption after a weekend "flame" 1 8.7 over 1067 km.
It works nice that gasoline costs € 1.32 in Luxembourg, I put this data but just for posterity

Photo as evidence ... I at the wheel, cool!

The first mankementjes

  • 159000 km
  • November 13, 2014 21:46

It was last week time for the annual MOT.

Meanwhile has shown a defect: the sliding tilting roof sometimes their own. In other words, if you want to shove, he tilts, and other sometimes not ... weird.

Let's just turn off the switch, but I expect to be replacing the engine of the roof, which is a few hundred euros will cost.

The MOT was basically hassle. Basically, because there are some things to come that will be fixed up soon:

Rubber suspension subframe. Here it is a half day doing.

Rear tires are no longer around, ensuring a bumpy feel at low speeds. After the winter, go here so new Goodyears on.

Brake discs and pads. Yes there already was coming for a while, at the front.

Light sweaty engine timing side. No real issue.

So APK is okay, but something has to be retouched so it can forward the ST again.
My plans are what changed with the Mondie, i love him for two years, not the earlier devised four years.

This has nothing to do with Ford, but more with our panda, which for 120 km / day which still has poor comfort level.
So just save up for a good, nice, efficient midsize.


  • 160000 km
  • December 29, 2014 10:40

The maniementjes exhibiting the electronics, were purely dictated by a defective battery.

Everything is "taught"Making it slide sunroof works properly again.

Now remains for maintenance on brakes and rear. So a relief, because I feared a costly escapade somewhere with a central computer or something.

So relief, and Ford take Mathews not to blame!

5 years of ownership! added video

  • 160000 km
  • December 30, 2014 08:19

A new video compilation of some shots from Luxembourg.

...and yes, you read speed good: + 270 - the Germanic highway ....

to cure

  • 161000 km
  • April 4, 2015 23:40

The age ailments are individually addressed.
Leakage that I experienced (wet feet!) Appeared to come out of the windshield. At Carglass happy lifetime warranty, so new sealed and dry again within.

Remmerij is okay again now as the back straps and we're good to go.

Does have a miscreant (my mother) parked her Peugeot in the door, but the damage, some deep scratches, will soon be fixed up again.

car further still super!

One swallow - but again perfect!

  • 161000 km
  • July 16, 2015 17:10

It was swallow; what is to come was already a bit on should really be once fixed up.

The two rear wheel bearings;
Rubber suspension for rear axle;
Trimming of the rear brakes;
Pump House;
Fuel filter;
Breatherpipe Tubing.

Those things were on the list and are nicely done by the dealer. The last two made for an odd idle loop that was caused by a too lean mixture.

There is another very fine mondie the door, but the wallet has sustained a minor injury

I once rd actually not, it's such a wonderful driving iron ....

APK swagger

  • 165 098 km
  • December 3, 2015 18:13

He went back easily by the APK today, fortunately.
Top service from the Ford dealer Wensink! APK offer for 19.95 which also went outside and washed inside the car is completely clean.

What drives' he nevertheless still delicious!
That V6 remains delicious and gearbox / clutch accurate and flexible, chassis confident, sporty and comfortable.
Top Ford!

A shock that I apparently only 5,000 per year ride today with my tough black monster ...

another gremlin in the roof

  • 170000 km
  • July 25, 2016 19:17

The 170k limit demolished. Almost 90k km have driven the mondie. It suits remains good. There are two new bands come on (cupping!) And continue this ST is every ride still able to amaze, to enjoy and to conjure grin on my face. Nearly 13 years old, but it continues to have rubbish.
The fuel economy (1: 8,5- 1: 9 now) is causing yet more enthusiastic driving style of yours but long pieces 1:11 is still very feasible.

Cornering it is surely odd that these middle-class with V6 and ST chassis and all amenities weighs 1390 kg. Slightly more than a little hot hatch. He really ramming into the corner and in fact there has never been a moment that "he can unpleasantly surprised.

a (return) downside: the sliding roof sometimes goes crazy. maybe the battery ...

Fuel cap trouble

  • 177000 km
  • September 9, 2017 08:42

I took a good friend at the airport in Germany. I thought, pretty cheap with an empty tank at the neighbors again topping the lot.

Anyway: 23:15 at night in the middle of shit, self-service gas station .... do not open the fuel cap.

I'm have to force to refuel, because I had no choice.

The cap has now been repaired. but I think that if the issues are of a 14 year old car. The sunroof plays occasionally still on, but I do know in the meantime to deal with.

no further complaints, as I think we will again make some more kilometers, I hold it not to, but still find it so great!

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
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