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Introduction and the first kilometers

  • 705 km
  • July 8, 2015 13:49

On June 30 we picked the Tesla; our first electric car.
Last spring we received an enthusiastic email from an acquaintance who had driven a test drive in a Tesla; This aroused our interest. I had hitherto electric and hybrid cars leave the left; in fact I was actually in the market for the new Ford Mustang. On April 1 made a test drive in a Model S 85 and tjeetje what a car!
After a week of thinking we were at; This had to be it and we really wanted to buy the 60 version but just before placing the order, the message was that this version was replaced with the 70D. A more expensive model but with two engines, four-wheel drive and a standard supercharger; In short then, but this (entry) purchase model. Scheduled delivery date in late June and it is 100% true.
It has become a:
Tesla Model S 70D with the options:
- metallic paint (blue)
- better (comfortable) chairs
- air
- autopilot functions
- Premium interior package
- winter package

The car we picked up in the (assembly) plant in Tilburg and after a week and 700 km. Driving it was time for a first review.

To start with the most significant to this car, the electric drive. An important reason to go for the Tesla is the acceptable range that this car offers you; practical purposes is about 150 km. range (without intermediate drawers) per day for our use as needed and the Tesla perfectly meets; a leaf or I3 not meet there and therefore lose weight beforehand. It is notable, however, that when delivered to the charging capacity of the battery in such a state 75% -80%; This is for everyday use and, following the people of Tesla, for better battery life. Range is 300 km; you want then you can arrange yourself completely full charging the battery (you do this preferably for so long (holiday) trips).
The riding is phenomenal; what a pull off 0 km / h and what can you super fast catch (automatic transmission in D and go !!!). And (almost) silent; you hear a slight buzzing / ringing in the distance, but that is all. Slowing the battery is also very special, and any policy allows you to ride without touching (is me now succeeded a few times) to the brake once. Braking is so hard that Tesla happy so smart it was to illuminate the brake as otherwise you as someone stuck in your trunk. Accustomed to noise, etc. of an internal combustion engine is mainly the lack of sound in combination with the rapid acceleration something you have to get used to.
To load I let application of force to a (simple) connection; every night I put the car charger (also the opinion of Tesla), and is about 47 to 50 kilometers per hour range recharged so often over within two hours by car is loaded again. Currently I use delayed loading; you can via the (excellent) touch screen to set the start time for loading.

It is, in my opinion, therefore, a very nice car and definitely not recognizable as an electric car. Many other electric cars I think quite simply ugly (I3 and Leaf) and abnormal; Tesla is in that respect a relief.
I addition to the 21 '' rims (very high surcharge + tires will not be cheap) even though they are the car very well.
As a lover of the small car first I was really skeptical about the enormous dimensions of this car; about 5 meters long and 2 meters wide but the test drive (which took us through the beautiful little town of Didam) it appeared very quickly that you're driving a much smaller car and after a week driving not changed. The fine auxiliary systems (HD cameras, remote notifications in centimeters, etc.) you can very well put the car; on my daily parking (parking space in a garage) car fits.
Fun and useful features are also folding mirrors, electric rear
valve (that is fast enough) and the handles automatically fold and unfold.

We have been there in the premium package which makes things more luxurious; full leather upholstery, alcantara + roof lining strip on the dashboard, a lot of ambient lighting and the (already referred to) electrical tailgate. However, much more important are the so-called next generation chairs we ordered there for the standard seats are not great (too flat, odd shape of the seat); our seats are really delicious with lots of support and multiple (electric, that word again) adjustable. Chairs can be heated in three different positions, but seat ventilation is not to get in the whole; This was surely expected to.
The winter package includes a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, heated windscreen and ruitenwisserontdooing; windshield heater that my Ford had sadly lacking (works really nice).
Furthermore, a nice sport steering wheel (AMG steering wheel) and control of light / cruise / vending / windows and mirrors get away directly at Mercedes.
Storage space can be found in the spacious center console, a pocket under the touchscreen and the glovebox door but pockets or sunglasses box Looking vain; a bit of a shame really. Furthermore, it is striking that the mirrors are not lighted in the sun visors; I'm not that but for this money you do expect this anyway. In terms of living space you lack nothing but a Super is certainly not come; or two luggage compartments whose rear is quite spacious and the front is still quite usable.
And then we come to the absolute jewel in the interior; the touchscreen. Never experienced such a nice and responsive system, you can quickly call a lot of information; all settings of the car to the Internet, it is very fast. I will not describe everything because I keep doing it in one word amazing!
A strange point; 180 km / h on the clock, you can still see peaceful websites and I had (for security reasons) not expected.
Navigation (Google Maps) works great with the messages and route projected into the dashboard which works very well; also the voice navigation is clear and not irritating; the best I have ever seen and used. Then it's a pity that is the voice control of the telephone in English (dial ...); my Pord did better anyway.

The car is connected via a 3G network (first 4 years free) and our (home) Wi-Fi network. Important because updates for the car gives you inside and there is still some expected to update the next time.

