Suzuki Vitara 1.6 High Executive (2015) review

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Vitara 1.6 High Executive
5, Manual
24 km
500 km
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  • 500 km
  • July 5, 2015 21:57

After about nine years away in a Renault Vel Satis can be said that luxury went. To then find a suitable successor is not it, especially the Vel Satis cost more than 44,000 euros in 2000 and before that was already packed electronics (also the most vulnerable of the Vel Satis). On RAI I was very impressed with the Vitara. After a few trial runs some weeks later I was convinced the Vitara would be the successor. After a number of tenders (in particular because of the trade-in price) the choice is made. It was the Vitara High Executive. Very complete with absolutely everything 'd'r-on-and-an-d'r. Obviously I have read many reviews prior to the sale, YouTube videos seen and let me inform as wide as possible. The minuses of the authors I encountered mainly related to the 'plastic' finish of the interior, which' only 'has five gears and the turbo is not sitting. Well, can argue about the interior. I just find the pragmatic simplicity blessing. it should not be too much a fairground. The personification Suzuki also offers mine do not (all the colors). And many plastic? Well no, not in my opinion. He only has five gears and a 1.6 engine I can not fault his performance without turbo. He turns excellent and could very well come along in traffic. Yes it is not a "trigger lines" and the first to sprint away at the traffic light, then I've had. Other turbo can be increased after 100,000 km already replacement. Since the Vitara therefore does not suffer from. Driving with the Vitara (compared to the Vel Satis) getting used to. He sends some direct. The seats are somewhat firm but comfortable and suitable for a long journey. The radar is really perfect! It even reacts to a swinging cyclist. Many electronics also means a very thick manual with explanations. I'm still working on me to struggle through and get all the tricks to master. But there is hit. What also struck me was the great lighting. amsterdam night on unlit roads is not art anymore. The LED bulbs are excellent. In short, the Vitara has positively surprised me on all sides and has an excellent price / quality ratio.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 5.0
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