Renault Megane TCe 205 GT (2016) review

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Mégane GT TCe 205
7, Automatic dual-clutch
16 km
3100 km
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  • 378 km
  • May 14, 2016 18:57

Wednesday May 11 2016 picked this brutal GT at VKV Gorinchem (ordered late January). Virtually all options on the leather after. No driving test drive and "blind" purchased. A full review coming soon I have some more mileage and impressions of the beautiful car.

First impressions:
- Intuitively, a wide vehicle, especially with respect to the Clio4 RS
- Rear wheel steering is used to, especially the first corner. But a must have option to all law is to go into a turn at high speeds.
- Console has lots of options, everything is tweak. The first hour in the parking lot was just spent on setting up the console and many settings.
- HUD gives an extra dimension to driving, flash, current and max. Speed ​​and the navigation arrows are visible. In addition to speed, also the distance to the projected, which sought sometimes very far: the two second gap at 130km / h seems more like a 2 kilometer hole.
- The car is packed with sensors all squeak, vibrate or provide vocal feedback. The amount of feedback can be adjusted happily.
- Samsung Galaxy S7 does not work in combination with the R-Link 2 kit. There are dozens of complaints in various forums + stories that Renault Samsung pointing and vice versa
- No fin but an old-fashioned antenna on the roof.
- No blind spot warnings present, which may well be useful because the view to the sides is more difficult due to the high bucket seats.
- Seating comfort is great, especially for understanding bucket seats. The standard seats colors much better off in the interior the luxurious leather seats.
- Despite all the sensors is no adaptive cruise control, self brakes so!
- EDC automatic transmission with gears 7, can sometimes be "lazy" with acceleration. You can machine a helping hand by enabling back (via the shifters next to the steering wheel) and then shelves. Incidentally, these shifters are better than the finished Clio4 RS.

I'm in love with this car, Renault has done it again to produce a fantastic car. Beautiful lines, wonderfully aggressive nose, hood and lighting.

More to come!

initial damage

  • 3100 km
  • July 14, 2016 22:45

Do you open the curtains in the morning, you see a moron Stedin to lean against the hood like it quite normal that you sit on someone else's hood. If a spear picked up the phone to shoot photos and get dressed. The bird was flying when I got to the parking lot to redress ... but fortunately I have the pictures.

At first glance, no damage, until closer inspection the bumper on the driver got out model. Visit VKV delivers on that small cracks sitting around the suspension. VKV the bumper fantastic refitted and everything is in model, but Stedin is nice to pay a new bumper.

Here I really bale so greatly, first they throw stones against the RS and now this!

This does nothing away from the love of the car, which has increased since the time the car left the garage. Just some more km for a better report.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 5.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? Yes
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