Handling and comfort:
We ordered the car with the optional air suspension; With this system you can set the car in terms of height by location (useful for many high barriers to our neighborhood). There are four settings (low, normal, high and very high); from 85 km / h drops the car in the low position for optimal resistance.
The car bounces huge fine and very slightly more stable on the road; because the batteries in the soil are the center of gravity low and thus you can pretty "corners" by car. A sports car is certainly not because thanks to the heavy weight of the car understeer occurs fairly quickly (he presses something into the bend) (2,200 kg.); not mind because this is a cruiser, not a corner knight.
Four-wheel drive, I have not noticed anything honestly; should compare this with an 85
RWD or you can notice it at all.

A separate section in this review because there are many details in Tesla as:
- adjustable air suspension (already described)
- supercharger: Allows you battery in 20-30 minutes 80% charge in a Tesla "gas station" and free. The navigation allows your vacation route in such a way. Have not used it yet.
- tesla app that you can preheat car such as whether to load the battery set etc. It works very well using your cell phone and free.
- autopilot functions: this is a "work in progress" come here for all kinds of new features (in the future) available. Now the car has traffic sign recognition (works very well), lane departure warning (works well and irritating plotted so but), blind spot warning (not seen), collision prevention system (works well, perhaps too well) and adaptive cruise control (works great on highway, irritating in the city / town) but follow in the foreseeable future (most) probably automatically issues surrounding parking (even if you are standing outside the car) and autonomous driving. On these matters, I will even go further to review updates.

Thus, it has become a story but it is also a very special car; in the next update (s) I will include another elaborate on the electricity consumption.

For now I am very satisfied with the Tesla and wish you, readers enjoy reading.

And we call him Elvis.

  • 3533 km
  • September 3, 2015 23:24

After the first software update was asked to give the car a name and almost immediately the name Elvis shot me inside. Elvis; First a slim rocker but turned into a very fat man like Tesla; First the (slim) roadster now (fat / fat) Model S. Tesla Let's hope that will not end up like Elvis .....
Anyway, the honeymoon is over (car two months now held) so time again to put some experiences on paper. So far very pleased with this car and it's amazing how quickly you get used to (fully) electric drive.

The Tesla is a big and heavy car because most of the weight is in the bottom (low center of gravity), the car is very nimble and also extremely stable; on the highway, it is a great touring car but also on the roads with (much) roundabouts you pretty "erasers". The handling is really very good; do you notice that the limit (in turns) the weight which passes through print runs but you very quickly.
The air suspension is sporty / tight set which assists in the stable nature; you could expect air "citroën comfort" gives you will be disappointed. Personal suits me the current adjustment very well.
Furthermore, the extra investment in better chairs (next generation tesla these calls, it seems startrek) proved to be correct; They sit me like a glove, however (and this also applies to the standard seats) fixed headrests for taller people short. With my 1:93 I'm at the limit of just yes / no net; I would have preferred regular adjustable main support.
We are also pleased that we have also ordered the interior upgrade; standard interior looks more "plastic" out. When the upgrade include the entire dashboard and doors upholstered in leather / Alcantara and it looks more "premium" out; squeaks and creaks we fortunately did not hear of finishes and it feels good.
For such a big car, the space well with the exception of the rear headroom; I sit there with the crown at the roof and unfortunately this is the price you paid for the design. Also noticeable that there are no door pockets, no space under the center console (or two huge cup holders) and no convenient sunglasses compartment and that I miss. The huge bin in the center console I personally find less convenient.
Operation is very easy; Mercedes drivers will immediately recognize the machine / wiper / cruise control and the buttons on the mirror and window. This works fine and solid feel to; In addition, there are two buttons on the dashboard (dashboard open closet (you) and emergency lighting) and that's it; The rest of the operation is via two control buttons and above the central information screen. Can only say that this sublime work and understand even the largest computer illiterate is.
The possibility of constructing driver profiles is very convenient; capture control / seat / mirrors, but also include security settings for each driver.

And then the electric drive ansich; Again you very quickly get used to. The enormous flexibility and power of the electric drive every time remains a joy to watch but you quickly get used to. I drive a lot at 80-100 km / h roads and it is very nice that you can catch up very quickly without any trouble; under these conditions the blistering Tesla quickly. But you can (using regenerating) all rides without making once the brake pedaling; it's me and several times succeeded in doing so the living / work trip, and on this trip I'll include four roundabouts and two traffic lights. Fun to do and good for consumption (I will return to).
Critics keep on whining about the lack of engine noise (so no "experience") But I can not confirm it; the experience is different, but in my opinion not worse.
Fall when driving the size of the car actually road (supposedly runs really spry), when parking you are there face. You have the rear camera and sensors really needed (with remote indication in centimeters); in the parking space at my work fits the car just. I'm looking forward to a new update which automatic / self-parking is included (they are testing) because that really adds something to this car.

