Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Comfort (2015) review

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Celerio 1.0 Comfort
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9 km
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selection and purchase

  • 9 km
  • August 25 2015 09:55

We were looking for an inexpensive, nice driving and most economical small five-door car with so much space as possible. Previously it had been decided only to use our brains in our choice.
Eligible non small Peugeot / Citroen / Toyota triplets and the Suzuki Alto (in our opinion really small back and in terms of luggage), nor the VW / Seat / Skoda triplets (I hate VW with its high prices and moderate quality).
Mitsubishi Space Star, Kia Picanto, Hyundai I10, Fiat Panda and Suzuki Celerio and possibly Suzuki Splash (the outlet model) did come into consideration .. the other makes small cars all fell off because they are more expensive with air conditioning.
We have these six cars a test drive and found the Suzuki Celerio most comfortable ride:
handy, easy, calm, clear and pretty comfortable. At 120km running engine, you only notice when strong acceleration, only 3000 rpm. On poor road surfaces and bumps the celerio drove the smoothest.
Because celerio offers inside and terms of luggage space and the most since the new modified Suzuki engine that it is by far the most economical, the choice must surely be this fall.
As to price in a version with air conditioning and automatic locking the celerio was also a very favorable choice (€ 10 995, =) and because the weight is very low overall operating costs are the lowest.
On balance: Most space, most comfortable ride and lowest cost!
Further positives for us were that there was at least a towing capacity of 400kg, not much but it made it possible to transport larger items with a trailer and to take the bike without problems on a bike rack.
With most small cars can not even agree.
The construction of the vehicle and the height of the driver's seat gives you a perfect overview of the traffic.
Last but not least, Suzuki brand you never have a problem with that you hear and read everywhere and our experience with two previous Suzukis.
It was therefore a wise choice: the Suzuki Celerio.

See you not with your mind but you feel you'll notice that the celerio is a rather meaningless design ... Well that's just the way, but fortunately we do not need a car to polish our self-esteem or to gain appreciation of other people.
For us it's just a means of transport like a bike. What matters is that it takes very little, runs nice and never causes problems. A nondescript model is totally ok.
We are very happy with our choice.

We have the car eventually (emailed photos for resale value) over the internet purchased at the Suzuki dealer in Eindhoven (very good experience). Price difference with our dealer in residence remained after 2nd "opportunity" € 1,000.
As extras we have rubbing strips, rear spoiler and a trailer hitch mount on leave.

first experiences

  • 3500 km
  • August 25 2015 09:57

After the car was delivered about three weeks later, it seemed to us whether this was stiffer suspension as last year's demo that we test drove. Should the factory settings have now been adapted ... ??? According to the dealer was not so. Meanwhile, we are used to it. It goes like on rails through the corners when you go harder and with normal use nothing understeer brand. But speed bumps over 40km is the maximum.
We have almost 3,500 kilometers driven.
Mileage I keep well in (parts each time driven by km's of liters) and it is a surprising one: 24.2 !!!!!

I never expected this. It is a measure of a fuel-efficient diesel. Unbelievable that this is for a gasoline car! Kudos to Suzuki.

Here I will tell you how we ride celerio because with 1:24'd think we thrift freaks who do not drive faster than 80km on the highway or something.
We normally ride with traffic, and try somewhat to follow the shift recommendations to the board computer. We drive 50,80,100 and 120km (not harder) where it is allowed (even with the bicycle rack and two bikes on the back, which occurs regularly).
Very fast acceleration and long high-speed driving we do. The Celerio you do in normal use hardly get above 3000 rpm!
With our previous car we usually Renault Kangoo 1.6 2007 consumption of 1: 13.5 with the same driving style.

The onboard computer can set you at any time, over 30 km driving, sees the actual consumption (1:18 or 1:30, etc.). This is very useful because that shows you exactly when consumption increases (rapid) increase, slopes, wind etc.

Not only positive things to say the following:
The standard speakers are only mediocre.
Like all light cars is higher celerio some wind sensitive but we have been through worse.
Beforehand I had read in a test car that the self-centering action of the controller would not be good and there was some reservations about, but while driving showed that really falling, and you were quickly used to it. You will not even notice anymore.
The only real drawback we found the lack of a spare tire, but yes that most other new cars too. For now, we have at least years free roadside assistance at home and abroad.
A disadvantage is the maintenance schedule. That would be more spacious.


  • 4400 km
  • September 20 2015 21:45

I drive 18,000 km per year. The city is used and pieces of highway about 10km and occasionally a longer ride on the highway. With 3000 rpm, drive about 120 km / h. I am slightly above 3000 rpm, a few times when it is really necessary to insert or overtaking.
Furthermore, I often watch consumption on the board and try this little computer where it makes sense to keep the above 1:20. But I am not forced to, it must remain enjoyable ride.
If you want to go up very quickly, at the traffic light, the first road "fine cracks in the bin ..."Like most automotive journalists, then of course you get not 1:24.
But compared with this kind of behavior in other cars, he still seems to be still very economical rate.
Only real hard drive consumption (#) appears to be running: small engine, relatively high car and the gear ratios are not set up.
Which gear ratios are well focused on easy in his 3rd and 4th gears in city driving. The 1st and 2nd all you need to drive away (or "crawl" in the file).

(#) Soon we go to Berlin with the celerio and then I want to try out the highway use sometimes: one side of normal and relaxed driving in the other direction by driving considerably. After each run the same refueling. Wondering what it saves time and usage.

consumption ride to Berlin

  • 12923 km
  • April 5, 2016 22:26

I mentioned earlier that I "shortly" consumption wanted to test during a trip to Berlin. It became by circumstances later but now it happened.
The outward journey went from Nijmegen to Berlin with a speed of 130 -140 km. I drove an hour or 150 km. There are also long stretches where the road you can drive only 100 or 120 km. Consumption was 1: 18.6.
The way was Berlin to Schiedam at a speed of 120 km. Consumption was now 1: 22.6.
With this speed (120) you can use the celerio so for 90 euro back and forth to Berlin (to Paris and back for 57 euros and again)!
It also goes very quiet because the engine is only 3000 rpm and you do not hear him.

Not much else to say about the car. The drive is still good and there are no faults or complaints.


  • 18070 km
  • July 15, 2016 21:34

We have celerio over a year and now 18,000 km traveled with complete satisfaction. The first overhaul is performed (cost € 165, =) About the car further to report any negative details. For us it is a real winner!
We meet a year on an average fuel consumption of just 1:23. (1:24 in summer and the winter falling to 1:22.)
I stop now provisionally exact usage tracking. The Celerio has certainly proved itself.

We just returned from a week in Normandy with the bikes on a bike rack on the back and have where possible and permitted 120 km driven. At the same speed without returning back from Berlin bikes we had a consumption of 1: 22.6 was measured. Bikes thus provide substantial resistance because now we measured a consumption of just 1:20.

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 4.0
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