Volvo V40 D4 R-Design (2014) review

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V40 R-Design D4
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Preview and first impressions

  • 970 km
  • June 30, 2014 10:43

After seven years BMW have driven now switched to Volvo. In itself no stranger, because in the early years, we had always been Volvo's (the "bricks" so the 240 stations).

I opted for a V40 D4 Business R-Design. In addition to sufficient power (190pk / 400Nm) also expressed that this car falls in the 14% addition. So always with 25% addition because I want to have some power.

The bizarre Dutch tax rules ensure that there is little BPM has to be paid, so that you do for much less money you put in your car. Example; BMW was up € 10k to BPM, the Volvo only € 1000. And you know, for BPM you have anything extra, it is a punishment.

So the car we have compiled the necessary options:
- R-Design Line Plus (with, inter alia, seats with adjustable electric memory, heated seats, and windscreen, and leather cover (in black))
- Business Pack Connect with Premium Audio (include Sensus navigation, Harman / Kardon audio system and electronic climate control)
- IntelliSafe Pro Line (to include adaptive cruise control, BLIS and many other safety features)
- Luxury Line (to include xenon lights, reversing camera, panoramic roof PDC)
- Scandinavian Line (with auxiliary heating and "Volvo On Call" App and wifi hotspot (3G))
- Security Line (with alarm and keyless drive)
- Lowered sports suspension
- DAB + radio
- Extra tinted glass in the rear doors
- Power steering with three settings
- Heico Volution 18 "wheels

All in all, quite rich and implemented in terms of purchase price and monthly aggregation reasonable 'budget', if you can say so.

first impressions
Picked up on Friday the 27th June 2014 and immediately go try of course.
The suspension / damping is firm, but (for us) not uncomfortable.
The seat behind the wheel is greater than the BMW and Volvo also lacks the retractable seat. But the multitude of adjustment options, I think I'll find a good seat. We are now nearly 1,000 kilometers away, but there is enough set.
Ex factory, the HQ audio system which adjusted faded, but here you have many options to customize it to your personal taste.
Adaptive cruise control is a godsend. Although pressure (motorway) traffic which 'run and stop "is very relaxed on rural roads.
The VOC app is fun, let a ride to see how much you've consumed and from where to where you drive. With the app you can also control the heater, open windows and doors / close and more. Works pretty rap (compared with BMW's ConnectedDrive).
The Sensus navigation still works fine, is fast enough (in terms of (re) calculation), although the instructions it should not be shown slightly earlier. The voice guidance I immediately turned off. The BMW had "Frau Helga" in command, but this lady is not much better ...
The finish is still looks fine. Everything is neatly together and feels good. The steering wheel, I personally feel a bit thin (but the wheel of BMW M is again very thick).

And driving by about 14% muesli mobile then? Well, just good. There is plenty of power available, but under 1700 rpm takes a little longer. Is a bit of turbo lag seems. So there will need to be more switched back to five than I'm used to / was. But it is certainly not a dull thing, he draws really very well. The 6th gear is somewhat long. The Volvo at 190km / h is limited I do not such an issue (because when you drive now really if you work primarily in the Benelux). Switching is good and what firmness (not "stir in a pot snot 'say). The consumption is - 2x filled up - according to the app 4,9l / 100km, although indicating the usage monitor 5,25l / 100km. Not bad for a new car, I guess, but we can only draw real conclusions after more mileage. The promised one to 30 we will never make it anyway I think (especially with wide slippers instead of the standard tires supplied energy).

Yet certainly not dissatisfied. We make sometimes a lot of kilometers and I'll report back on the findings!

The second impression

  • 4600 km
  • July 18, 2014 11:14

I must say that the V40 suits me fine. The car has a good appearance, is well written, has enough features to keep yourself busy and has a motor that is really unheard of for a 14% bite count.
Anything pluses and minuses:
+++ engine; runs around and has good traction (especially above 1700 rpm)
+++ chairs; The chairs sit "loungey" although I miss the retractable seat as BMW
+++ space; compared with the 125d ample (trunk is larger storage options are endless)
+++ gadgets; enough (safety) features that would fit in more expensive classes
--- consumption; double bit, did not expect that I would ride 1:30 1:18 but I did not expect
--- cushioning; Volvo is what muted soft, especially for making him what hangs in curves
--- Premium Audio (Harman Kardon); give themselves sound good but lack of woofers still somewhat flat. Moreover, if you want volume, vibrate the door panels

After years of BMW M. N. Volvo for the outside world another class, but if you ride it you sure did not feel. Perhaps the premium class 'overrated'. What is striking is that the handling of the V40 unlimited balance seems rather to be than at BMW, perhaps spend the more time fine tuning and 'joy riders' than Volvo. Yet after 4600km, the pointer on "positive"!