And the fuel consumption and range: Tesla range divided into "daily" and "journey" (Translated from English). By default, the charging capacity daily (= 80% battery capacity) and delivers a range of approximately 320 km .; put it at 100% then it will be about 400km. to be.
Tesla says that 80% "filling" better for battery life and it will however so here's the story not finished yet.
The range which can be specified they call "typical range"; however, this is the range that can be achieved theoretically calculated mileage you can win and lose, and you see the "practical range". This is the actual range based on the current usage. This means in practice that with my live / work journeys usually win kilometers (sometimes about 25 kilometers), in other words the range I stretch up to 345 km .; when highway driving (recently created, limit + 5 km / h) of about 200 kilometers vice versa I lost approximately 35 kilometers of range in. Tesla me they had already predicted that, especially in commuter use my car would be great dividends in terms of consumption / range and thus shows. I think I could get the specified maximum range of Tesla (ca. 440 km.) At 100% utilization of capacity at home and work.
I charge otherwise the car daily (is recommended); find it and is often unnecessary.
Consumption over 3,507 kilometers according to the onboard computer 650 kw / h; 1 kw / h takes me so 5.4 kilometers. I do not have separate electricity meter in my house but since I only load to off-peak and know what the consumer before I had the tesla I can say that the more consumption very close to the reported consumption of B.C. So does that makes sense. 1 kw / h will cost me € 0.17 (excluding VAT, including energy, etc.) so a total of € 110 "fuel costs" about the mileage and that's MFI downright low.

Enough said about consumption and so (will be really still some forgotten); I end this update with details / quirks and a list of the better and lesser points.

Special features / peculiarities:
- had in two months, all four software updates are mainly about small business; eagerly awaits include parking update.
- After the first two updates, the app was not working.
- the odometers (there are three!) do not count by 100 meters but a 200 or 300 meters; this is (as Tesla) by converting from miles. A bit cheap so like an update that addresses this.
- there was a need tesla hater damaging the car right (repair costs € 250) without signing.

Then a list of the better and lesser points:
+ great drive
+ excellent road-holding and control
+ driving without braking is fun
+ driver profiles useful
+ low operating costs
+ comfortable seating
+ much luggage
+ fine control
+ well equipped
+ is big but feels small in terms of driving

- is great especially when parking
- headrests somewhat debatable
- head space behind limited
- interior shelf space not convenient / too little
- dragging cables when it rains is still less; where is the inductive charging?

In short; a very satisfied user, and if that continues as you can read in the next update.

Autopilot stuff.

  • 7114 km
  • November 13, 2015 14:11

The Tesla now about 4 1/2 months in succession and still very satisfied with this car.

Previously estimated that there are approximately 18,000 km. per year will be driven, and we are in terms of kilometers through exactly on schedule. The necessary tesla-haters is often said that the guarantee that bad but my usage and mileage I still beautiful 4 year warranty and eight years in the battery / battery pack and electric drive; why bad?
That same haters often react violently to news tesla such as the autonomous driving (autopilot) and it must be said that Tesla they know how to manipulate the press exaggerated "exposure" to get. Many of the tesla updates are actually much more well-known and not as groundbreaking as stated; Take for example the aforementioned autopilot. There have been many car brands offer this option is special in that the Tesla business is that you get without having to buy a new model; update no hour and a half was enough to give our autopilot tesla but also a completely new dashboard layout etc. etc .. And you will find not any other brand!

I told enough in previous updates (electric) drive ansich; I wanted to add something about how all the (safety) equipment that has the car such as:
* Traffic recognition: basically works well but does not recognize under plates and operation hinders because often no sign 50 km / h more able to start village. In short; be careful!

* Lane departure warning: particularly irritating system that operates with a hum noise and vibration; immediately turned off and I do not miss it.

* Blind spot warning: sometimes reacted very nervously to own overtaking but is less sensitive since last update. Operation is my driving much less important.

* Collision prevention system responded so nervous that I even had an operation on a wheelie bin, after last update much less sensitive (and I myself have changed susceptibility to medium). Hopefully I'll never really test this system.

* Active cruise control: very mixed feelings about this system. On busy roads or traffic jams or the like works well but N-quiet roads or highways is just annoying at times. Example: on the highway I'm used to after overtaking again to move right, but if you do this with the ACC than you have to be careful not to pick up a truck for your brakes immediately. The result is that you left but keep driving or turn off the ACC; I'd had the choice of a normal cruise control, there had to.

* High-beam assistant: works in 99 out of 100 cases, excellent; think it's a great comfort-enhancing option.

* Parking Assistant: no opinion because (still) not used. so only for parallel parking less extensive than other brands.

* Autopilot: the much discussed item that works wonderfully well. I drive 90% of the time on N-roads and it is to use it well; the automobile follows the road excellent (inter alia, s-curves, chicanes so on). Where I had to get used to the place on the way; I feel I drive far to the left on the (my) segment. Should work function that changes the vehicle lane by using the indicator, but I can not yet generate; yet once again check with tesla how this works.
You do get a warning to keep hands on the wheel, but sometimes it continues so long that you kilometers long ride comfortably with your hands crossed. I realize, however, that almost nobody else around me this system has therefore remain vigilant in traffic.
I was very skeptical of the autonomous driving but still use it much more than expected; it can still sometimes be leaders in the future, but whether it makes driving more fun ...... but certainly safer.

