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Clubman Cooper
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A Mini. Never thought.

  • 99 km
  • May 14, 2016 23:05

A Mini. I never thought I would ever choose to do so. But what a choice. I must admit I'm lucky: the car is paid by my employer and encourages us to choose a BMW product (unfortunately not with endless budget). Therefore, once walked in the Serbian Maas in Venlo. BMW's choice fell outside my budget. And when I put my nose to the corner of Mini I saw the new Clubman. First impression: what a cool thing. A test drive gave the conviction: everything I was looking for. Not only a great driving experience, but also a lot of comfort and a solid build quality (at least first impression).

I've driven a lot of fun in my Peugeot 508. Unlike many, I had absolutely no complaints with the self-shifting gears. The car was therefore quiet and relaxing. The car was very spacious and had plenty of options. In short: great! Only a year ago I drive my car no longer private. The space was no longer needed. I did not ride many kilometers so I could also go away gasoline. And if I had the choice, prefer a strong car. Oh, and prefer something better chairs and like something finer and better materials than the Peugeot. For example, the upholstery was after a year already wear, which was, according to Peugeot 'normal'.

At Maas Serbian Venlo make a quote and go and look at other dealerships. Initially to see different configurations, but also to see which dealer appealed to me most. The Maas Sche stuck there head and shoulders upwards out. Their Mini Manager Linda did a fabulous her work very customizable, content well informed, calm and "normal" and always responded well and quickly asked if I wanted something more substantive to adjustment on my offer. Unlike some dealers items (obviously not always in business attire) and I got the impression that I was lucky if I could buy a car. I still find a strange phenomenon. And for me the reason to come in Venlo.

In the end configuration chosen for the following:

Clubman Cooper
Vending machine
Blazing Red metallic II
Upholstery Dinamica- / Leather Combination Carbon
Black stripes on the hood
visibility package
Panoramic roof
Extra tinted rear glass
Black headlining
Auto dimming rearview mirror
MINI Head-Up Display
DAB tuner
John Cooper Works wheel
Chile package
17" Black Just Spoke wheels
LED headlamps with cornering function
Serious Business (Harman / Kardon)
Park Distance Control, front / rear

And when the money ran out.

Why this configuration? The Cooper is fast enough and so there was money for 'toys'. The packages car is very complete and yet still reasonably affordable. Although I think there are many opinions about what you get for over 42k.

A dream was a good stereo and good seats. And that 'my' Mini. What a great sound, the Harman / Kardon, but that's no surprise. And chairs. Well. It was a gamble. I would preferably not leather because I 'sweaty' find. I would also like sport seats because I finer (right) to remain seated on long journeys. I'm not really small (1.89m) and thus a gamble if I could find a good spot because the head restraints are adjustable. The red in the coating gave the necessary discussions about my appropriateness for the color of the car. Volcanic Orange was discouraged by everyone. Too bad. Red anyway? Not my preference. But, sometimes it is good to listen to someone else.

And the result? I find him cool! I like to hear what you think. Now he / she finally stands in the driveway, covered me with this Mini that it looks like a lot of people like to, but do not dare. This applies to both the Mini and the color. All colleagues found him cool and see the faces have some regret their just delivered one series. Nobody expected such a big Mini and has therefore "automatically" not contemplated Mini. And the color: Fantastic! Parking spaces are generally dominated by gray and black cars, with a stray white between. This car stands out and gets many of the title "Grease." Special is also experienced people you check. The car really stands out.

And then driving. Only 100 km to drive after retrieving. But it was with a big smile. I've never had. Get a new car and drive is fantastic. But after a month the car is not new, and drive you back in the same file and you're back doing the same things everyday. This feeling I have not the Mini. At least, the first impression is totally different than any car I've ever driven. A Mini is something special. This car does something to you. Very weird. The whole look of the car, that crazy behind doors, the dashboard and the whole design. Beautiful. And then the sitting position. It takes some searching and I still have not found the ideal position long. But how do you sit in the car is superb. I'm pretty far back on the hood view, send close to you. You're really in 'car. I find it hard to describe, but you're not 'just' in your car, it really feels different. It is reminiscent of the three series from 2008 that I had for my Peugeot. Oh, and those chairs: good choice. I hope that I keep finding the next few years.