The first 10,000

  • 10100 km
  • August 18, 2014 11:55

The first 10.000km on it. Time for some more pluses and minuses might. Overall the car works very well, which is the main conclusion. Certain aspects are less 'developed' than BMW, but if you have the premium BMW new price puts addition to Volvo, the choice of BMW's rational yet difficult to justify.
As indicated earlier, the handling less been fully developed at the Volvo or BMW. In particular, the 125d was firm yet comfortable with to high speeds very stable handling that you could seriously rounds bends. Volvo has sports suspension quite hard "finish" when you feel so clearly cornering the front looking and delve deeper than the BMW.
The engine of the V40 D4 is a beautiful piece of art that is somewhat tempered by the gear ratios. So it is at an intermediate sprint from 90 to 6 actually needed to turn back the fifth, which was not needed in the BMW. The D4 also runs pretty much touring in Dutch speeds. But once you get above 1700rpm, the car will make serious steps.
Creaks, there are, as with the BMW way. The primary cracking is in the center console and despite several attempts, it has become no less. Then the dealer will have to look at. Another rumble is called by most V40 owners: the premium audio / HK rattling the card apace. Playing with settings helps somewhat. Anyhow, the HK Audio upgrade not really good; the lack of subwoofers is, well, a loss.
Consumption is not as advertised, that's for sure. I'm in total at 1: 19.3.
After 10k so are definitely happy with my choice. Not only in financial terms, but I think the V40 as I composed it, just an awesome car. Unique because it is not 14% addition is of course an excellent proposition that has not gone unnoticed if I number 'siblings' refer driving. A BMW 125d like I've never encountered in NL ....

20k experiences

  • 20200 km
  • October 3, 2014 10:13

After 20,000km we can share more experiences on the D4.

What is good?
• Motor pulls well, such as 1700rpm. Is enough to pit. He is also quite economical, even with 245/18 tires
• Seating. The seats are very tasty and even more than 1000km a day is fine to do without emaciated get out of the car
• VOC either Volvo On Call; works well, fast (much faster than the BMW ConnectedDrive app). Wifi hotspot in the car works well and fast, although a maximum of 3g (a chip for 4G now much more expensive to use immediately when the manufacturer knows that the technology is already proven?).
• The ample space up front for us back is not over but of less importance to us. The luggage compartment is sufficient and exceeds the BMW 1 Series
• BLIS is a handy feature and especially in unpark when there is low visibility, the system detects oncoming traffic anyway before you see them yourself
• Lighting is very bright xenon lights seem to produce more light than the BMW. There are no fog / berm lamps on the front so you polder roads that do not have. The active beam I do not use because it works for me to slow as there are oncoming vehicles

What is enough?
• Finishing, although not everything is optimal. There's a kraakje in the center console, for example,
• Grip / Comfort is sufficient. The front axle suspension seems a bit softer than the rear, giving the car some depends upon faster bends. Will have to do with safety because you are just a little slower.
• Gear ratios are set to 85g / km, of course, but you drive very low revs, making 190pk / 400Nm are not always evident and you have to switch back more often than you would like. Anyhow the 190pk / 400Nm does not feel as alert as in the BMW
• Control is OK although it is certainly not "of BMWs". There's not much sense in so I put the steering on the toughest position to "dissemble" feeling. Decent work-around. Moreover, the steering wheel on the thin side (compared to the M steering wheel of the BMW)

Where they should have thought better about it?
• The many safety features are not always useful:
o City Safety is active; You state that your nose against the window of a barrier (eg a garage or French toll). It is (temporarily) switch off but you usually forget until your back with your nose to the wheel stuck ...
o ACC is slightly adjusted to safely making even the minimum distance to the vehicle ahead big. This inhibits the car earlier than necessary and does not run relaxed on motorways. On roads everything is working properly, not on highways and I usually put the system to the "normal" cruise control
o Traffic Recognition does not really reliable because it often shows late incorrect speeds. And seeing in the UK, he just let the miles on the signs instead to count as BMW did. Actually it is useless because he does not check the data of the navigation.
• Send-to-Car does not like when the car / navi while you can easily send the app things than with the buttons or can enter through the voice control
• Ergonomics of all systems; too many buttons, too much (sumenu's. Look at iDrive BMW and copy it just ....

What is enough?
• The "premium" sound system sucks. If you put the hard, the doors rattle. There is no subwoofer, the sound is dull. There is an equalizer, but it is not all better. Harman Kardon I had, given the first-rate system in the BMW, really expected much more. It is so bad that I am surprised that HK has its name associated with this Volvo system as a marketing them can this do any good? Would have preferred a subwoofer in the car than on delivery bluetooth standalone little speaker HK (which sounds very good indeed)
• The intermediate points for entering destinations into the navigation is so stupid that it does not know that you have reached the waypoint. It is hard then charged back to the waypoint. The system does not show how long you have to drive to the intermediate destination, because it shows the time to the final destination. Solution; no use waypoints.