As mentioned driving the Tesla particularly tasty; The car drives despite the enormous performance very relaxed and you really do not need to go fast. I catch myself lately often that I turn off the radio and make quietly my live / work journeys. The power consumption in kw / h, therefore, remains very within the limits and thus an acceptable range (not changed with respect to the previous update); am curious how it goes in real cold weather so (although I am a shivery) I hope for a harsh winter to test this. Ash. Tuesday snow tires are mounted so it can be cold again!

I sometimes read stories about the poor finishing of the Tesla but I keep to date of pity; no rattles / creaks / beeps or the like However, once an information screen "frozen" was (naturally went back to work) and once a failing "fill"opening for the electricity that was it.

I had even written about the strange effect of the odometers of the last update; Since the last update, the action now as it should (counts per 100 meters).

Written enough for now; The next update will come after the winter where about (hopefully) the operation of the vehicle in cold conditions.
Until the next update.

All eight months hold.

  • 13063 km
  • March 1, 2016 20:34

As promised, an update of the review after the winter and spring because the weather has begun today can and must now.

I am more than satisfied with the tesla; it's a huge fine moving car where I (almost) daily pleasure to experience. In that respect there is nothing to add to what I have written in previous updates about this car.
I bought winter tires for the first time in over 35 years of car ownership; I had a credit with Tesla and I used 4-Tesla original rims with Pirelli Sotto Zero winter tires to purchase III. Total price after using the credit 1,400 euros and I think a good price. The winter tires of the same size as the summer tires (245 / 45-19), and apart from a little more road noise I notice nothing compared to the Michelin summer tires; and the road-holding control are and remain at a high level.
Winter is like the last few years is common, relatively mild weather but we have received a few pinpricks like a couple of times frost and abundant ice production. And I learned the following:
- the loading door freezes not at start charging the morning but in the evening after returning home once the car charger.
- the laadkabel get even with a thick ijzellaag easily loose, not through the sensor on the laadkabel (since disappeared under the ice) but via the remote control or the touch screen in the car works flawlessly (no volkswagen gte problems so).
- in severe frost the car gives a message that does not work regenerative braking and it shows; never thought you get used so quickly to the extra braking power to / from the battery.
- preheating works very well and windows scratching is rarely necessary; only the abundant ice was too much but that day but stayed nice home hindsight I should not have to buy the winter package (include heated steering wheel).

In addition, the Tesla has again received a major update (still a beautiful phenomenon) which I will mention here the most important items:
- tightening the autopilot functions added his speed to use self control / auto tar (and rightly so), the place on the way to the right on the road (fine) and the car cuts in itself when the speed in such bends to is high. With the latter I am not so happy because in some corners the car or grab very quickly (ie: can be much harder to me); moreover, this happens only when using cruise control and / or car tar.
I use the car much more fragile than I thought because it works very soothing and very adequate; particularly under crowded conditions or if you want to cruise quietly is a very good system.

- automatic parking (now square): I tried it one time and I'm not heartbroken. The car will be placed neatly in the parking but bystanders think you just got your driver's license because it involves a lot of wheel spin and stabbing I've got you there; Also sending / wheels turn at standstill I do not really like the technique and as I think that I myself can I better use it anymore. Am now used to the size of the car park is me thoroughly.

- spotify: I had the radio always in the background but that has changed with spotify; now built a nice playlist of 70-80 years I enjoy music on the go in peace. Really a very nice addition to the car and while (my music choice) still something retro to tesla

Then (as promised) what about the consumption of tesla; there is still something to be said about it.
I always charge the car to 90% of the total battery capacity (recommended by tesla) and in the summer provides a range / range of from 325-330 km .; Now in really cold weather is 315-320 km.
In addition, the consumption in summer 1 kw / h in 5.4 kilometers (best measurement); in the winter, it is 1 kw / h to 4.2 kilometers (worst measurement). In other words, a difference of over 20 percent, which is quite a lot; our kia diesel has a difference of about 8% between summer and winter consumption.
In short; This was an important reason for choosing an electric car with enough capacity / radius of action because despite the much higher consumption I do not suffer from the so-called range-anxiety, without charging the required 150 kilometers per day with my daily distances is there with my conditions always in. With a leaf / zoe / I3 I'm sure this will not happen.
Since I am not in a position to charge the case and I have no supercharger lie on my route is a reasonable range without intermediate drawers important to me and it complies 100% with the tesla.

So, again the necessary written and I conclude this update with some remarkable things:
- 1 error had the car reported that service was required; a call to the help desk, however, was enough to solve it. The protruding member of the tesla dissolved in 5 minutes; it turned out to be a miscommunication between the air and the board computer. Notification never returned.
- supercharge usually done with a loading speed of 250 km / h; First time experienced that was loaded with 515 km / h! and then the batteries were full in no time. Whether that was good for the battery?
- logging in via the app I do especially when I have my glasses on; have already the third login code / password because after two incorrect login attempts your account will be blocked and yes without glasses who dabs on the phone is very small and obscure
- at the moment I write this update tesla also gets an update; if all goes well, the summon (call) function available or the Tesla should now be able to take a ride independently without driver.