Driving: The balance between power and weight is of course better than the Peugeot. That makes the Mini much more playful. The Peugeot had a huge turning circle and therefore felt very big. Mini feels much smaller. (Yes I know that he is well, but it comes to driving) Personally, I think a lot nicer ride.

Anyway. The next few days / weeks I will again have to get used a lot. There is so much and I know that not all long and snap. And I can also more used to the steering. I did not quite through. In 'Sport' mode controls the car as I expected (but this position can not 'standard' turn '). In normal and 'green' I find the controls a little distant so you (too) much is correct. This could be me, this is why I still want to experience again the next kilometers.

But maybe I should in these positions also riding normal or green. That will be difficult. This car invites immensely to drive and sometimes push the boundaries. In short, since a long time I fell back in love with a car!

A happy fish on the roof

  • 500 km
  • May 23, 2016 14:58

My daughters (2 and 4 years) my new car is affectionately called the "Red pastry. The first similarity is the color, because the inspiration comes from the car of the lady of the oldest: Opel Agila. The second similarity is that they are both love.
And they are not alone. Seldom have I had so many claims of both men and women have a car. find unanimous (male / female / young / old) she 'm cool. Obviously because it's a Mini, but also because of the configuration, I suspect. And to start the configuration: I am very happy with that!

In love
The consequence of being in love is that you do not see the less pleasant aspects, or even forgives (as long as love remains). In practice the car to be smaller than the Seat Leon my wife. Strange because the exterior dimensions suggest otherwise. I also came to the conclusion that there is no CD player in the car (and do not get it). And that was the moment I felt old. Many people find it normal that you put MP3s on your hard disk. I'm 35 and I do not think. How do I get my favorite CDs to MP3? I honestly have to do something else. Anyway. Luckily my brother help me and that problem is also solved. Incidentally, the downside is that I've been 900 numbers now include a button, and can not choose!

The seat in the car is still super. I am very pleased with the chairs. The coating is super (good stiff) and chairs give you a firm posture. Which I needed, because the behavior invites you to go a little faster through a corner. The only disadvantage is that the headrest is not adjustable. And i think that low (am 1,89m). Not disturbing, but still.

What is evident is conveniently open and close without a key. Although I last week saw my car without any problem can be swiped, I find it ideal. Bit of a gadget that you can not miss if you'm've never had, but not without you if you 'have had m ​​once. Incidentally, the opening of the loopholes through a sweep under the bumper of your foot to great hilarity among the girls. Not just find this very normal and they do not understand why the car mom did not, but the difference between the interpretation between a 2- and 4-year-old was obvious. The oldest is a princess of dance and then swings gracefully under the bumper with her foot. Junior contrast shouted "do Ikke ', took a running start and kicked with everything they had hard against the bumper. Too young to understand this when we came back.

Each car would be required by law to have a good stereo. That should just. And then gladly obliged the Harman / Kardon. Amazing. Tasty anything off steam with your own music on these speakers! Lovely. What a great sound. My kids love it. One thing and another does lead to strange looks when people our 'rock hard' you sing. Anyway. And precisely is that hard drive handy. Depending on the wishes of the kids can be there singing along to your heart's content with a variety of music. Also the possibility of using the car as Spotify 'sender / source' is fine. In short: You like that anything is possible, but anything is possible, we suffer from stress-choice again. You can have it somewhere busy.

Fishbowl rooftop
Besides driving modes and Mini will also stimulate the nice roll of the three-cylinder to drive green. How? Well by showing a Mini on the screen with a fish on your roof. The better I do, the happier the fish. How to get it! Anyway, so strange the idea is basic, so strange is the stimulus that comes from. Just a computer game. This setting (Minimalsim) gives you a score in the form of stars in terms of acceleration and good if you anticipate.