Overall, the car suits me fine. Economical, fast enough, good seats and enough gadgets to keep me busy. despite what "less premium" the BMW, still been a good choice!

Lower maintenance - update

  • 65800 km
  • June 17, 2015 10:54

The second maintenance is over again; Time for a brief update of the review. In turn, also replaced all four tires because they were around 2mm tread. Moreover cupten Michelin tires, even though I had changed around 50k (front-back), with 15k in the winter anyway. Pity the dealer than four tires assembles various production periods, the oldest even from week 23-2013! The car also had (again) be aligned as he pulls to the right. Unfortunately, that is not repaired by the dealer.

Except for a few rattles the car is doing very well. Which rattles anyway seem to occur in many of the V40's. The dealer has greased everything, but that's symptoms. You can say "Turn up the radio" but there is a man not happy because of the HK system just sounds unappetizing; it is uninspired, dull and at what volume distorted the sound and rattles your car on all sides. Can already tell that the premium audio system of the new XC90 (which Bowers&Wilkins) sounds really great, so Volvo know where to shop. Anyway, that's a different car than the V40.

The engine is fine. He runs smoothly, the gears are long. Efficient he is relatively well, but strikingly like the strong wind, which takes just a consumption of 5.6 / 100km instead of 5.1 / 100km, when I come out on average so far. It consumes no petroleum, but to see the outlets he thrust it necessary soot out.

We have several - seriously - made long journeys (Stockholm (SE), San Sebastian (ES), Lorient (F), Skovde (SE), all in long weekends) and then the car in its element. The seats are good, the navigation works fine with clear instructions (on the screen, never turn voice guidance to because I am somewhat aggressive) and programming (via the Volvo On Call app) is quick and easy. Manually enter the address, using the controls or worse, through voice control, works just annoying, so VOC is a godsend.

Previous positive and negative comments earlier remain still stand up in this review. In conclusion, it is a good, economical car with not so "premium" as BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Before the details must still be addressed better!

Update an update ...

  • 71200 km
  • August 7, 2015 09:26

Meanwhile drove over 71000km. 1000km since the Polestar "optimization" implement the required changes. Although the capital increase (to 200hp / 440nm, thus + 10bhp / 40nm) seem minimal, the car has become another. The reponse of the accelerator has become much better. Before the update it was like a sponge was below the accelerator, slow (and heavy) reactions, but now you feel that the engine simply has a lot of horsepower and torque instead you do is always faced with a savings program. It is highly recommended, especially if you know that the warranty is maintained.
Furthermore, little news. The car is doing well. The stay rattles. The audio is still not very good (but I drove last a Ford Expedition with Sony Music and then upgrade the Volvo system is not so bad), but you get used to it (or you accept it).
The consumption is 5,13l / 100km for the time being (1: 19.5) and thus not bad but certainly not the 1: 33.3 with which the car has received the 14% addition. Anyway, the difference between test and practice is well known.

short update

  • 105500 km
  • January 28, 2016 16:33

Short update; there is little to report. The mileage is now over the 105,000 it. The car is working very well. Actually above expectations. It is a great cruiser. The seats are very good (and warm with heated seats). The car is hard suspension, but tasty immediately. Volvo On-Call still works well - but not flawless because the service there is sometimes out - and the heater in recent weeks have been a godsend.
The consumption hovers around 1 to 20, with a peak in strong winds. Consumption is anyway very wind dependent. More economical than 1 in 26, I can not drive yet.
The alignment deserves some attention. From day one he pulls slightly and although the car has already attempted alignment I will soon but a specialist. See now that the tires wear out more right than left. Interestingly, the car nevertheless handles more enthusiastic than the previous BMW's because after about 60.000km have new slippers have there anyway (and at BMW I could usually have a ton by). Disadvantage of 200hp to the front wheels, I think.
Going short: a good car!

To maintain "end warranty turn"

  • 123500 km
  • May 26, 2016 08:24

Meanwhile, beyond the 120,000 so time for maintenance. Besides the regular oil and filter fixed three small guarantee things (keyless does not always work, Wifi Hotspot does not always subscribe to, right front door trim rattles). Compared with normal maintenance, for example, BMW is a relief in price anyway. Nadeeltje was the dealer to pick up the car very messy gave back (chairs totally opposed, other radio station, anywhere mess on the seats) although I always indicia the car through the car wash during the turn. Negative tip the dealer in this. Yet the way they "test" moving apart (you can check 'delicious' by Volvo on Call, and the dashcam).
Furthermore, the car is doing just fine! I drive a lot, and then you learn to 'know m. The consumption is fairly stable (5.08l / 100km on average).

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 4.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
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