Addition March 2: curiosity today I tried out the summon / call option and damn, it works flawlessly. The Tesla at the beginning of the driveway parked at home and via the app parked the car will then independently under the carport (stopped at the correct distance from the garage) and kept both right (wall of the house) and left (stone pillar) the correct distance; great to experience! The gadget has a high level but I like that; never thought that I am playing with electric cars at my age.

needed until the next update and enjoy reading.

1 year tesla drive

  • 20178 km
  • July 1, 2016 21:54

As promised, an update of the review after one year riding in the Tesla and I must say it is very good like.
The electric drive has went very quickly become a habit very quickly and also the entire load ritual; I think that inductive charging a meaningful innovation in the event will bring because dragging the bad weather lately, it is not always fun with wet charging cables.
The scope is almost always above 300 kilometers, that's my perfect conditions.
The road-holding of the tesla is particularly good and the four wheel drive is a very useful addition; last considerably drove up a winding, very wet and it feels very safe to. You can steer the car precisely and the whole feels very maturing; really top.
The control can be set in three positions but actually the default setting is the right thing; put it lighter and it seems you are not connected to the wheels, turn the steering heavy and you think there is no power steering is more (probably nice for purists but not for me).
There are many stories written about the poor finishing of the Tesla but I can not agree; Last month the car is cleaned again (I'll do every year), and both indoor and outdoor looks like new; Yes, the dashboard provides a kraakje sometimes but then you drive on such bad roads I can imagine that the average hearing also is cracking free. I have to say very satisfied with finish my tesla; is also noteworthy that very few stone chips on the nose is despite the low, pointed snout.
Then the item of the day; the autopilot. I think it is a great operating system but do not make the mistake of thinking that the car does everything for you (and traffic situations, solve for you) because that is an illusion. My daily living / work trip lends itself perfectly to the use of the autopilot and I use it at least 50% of the time but I always stay alert (and thereby helps me to drive motor for over 30 years and you will learn to look ahead and anticipate is vital). It is tremendously soothing and I think it's a very efficient system.
Interestingly, the system may not work, especially in bright sunlight in combination with a wet (sparkling) road and sometimes fog at / mist.
The system also warns if you're too long your hands on the wheel and if you ignore it then all the bells and whistles off and brakes the car.
How has it gone in the accident in America is not clear, but I wonder if it is due to the autopilot system; I rather think of a failing collision prevention system; I've been through it already several times that error messages were issued where I (heavy) car would drive up (not so) where at the display a bright red (heavy) vehicle comes into the picture again and all the bells and whistles go off. In reality there is currently nothing absolutely nothing to worry about!
In short; autopilot and other safety systems are well worthwhile but do you not lull.
What I do not like working the autopilot and the ACC is on the highway; by the crowds on the Dutch highways works here very nervous. In America's long highways (with "keep your lane") Will be much more meaningful.
Things like the summon (call) function I see more as a gimmick but it works after each update gets better.
In the previous review updates, I also mentioned the weak points which remain after one year still drive the same.
Now anything (boring) financial and fiscal affairs HINTS 1 year (to be exact) 20 074 km's driven:
- 4066.7 consumption kw / h (1 kw / h 4.94 km's); worst score was 1: 4.22 (January 2016), best score was 1: 5.88 (June 2016).
- electricity costs € 703 (ex VAT)
- Insurance € 1,200
- mrb € 0
- bumper repair € 250 (ex VAT)
- maintenance contract tesla € 454 (ex VAT)
- tire storage € 105 (ex VAT)
- 4 original wheels with winter tires € 1,157 (ex VAT, purchased with credit tesla).
- carwash brush + € 255 (ex VAT)
In short, a very clear and terms of cost; From 1 July the electricity price of 17.3 cents fall to 14.9 cents per kw / h and will be even lower exploitation.
Addition for income is € 3,604; addition for the VAT is € 2432; this latest addition is hardly ever mentioned, but certainly not small. Fiscal therefore not comparable to a BMW 5 / audi a6 o.i.d .; tesla is simply unbeatable in this area.

So reading is a very positive story and I must say that the tesla spot in my personal top three cars I have owned has come in; not at first, because there is still the Megane RS (oh, oh, what a car, do not miss him sometimes secretly) but in two. Fourth is incidentally the fiesta for what it was say a nice car!

Is there anything negative / less things to report driving after one year; yes there is.
In June, Tesla had the year and turn it two issues emerged:
1. moisture in the reverse lights; This was already known to me but I did not bother me in there. The mechanic at Tesla so well because it has solved (though I always go along with the mechanic (do ask for permission)) and the mechanic could tell me that this modification insistence after more than six months was conducted by tesla. Solution: In the decorative frame on the tail lamps is the glass slide removed for the reverse lights and voila, no moisture longer a problem. For the car potter; you can recognize the different trim another notch for the reverse lights ....
2. A rattle in the rear struts; coincidentally I had forced a diversion, fortnight a different path away from the bricks that you choose fillings rattle from you and indeed there are some rattled the back of the car. After a test by the mechanics (wherein there are 1 rode in the trunk, nauseous that which was ...), and reading the service messages from tesla was found that there is a certain series tesla (with air suspension), at which the struts may start to rattle and unfortunately mine is also affected. It is not dangerous, because the legs were not in stock I decided to recover it at the tire change in the autumn.
In other words; So it is very, and as a reward for myself, I have only a 1:18 model of the model's bought (beautifully detailed model, incidentally).