So if you see something a Mini driving slowly, pulling or anything unnatural looks do: no there is no elderly person driving, the driver simply trying to get a good score and therefore wants a happy fish.
It let both MiniConnect as the Journey Mate app can provide insight into anything. Very convenient, but I would not know what to do with it. Bit like a fridge that you can buy groceries. Very nice, but ultimately you yourself do some shopping. Will you at least once outside.

Doubtful was the ability of Cooper: 100 kW which it was in practice? The answer is a resounding 'yes'. Especially in combination with the vending machine. The car roffelt delicious and is just smooth. The disadvantage is that you drive to the power that you have, and your subconscious so much goes faster. At speed, the engine is quiet and the noise at the styles I do not recognize.
The start / stop system I is not mad yet. This my previous cars had, but the e.e.a way it is in the Mini right in the lesson and does not lead to irritations. If I save something I do not know.

And speaking of consumption: I have no idea of ​​this. For now I find him to be fun and have an effect on my driving. Over several thousand kilometers will hopefully be less.

Now I have something more driving and also in some more conditions (hard, soft, hot and cold) went the steering and I'll also find out that my previous comment about it so send up to me and not the car. About the handling of the Mini I have to write anything here. Ultimately written a lot about it and it's part of his Mini car.
So yes, still satisfied (can also be after 1.5 weeks), love remains and hopefully a long time.

To enjoy

  • 2000 km
  • June 3, 2016 22:57

The most frequently asked question lately, after everyone just needs to touch the Mini in a strange sort of way, "how he runs?". And I do not understand. If one thing is why you buy a Mini because he now once super drive. Yet? And yes, of course I'm excited. I'm finally bought. Well…. let buy. But apparently everyone thinks that a Mini is a kart and therefore not suitable for long distances. And that only young people, bleached and middle-aged women drive a Mini. One is therefore surprised when I say that I can find at least as good as my three series from 2008 and find no deterioration relative to the Peugeot. Yes, you notice that the wheelbase is slightly shorter. But for the rest? Unless you bother to feel a bit about what road you're driving, it's extremely good. You throw him unheard hard cornering, but he / she is heading as much straight forward. The chairs sit. They are comfortable and give great support. The doubt it strikes over the height of the headrest. Not that I do not find it comfortable, but more or height is good in case anyone ever dares to ride behind. Someone has a tip how to determine it?

To enjoy
Enjoy driving is anything but tears. Enjoy with a smile to your car running in the parking lot. Enjoy with the big Mini nose in your sights to drive through the Netherlands. Enjoyment is to finally have a good navigation that is getting right. Enjoyment is the nice roll of the cylinder 3, and the song of the turbocharger. And enjoy is really hard to belt out your favorite tunes.
In short driving is fun again.

Criticism? Yes certainly. The HUD provides much information. But through all the odd lines of the Mini and because HUD is still a little transparent, the information often seems slightly skewed. Yes, you can rotate the image and return everything, but all the information and graphics, I do not yet found the right position with my carpenter. Anyway a luxury problem. O Yes, and nothing is readable when you wear polarized sunglasses.

And further? I think there is "too much" is on the car. Toys, you do not know what to do with it. Could be me, but I'm talking to the Mini that I have to (although works great !!!). Why would I go home my route program on my phone, send it to my car, and then select go. We'll keep 'something for everyone'. But I lose myself in all the possibilities. I actually feel that I totally do not know what all is on the car. A bit like a washing machine with 100 programs that you always used to automatic, or an SLR camera you used only to position "auto". You know you have a great product. That once you feel like and time, you can get much more, but in practice you are too busy with other things that you just do not.

And consumption? For example, around 1:16. On the way to the North I get 1:17 but may far I refuel after 650 km. I think it's neat. But it could be better. And we will certainly try. The fish just laughs when I do not drive faster than 129 km / h. And actually this is also more than enough.

not so frugal?

