Renault Twingo SCe Collection 70 (2016) review

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Twingo SCe 70 Collection
5, Manual
13 km
361 km
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the first km in private lease Twingo

  • 250 km
  • April 18, 2016 09:54

Since a few days now I have a private lease Twingo. After really long deliberation (viewed almost all similar cars of competitors and sat), I actually opted for a Skoda Citigo. All requirements (low cost, low power consumption, good seat, and mogelikheid to embark with four people). here were the best veertegenwoordigd.
Then, like a jack-in box action Veronica offer for the Twingo. During deliberation I took the Twingo or the most attractive. But actually to 'separate' sitting and consumption was a bit of a mystery.

The significant advantage month mme pulled over. I have chosen the Twingo in progress collection. So have air conditioning and speed limiter.

In the first few kilometers I utizoeken is reasonable. The rear-engined soil is higher than you'd expect. You legroom is therefore something else by the front wheel position. You can not similarly lost your left foot. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimiter actually works just as easy. There is a "hidden" mode allowing you to do beyond your max speed when fully depressing accelerator and you just can overtake a truck. Gas release until you are below your set up and ready Klara.

That speed is me still disappointing. Admittedly my previous transport (Yamaha R6 race bike with top of 270 km / h) acceleration has a very different definition. But this still strikes me somewhat disappointing. In other small cars engine wotrdt very noisy wanener you hang but you'll be fast forward. Twingo remains silent, but slowly. Will it after / with the running of the car even better?
I really do not know. This is the first time that I can drive into a new car!

Further comfort seems fine. The seats are pretty good (posture still some improvement by adjusting seat and steering etc). Suspension is nice and tight by the unexpectedly long wheelbase (wheels on the ends of cars) is the best car stable! The small turning circle is fun. I use those little. I was (wderom) my racing bike gewnd an idiot large turning circle. Every car is fast turning.

Plus !!
R&GO interactivity with my smartphone works well .. R&Go is the system which replaces an onboard computer, but your phone which allows display information. My Z3 compact works fine with the R&Go. I can be hands-free calls and receive calls, there are carting to download music on your phone or streaming media can be heard through the radio. Sound is also good.
But here some points for improvement: So I have to control my spotify app via the phone. (Not hands free!) And start strangely ever demo numbers on phone when my phone torque R&GO. irritating!

Or I give a satisfactory my car .... That depends entirely on the future consumption. I expect and demand from a car manufacturer from 1:23 that it can be approached! 1:15 appears reeler so far.
tips please!

first refueling

  • 361 km
  • April 19, 2016 13:53

driven exactly 1:15. that disappoints me. but as I read the comments below: maybe running-in first!

What is striking is that the verbruiktmoitor dashboard is quite inaccurate. the second value is not the same.
The fuel gauge indicated the tank had only 1 / 6th part gasoline. soon refuel but still 125 km ride today.
Turns out only 25 liters to be able to at! that's what learned again. You might be better to rely on the information board computer "number of km to next refueling. which indicated that I could drive about 150 km. This also tallies with the consumption of 1:15 now.
I get nice comments on the way the car! I verwqcht more people would drive this car. but is not yet in the top 10 selling cars!

  • comfort 4.0
  • performance 2.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 3.0
  • Would you buy a car from this brand? maybe

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