So; weather put a whole epistle on the site and I still end up with this. When asked if you would again choose the same brand I can only fill yes but that will not be a model s; for fun I ever configure a new model s and if I now 75d (facelift model with slightly more range, LED headlights and some super air pollution control, also in accordance with my performance) Configure I am € 17,100 more expensive relative my tesla (and that in one year), which is really too much for me. Tesla would get my total loss I would now (today) choose (not electric!) Ford Focus RS; Gosh what a car!

I hope you enjoy reading and until the next update.


  • 26263 km
  • November 20, 2016 15:36

Last Wednesday, the Tesla had to go to the garage for the winter change and replace the clunky (rear) struts; also reported a lower operating handle and there appeared to be a recall action of tesla (come back to that later). Since the work would last one day I was offered a loan car; choice of a tesla or a BMW 320d and I opted for the latter only once to try how it pleases.
Let me keep it short (this is not a bmw-review); I was again very happy that I got back after a day tesla.
Apart from the (Superior) drive the Tesla is true in other important issues (handling, comfort, quality, etc.) at all; it's actually quite remarkable that such a new manufacturer has come with some excellent driving car on the market. Which brings me back to the title of this update; I'm completely converted to electric cars (read: tesla) and it must be something very, very special, I want to return to a (relatively affordable) gasoline car. A Ford Focus RS example, would such a car may be but otherwise?

After all this praise still come back to the work performed by the Tesla; the rear struts are replaced and are now rattle (immediately tested on a horrible paved) also has replaced an electricity cable to the charging port (tesla-recall). Nothing marked and rightly so.
The last item needed attention immediately one of the less (more) points of tesla; the door handles.
This part succumbed to form over function; it is tremendously tough that door handles that fold and unfold but I see no advantage to these gadgets; in fact, the last time I noticed that the door handle on the driver's door noise made when going in and out and to my horror I saw even the paint was damaged. Fortunately I had myself a paint pen (on account of a claim) and was able to repair it yourself; control when Tesla did nothing on which I think there is dirt under the door handle that can be so thick that it rubs on the paint. In other words; What's wrong with a normal door handle?
Further points of criticism focus on things that will irritate after longer use of a car; Why miss this rather expensive car coat hooks (cost € 1?) and a center armrest in the rear seat. For that money had it there in may sit because if not outspoken jasdrager in a car I miss both items. In the absence of parentheses, the coat on the back and the jacket after every ride all over and nothing remained but not in the back seat; a center armrest Tesla asks a lot of money so late but, screwdriving aftermarket stuff in the car, I do not like it. These are just little things but ........
Referring again to the work and the car loan; this was free and I find that very nicely.

Lately much has been written and said on autopilot and has therefore introduced a new version that works more with the radar and that stronger warnings to the driver; After a hesitant start working again very good indeed and alerts the driver much better and more urgent (include pulsing dashboard lights / loud sounding alarm bells). If you as a driver then you probably do not see it or hear all awfully dead.
The tentative start was the position on the road; it seemed as if the car had everything back (to) learn and I did not; You can expect that no less is better, however, after a short time it is restored and include the position on the road again spotless. Even if an oncoming vehicle that drives much left his job to record the tesla and make yourself more space on their own track; strange feeling but it works perfectly.
Furthermore, the autopilot update changed the laws, other issues such as improved navigation, a different layout of the touch screen and much more; it remains a fun experience.
Whatever fun continues the tremendous performance of the car and that is the Judicial device noticed; Unfortunately I got fan mail from cjib (2 speeding tickets within twenty minutes, so be it!). Although I certainly do not rip up the Tesla drives you unnoticed often still too hard (much).

Although I converted so I will probably not buy a model s (see previous update) because I think they have become too expensive; a third model will therefore be the future or perhaps much longer ride in the Tesla simply because it drives very well and have great confidence in the quality of this car.

Until the next update.

Few exciting times

  • 31415 km
  • March 8, 2017 17:08

Today, March 8, the Tesla weather rid of winter tires and summer tires mounted again. And again I wonder what the point was of the winter as little snow or the like experienced; with the mild weather of the last weeks of the tires also functioned clearly less (much noise, and palpable "wiebeliger"). Could the difference in the way clearly marks and am so glad with summer tires under the car.
At the same time some things are repaired with the wheels change because yes, a tesla course of lousy quality as you "experts "believe.
The defects were; a light on the door handle was broken, there fell a screw from the armrest and door rubber was dislodged something. In addition, they could see at Tesla that the loading door had to be calibrated because they are not always functioned; the latter was moreover not noticed me ....
In short; really small things and certainly not something to say now that this car is not good; I can not help but be pleased with the quality and reliability of the tesla. If we compare this with our kia; This car was within a half months three times at the dealership with all kinds of discomfort.