  • 3400 km
  • June 18, 2016 08:54

The good news is: the true challenge on the dashboard. If it says you can drive 7 km to refuel for your 'real', then that's true too. The separate news is, if you go refuel you refuel 51.5 liters. According Mini fits 48 liters in the tank ..... There will probably use some reserves, but it is nonetheless striking. The less good news is that with 51.5 liters I have come 700 kilometers. That incl. Highway, traffic, commuting on villages and roads. Not really inefficient, but had not as efficient as I hoped.


  • 4500 km
  • June 27, 2016 23:09

Unfortunately, I drove to the south during the huge hailstorm on Thursday, June 23rd. The Mini is one big poffertjespan. They say the first scratch hurts the most. In this case, the first dents 100 that adorn the Clubman, which do most of the pain. It is a wonder that all the windows remained intact and also the glass roof has complied.
Driving he does is still the best, but the most beautiful girl he's just gone.

Following is love ....

  • 6000 km
  • July 19, 2016 21:29

After falling in love is 'love'. Just like at home you go see the negatives and comments on forms. Or, as a wise person told me once, and make use of the room for improvement.

Is there much wrong? No of course not. But it's the little irritations. Those points where you practice bumps and makes you wonder: Is that really?

What is that then?
1. Orange engine light has burned a day. The OBD gave no error. Light is, of course assumed again.
2. Various rubbers are loose (already?). The plastic pins with which they were stuck his way.
3. The counter house creaks. The counters are on the tiller. Very handy for sight as jet adjusts the steering wheel. Very unfortunate that they crack less good roads.
4. The rear doors are relatively heavy closed. Understandably, because the force of the spring is used to unlock them and to open. You should only use a lot of force to throw them close. And it's not a pickup truck. Now I know you they can just close by connecting them to "control" the handle. But who here does that in practice the peak of his trunk?

All in all matters not directly make an appointment at the dealership. Come when the car needs a turn. Yet, for such an expensive car be it dots that should not be allowed. A little more attention in production could prevent this.

Driving MAAAAARRRRRR ..... he do if the fire! the engine roffelt apace. No time power come up short, and so glad I went instead for power equipment. The machine turns fine. Only if I do mad he turns up a storm on the loose to keep me. But generally it is a very fine combination of engine and bucket. The Aircon is doing his job well, the radio remains sublime, and the seats are good. Minus remains the headrest. This is relatively hard (you realize when you're in another car). But they do look great. And the eye also needs some.

Oh yeah ... And what's nice is that children stare at the car and alerting their mother on the Mini. Now I hope that comes through the looks and not by my behavior.

You only know what you'd like ...

  • 6500 km
  • July 27, 2016 21:52

You only know what you have if you do not know. In this case my Mini. For a few days, but, nevertheless. This 1,000 km did my Clubman surely miss

Hail damage is repaired and therefore I have a week Mini One (Model). Nothing wrong with that, but still. Now I realize how mature 'my' Clubman is (and how Luxe ..). I find the One (to) send heavy, the seats are less comfortable for long stretches (rides 250 km) ..... and I miss a meter car! Gosh what he is narrow and short. Very nice in the village, less fun on the highway. The youngest does not fit behind my chair seat (and the little girl themselves only when they leave home dr legs) and the trunk is already full when I put my laptop back. No, in that respect I am very happy when I my Clubman got back. There were a couple of nice days, but I want to return to a few interesting months.

Nothing to report, so basically good

  • 10500 km
  • September 11 2016 12:36

Meanwhile driven 10,500 km. And little has changed. So that's really just good! He runs good, I still find him very pretty, I still have half of all the possibilities but tried, but above all it remains a desirable car. He falls, and the looks you get are not of the caliber 'jealousy' but the caliber of 'I want'. And the result of this last I secretly very unfortunate: You see him increasingly away, so I'm something less unique. The Serbian Maas told me that was my own fault: this review seems to be called by those who stepped in ....