The past winter there have been no specific cases (hence the title of this piece) and in terms of driving / performance / comfort etc. I can add anything to what I mentioned earlier.
Than anything written about consumption:
The average consumption is 1 kw / h to 4.9 km and that will enhance the summer it again; the fact remains that the really cold weather range significantly adversely affected. Given my (daily) conditions and the fact that I can not load when work is tesla so far the only viable electric car for me; a leaf / zoe-like is no alternative but I am wondering if the latest versions and e-ampera go live up in everyday practice what is claimed.
If it was very cold and I had to drive longer trips than I loaded the Tesla to about 100% by; if you do this two or three times in succession can actually do get a message on the screen that it adversely affects the battery life. Most of the time the vehicle is being charged up to about 80-85% of the capacity, which is expressed in kilometers, still around 320 to 330 (depending on the atmospheric temperature); for me 95% of the time more than adequate.
Those 325 to 330 kilometers is also the projected range (based on computer calculations); reality by summer weather here is very close (best measured consumption 1 kw / h 5.8 maximum 70 * 5.8 * 0.8 = 325 km. range), at worst winter weather is measured consumption 1 in 4 2 is a maximum of 70 * 4.2 * 0.8 = 235 km. range) and under my conditions. you go in winter "pop" on the highway you will be well within the 200 km. Loading must. A trip like this morning to tesla in pigeons in distance 101 km. but "costs" I 142 km. to range (temperature 5 degrees, a lot of rain / wind, highway speed 120-130 km / h); the same ride in the summer (under much better conditions) I've ever driven a ratio of 1: 1 (101 km. drive = 101 km. lower range). Proximity also not exclude that during downtime (parking) car on a daily basis as well but loses to about five kilometers of range; there "leaking" Also some way to stop.
I hope the above is written somewhat understandable because I approach this purely from my practical experiences without any (scientific / technical) knowledge.

I hope you, the reader of this review, which again had to; The next update will appear as around July.

Another two years tesla drive

  • 37022 km
  • July 14, 2017 20:33

I tesla been two years and I am still very happy with the car; usually after a year and a half itch again but this time is very bad. I'm not even look at another car; I'll be older and wiser? to become.
It remains a nice car to drive, and you get used so quickly to the electric drive, you can hardly remember otherwise. The fact that every now and then get updates makes it fun even though the frequency of the updates do not arrive and decreases each update as well (more on that later).
The only thing still slightly "nibbles" is the fact that you're out in such a huge vehicle; despite the tesla its dimensions can hide well when driving, I'm always looking, shaking his head as I leave the car in daily parking space (garage). Front and back side on the white lines, and minimal space on the left and the right; it remains a big bitch. I am looking forward to the third model only for the smaller dimensions.

Returning to the updates; the last update was to limit the autopilot and working less than expected. You can preset how far (from 1 to 10 kilometers), the set position of the cruise control may differ from the speed limit on 80 km.wegen example you can set up to 90 km / h (referred to speeding counteraction) and now the autopilot is here also linked to. I have set the deviation to +5, which means that I can use the autopilot to a maximum of +5 km / h; please note the normal cruise control you can use far above the speed limit on a road as though you can override the standard deviation is not the autopilot. In short; I was rather a quiet, uncluttered 80 km / h put away the autopilot at 95 km / h, now it is 85 km / h maximum. Flashy understandable safety reasons but hey, sometimes you and want harder and that is now history.
Much worse is that the combination of reading the speed limit on a road being disturbed by the camera and the autopilot so that a sudden interruption in the read speed and the autopilot will automatically reduce the speed to 70 km / h. This has now happened to me a few times in a 100 km / h road and it is not pleasant; The phenomenon is known by Tesla and is dissolved in a new update. So wait and in the meantime but remain very alert.
stick Also you have now a lot more steering than previously, and if you step back, this is are there to become accustomed again; Again safety reasons very understandable but once you've tasted what is possible this still feels like a step back.

Consumption during the very nice May and June on a come out of my absolute top score of just one charged kw / h at 6 kilometers; a maximum range of 420 km. and so it is for my use more than adequate; called range anxiety, I do not know happy.

After two years it was time for the annual service (2 years or 40,000 km.) And this time were some issues that needed some attention (two heat-dependent). Because the car anyway to stay one day in the garage (include air-conditioning maintenance takes more time) I was given a 85d as loan car and the car would be ready after one day; Unfortunately, this was 10 days!
The problems were:
- peelable floor mat; This was obviously a futility and a new mat as resolved
- heat problem 1; the tropical temperatures made the electric tailgate loud. replaced part and the valve works again silently.
- heat problem 2: at tropical temperatures did not touch the lake, which is especially annoying when you get into a car that is very hot and the air conditioning is not operating. Overall replaced so and started the "misery" because the screen is not readily available.
I did not expect that it took so long; or component so often broken that there is sufficient spare capacity or the part is never broken and so is not in stock. Which scenario is I do not know
but the last I have not long ago been through in my engine; by a "weird" accident was the lambda probe my engine damaged and because this part is never broken (by the importer) the delivery time is longer than a month; fortunately the dealer cannibalized a showroom copy and I did not have to wait long.

During the 10 days in the 85d with 21-inch wheels struck me, however, that this car was much quieter (and a step faster way) than my own tesla; The car was on Continental Sport Contact 5 tires and these were significantly quieter than the Michelin Premacy's under my tesla. it was quite a surprise for me and the employees of Tesla as the continentals they get many complaints about noise and vibration; since the tapes under my tesla still have enough profile (4.5 mm and 5.5 mm rear) I still have some time to determine the choice of a different band but still I tend strongly to these continentals.
Incidentally, a tesla at 21 inch rims that are not damaged is almost impossible; borrowing car had three severely damaged rims ...............

In short; I'm still very happy with my tesla but I have less a star reliability; especially such a spotty touchscreen I did not expect.

The next update will follow after the change wheels (winter); something where I can go to master euro and that saves me a lot of time and mileage
For now, happy reading and until the next update.

band perils

  • 41359 km
  • October 27, 2017 20:43

Following the wheels change from yesterday (October 26, 2017) once again made an update of this review.
The tesla I still like it very well and the electric drive is still a very pleasant experience. Especially explosive acceleration remains very tasty and somehow addictive; do every day or even a "hooligan moment". Continues to amaze surprisingly nimble handling; the road you never have the feeling of a 5 meter and 2,200 kg. weighing colossus to the move; clever how they have done this.
According to some critics tesla is not handling well, but that's not quite right; runs just once for a while and you will be amazed.
Also, I still find it a sport to drive a long ride without touching the brake pedal; me more and more successful. Only at the beginning stage you brake and no further; even stopping for the garage door and parking in the box you can without touching the brake pedal.

The average consumption remains at first loaded kw / h which is good for riding 5 km; summer was the best performer 1 to 5.8. Maximum range of the 70d is 406 km. on a full charge.

After replacing the big screen there are no problems have been more and more the car is very reliable; everything works great except for one thing and that was the autopilot. Previously already indicated that restrictive measures were taken but one of the negative side effects was that the car often suddenly lost the posted speed, leading to, in my opinion, dangerous situations. Once again there had been two updates and not improved I called tesla the situation and they advised me to come anyway because once there was an update for the car in relation to the autopilot. Tesla opened because I'm there once again went to a new facility in Groningen and they are ready put the latest update for me and indeed, after the update, the problems with the autopilot past. Incidentally, very tidy establishment in Groningen looks.
Within a week there was indeed another update; Now the car has include Spanish (si senor) but for me much more interesting change is the ability to allow the climate control stand as you exit the car. Because I regularly some brief meetings, I think, as certified shivery, it was good to during the cold days stay in a hot car to move after such appointment and the opportunity is now. If safety is otherwise well built that the battery capacity can not be lower than 20%.

Where am I from the beginning on I was amazed at the dedication of the Tesla as a taxi; I absolutely can not sit in the back seat (jammed with head and legs) but am also kind to the length (1m 93), but as my wife (1m: 6 and her fellow passengers even complain about the excessive rear legroom than demand I still wonder why this car is used as a taxi. For a car of almost 5 meters long, the rear space below par.

I turn now to the title of this update, the tire troubles. Until recently, the tire change was required by Tesla himself but because they were too busy thus they have euro master appointed as partner m.b.t.de tires (wheels) change; This saves me a lot of time because the place where my (our) company is also a master euros. The mechanics had never had a Tesla on the bridge but they had a good read in the documentation, they had instructions tesla and they were (are) very interested in tesla; In other words, the change is smooth and excellent expired. However, when making the appointment, the technician was already on the tires were very worn diagonally (around) and in different places were already at the minimum limit. In short; the alignment of the car was totally out of order and the technician could tell me that Tesla has stated that any change wheels must be checked the alignment and most likely to be restored. Apparently the car is very sensitive to alignment; it means in my case that the summer tires to 29,500 kilometers have endured, and I find that disappointing. I also find it strange that no comment has been made at the turn in July by tesla the lopsided wear; this happened I find strange in a small 5,000 kilometers. Even stranger was that I found out that tire wear is inversed at the tesla; in the measurement in June 2016 had the ties between 4.2 and 4.7 mm profile, the measurement in July 2017 the tires had 5.5mm profile .......... Following this I contacted tesla because I feel that the audit was not done in July or very careless; to be continued.
When changing back in 2018 I will be again choose the Michelin Primacy 3 tires; the continentals are constantly discouraged by Tesla himself and despite the rapid wear like the michelins in sound and grip it.

Update October 30, 2017: Today called by Tesla which also onaangenaamd surprised by the strange profile measurements. It will be discussed internally with the mechanics to avoid this sort of thing in the future. In addition, the variation of the alignment is a well known problem; according Tesla can sharply accelerate a few times already changing the alignment, and should therefore at every turn / wheel change be checked.
In addition, it is normal that (in particular) in the rear tires oblique wear, particularly on the inside, as a result of the wheel position according to factory task.
In short; daily "hooligan moment" but which reduce

As always, I wish the readers of this review a lot of reading and until the next update.

  • comfort 5.0
  • performance 5.0
  • reliability 4.0
  • cost 5.0
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