But last week I got the fright of my life. The biggest luxury problem right now: The rims for my winter tires (all season is coming does it again suggests otherwise) are the Revolite Spoke 517. In my view, a rim that is drawn with the eyes closed. Mini unworthy and so ugly so you can always opt for more expensive rims. And now I get them anyway!

Anyway, I hope everyone's 'wink' to see above. The Clubman is a very nice car. I'm very happy with it. I find myself increasingly 'Green' mode use because the car there nice and quiet of being and the switching behavior of the machine less "nervous". And secretly I do it for consumption: It varies somewhat by the enthusiasm of my right foot. But lately the range was still very little ..... In short, everything that is not like by myself.

Just a good car

  • 17500 km
  • December 7, 2016 12:40

Again the necessary mileage on the Mini 'just' a very nice car. Runs fine, also over long distances. Seats are tight. steering nice and thick. Super stereo. connectivity with the Spotify app works well. Navi fine (although the traffic on FlitsMeister TOMTOM and is faster and more relevant). Small dots are resolved by the dealer. And winter straps on their 'own' rim.

But first I still enjoyed very much the lively nature of the machine, I choose now almost standard for eco-mode. Then it becomes a lot less nervous on 80 roads and not switch back immediately when you look at the accelerator. This is also the consumption benefits. Something a big difference in it. I'll get somewhere between 580 and 680 km on a tank. No wonder economy, but pretty good.

Furthermore, no malfunctions or defects. Though you also can expect just such a car.

Love remains

  • 24500 km
  • February 26, 2017 10:34

It appears to be difficult always to "find" new things from your car while it is actually becoming a 'normal' part, and the 'new' is a bit of is off.

We now have privately purchased another car. Do not panic: a Prius Wagon. The how and why I wrote in the review of this car.

Back to the Mini Clubman. It remains a fantastic thing, and everything rd rd at, great to drive, and to move as your mind after a long day ..... But by purchasing the Prius Wagon I notice one thing: you're not coming in to rest. And that is why I find myself (secretly) also find fine to ride in the Prius. The more and more I notice that I'm there quietly. And stay. No gejakker and nice and quiet on the road. Particularly to note that the character of a car affects your driving.

But, let me decide that I am fortunate to have both (yet actually extremes) for having the door. It is not either / or but both / and. In short, even daily happy with our choices.

What do you now think of this car?

  • 42000 km
  • October 8, 2017 10:04

What do you now think of this car? I watched with pleasure the AW test in which the Mini was compared with the Volvo. The diversity of responses I find very interesting. For more because I do not remember so well myself what to think of this car.
Do not misunderstand me: I'm still in love with this car. Yes, he is far too expensive for the size ... but that's also a Porsche. I am fortunate that I was able to check the required options, making it an extremely pleasant and comfortable thing. Some things I could never do without it, other things most certainly did (the happy fish in the fishbowl I've certainly not seen half a year). The JCW fantastic interior, sunroof, stereo Harman delicious, fine navigation (with worthless traffic ... so does the app FlitsMeister really much better) Etc. But it is for many people a luxury on a small car. My colleagues, for example, would rather opt for a Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Superb. Those with the necessary options also are cheaper ....
I have ridden 42,000 km. Not very much, but enough to estimate that this car does not get bored in the coming years. For my use, the car more than big enough (although the Maxi Cosi fits just not right behind my seat ... but we see those 5 minutes a week condone ��, and my stay in the car is he over luxurious enough.
But I would'm tackle next time again? I do not think so. The car reminds me of all the 3 series I drove from 2009 to 2012. The finest car I've ever had (but equal to tick the most impractical because I had forgotten the option of a folding rear seat). And then I did not opt ​​for a third series. I always just want something different. The Mini is a nice and comfortable car (you do not expect it, but the difference between the 3/5-door and the Clubman is really huge). I will have to make many kilometers and fine ones him will buy will do the same. The Mini brand I feel fantastic. Yet I'm not in love enough again to choose a Mini next time.

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